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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 18 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 18 (Part 1)

Ack! The last episode had me all sorts of worried for our duo. The Queen is left alone with sharks in the palace and the King is fighting for his life in the woods. Whatever is to happen! I have a feeling it all will turn out well (right?). It’s just, how is it going to turn out well? Seriously, tell me, because I really need to know.


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The King leaves the palace. So Yong yells for him to wait but he hurries even more. She yells for them to stop but he gallops on even more.

So Yong wonders why he is leaving. Yeon, Choi, and Hong run out to stand next to her. She asks if he came to her when she was sleeping? What happened? Why is he leaving now?

Hong sys the coup is serious now. They tell her not to worry, he will be back soon. So Yong thinks, yeah, he will be back so he didn’t want to waste time to say goodbye. Better to come back early. That is what he is doing.

She looks worried.


The Queen Grandmother stands in the throne room and asks Byong in how he got her this seat so easily. He says it is all because of the Queen. She decided it and chose our family over the King because of her baby.

The Grandmother tells him that she should accept her again. Byong In tells her that she will not have any trouble with power anymore. He walks out.


Cut to Byong In fighting in the woods with Chol Jong. They both cut each other with their swords. They break apart. The King has to switch to his left hand and they continue fighting.

He is able to disarm Byong In and runs off. Byong In follows and so do all the red guards.

He gets to the cliff and looks over. That would be a big fall to the water. Byong In walks to him.

BI – Give up.

the King looks at Byong In. Byong In is smiling. Then the King jumps off the cliff and lands in the water.


Back in the palace, the Queen eats and eats and eats. Her maids think she might be eating too much? She says she tastes everything now, it is so good. This little thing is eating and eating. haha. Her maids look at her with pity. She tells them she is really okay, don’t look at me like that.

But she puts the food down and says she will take a walk then. She walks to the lake and says it is a pretty picture, I should post it. But then she thinks of all her moments with the King while at the lake. Like No Touchy moment and then the moment he started falling for her.

She hits her head and thinks that she has too many memories here. She runs off thinking that the lake is too dangerous. She walks by the pavilion and remembers their alliance and the moment they became No to the No Touchy. She also remembers him dipping her in the tango pose and thinks that this entire place is a minefield of memories. Why is the palace so empty and so big?

She sits at the pavilion and puts her head in her hands.


While sitting there, Byong In shows up. She asks if anything happened to the King? He says no but she notices blood on his shoulder. She asks if he is hurt? he says it is just a little wound during training. i am here to congratulate your pregnancy. Why don’t you get back together with the family, for your kid as an excuse.

She says she is done talking to him.

He tells her that she knows the palace is not an easy place to survive a lone. She says she is not alone. He tells her, if she needs anyones help then take my hand. Whatever it takes, I will protect you and the baby. He walks of.

In the near distance, Yang Pyung glares at the pavilion.


A man reads a declaration from the King saying that while the King is away please follow the Grandmother Queen’s order. The Grandmother Queen starts to speak and tells them all exactly what she wants, which is to hire all the fired people. The politicians starts to grumble.

She steps from her covered throne and sits in the Kings throne. She tells them that whoever talks bad about the King, your tongue will not be safe. All the politicians stop talking.

in the mountains, the red guards find the Kings blue clothing on the shore.


The Queen sits and starts to write in her diary.

Q – My super cute baby, whatever you want to do, do everything. 

Q – When I can’t calm down, calligraphy is the best

Q – hey, baby, do you miss appa?

Q – (Huh, maybe he kicked? He answered me? But maybe he is too early to move? Maybe he isa  genius? A genius! My baby is a genius, what should I do!

Q – What am I doing?

The maids come in.

Q – I just had a bad hunch that I will be Daddy’s girl and Mamma’s boy in one.

Yeon – Our baby is so important! The baby will be just like you

Choi – That is an unfortunate thing to say

Q – My kid being like me is unfortunate?

Choi – *smiles* Time to take your medicine

The Queen drinks it all as the maids look at her happily.


In bed, the Queen wonders what that medicine is? It couldn’t prevent miscarriage. Maybe it prevents Alzeihmers. Ah, I have so many memories coming, I can’t sleep. She sits up in bed.


On the pavilion, the Queen sews with her concubines. She sews CJ into a cloth and talks about how she couldn’t sleep so she sewed it overnight. They think this is a cold scarf for the King, he will like it. The Queen says it is actually for her, not the King. Then she puts the cloth away and says they should play something.

They start to play Pictionary-esqu game where you have to act out what the word is and guess it. the answer is the head eunuch. But the Queen’s answer is King so they say, it is the head eunuch that serves the King

The next one is Tiger which she says is King

The next one is monkey which she says is King

The next is rabbit and she says its King

The next is dog and she says its the King

They all think she is really love sick and misses the King so much. Your relationship was so good. the Queen denies it and goes back to sewing. But she pricks her finger. Choi asks if she is okay? The Queen says no she is not okay, it hurts so much. Why does this needle hurt so much. This is all about hormones. After pregnancy i think more and cry more, it is not about me, it is all about hormones! It hurts my heart so much!

She painfully cries and doesn’t know what is happening with why she is crying so painfully. Her maids try and comfort her.


Byong In says they kept searching but they could not find the body. The Grandmother Queen tells him he needs to work harder. What if he is still alive? I want to announce it now!


Cut to the Queen with thimbles on her fingers. Choi bursts in and tells her the bad news about the King. It is hard for her to get it out. She repeats King several times and then says that the King is dead.

A conch is blown around the palace signaling the Kings death.

In the city, Hwa Jin gets word that the King died. 

the Kings robes are floated into the courtyard

In the palace, the Queen wonders, what if I did not come here, what if we didn’t meet? Perhaps he would still be alive?


Byong In meets with the Grandmother Queen. She asks, the ceremony for the soul to come back? That is scary, especially because we did not find the body. She wants to place a new King. If they did not have a tradition to wait for the dead King for 5 days then they would have a big political backfire.

BI – Even if the King is alive, he will not come back to the palace. I am going to close down all the gates until the coronation

GQ – Yes, after 5 days when he is coronated, he is not the King anymore. So if we kill him, it will not be a coup. How long should I wait for the Queen? Does she really want to get back together with the family?

BI – I will make sure that she will visit you soon.


The Queen sits in her room looking forlorn. She throws her diary and says it does not matter since he is not there. The diary opens to the passage that the King wrote. She picks it up and reads it.

We see the King writing it.

King – Baby, don’t be too sensitive to food smell and make your mother suffer. You can play well during the day, but while umma is sleeping, you should stop a bit. When you come out into the world, come out quickly so your mother will not suffer. Most of all, come out healthy and happy. I am looking forward to the day we will meet each other. The time you come out into the world. i will be next to you. Even though the world is foreign to you, don’t be scared.

The Queen starts to cry as she reads it and thinks about the King.


Yang Pyung angrily goes to the Queens room. The maids tell him he needs to get his manners together. Yang Pyung uses banmal to the Queen and asks if this was her real plan? The King new the risk and left anyway to save you.

Byong In comes in and says they need to arrest Yang Pyung. Yang Pyung holds the Queen hostage with his sword. Byong In asks why he is releasing his anger to the Queen.

Byong In says the coup people did this. Yang Pyung asks, the coup people that don’t even kill a mayor will kill the King? DO you think I will believe you? You are the one that killed the King Byong In! You and your soldiers!

The Queen thinks about this while at sword point

Yang Pyung says he is going to take the Queens life.

Choi yells, no! Don’t do this! Don’t don’t do it for the baby! 

Yeon yells the same thing and says the Queen doesn’t know anything.

Yang Pyung drops his sword. The maids pull her away. Byong In tells his guards to put Yang Pyung in jail. They take him away.

Byong in asks the Queen if she is okay. She stands in front of Byong In and asks what he just said? The soldiers killed the King? Byong in tells the maids to leave. They don’t want to but the Queen says it is okay.

BI – When people have misfortune, they always want to blame someone or something. it is all in his head. Dont’ worry about it.

Q – Why do you put Yang Pyung in jail?

BI – I found evidence that Yang Pyung is the one hiding the East Study peoples identity and snuck them into the palace. Those people are related to what happened to the King, so we are investigating them. I am a little late

Q – What are you talking about It sounds like Yang Pyung killed the King

BI – i am sure that one of the people in the palace leaked the information to the East Study group and killed the King. It should be someone that Knows his past. Yang Pyung is closest.

Q -Are you sure they killed the King?

BI – You have to think about a more important thing. Right now, the family is the only group that can protect you and your baby. Don’t worry about unnecessary things. Go back with the Grandmother Queen. if you are late then you will not be able to have your relationship back anymore.

She thinks about the wound on Byong In’s shoulder and starts to connect the dots.



Hong is in his office. He hears someone come in and says, I want to be born as you in my next life yang Pyung. You always tell me to get evidence. That simple word is so difficult!

He looks over and sees Byong In’s best friend.


Byong In calls the Kim and Cho families together. They think they shouldn’t go to a gisaeng place during a national funeral. BI says this isa  difficult occassion to have so lets be relaxed and honest with each other. The Kings death is something we can congratulate.

They all clear their throats.

One man says he worries about the future of the country with the coup. Byong in says the coup people could invade HanYang, if that happens then all of you will not be safe. So, during the funeral, why don’t we close down HanYang and the palace. And we can arrest all the suspicious people. With this we can get all the cult people.

Some say it isa  good idea others look like it is not a good idea.

Byong In leaves then listens in from outside. The men are laughing and make fun of the Queen. They think she should go crazy right now. Another one says she is always crazy. They think she thought she had power, but after the Kings death, she should be shocked. Another man says, if she has a little boy, that might end her life. They think he is right and they all chuckle.

Byong in is upset as he listens from outside the door.


The Kings eunuch goes into the Kings room with another eunuch. There are guards outside so he has to tell them it is time to put in a new incense scent. They let him in.

The other eunuch is the Queen! 

The Kings eunuch is nervous and tells her that this could get him killed. The Queen asks, is it normal to guard the dead like that? He asks her to hurry please. Then he puts in incense.

She goes to where the dead body is and checks it.

VO – The body is all destroyed, especially the face is difficult to notice.

She tries to check the face but it is all messed up so she can’t really look at it. But then she feels all over the body and gets a lightbulb eureka moment. (She even says eureka)


Hong tells the best friend guard that he is innocent. The best friend guard tells him that his sin is that he lost dozens of guns. Hong says that is an dishonorably blame. What kind of stupid soldier loses their rifles.

The friend says the warehouse was broken into. Yang Pyung’s sin is …. do you not even care? Don’t worry, you will not be here that long.

Hong asks, what? So if we don’t stay here long then that means you will execute me? I am okay to be here for a long time, I like to sleep on the floor!

The friend walks away.

But then the Queen shows up in eunuch attire. They both look at her.

Flashback to the Queen thinking long and hard about this situation. She is in her thinking pose. Her maids are crying in front of her

Q – (Byong In tried to kill the King using me as bait and the coup as the excuse. But, putting a fake body means that their plan failed. But he arrested all Chol Jong’s people who can help get Chol Jong back on the throne.)

Q – Ah, I can’t focus because you two are crying so much. Hey, come here. I will tell you a secret. You should take it to your grave. The King is alive.

Choi nods, yes, yes, of course, he is always in your heart, waaaaaah *tears*

The Queen says she touched all over the dead body, it is not him.

Choi asks, everywhere?

The Queen says she is not going to explain further (that is a meme in Korea). Yeon asks, if he is alive, then why is he not coming back? The Queen thinks he is hurt or taken hostage. Then she asks Choi if there is any law that bans the new King right after the King dies?

Choi says yes, there is a five days ban. We have to wait for the soul and then after that we have to wait for the new King. All together, there are six days including the coronation day.

Q – So they will do anything to stop the King from coming back. How many court ladies are in the palace?

Choi – 600 including the servants

Q – So 600 human CCTVs? So 1 word is like 600 words already. Lets use that court-women’s network. I am going to screw up the coronation. Are we on the same side? Fighting!

Choi and Yeon do not know what fighting or CCTV or network is but they are happy to go with it. Fighting!


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  1. Sandy
    February 7, 2021 / 7:41 am

    So Prince YP was genuinely going to kill the queen? So disappointed in him – he’s no better than the Kims with his prejudices and narrow mind. Tsk. Tsk. Also a bit astounded that it doesn’t seem like BI was in on the king’s assassination/escape plan. Guess CJ just got lucky they decided to try and kill him at the edge of a cliff with water below. Would have preferred a friendly conspiracy, to be honest. Can’t wait to read the second recap and hope it ends with a reunion – inside or outside the palace.

  2. isabeaudebelle
    February 7, 2021 / 7:41 am

    Thank you so much.

  3. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    February 7, 2021 / 7:42 am

    Fighting!!! What in the world is happening? I can’t wait for part 2.

  4. CUH
    February 7, 2021 / 8:00 am

    I was actually hoping Byong In could be playing double agent role and truthfully be on the Queen’s side instead of the Kim Anwong clan. Oh well, looking forward to part 2! Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    February 7, 2021 / 8:03 am

    Can’t wait for the part 2 :((

  6. MundaneStorm
    February 7, 2021 / 8:24 am

    Omygod!!!! Bit disappointed in prince YP though. But the fact that the queen felt everywhere and declared that it’s not the king just killed me. Jong-ah, please come back here!!!!!!!

    • Ana
      February 7, 2021 / 8:58 am

      Yessss I let out such a loud laugh scared my pups.

      This show is so mesmerizing I am so hooked. Can’t wait to see 18 and preview 19 is amazing. I feel so hopeful now. No frelling Chinese version or as someone said I’m shipping a bucket of shit to the studio and writers.

  7. Anonymous
    February 7, 2021 / 8:54 am

    I think we crashed your site!!!! This is some serious desperation 😂😂😂

    • V
      February 7, 2021 / 9:17 am

      Yes, again, lol! We are on it to hopefully get it back up and running perfectly fine 😁

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