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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 3 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 3 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The Queen lounges in her room looking as bored as she possibly can when the door opens. Her cousin is there to greet her.

The Queen thanks him for what he did last night. He tells her it was his honor.

Q – I have guests here so I should serve some snack food

BI – I missed you

Q – (he says that without any sign? I will just agree)

Q – Yes me too

BI – After hearing that, I am a bit relieved.

Q – Why is he so impressed with what I say?

BI – I heard that after you met me you jumped into the lake. That night, you told me you were scared.

Q – (what is he talking about?)

Q – Yes, I did, that night. What I was scared of was….you know, people are the most scary thing in the world.

BI – Were you threatened? Do you know who pushed you into the lake and the person that tried to kill you last night?

Q – Wait! I know the lake but last night, the person that tried to harm me? What are you talking about?

BI – Don’t you remember? Last night you had an assassination attempt

Q – Assassins! Was I about to get killed? Who, why, me?

BI – You don’t remember it. I thought you knew but you don’t remember?

Q –  What? Someone tried to kill me twice? She is in danger?

BI – Maybe it is related to what you said when you fell into the lake. You were scared.

Q – Well, you don’t know yet, but my memory is in and out. You should know better what we talked about.

BI – You really lost all your memory of that night?

Q – I don’t remember at all. That is not what is important. What did that guy try to do to me?

BI – You were just missed in a fraction of a second. He was not a normal guy with his clothes fighting and skills. I don’t know how many supporters he has.

Q – Thank you so much, I am glad that we met last night.

Flashback to last night were the Queen tried to pee in the mens room and Bong-in saw her. It was awkward.

BI – Why did you leave the palace last night?

Q – I just wanted to get some fresh air. If the Queen Grandmother knows about it then I am in big trouble.

Q – (I will have more people spying on me and Hong Yeon will be killed)

Q – Can we just keep it a secret between you and me?

BI – We have to find the criminal

Q – You can do it secretly. I am in big trouble.

BI – Okay, I will. Who knows you went out?

Q – Only Hong Yeon

BI – I will have a person follow Hong Yeon around.

Q – Hey, Hong Yeon will do anything I tell her to do so don’t worry about her.

BI – Your highness, don’t trust anyone. I saw her for a long time but sometimes the closet are the most dangerous. Inside the palace does not mean that it is safe. No, in the palace can be more dangerous.

Q – (yes, I forgot where I am now. This dangerous place where the average life span is the same as in a war zone.

BI – Don’t be too scared. I will protect you.

Q – Thank you, I will protect myself.

Q – (It is not a time to just travel around)

BI – You do not have to pretend to be strong in front of me.

Byong-in walks away from the Queens room. But he turns back and says that she may have forgotten, but I can’t forget it. The memory of that night. it is branded in my head. I will find them.


Choi looks at a silk store and mutters to herself that this is the place that has the silk from China. She goes inside. The shop keeper is sleeping so she has to clear her throat to wake him.

Choi – I heard precious things from China are here.

Man – Rumors spread quickly, come this way.

He leads her to a back room with lots of items from China. But the room is all cob webby.

Choi – What? You put that precious thing in this dirty place?

Man – because it is so precious.

He grabs it.

Man – Here.

Choi – What is this?

Man – It is a telescope. You close one eye and look through it.

Choi – maybe this is a misunderstanding but I wanted silk from Chinaaaaa.

He left to help with another customer.

Choi – I just needed silk thread. Where should I use this strange thing?

She starts to look from it and sees a drawing of a naked man inside. She gasps.


Bong goes back to the kitchen and thinks about what Bong-in says. If she should not trust anyone, then she should not trust him as well. But why? Sigh, I might die without knowing the reason at all.

But I can do the thing that I know how to do the best. Train people with food. My cooking can penetrate iron armor. It will work for the Queen grandmother.

She stands up and looks at some food that is about to be taken out from the Queen grandmother. But the head chef stops her and says that she cannot check the leftover food from the Queen grandmother because it shows her health.

The Queen reminds him that she is the Queen. he says he is the head chef. Head of the royal kitchen. The Queen tells him that they should prove this with their abilities. Let’s see who the head is.

He politely refuses and says he has to prepare some food so excuse me.

Q – Are you afraid of losing to a person whose cooking experience is only a kid playing?

Chef – *Sighs and looks at her*

Cut to all the cooks looking at a bell. The bell is rung and the chef and the Queen get to cooking.


The Queen rings her bell first. The chef is upset about it but has to hold it in. He says that speed is important but taste is more important!

Queen – yes that’s right. You.

Man – me?

Queen – You have different clothing so you don’t belong to the kitchen. Where do you belong.

Man – (tells her his job which is a eunuch)

Queen – you taste. All these other men work for the cook so they cannot tell the truth. So you taste.

He tastes the food.

Man – I have never tasted this kind of food before. It is the best food in my life!

The chef points at the Queen.

Chef – Who are you!

But he actually pointed to a little girl who walked into the kitchen. He yells at he, how dare you come into the kitchen!

Queen – Do you actually want to say that to me? A girl that came into the kitchen.

Chef – Of course not.

But he looks at her again and stars to cry and whine.

Queen – I am faster and it tastes better. As long as I am here, I am the head of this kitchen. Cooperate, okay?

Cooks – Yes! *they all bow*

The queen tells the chef that he should learn how to cook from this girl cook. He whines and runs out pitifully.

But then her maid comes in and tells her that the King wants to see her.




She tells the King that he came early today. He says that he missed her. She asks, don’t you have time to go visit your concubine? He asks, special forces?

Q – What?

K – Don’t you have to explain this word to me?

Q – (Is this word play?)

Q – Disappear….eh, Go away right now *word play game*

K – Military Cook

Q – Byung….eh, you are the King so I will be executed saying this

K – Tell me

Q – *says something really long for the word play game*

K – You say something without any context. Tell me all your hate int he world and I will not go see my concubine today.

Q – no no, I have no complaint. My life had never been more perfect.

K – Did you see anyone today?

Q – What do you want to know?

K – (How much you hurt.)

K – I just want to know your day to day life. I will just have a little chit chat with you and leave.

Q – Well, my cousin visited me.

K – Your cousin?

Q – Byung-In?

K – For what?

Q – I feel like I am being interrogated.

K – Well, you are too sensitive. Just in case something happened in the in-law family.

Q – *says it was family things*

K – Then I am relieved, but why do you hate me so much?

K – (Maybe she is against me like that because she knows I am the assassin?)

Q – We are married. Even if a couple loves each other so much, they get married and hate each other. Okay? Go home.

K – Someone make the bed!

Q – Hey, this is not following our promise.

K – talking to you, I feel tired all of a sudden so I have no energy to go back. *pretends to be sleepy*

Q – I know, strong during the day and low at night…*annoyed*


They both lay in the bed and look at the ceiling. They are both thinking that the other is suspicious as well. She rolls over and crosses her arms. She also thinks that she should not trust anyone.

Q – (yes, he is the most suspicious. Usually the husband is the most critical suspect in the wife’s death.)

K – (Maybe she will say something while she is sleeping)

Q – (Is he going to do something while I am sleeping?)

Both – (I shouldn’t sleep)

Cut to them both sleeping. The Queen is all over the King. The King is having another nightmare.

He dreams of someone getting murdered. He is a little kid and is about to scream, but someone covers his mouth.

Th Queen wakes up and thinks that he might die like this! You have to wake up! So she slaps him to wake up up several times. He wakes up and thinks that she is Hwa-jin. The Queen hits him again and asks if he is crazy.

K – Ah, the Queen. If you hit me like that then I might die.

Q – You were going to die from your nightmare/

K – I think you hit me because I said another woman’s name. Don’t worry too much.

Q – I don’t care about that, don’t touch me.

K – You are saying word again [he doesn’t understand the word she used]

Q – You are awake now so go back to your room.

K – If I move early in the morning then my servants will have a hard time.

He lays down to sleep again. She sarcastically says he is a good King. he thanks her. They start to fight over the blankets.

K – You are strong

Q – Just sleep and go.

K – A good King should know when to let it go.

He curls up without the blanket.


The King and Queen eat together. But  they both look like they don’t want to be there.

K – I never sleep fresh when I am in your room. *cracks his neck*

She tells him not to sleep there. He says he should sleep here more often to get used to it. She tells him she does not want to wake up again because of his nightmares.

K – I don’t know about the nightmare, I remember that I woke up because you were hitting me since I said another woman’s name. Tonight I will call your name.

Q – *spits* I have no appetite. If you don’t eat then lets stop eating. We are busy.

K – Why re you so busy?

Q – i am working on something. Here there is no phone number and no SNS so I have to work on something by myself.

He says something and she mocks him. But he says SNS is “as soon as soo” (which means “Pure Love”) and tells her that he will treat her like that tonight. He chuckles. She hits the table angrily.


The thing the Queen had to do was practice archery with Hwa-jin. Hwa-jin is great but the Queen is really bad.

Q – Well, I slept with the King on accident. But it was not real sleeping. It was fake sleeping. You know he went to your place two days ago. I kicked him out to your room but he did not leave. Don’t worry, nothing happened and nothing will happen.

HJ – You wanted to see me only to say that to me?

Q – Well…

Q – (Is she the real murder suspect for that lake case? And the second attempt also? If that is so then just stop for a few days).

Q – I can’t stand being hated by a beautiful woman. Don’t hate me please.

Hwa-jin shoots her arrow again, it is off target.

Q – Ah, you didn’t read the wind well that time. Then trust me and wait for a few days.

HJ – Do you know who I can’t trust the most in this palace? It is you. SO whatever you tell me, I do not trust it. So, if you want to ruin me and the Kings relationship then give up.

Q – I am a good person now. Don’t you see I am different? 100%

HJ – You became more scary. You are so kind in front of me and then you will blame me for what happened in the lake.

Q – I did not blame you. We don’t know who the real assassin is so you are being suspected.

HJ – You know the criminal, Queen. The criminal is yourself.

She shoots another arrow then looks at the Queen.

HJ – You jumped into the water on purpose to blame me.

They stare at each other.




Later on, the Queen thinks that HJ got that angry so she must not be lying. So I must have jumped into the lake myself? And now I have the giseng house murder attempt. Someone is targeting me.

Choi looks at her quietly then tells her that it is time to go to her room. They are in the kitchen right now. The Queen tells her that she can go back, but if something happens then send Hong Yeon. 

The Queen goes to the chef and tells him that she did not want to say this but in Joseon many people are qualified to be the head chef. He recites all the meals he has sent to the Queen grandmother. The Queen asks if she eats all of that?

He says she does though every three days she says not to eat one of the meals and to send sugar powder instead.

The Queen looks at the left over food. It looks like only chewy food is left over. But she doesn’t tell them to not serve it anymore which means she wants to hid it.


Outside, the royal guards train with a gun. They are all practicing how to shoot properly. Though this scene looks like it is for comic relief. Hong explains to one of the ministers about what they are doing and that he wanted to come there because he hated being too busy. 

Then he and Yang-pyung go to a private room and chat about what they are going to do tonight. Hong shows him some poison he has hidden. It is poison mushroom. There is no taste and no smell. If you add it to a drink then that person will pass out. But if the queen knows something then she shouldn’t be this quiet.

Yang – She is playing something in the back and waiting for the right moment, so we have to be sure. He holds the poison.


Minister Kim Jwa-gun meets with the military Minister and tells him that Prince Yang-pyung does not have a lot of ambition. He sticks with the King during the day and at night with Hong he gambles. That is his life.

he chuckles.

But Hwa-gun looks at him like he is really dumb.

The military minister says that Hong is wasting military food and not doing much. This training facility is not important at all so maybe we can leave him like that.

Jwa-gun thinks that Yang-pyung lost his father and mother and grandparents in front of his own eyes so that should have been a good lesson to him.

The military minister asks when the Kings father in law will become the head of the royal guard? Before he is appointed, I want to clear things out. Hee hee.

But the minister is blank faced which makes the military minister stop laughing. The head minister tells him that the military becoming unstable is the most dangerous thing for the country! The military minister tells him he will make sure nothing happens.


Kim Hwan and Kim Byong-in talk in the park. Hwan says he walked to the giseng house with a new person that is his new friend. He says the name. Byong-in says that name sounds familiar to him so it should be a famous aristocrat from an aristocrats family. 

Hwan says he passed out from a sudden attack when he was walking there with his new friend. His friend disappeared suddenly. Byung-in asks if he remembers what clothing he wore? H says yes. Hwan asks if he wore clothing using this fabric?

Hwan looks shocked but says that wasn’t the clothing at all. Byong sighs and tells him to let him know if he meets his friend again.

Hwan asks if that means he is getting a special mission? Byong-in says that is not it. But you come to the palace everyday but have no job.

H – it is not like I have nothing to do. it takes all day to say hello to the people I know here.

BI – You are the best person for a real special mission.

H – Finally?! *blushes*


The King writes “No Touch” on his writing sheet in Korean. Then he stares at it. But he is given word that the prince is there for him, so he lets him in.

K – Do you know what No touch means?

YP – What?

K – Come closer. It means to be happy separately. But where is it from?

YP – I have never heard it before. Maybe it is from Buddhas bible.

Buddha music plays with No touchy sang over it.

K – Oh, I want to have tea with my hyung-nim.

The eunuch says he will get it and leave. He looks really suspicious. So the King talks freely to Yang-pyung. Yang-pyung gives him the poison that will make the Queen pass out (and maybe die?). They both know that he will try it tonight.




The Queen has the head chef going crazy once again because she is doing something to the stove. She tells him she is not ruining the stove, she is “Upgrading” it. He mumbles something angrily so she glares at him. He has to chance what he said.

Cut to the Queen putting one year worth of oil in the cooking pot. The eunuch and head chef are a bit worried about this.

Q – 80% of cooking are ingredients. My life is on this food.

Yeon – The King visits you in your room!

Q – Tell him that I am serving the Queen Grandmother.

Cut to her cooking with plenty of knife tricks to boot.


While she is cooking, the head chef tells the eunuch that he shouldn’t have brought all the precious ingredients. The eunuch says he only brought a little bit but she took it all. So the chef says they can squeeze other people for more precious ingredients.

The Check wonders what she is doing by not taking the scales off. that fish is so precious.

The Queen finishes preparing the fish, now it is ready to be baked.

The chef and eunuch can’t believe she is cooking all this precious food.


Meanwhile, the king waits for the Queen. Choi has to tell him that the Queen is making the Queen Grandmothers food by herself. Sorry. The King tells her that he will wait for the Queen. She leaves. The King mutters to himself that she is avoiding him.

Back at the kitchens. Time passes to morning and the Queen is still waiting for the fish to cook. The rooster crows. The Queen wakes up and looks at the food. She thinks her life is on the line with this.


The queen grandmother is laying in her bed with a toothache. Her maids try and scrape off some plaque to help.

Afterwards, the Queens food is brought in. The Queen Grandmother says that she told them she would not eat today.

The eunuch explains that this is something the Queen prepared for her. It looks really pretty so the Queen Grandmother says it looks like embroidery. She does not want to try it. But she says she will try it since the Queen spent all night making it.

The Queen Grandmother tries it, her eyes go wide.

Meanwhile, the Queen paces in her room. She wonders if there is no answer yet? maybe I should just go there?

But the Queen grandmother is announced and comes in right at that moment. She looks angry.

Q – (Success?)

QG – How dare you do this!

Q – (Failed?)

QG – *grabs her arms* You his this skill?

Q – Hmm?

QG – I do not remember the last time I enjoyed food like this. The taste was so good, I almost got angry.

Q – (super success!)

Q – I am happy that you enjoyed it.

QG – Of course! I can eat this everyday. How did you make it? This soft taste that I never tasted and this flavor.

Q – I cooked it overnight in oil with a low temperature.

She explains all about cooking the fish over night in the oven with low heat and deep frying the meat overnight in a low temperature. This keeps not only the flavor but also the nutrients. It is good for maintaining health and youth.

Q – (This is the french way of cooking Kongpi)

QG – Not just taste, but it is good for the health? Where did you learn all this?

Q – Just inspiration. I was thinking about it for many days on how to make you happy.

QG – Ahhh

Q – (Now he last blow)

Q – I will help everyday, forever to help you be young and healthy

QG – *bright eyes*

The music turns up. The Queen walks to the lake. The Queen Grandmother says she is granting for them to fill the lake.

Then we see hundreds of servants walking up with buckets to fill the lake manually. this is going to take forever. The Queen tells them to hurry and do it or I will chop of your heads! But this makes them all nervous so they fall like dominoes and spill it. Choi says this added two more days.

The Queen sighs and says she has another way.

They set up a conveyor belt system from the spring to fill it all. They are all actually really happy with this. The Queen tells them all that they will not be able to sleep until they fill this lake.

the Queen sits and relaxes as they continue to fill the lake. Hwan sneak peaks her sitting there with her maid and wonders if the maid’s kind face is only a mask? He thinks she might be bad. But it is all light so perhaps he actually will fall for her.



Elsewhere, Byong-in talks to the silk merchant and tells him to find out who made the cloth that he found. he hands over a lot of money.

In the Queen Grandmother’s room, the Queen Grandmother tells her servants that she worried that the Queen did not get enough love, but now she does not have to worry. is there anything else.

Eunuch – While the Queen spent all night in the kitchen, the King waited for her all night.

The Queen’s father is happy about the news that the King loves the Queen. The Queen Grandmother thinks that they will develop love by sleeping together. The Queen gave me her promise that she will definitely give me a prince.

The Queens father is happy about that and chuckles heartily for the idea of the new prince.

He gives her a gift that is good for her health and can grow new flesh. He tells her that if it works well then he will bring some more. He did not know that this good day would come. He was so worried when the Queen jumped into the lake. He is so happy that innocent girl behaves well as a Queen. It makes me want to cry.

The Queen Grandmother tells him to speak honestly. She is not so innocent. The Queen is….

Father – smart?

QG – No

F – Sensitive?

QG – No, something more direct

Court Lady – Spiky?

Father – distinctive?

QG – Yes, distinctive! She isa  good candidate for the mother of the country.

F – Yes, like you when you were young, Queen Grandmother.

QG – Of course not!

She frowns.


Outside, a maid whiles out about the rumor that her lady pushed the Queen into the lake. She throws water on another maid. All the maids are pretty much saying that the rumor spread because of reasons.

The maid pulls the other maids hair and says from tomorrow a rumor will spread that you are bald! Then she yells and tells everyone that her lady was wrongly accused. The Queen jumped into the lake on her own!

A eunuch hears this.


The king looks out over the lake from the pavilion and thinks that he will do it today. His eunuch comes and sets up his study table.

Eunuch – Your highness, I thought you were practicing your calligraphy today.

King – I went out to gamble with Hong and saw something shocking. Someone threw this knife from far away. I thought I could learn to do it.

W – That is dangerous, what if you get hurt?

K – *puts a mark on the wooden post* How long have we spent time together?

E – Over two years.

K – Okay, that short time you know everything about me and have become my hands and feet. I feel like I have spent a lot more time with you.

E – That is my job.

K – That is good. Of course it is your job. You work so hard and your heart is in it. I see your true heart.

E – I am so happy that you notice it.

K – Do you trust me?

E – Of course I trust you.

The King throws the knife at the wooden post. The Eunuch screams and falls.

K – That is more difficult than I expected. But, do you not trust me that much?

E – I am sorry. My heart is small as I become old.

K – I am going to see the Queen a little earlier today.

E – I will prepare for it!

He runs off. The King grabs the knife from the post. He threw it through a little leaf so that means he might be pretty skilled at it? he sheaths the sword and stares off into the horizon.


The King meet with the Queen again. Their drinks come.

K – You like drinking, I told them to prepare it.

Q – I quit drinking

K – I knew that.

The maids actually just brought tea and snacks.

A maid mixes it together. The King tells her that it is good for insomnia a worry. the Queen smells it and says it is jasmine, ah, strong smell.

But that makes her remember what she smelled that day when she was drunk in the room. The assassin had that smell on them too. She thinks about the assassin covering his face. Then she looks at the Kings eyes. The smell was on the sleeve of the assassin. 

She looks at the King and thinks about the eyes of the assassin. She is connecting it all.

Q – It was you. You….

Q – (It is dangerous to show what I know. Especially in the palace where everyone hides their own secrets).

The King unsheathe the small knife secretly.

They stare at each other.

Fade Out


This drama is really growing on me. I like that the Queen/Bong has realized that the palace is not the place to goof around or reveal what you know. Which, of course, but while living in it, perhaps it is harder to remember because everything looks like a play playing out in front of you?

But now she knows that she has to fandangle some things in order to get as good as she wants to get. Which is why she made the Queen that food! But, she had to win the right (so to speak) to make the food by first taking over the kitchen so that she could do whatever she wanted in it.

That was a really smart and fun way to bookend this episode. I had no idea what a person with a chef background would do in the palace, but making the Grand Queen happy so that she would fill the lake back up is definitely a score for that!

Our video recap is below. See y’all tomorrow for another episode!


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  1. Anonymous
    December 20, 2020 / 4:50 pm

    Really good episode, I was waiting for it to turn into a cooking show! I’ve been anxious about it ever since he introduced himself as a chef.

    Also, I wish he wasn’t so taken by beautiful women. He took the concubine’s word for whatever happened at the lake just because. I hope he changes his attitude about that soon.

    • V
      December 20, 2020 / 5:18 pm

      His greatest weakness is believing the word of beautiful women which is most men’s weakness honestly 😂. But for real, hopefully part of his character growth is to not be such of a womanizer!

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