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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 19 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 19 (Part 2)

If our website starts to load wonky then we will post recap updates in parts over on our YouTube channel community page. They only allow a 1500 character limit so it might be a lot of posts. Also, if things load slowly we found that Google Chrome worked the best last week to load the site. Hopefully everything loads smooth and cozy, though. 😉

(We are picking up Vincenzo to cover next on Saturdays and Sundays starting next week! Anyone checking that one out? Let us know in the comments!)


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The Queen, King, and Leader talk inside the tent. They ask the leader (Damyang’s father) how many people they can find from the coup in the country to help. He says about 1000. The Queen is all like, huh? The man yells and says it isn’t easy to get people to give up their lives for a cause!

She asks why they didn’t koll the mayors. He says they are not blood thirsty killers! They want to show that low class people like them can get together and make high class people scared.

the king tells him it was a good plan. You did not give them a chance to attack you. The mans ays, even though we are uneducated, we know that even if we properly fight, we will lose.

Q – The new soldiers we picked where 1000.

Someone yells from outside.

Man – I am all the way here to save the country!

Q – What? Is that the head chef?

they go outside. The chef is there. a young kid asks how they can trust a person from inside the palace? The chef tells them to release him and he will go back then. he starts to walk away. But they say he came on his own will but he can’t leave on his own will.

The chef thinks that phrase is familiar. The kid tells him he knows what they look like and where they are so do you think you can leave? They approach him with pitch forks.

The queen yells at him. He thinks he is about to die and is hearing the Queens voice. Then he sees the Queen and then the king and then Yeon and Choi. He wants to run to Choi but falls face first in the snow. They have a nice reunion where she hits him and he laughs.

The king asks how the palace is. The chef is about to tell him but sneezes so they tell him to change and warm up first.


Jwa Gun visits the Queen Grandmother in her room. She says it is so hard to prepare for tomorrow coronation. Why are all those East Cult people getting stronger even though we are suppressing them? I heard the rumors.

Jwa Gun says they need to suppress them even more. We will suppress them with guns after the coronation ends. he also tells her that Byong In sacrificed himself to save the Queen. The Queen Grandmother tsks and says the only shortcoming of youth is putting everything in for love. She asks if the QUeen is still alive?

He tells her yes, the King saved the Queen. She asks, so the King is alive? And the QUeen is alive? So we dont’ have good people or are they great?

Jwa Gun apologizes. He starts to talk but stops then says that  the King knew what we were doing first and came here. he unsheaths his sword and walks to the blind woman. Then says that they might have a mouse that listens to their conversations.

He holds the sword to her eye but she does not even move. The Grandmother says Jwa Gun is the one that gave her to the GQ as a gift. He is the one that made her deaf and blind.

He says he was too hasty. But then we see that the blind woman is actually sweating.

The Grandmother Queen tells him to just focus on the coronation. He says he will do his best this time.



In the mountains, the Queen tells the King and people that she has a way to penetrate the city gates and palace gates at once. The King asks what the way is.

Q – How long can people in high position not have their fresh food? Especially the Grandmother Queen?

Cut to the Grandmother Queen looking at her food. She is angry that it is not fresh.

In the village, the Queen says the only gate that does not close is the food supply gate. The King thinks they need to have information about the food supply. The cook is there and explains all the details about the cart and food supply.

The Queen tells him to explain it concisely so the chef explains it. 62 carts go into the palace normally. But there is also a secret cart that goes in which is the Queens secret cart.

Cut to the Queens secret cart showing up. They fat eunuch has a little corruption and switched the expensive ones to less expensive ones for her cart. But only a few people know that in the palace and the chef is one of the people that knows.

Dam yang’s father says the palace is not a palace but a thief’s place. The chef apologizes and says it happens all the time so he didn’t say anything. The King forgives him and says the rotten tree has holes so we can use that hole.

they all put their hands in and cheer. The Queen high fives the King.


They all head out and walk through the woods. They see Byong In’s body still in the position he died in. But now he is frozen. The Queen thanks him and ays she wants to burry him with her own hands. The King says, lets do it.

So they burry Byong In. The King tells him to rest well and they head out.


Mun Geun meets with the Queen Grandmother. he says he needs to help his daughter. Usually the mother helps but he wants to help so please tell me where she is resting. The GQ says she is not telling where she is for her safety. I am taking care of her so don’t worry.

He gives her a letter. The maid takes it and gives it to the Grandmother Queen. This is the sign from the town. He asks if she is really out resting. You didn’t harm her?

The Grandmother Queen yells, SHE LEFT THE PALACE, WE ARE KEEPING HER HONOR. He asks, she left? GQ says yes, she left thinking that the King is still alive!

The father apologizes for talking to her straight and says the GQ is ruining their family name. Don’t you see how people will talk about our family in the future? GQ tells him that he does not deserve to say that. He says he knows what is shameful. She tells him that if he does not feel shameful then it is not a sin. 

he asks what they really want to get by even killing the King? What do you want for the name of the family? She looks in the mirror and says her time should not end until she lets it go herself.


The Blind woman goes to the dog house and is about to leave a message. But she heard Jwa Gun so she stops writing the message. Jwa Gun asks, can you hear? She smiles and he kills her.


The Queen is in a new village and accidentally falls and has to be helped up. The King tells her that this is a safe place. She kind of complains about things and they make a fire. It looks freezing cold.

They bake sweet potato under the fire and pull it out to eat it piping hot. 

Choi and the chef cutely share their sweet potato with each other.


The King walks over to Dam yang’s father and gives him a sweet potato. Then he sits with him. The Father asks why the King is doing this? People like us die, but we are low. You are the highest so you can ignore it a bit.

The King says life was hell for him that he had to endure. He lived it only with the will to kill those people that killed his family. Then he saw this rotten Joseon and the people suffering. The father says he is a King with good eyes. he thought all the people living in the palace where blind. If it is successful this time, do you think things will be the same?

The King says, I am dreaming of a new Joseon. then he asks the Queen if it is called an election? That is when the people pick the new King?

She says yes, it doesn’t make the world perfect but you can change the King when things go wrong. The father thinks the King and Queen are crazy though he says it playfully and tells them  it is time to go to bed.

The King and Queen stay awake. The King asks, if you really came from the future, then what is the end of this fight? She tells him, you will lose. But I want to put everything in you. Putting it all in does’t mean much.

He asks, so you put all your eggs in me?

She says yes, I put all my eggs in you. He says he will do his best even if he fails. He dos not want to be the victim of fate.


Hong and yang Pyung are still in jail. YP says he is not help for the King right now since they are trapped. Hong asks, do you think the King met the Queen. YP wonders, even if so, what can the two of them do? is there a way to stop the coronation?

They think, perhaps they can use Kim Hwan?

And that is when Hwan shows up to see them. He gives them some food through the jail bars and says he is also gathering letters from scholars to take them out from jail.  But do I need to do anything else? I will do anything for you.

Hong asks why he doesn’t suspect anyone and is so off guard. is your job to feed conmen? How are you this good a person?

Hwan apologizes, he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Hong says what he did wrong was trust a person like him. I contacted you to get information from you. But then you do this. He drops the food on the floor.

Hwan asks, so you didn’t take me as a friend? Hong says no, I never thought of you as a friend. So never come visit me.

He scoots over and tries to hold back his many tears. (this feels like a scene from a drama, it is played slightly as a comedy and slightly as serious).

Hwan walks off sadly. Yang Pyung looks at Hong. Hong pitifully asks, why are you looking at me like that/ Are you blaming me? Yang Pyung says he is not looking at him, it is just that he is in front of him.


The Queen sleeps and dreams about soju. The King looks at her while she sleeps and curls up next to her to keep her warm. He says he is happy that she is having a good dream.



Daebi goes to her prayer room. Her maid asks what dream she had? Daebi says she dreamed that the palace was burning and she was trapped alone in her room.


In the grandmother Queens room, the maid pours something red into a container. She is about to taste it. But the Grandmother Queen says she needs ever last bit of it so she drinks it all. Then she tells her maids to dress her perfectly.

They all come in and dress her.


The new King to be comes into the palace. He is around 10 years old? Jwa Gun tells him all the things he did for him to enter the palace and how he did not even call family members so they can proceed with this quietly. Though it is clear that this little King will just be the new figure head and Jwa Gun and the Grandmother Queen will have the power.


Choi and Yeon tells the Queen to be careful. She tells them not to worry, people on the street always tell her that her ancestors are looking out for her. She tells them that today is the beginning, not the end. They all hug.

Yeon and Choi tell her that they will see her tonight at the palace. The King speaks with Dam yang’s father. he says they have to live long, even if it is humiliating. If this event is successful then I will vote you are King. They chuckle.

Then the King and Queen hop into the cart to sneak into the palace.


Hong and Yang Pyung listen to their punishment by the friend. They will serve their sentence after the coronation.

Elsewhere, Jwa Gun and two other politicians talk secretly. The friends father has all the responsibility for the coronation to go well. they ask where Byong In is? Jwa Gun asks if he worried about the letter? The mans ays yes, everyone worries about it. Jwa Gun tells him not to worry, I will take care of it. Then he says, from now on, the Kim and Cho family are all my puppets. 


they are able to stop the food delivery to the palace and nock out two guards. But they do tell the delivery people that they are good people, but if the gate people know here are there, then they can be bad people. It is all up to you okay? So just be natural.

They hide inside.

It is a pretty tight fit though so they have to try and scooch to find a good position. Somehow it is better to lay on their side and not their back. So they look at each other and hold each others faces. though they think, now is not the time for that. So they scooch away from each other and start to spoon where he cuddles her. Blues music plays. They start to talk about their hearts pumping fast, not because they are scared, but because they are next to each other.

They get to the palace and are easily let in.

In the palace somewhere, Jwa Gun gives the eunuch a gun and tells him to shoot the King in the heart if he shows up.

Jwa Gun leaves and walks around the palace. He sees the food cart and tells the guards to search it.

So the red guards and the friend search the cart. But then do not see anything special.

Jwa Gun pulls out his sword and takes it to the cart. 

Fade Out


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Aw, it stinks that Byong In died and did not get his happy ending. Though, perhaps dying for the woman he loves is his happy ending. I have to say, I was upset that the Queen crumpled up his hard earned coup letter and threw it away. You need to cherish that! Hopefully she picked it back up (which I am sure she did).

This episode felt like a filler episode to get everyone back to the palace for the final battle. I think they probably ran out of money and time a bit since the sets and camera angles and amount of people on screen are a lot less polished and bountiful than they were before. Though that is not going to keep me from watching the last episode! I need to see how this ends! So we will see you tomorrow!


We are covering Vincenzo starting next week! It airs on February 20th. Song Joong-ki’s last drama was Arthdal Chronicles which was pretty epic and enjoyable for me. So Vincenzo should be a big one (and hopefully a good one!).

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  1. Haiti
    February 13, 2021 / 8:16 am

    So tomorrow, king and queen will die ? Queen told they would lose, Right ?😭

    • IK
      February 13, 2021 / 1:10 pm

      Unfortunately, it seems so :((((( The preview for the episode 20 shows K&Q both injured and struggling, like they are trying to reach each other. Unless there’s a huge twist, a very sad ending awaits us tomorrow :((((

  2. Siddarthi
    February 13, 2021 / 8:30 am

    Thanks for the quick live recap..
    I also wondering how they going to put Everything together, it was just a huge mess to untie here, but hoping for the very best,
    One thought is pulling me it was ” Happy Ending”.. seriouly i need a happy ending here..
    Becouse of BI sacrifice , am little bit flustered, because writer and director is ready to have bloody hands by killing characters like BI..
    If it was going to be fine In joesen means , what about moder era our chef… How they going to pull everything together. Still lot to catch up on within this single ep.
    Am hoping for the very best.
    Am going to miss our MR.QUEEN next week. Am honest about it

  3. Cassie
    February 13, 2021 / 8:38 am

    I was happy earlier because the K&Q are together again and had several cute moments but very sad and disappointed that ByeongIn died. I did expect him to die but not like that. 😭😭😭

  4. Anonymous
    February 13, 2021 / 9:45 am

    Thank you so much for working hard on doing this. I know only thank you is not enough but I really appreciated it. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Titil0la
    February 13, 2021 / 9:46 am

    Wow Mr Queen never seizes to amaze me!
    Color me Amazed!

  6. isabeaudebelle
    February 13, 2021 / 10:31 am

    Thank you very much for your fast live recap. Good luck for the rest.

    • Noor
      February 13, 2021 / 9:27 pm

      Tqsm for the recap.
      Still hoping for happy ending🥰

  7. Angelique
    February 13, 2021 / 11:13 am

    Kim ByeongIn’s death reminds me of Kim Yoonsung’s (Love in the Moonlight) death, but morning version. Hurts like hell when we hear ‘Hear I am’ and yet he is alone in his last breath reminiscing his time with SoYong. I still have high hopes for tomorrow’s ep, hopefully the one of the explosives land on that goblin eunuch. Long live Mr Queen!

  8. nex
    February 13, 2021 / 12:11 pm

    Well, remember that because of covid quarrantine they had to postpone the shooting, then weather – colder than planned, blah… For me it seems they had no time before signed deadline to wrap production with polished details as they did earlier. Still – it fits the story. And that crumbled coup proof – I think the Queen showed it in the Village.
    Thank you for the recap.

    February 13, 2021 / 12:23 pm

    Byoung In ended the way he had to end. He would never be happy in a world where his So Young loves another, so he did all he could for her and will stay forever heroic in her memory (that which he valued more than his own life). Sad – either way. But as the King decided not to be a puppet, Byoung In decided he was all-in for the Queen. Some things are worth dying for…

    I’m so glad we don’t have to wait a week to see where that sword goes…

    Why are YP and Hong still in jail? Those dummies should be out there organizing the forces coming into the palace.

    Dear dear Dramamilk, I had a minor panic when I couldn’t load the website after watching the drama. Apparently you not only cater to the Drama obsessed, but also to the Dramamilk obsessed. What a relief when your page finally unfolded! Thank you for pulling us off the cliff, getting us through the woods, and putting us back in the palace.

    What a merciful kindness you are! Thank you for your efforts!

  10. Gold
    February 13, 2021 / 12:50 pm

    Thanks for the recap, i will check out vencezo. but mr queen will forever be in our heart. whyyyyyyy!!!!!

  11. Kim
    February 13, 2021 / 10:38 pm

    What an amazing drama. I don’t want this to end…. All episodes are good with a perfect mix of all genres. Usually 20 episode drama loses its steam after reaching 14 th or 15 th episode, but this drama contrary to my expectation, really did a good job in keeping the viewers engaged.
    I still believe our queen has two souls inside.One is a dominant soul and another one suppressed.Wen our queen fell into a vegetative state for the frst time, then Bong Hwan soul temperorily return to his body. At that time also also, it was the blue house staff tried to murder Bong Hwan by removing his oxygen supply.Tat was the second near death experience after the swimming pool and when queen came back from the vegetative state ,from that point onwards original queen aka so young’s soul is trying to achieve a full control of her body competing with Bong hwans soul. I think a near death experience for the queen during episode 20 would do the final job of complete soul swap and complete ousting of Bong Hwans soul.

  12. Ynah
    February 25, 2021 / 2:32 pm

    Hi! Can you give me the title of the background music when Lady Choi and the chef cutelt sharing their sweet potato? I think i heard it from other kdrama. TIA

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