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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 20 FINAL (Part 1)

And here we are at the last episode! It is time to find out just how this show is going to end. Will they go to an alternate timeline? Will the King and Queen open a restaurant in HanYang? Will Mr. Queen get their descendents to buy land in Gangnam? Whatever man, just give me a happy ending!

If our website starts to load wonky then we will post recap updates in parts over on our YouTube channel community page. They only allow a 1500 character limit so it might be a lot of posts. Also, if things load slowly we found that Google Chrome worked the best last week to load the site. 😉

(We are picking up Vincenzo to cover next on Saturdays and Sundays starting next week! Anyone checking that one out? Let us know in the comments!)


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Jwa Gun stops the food cart inside the gates and has it searched by the red guards. The guards don’t find anything. Jwa Gun un sheaths his sword and takes it to the cart.  The King holds on tightly to the Queen as they hide inside.

Then the top is taken off the cart where they are hiding.

They are somewhere completely different. The cart that Jwa Gun has is a different cart. Jwa Gun tells the red guards to check all the carts.

The King and Queen are with the chubby eunuch and are in his cart that he uses for illegal things. The King calls him a mole and karate chops him. He passes out. Then he tells the Queen they have to hurry. She tells him to wait and gives him a big kiss.

He asks, what are you doing? She says, I don’t know. So he kisses her and says this much is okay. Let’s go. Then they all take off.



The King’s room is empty, only his eunuch is there cleaning it out. He looks at the King sexy books and cries. Then the King comes in and startles him half to death. He asks how he didn’t go to the other world? Your soul shouldn’t be here. He starts to bow.

The King tells him to come with him. The eunuch thinks he is a ghost and tells him to go away. He bows again. But then the Queen comes in so the eunuch realizes that the King is still alive. He is amazingly happy and asks what happened?

Outside, the King and Queen walk up in their palace gowns. Several people are fighting outside. The red guards show up and starts to fight the King. The friend comes out and throws a knife at the Queen. The Queen pulls a knife out and throws it at hime. It hits him right in the leg.

The King asks, how come you are so good? She pulls a pose and says it is from her experience. He does not know what she is talking about. She tells him that she is the best with a knife. The friend comes up and tries to fight them. The King easily stops him and asks how many soldiers are guarding the palace?

A horn announces the coronation. The friend tells him he is too late. The King yells, how dare you use banmal to me! Then kicks him to the ground.


The little King is bowing in the coronation room. Jwa Gun, the Grandmother Queen, and a couple other people are there watching.

Outside, the King thinks they moved the coronation up early. The Queen tells him that she actually has an insurance policy just in case.’

Cut back to the coronation where one of the politicians opens a case. But he looks stunned. The Grandmother Queen asks what he is doing Hurry? The Man says the royal stamp is gone! There is no royal stamp!

Cut to Hwan going to a corner in a storage room. He is holding the stamp! He whimpers and wonders how crazy he can be! My heart was so fired with that world “special mission”.

Flashback to Hwan meeting the Queen for the first time. He raises his head and sees that the Queen is actually his friend. He wonders if he is crazy or if Hwan himself is crazy? 

Back in the courtyard, the Queen tells the King that she is still the craziest woman in the palace. (not in those words, but you know). 

The friend hops up so the King kills him quickly and they both run off together.


yang Pyung and Hong try to get out. Hong says it worked before so it should work again. He opens the gate and they both smile. Then Hwan comes up so they close it and ask what he is doing there again?

Hwan says he stole one tiny thing with the Queens order. He shows it to them. They ask what that is. This shiny thing looks a little scary. Hwan tells them it is the Royal Stamp. They ask, are you crazy! What are you doing with that!

Hwan hands it over to them quickly when a police officer comes up. He is about to pull Hwan away but Hong says to stop! Do not touch my best friend! Then he shows the Royal Stamp and asks the guard if he wants to see it?



A bomb goes off at the front gate. A man jumps on it like he’s Steve Rogers. But the bomb is not a real bomb it is a stink bomb? Or a gas bomb. Yeon, Choi, and the other Peasants outside are throwing these bombs at the gate.

The other peasant army people are breaking in through the gate. The Chef is one of them and takes out a few people in a ver dramatic way. They all enter HanYang.

The Blue Kim right hand man person finds out that the coup people are invading all the gates to the palace. They want to use guns but they think it is coronation day so they can’t. The Kim guy says he will kill them all after coronation day.


Back inside the palace, the coronation is ruined. The Grandmother Queen says they cannot have the coronation without the stamp! You are useless, brother!

The Kim guard comes in and tells Jwa Gun that they cannot attack the peasant army due to the gas bombs. It is difficult to identify them. But he sent all the soldiers to the gates to fight them so the coronation is not disturbed.

Jwa Gun thinks they are making noise in the East to attack the West. He tells the Grandmother Queen that there are no worries right now, he will go find the stamp.

It looks like they cannot use guns because it would be too loud during the coronation.


The King and the Queen walk to the throne room. They stand in the courtyard and think that they are finally here. But it is so empty. They hold hands and talks about how it is emotional to stand here. This is the feeling right before the last boss comes out. 

he says that is true. She says, if you die without killing the last boss, then you have to start over. He says, we have one chance. She hops and tells him that she is nervous.

They hold hands. The King tells her, let’s go.

While walking, the Queen sees the assassin on the roof. She quickly hugs the King to block him from the shot and gets shot in the back.

Everyone in the palace who heard the gun blast jumps.

The King tries to see if something is wrong? She says she is fine, she was just surprised from the sound. But she has blood on her back so she falls to the ground. She tells him he still has to stop the coronation. He takes off his scarf and wraps it around her.

But then the assassin shoots again and hits the King. The falls.

The assassin is about to shoot again, but Hong shoots the assassin. the bullet grazes his neck.

The King reaches a hand to the Queen. The Queen tries to reach a hand to the King. But then she has sudden pain and we see flashes of his 21st century self in the hospital. She says she can’t go back now, she just has to see if the King survives. Sh wants to make sure he is safe. She reaches her hand to the King, their fingers touch, and then wakes up in the present times.

He is in the hospital. He is able to sit up and move around. He is back inside his body. He wonders, what about Chol Jung?

He thinks back to Chol Jong passing out and thinks he has to save him. But how can he save him when it was 200 years ago?

he tries to stand up and falls to the ground. He sees a man sleeping and tries to steal his cell phone. He is able to stand and teals the cell phone and runs away.

But then another man comes out and yells at him to stop. The nurse yells that he shouldn’t run like that! Another man chases after him.

he keeps running an is cornered. So he decides to jump out the window, lolololol. He lands on the ground and runs away. 

The men look at him and are like, well, its good to be young. Good for you.

Another man asks, was he really a vegetable?

Bong walks the streets of Seoul. He thinks he has to go find a Joseon History Book so he runs to a bookstore and flips through a book. He thinks he shouldn’t die like that! He starts to find his name in the book. Under his name it says that he has a strong Kingdom for several years.

Then So Yong wakes up in her body and thinks, He is gone? She holds the Kings hand and says, Your highness? Your highness! She crawls to him and says, you shouldn’t die like this. Wake up, King! Your highness!

He wakes up. She asks, are you okay? he says, I am okay. She tells him he is bleeding. He says it hurts as if he will die, so that means I am not dead. This bullet proof vest saved both of us! (ahh! I love it!)

Jwa Gun comes up and is about to stab the King. So Yong takes out her hair piece and stabs Jwa Gun in the leg with it. 

He is about to stab her with his sword but the King stops him.

Jwa Gun asks, what are you doing! Are you still on the side of the East study cult?

The King asks, am I still the King? He chuckles. He yells, I am family of the people you killed! I am the King of the people you crushed! I can’t just not do anything.

Jwa gun tells him, it looks like you are out of breath. You will not be able to avoid my sword!

Jwa Gun hits him to the ground. So Yong tries to go to him but she can’t really move and grabs her stomach.

The King tries to stand up. 

He stands up and starts to sword fight with Jwa Gun. He breaks Jwa Gun’s sword, part of it cuts Jwa Gun’s cheek.

The King holds a sword to Jw Gun’s head and then beheads him? No! He hits off Jwa Guns hat. Jwa Gun tells him to kill him. The King tells him he should live in humiliation. That is his sentence to him.

Jwa Gun tries to kill himself. The King stops him and says he can’t kill himself. I will always save your life and make sure that you live so you will know what it is like to live as a skin only (like live as a shadow).

Jwa Gun screams.



The bad eunuch runs away, but he is cornered by Hong and Yang Pyung. They tell him that his specialty was hiding from people but now he is caught. You have nowhere to hide.

The eunuch tries to pull out a knife but Hong shoots him and Yang Pyung cuts him. He falls off the edge of the terrace.


The king holds the Queen. She says she will be okay. He comforts her. Yang and Hong tells the King that he has to go. You can’t delay it too long. They give him the Royal Stamp.

The Queen fixes his clothing and tells him that he should go. The way she speaks is different now, it is softer and more like a noble woman.

He ties his scarf that she made for him, around her neck and tells her that he will be back soon. She nods.

But it looks like the baby might be in trouble. She tries to sit up but Hong tries to stop her. Yang Pyung and The King walk to the throne.

The little King is hiding in the room while the Grandmother Queen yells at everyone. She finds him and tells him to show dignity as the King. He says he is scared. She tells him he should be in his seat!

he walks to his seat.

The doors swing open dramatically. They all look and are surprised to see the King there. he is bloodied and dirty, but he is headed to his throne.

The Kim politician passes out. He walks right up to the throne and slams the Royal Stamp on the throne chair, then tells the boy to get off.

The little King leaves quickly. The King turns and tells the Grandmother Queen that this is his greeting to her.


Meanwhile, Daebi is praying. She is still in her funeral clothes. She gets word about everything that is happening and breaks her prayer beads.


Elsewhere, the Queen is with the doctor and her maids. She is unconscious and there is a lot of blood around. The King comes in. The doctor says there are signs of miscarriage. She is bleeding. if she does not stop bleeding then the Queen and the baby will both be in danger.

The King asks why he took out the needle. He says she can’t even accept acupuncture treatment. We have to wait for her to recover on her own. Tonight is a critical night.

The Queen wakes up suddenly. She is in pain. Choi says that the King should leave for the treatment. The eunuch also says he should leave.

All the Queen can do is groan and grasps her maids hands. The King asks, can I really do nothing!

He waits outside in the hallway. Time passes. Night falls.

Morning comes.

The Queen is still in her bed. The King holds her hand. The doctor and maids are there.

The Queen wakes up. 

Everyone is concerned. The doctor tells him that the Queen and the baby are both safe.

They all breathe a sigh of relief. The King starts to cry and says to him the entire world is safe now (or both of them are safe now). He holds her hands tightly and cries. She looks up at him and smiles warmly.


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We are covering Vincenzo starting next week! It airs on February 20th. We won’t do a super detailed live recap format because it is on Netflix but we will watch while it airs and post our recap after! Song Joong-ki’s last drama was Arthdal Chronicles which was pretty epic and enjoyable for me. So Vincenzo should be a big one (and hopefully a good one!).

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  1. Sandy
    February 14, 2021 / 7:46 am

    I’m at like 50% happiness. They lived, but I still believe it was BH’s personality that the king fell in love with. Not to mention that BH was with him through all the difficult parts of the story while SY napped away and then just woke up to her happy ending (with one single act of hairpin defiance). I wonder if the king will look at the queen’s dictionary and miss her/him. Plus, we didn’t get a reincarnation for BH in the present nor did we get any real indication that his life changed because of the encounter. I’m not as sad as if they would have killed the two leads, but I’m still sad and empty-feeling.

    • Siddarthi
      February 14, 2021 / 8:28 am

      Yes i feel the same way. Something felt not good for me in heart.. because chef laid a good path by his charm and scarcastic flow to SY. Atleast king has to notice the difference . The only man who know that she is not SY was her later cousin BI , he was nomore.. am happy for both king and queen.. but i love Mr.Queen. bcoz whole story cast aroud Mr.Queen not Miss.Queen, so i had grown feeling for Mr.Queen. i expect Chef to meet King in modern era(like Chinese version), but it don’t happen.. so i felt empty. Happy Ending so far am gud about it, but am not fully satisfied. I felt sorry for chef. Anyway am going to miss the drama next week

  2. Kdrama cynic
    February 17, 2021 / 9:08 am

    Why stop at bulletproof vest? Why not use drone to drop MOAB beforehand? Or taser?

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