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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 3 (Part 1)

We are back for another episode of Mr. Queen! This is show is one part funny and one part absurd. But it is kind of growing on me?

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Bong/The Queen falls on the ground and The King in disguise pulls a sword on him. The King wonders in his mind what he heard. If her first word is that she did not hear anything, save me, then I will kill her because that means she heard everything.

Bong/Queen – You will regret everything in your entire life if you kill me now! *pulls out money* This is not the end!

She throws the money on the ground and kind of pushes the sword away a little but. Then stands and starts to pull out all the money she/he has from all sorts of parts of her body.

The King puts the sword on her neck.

Queen – Do you know who I am!

King – (She will say “I am the Queen”)

Queen – I am an ex special force!

She twirls away and puts up her arm like she is ready for a karate chop!

Queen – Come on, a military cook is not all the same. An ex special force cook can kill a ghost with a cutting board! So come on, come on!

King – (How can she say those strange things with such honest eyes)

A sword comes out of nowhere and pierces the Kings mask. His mask is taken off, revealing his face. So he has to hide his face with his arm.

Byung-in shows up and starts to fight the King, though he might not know it is the King. The Queen looks on in amazement and think this is super cool. 

Byong-in – (His face is his weakness)

They start to fight again. The Queen yells that this is super cool. But she also might have a headache. It looks like she might pass out.

The men keep fighting. This fight scene is pretty great actually. A lantern is cut and flies into the air. It falls and the two men pierce it, trapping their swords. They stare at each other while their swords are trapped.

Then the Kings friends come up. They notice that the King is hiding his face which means that he is hiding his identity. So they throws something at Byong-in and run away. This allows the King to run away as well.

Bong picks up a scarf that fell. Then the palace guards run up and demand who Byong-in is. He says who he is so they put their swords down. He tells hem to search for that man everywhere.

He looks at the Queen and kneels to ask if she is okay.

Bong/Queen – (Why do you look at your sister like that?)

She passes out. Byong-in thinks she is shocked by the robbery.

Meanwhile the guards try to find the suspicious person. They run into a cafe where Hong and Yang-pyung are so Hong and YP have to pretend like they are playing a serious game of gambling. They pretend like they are super upset at each other and let the police know that Yang-pyung is the head of the Royal guard and Hong is one of the officers.

they keep acting upset and push the other guards out then pretend like they fight. The guards leave.

Hong keeps pretending like they are sword fighting and Yang-pyung goes to the back room where the King is. He asks if he is hurt anywhere. 

King – I did not know that Kim Byong-in would show up.

YP – Maybe it is a trap?

King – They should not use the Queen as bait. Her response was not normal at all. That surprised me. We should not act without knowing what is going on. 

YP – What if she heard everything?

King – I will face her in person. Trust my decision. if my decision is wrong then we wont be able to stop the blood storm




The Queen is passed out in the carriage and is being carried back to the palace. Kim Byong-in is escorting her. He tells the guard at the gate that he wants this kept as quiet as possible.

He carries the Queen into her room. She is passed out in his arm. He says she passed out due to shock. The maid is shocked as well. Byong lays the Queen down and then thinks about a past moment with her.

It was raining in this moment he thinks about and the Queen was sitting under the rain. he tried to cover her and asked why she was here? She said she left the palace because she was going crazy, but there was nowhere to go. She cries.

He took her to a shed and covered her with a piece of clothing. He told her that he can take her back to the palace without anyone knowing. She told him that the dream she had will be true tomorrow because my dream was being the mother of the country. Tomorrow my dream will be realized. Tomorrow my dream will go away also.

He asked her what was going on. She told him that she was scared. Living is so scary. He called her you highness. She told him not to call her that. Just call me by my name so I wont forget myself, so I won’t lose myself. He asked what she was so scared of. She says she is not herself. She is not herself and everything is fake.

She starts to cry. He holds her hand and tells her that she is So-young. I have seen you for a long time and secretly loved my precious So-young. I will not let you go. I will not forget you.

He lightly touches her face and leans in for a kiss. It lands! But she is not that into the kiss perhaps? She doesn’t kiss him back but she doesn’t push him away either. Her tears still fall. 

Cut to Byong-in looking at the lake. He wonders what happened that night.


The Queen mutters, kill, meeeeeee. She must have a hangover. The maid tells her she will call the doctor. But the Queen wants to make the doctor a eunuch if he shows up in front of her.

The maid gets some food and tells the queen to try it. The Queen does but thinks it is horrible. It makes her nauseous. The maid is curious as to how much she drank. The Queen/Bong thinks that this body has no training in drinking alcohol and wonders how she got back.

Yeon says her cousin brought her back. The Queen asks how she saw her cousin. Yeon does not know but says that she passed out. The Queen says she didn’t pass out, she blacked out due to all he liquor. But the Kim is super powerful to open the gate after it closed.

Yeon tells her he is the adopted son of Jwa-gun and the Queens cousin. The Queen asks where head maid Choi is. Yeon explains that she is out working. She really did not want to leave.

The Queen asks why no one wants to leave the palace? Choi says outside of the palace is dangerous.

Queen – DO you have some kind of group hypnosis? There is one critical thing that you do not have in the palace. Freedom.

Yeon – Outside the palace is no different.

Queen – Anyway, it is nice that she is not around telling me everything. Ugh, my headache. It is better to have super spicy ramen and sweat. There is no ramen here and no hangover drink. But….I have power now.




Cut to the kitchens. The eunuch comes in and wonders what the Queen is talking about. He gives all the instructions to the head cook on what he should make. The head cook asks, what are you talking about?

But he starts to make it regardless. He makes the noodles for her but it is not actually ramen. They bring it to the Queen, the Queen says this is not it.

He cooks it again. she says it is a no.

He starts to make it again, angrily this time.

She eats it again but it is too healthy.

He angrily makes it again.

it is not spicy enough.

He makes it again.

It is too spic! A murder attempt!

The cook is super angry and says he is not doing it! Why doesn’t she come and cook it herself!

The Queen thinks, I will come and cook it myself!

Bong/Queen goes to the kitchen. He sees that the stove is a wood burning stove. It is strong but difficult to control the heat. But the cast iron pot transfers that energy well. She stands up and walks to the cooking area.

Her maid is worried for her, what if she gets hurt? Queen/Bong says whatever happens he will be better hand this guy with her childs play experience.

She takes the knife. The eunuch tells her it is dangerous. Queen asks, do I hold it like this? They tell her to be careful. The check smirks.

But then the Queen starts to do a lot of knife work that impresses everyone. She tells them this is her first time, do I cut like this? But then she cuts everything perfectly and with the perfect size between them. Then she makes all her noodles one by one and fries them all.

Everyone looks on impressed. (The song is pretty funny that is played as well. Something like “I am trapped in this body that has nothing but nothing stops me in the world!”)

the Queen finishes making it and leaves. The head chef says it was just the look, not the taste! I spent 30 years in the royal kitchen. Cooking is not this easy. Let me try how bad this is. This shouldn’t be tasty.

He tries it and is amazed with how good it is. He even drops his spoon.

Chef – The taste of veggies and spices and meat. The three tastes together in harmony. This taste! Three flavors and noodles. This samhyun ramen!

(note – the first ramen in Korea was sam-young ramen. He mocks it and says Sam-hyang ramen)


in her room, the queen eats all the ramen pleasantly. She slurps it all up and says it might need some more MSG but it is good. The young maid tells her that she has tasted all the food in the world but has never had anything this good.

The Queen tells her to eat some and also says that when you let someone eat one noodle of ramen, it is love. She winks.

The maid happily eats it and says that the Queen never tried cooking or cutting anything but is better than the head chef. What can’t you do Queen? The Queen tells her that she can’t do the thing she likes the most and is the best at. One critical thing.

Yeon thinks she must mean sewing. The Queen goes along with it and says birds and the bees, I was pretty good at it.

Bu then the King comes in. She mutters that she has to finish eating or it is not good! So she stuffs a bunch of food in her mouth and tells the King to stop so she could eat it.

King – I wondered how you were last night

Queen – (maybe he knows I went out last night?)

Queen – I had a good night, how were you my King

Queen – (I will sway the conversation)

King – (she is swaying the conversation)

King – Because of you….did you drink last night?

Queen – Me? Of course not. Maybe you drank.

Queen – (stare fight?)

They stare at each other.

King – She is really good at lying like this.

Queen – *Burps* 

Queen – Ah, sorry sorry. I usually don’t have bad manners but you were too close to me.

King – My nose is ruined. I am dizzy.

the eunuch helps him stand. He says he is going to his office.

Queen – He shouldn’t be busy anyway, why is he here if he is busy!

She looks at her remaining noodles, they are all swollen. But she still starts to eat.

Outside, the King asks Yang if he can smell his face then whispers to him that he has not found out yet. Please prepare that thing.

He turns back to his eunuchs and asks, what did she eat today! Ugh, how embarrassing!


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