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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 17 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap of Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The Queen sits in her room and opens the pregnancy diary. She starts to write in it.

Q – Little baby, to survive in the palace, you need to work hard to make your allies.

The king shoots his arrows with his people.

Q – Baby, you have to put your enemies closest to you

The King brings Byong In into his office and looks at his proposal to have 100 soldiers. The King asks him, jokingly, if he is goin to attack his office with those soldiers? Byong In asks if he is scared of that? Chol Jong says the military minister is the one scared of him, just one person against a thousand? Make it half and make the rest royal soldiers

Q – Baby, you have to have your own pocket

The King shows the Queen all the new coins that he had made. She asks how much they are. He says it is a lot of money. A million coins. She holds up a bundle and says this is the Kings political money

Q – You can buy power with money. And lastly, baby, you need to remove all the people who are not on your side. LIFE IS REAL. THE WORLD IS A JUNGLE. IF YOU ARE WEAK THEN THEY WILL EAT YOU UP. KILLING PARTY. Of course, you should try hard for peace. But if it does not work at all, then you have to win whatever it takes, little son.

Choi and Yeon are watching her write in the diary. Choi says she is happy that she is on track now. they wonder if she has that much to tell her baby that is still inside the womb? The Queen says, he will listen to what I say inside the womb, outside he won’t.

They silently agree. The Queen says it is time to sleep even though she has a lot to do. Life is a treadmill. if you stop then you are out. Pregnancy will  not defeat me!

She stands up and her back cracks….ah, it defeated me.

She falls. 

Q – In my mind, I am a motor boat….by my body is a paddle boat.


yang Pyung gives one of the former royal soldiers a package and says that it will not be easy to make soldiers that have never held a sword, but it should help. Be careful. The man bows and runs off.


Then Yang Pyung goes to tell the King that their followers increased that much. That means that a lot of people are being suppressed.

YP – Recently, the fallen nobles and medicine hunters are all joining. So many people. 

K – As the Queen says, do you think breaking the class system is the answer?

YP – Well, that radical idea, we should be careful with it.

K – Of course, that is far into the future. I cannot do it, but maybe my child can do it.


The King goes into the Queens room and watches her sleeping. Choi is about to tell him something but he holds a hand up and says not to wake her up. Then he mutters that she is like a little baby.

He sits on her desk and reads her diary to the baby. He starts to chuckle. But he does not understand this word “party” so he repeats it a few times.


The next morning, Daebi meets with the spy maid and asks her if she spread the rumor she told her too?

Cut to all the maids spreading the rumor as soon as they wake up. The eunuchs also hear the rumor. One of the eunuchs tells the Kings eunuch.

Everyone in the palace is talking about this rumor. They wonder how she could get pregnant if the King and Queen do not sleep with each other. Whose son could this be then?

They stop talking when Yeon walks by.


The King approaches the Queen and asks if she heard the rumor? The Queen says that rumor is too slow. She heard it a long time ago. He tells her not to take this rumor lightly. This could be a reason to bring you down.

Q – Ah, I am not going to get fired. i am sick of this.

She removes her hairdo

K – Why are you removing your hairdo?

She removes all her hairdo accessories and walks assertively to the King.  She puts him in a Tango pose.

He looks at the servants so they quickly turn around.

K – What is this embarrassing pose?

Q – I have to quiet down the rumor

Maids in the distance giggle

K – Well, then

He holds her tightly

Q – That is not enough

She holds him tightly

K – That is not as good as my plan

He dips her secretly

Q – Not enough

They lay on the ground, Blues music starts to play. They touch each other suggestively

K – Is this not enough? If we go further then we need to put a cover around us.

Q – This is what is needed.

K – I am going to go to your bedroom tonight.

She unravels herself from him and stands up.

Q – Because you have taken me down, I can’t stop you.

He does his tiger motion.

K – I will see you then.

She hops into his arms. Some eunuchs see them and starts to quickly run away.

Q – Are they still there?

K – Yes, they are still there.

Q – We have to keep holding each other then

The King starts to roar like a mad man in love. The Maids and eunuchs blush.


Hwa Jin goes to Daebi and asks if she did that? The rumor. Daebi smiles and says it is all for you concubine. One day you told me that the Queen told you it was all fake sleeping. So the Queens pregnancy will not be a welcome pregnancy with this. What you said became an arrow and hit the Queen.

HJ – Can’t you just stop!

DB – it is out of my control now. The rumor is in people hand. You cannot take it back. You cant be out of this plan anymore. So long as you are in the palace, you cannot be free. Your existence is used for our family. Why don’t you be the one using it and not be used.

HJ – I am scared. *she does not look scared though*

DB – You should be. But you are not alone, don’t worry. *holds her hand*

HJ – i am scared that I will become like you. *breaks her hands* DO you know why the family follows your order? Because you are the victim that lost your son. But if you are the son that sold your son to survive, and you are all into cult things and everything and put your decisions on fortune tellers. Do you think people will follow you? I am going to write down everything I saw here and announce it to everyone.

DB – ha, well, that rumor doesn’t have any power.

HJ – You will see what kind of power it has. You told me you don’t want to regret again. Well, the one who should regret is  not about stopping the previous Kings death, but about crushing the previous Kings dream. You should regret that you destroyed your own sons dream as a mother. The previous King, what he really wanted to get over was his own mothers shadow over him.

DB – you don’t know anything, how dare you use your mouth like that

HJ – Everyone knows! You also know it Daebi. I am not going to let my Kings dreams be crushed again.

She leaves with her head held high. Then she goes to her room and polishes her bow and arrow. She tells her maid she is going to see the Queen.



So Yong tells the concubines that the dream and the rumors are all opposite o the truth. One of the concubines asks, the rumor? the Queen says that she didn’t tell anyone since her sleeping with the King is all private, but if you guys know then you will all be scared. Last night….

She starts to tell them all about their sexy love making time in very suggestive movements that the concubines swoon over. Choi looks like she really wants to stop her but has to hold herself back.

Q – it was like this, I can’t tell you all of it.

The girls giggle and says that the King is not all that he looks like. She tells them he has super manpower and will be in the history books.

Then the Queen wonders, Huh? Was that history written because of me?

(Note: in the history books it says that Chol Jong gave up politics and slept with women all day long)

The concubines wonder who spread that stupid rumor? They think the only person who could is the first concubine.

Then Hwa Jin comes walking up. Yeon and Choi block her from coming to the group, but Hwa Jin says its fine and stands to great her with her concubines.

Q – What? What are you going to argue about again?

She holds her stomach in a protective pose.

HJ – Are you confident?

Cut to Hwa Jin and the Queen sitting inside.

Hj – Are you confident that you can win over them?

Q – This is my war, I can win.

Hwa jin gives her her own bow and arrow

HJ – Why don’t you practice? With your skills, you won’t be burdened to not help him.

Q – Why don’t you teach me?

HJ – I….don’t have time for that.


Hwa Jin goes to meet the King and asks for a request. The request is for her to leave the palace for good. he asks what she is talking about? She tells him that she cannot find herself in the palace. Please let me leave so I can live with my own name.

He tells her that he can’t. you know what it is like to live as a fired concubine.

HJ – I do not care what people think. I will not be controlled by those things anymore. This is my last request to you. Please listen to it.

K – I am not going to let you!

HJ – You and I care about each other but do not love each other anymore. I am just trapped in my room as a concubine.

The King thinks about this and sighs.

Later on, he continues to think about this alone on his throne. 


The politicians come in and the King is still thinking about this. The King tells them, the reason I called all of you here is because I am going to announce a big decision. From now on, I have fired Cho Hwa Jin as a concubine.

The politicians murmur. The Cho family wonders if they should block this? The head Cho person says she is not there person anymore anyway.


Hwa Jin is in plain clothing and looks back to the palace. She tells the King to be strong, she will pray for his future. Then she leaves.

Yang Pyung stops her from going. He calls her concubine. She tells him not to call her that anymore.

YP – The King shouldn’t do it.

HJ – I requested it. As long as I am in the palace, I will be the one that blocks his future, with or without his will.  

YP – I wills top that from happening. We can take it back. I will tell the King

HJ – I don’t trust myself anymore. if I am here longer then I will lose myself. I ignored your heart, even though I knew about it.

YP – Concubine

HJ – I used your heart. As much as I liked the King and he did not like me back. I filled that emptiness with you.

YP – I let you use me happily. That was the only think I could give you.

HJ – Thank you for what you did. I am also sorry about it. You should also stop the love that does not allow you to care for yourself.

They both look at each other.



The Queen sits at her desk and thinks, that is what she meant. She is a cool woman. Is Chol Jong okay after this? Maybe he won’t be.

She sighs.


Cut to Chol Jong working out overtime at his secret training place. yang Pyung tells him to have one round with him. The King says he is not in the mood. Yang Pyung reminds him of a game they used to play in the island, whoever steps on the shadow first loses. If you don’t want to do it ten you can lose.

They start to fight.

YP – Do you remember when we were young, I always won.

K – Later on, I always won, I remember that.

YP – I should be clear as to who is first.

K – You couldn’t, not you didn’t

YP – The concubine worried about you until the end and thought about you. But you don’t even appreciate it.

K – I know that! That is why this is so difficult for me!

YP – You should suffer more. that is the least thing you can do for the concubine.

Yang Pyung walks off.


The King falls to his knees crying.


The Queen is in her room and thinks that Chol Jong might be drinking somewhere. If she wasn’t pregnant then she could drink with him. She sighs and thinks that being pregnant turns you into a baby. Why am I always sleepy like this?


meanwhile, Daebi looks like she is going to see the Queen Grandmother. Her maid tells her that this rumor is dangerous, if the Queen Grandmother knows about it…

Daebi tells her that before the Queen Grandmother hears the rumor, i need to tell her myself. Dont’ worry about it, she will never guess that I am the one telling her her own rumor.

Cut to her meeting with the Queen Grandmother. Daebi tells her that she worried that she would be shocked by that rumor. The Queen grandmother tells Daebi that she follows all those stupid things. Daebi says she would not say that if she heard the rumor.

QG says that she wonders what it is for Daebi to come to her this late. Daebi says she could not pass the Queen Grandmothers facial expression after hearing the rumor. QB says it will be difficult to make her shocked with any rumor.

Daebi says, the Queens pregnancy is not the Kings, it is Byong In’s son. You care about your family so much and now the Kim family is the one to ruin the Royal family.

The Queen Grandmother taps her fingers on the table.

QG – This is funny, very fenny.

She looks in the distance.


A pair of eunuchs talk about the rumor. One eunuch says it is just a rumor that the have fake sleeping. But the other eunuch says the rumor is that the Kings baby is not his baby.

two people from the Cho family talk. The entire palace is making fun of their family. is that baby their close family baby and not their family? The Cho family is king of happy with this rumor.


The QG calls Byong in to talk to her and says that the family is more important than her life. She lives for the family. What do you live for.

he says he is the same as the Queen Grandmother. She asks if he will do anything for the family? He says yes. She tells him to bring the Queens head in front of her, that is the Queens order. 

he asks what the reason is. She says the Queen destroyed 100 years of the family’s reputation, that is why.

He bows and asks her to be nice. She says that people are talking about how the baby she has is your baby.

he says that is not real!

She tells him that if everyone believes it is true, then it is true! What if the rumor spreads the next morning that the Queen had an affair and got pregnant and tried to ruin the royal blood. 

He says it isa  rumor because of him, he will get punished.

She says that the man gets hurt with the rumor but the woman dies because of it. We need her head. If you cut it then I will not as for yours.

He says he cannot do it. Please punish me.

She tells him he said he lived for the family, but you actually live for the Queen! I will give you another order.

He yell, I will put you in politics again! Right away!

She likes that idea.



the King goes back into his room. He is still in all black. Byong In is in his room an tells him that he had something dangerous, the book with the Queens name, but the East Study password was written in your handwriting.

The King pulls his sword on Byong In

Byong In tells him that his dangerous ideology is threatening the Queen and the King. What if those aristocrats feel that danger? They save Joseon as it is even if they have to kill you.

K – Why don’t you do it now? Why are you visiting me?

BI – The Queen will be hurt also. But the Kim family has targeted the Queen and with that rumor that the Queen had an affair with me and has gotten pregnant, they want to honor murder her.

K – To attack me. I will prevent it.

BI – YOU CAN’T. Even if you can save her now, what if the family attacks her with this affair? Even if she lives, it does not mean she will live. The prince either. They can do anything to shake your power. Don’t you see how much damage they will do to the Queen? You are the only one that can save the Queen

K – How can I save her?

Q – Suppress the protests. With your own hand, kill the East study cult because that is against the culture to talk bad about the woman when the husband is out at war. The rumor will lose its power. also, you need to prove that you are not related to them by killing them. That password in the book does not work anymore. This is the only way you can save the Queen and your son. There is no time to waste. In the morning, she will be eaten by this rumor. I will not let the Queen hurt alone.


The King goes to see the Queen. She is sleeping on her desk. He lightly touches her cheek which wakes her up. She says she is not sleeping, she is thinking.

He asks why she doesn’t lay down. She says she is there to comfort him, but I was thinking too hard. I am so sleepy.

She falls back to sleep. He lightly rubs her hair and says she is his comfort.

He lays her in bed and tucks her in. He looks off at the door and then back at the Queen. Then he walks away.


The King tells the grandmother Queen that he has to go stop and suppress the coup since it is in a hurry. While I am not here, please take care of politics and take care of my and the Queen’s son.

The Grandmother Queen says she was happy not running politics, but I have to. Don’t worry about the Queen. The father is at war risking his life so of course we have to take care of the wife and kid.

Chol Jong tells her that he will take her at her word. She tells him to be careful, the sun is already up.

he bows and leaves.


The King gets dressed for war with his eunuchs. His friends come in. The King tells his head eunuch that he can take care of the rest. They leave

YP – is it true that you are going to suppress the protest by yourself?

K – Yes

Hong – What happened? You are on the peoples side

K – The King found the East Study password in that book. If I dont go now then a lot of people will get hurt.

Hong – i will follow you

K – The condition is that I go there alone. I am enough of a hostage.

YP – This is a trap. Dont you think the Queen gave Byong In the book? You promised me that if we know the QUeen is our definite enemy, then you will kill her. You should not kill the people but the Queen.

K – She is definitely not our enemy! She betrayed everyone to e on my side fully! If I do not leave now then the Queen will die.

Hong – Calm down, now is not the time to fight.

K – You said I should suffer more. That is true. I am embracing everything and leaving.

He starts to walk off.

YP – Your life will be in danger.

K – If I want to live then everyone will die.

he leaves.


The Queen wakes up. She thinks that she saw the King but isn’t sure. She stands up and goes outside where her maids are standing. She tells them that they should go to the Kings bedroom.

Hong show up and tells her that the King is leaving now. She asks where?

Cut to the King walking to his horse in the courtyard. He is with the red soldiers. he hops on his horse and heads out with the red soldiers.

The Queen runs to stop him. He keeps leaving without stopping and tells the horse to giddy up. She yells for him to stop. he keeps going.

She wonders why he is doing this.


The King walks in the mountains and wonders if this is the right way? It doesn’t look like humans walk this way.

The bad guy says it isa  shortcut. Then he removes his hat which looks like a signal. All the red guards pull their sword on the King.

Byong In comes riding up on his horse and tells them STOP. 

King – You are late. You are doing this anyway so why not be in a hurry?

BI – Are you going to step down from the horse by yourself or do you want me to do it for you?

Cut to them both standing and facing each other. The King unsheathes his sword.

K – I have no where to go back to. I should do my best.

BI – Don’t worry. Me alone is enough for you

Byong In pulls out his sword as well. He thinks, without you, everything is fine.

They fight.

They both get cut. Byong In’s shoulder is cut and the Kings arm is cut. They are both digging the sword into the other.

Fade Out


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Wow, wow, wow! This episode was intense and so good and also made me worried. i did not think the Kign would be in physical danger but he is literally in life and death danger at the end of this epiode and he knew it was coming!

Okay, so now is the point of greatest despair. The Grandmother Queen is back in power, the King and Queen are separated, there is a rumor that the Kings baby is not his, and the King might die which will kick the Queen from the palace. This will also lead to the Grandmother Queen creating an army to kill the rebellion. Our team has to come up from all that!

I have faith that they will, it’s just HOW WILL THEY??? Any theories? We have a few that we hope to get into in our preview post!

Be sure to go to The kdrama Clubhouse tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am PST (Pacific Standard Time) to chat all things Mr. Queen as well as all the Kdramas airing this week. I believe we will have a ton to talk about with Mr. Queen! (Episode 18 Preview)



Join The Kdrama Clubhouse this Sunday at 11 PST as The Kthree gush about all the Kdramas they watched this week! Of course Mr. Queen is on the list. It’s a lot of fun, lots of laughs are to be had, and is a fantastic time all around. Be sure to subscribe to help The Kthree reach their goal of 10,000 subscribers this year!

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  1. Jerz
    February 6, 2021 / 8:47 am

    Yes… I know Bong-hwan will be back for the last three episodes begins tomorrow or next week. I will keep my eye on him.

  2. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    February 6, 2021 / 9:04 am

    Oh so nerve-wrecking. I so want Byong In to help them out and not hurt the King. Hwa Jin did good and redeemed herself in a way. I like this. I can’t wait to see the full episode. Thank you so much for the recaps. Things are moving fast as it gets close to the end. I hope it’ll be a good end.

  3. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    February 6, 2021 / 9:18 am

    a thought just crossed my mind seeing how a lot of people are theorising that the king and queen might go on and live as commoners. what if they end up taking the name Jang. So incidentally they become Bong-hwan’s ancestors. hahahahahahha

    • Titil0la
      February 6, 2021 / 1:21 pm

      Nice one hahaha

  4. Gold
    February 6, 2021 / 9:32 am

    I am sure he has a backup plan, there is no way he put himself in that much danger becos that is not what us or the queen will want. I just want our couple to remain as they were, they are just too cute and hilarious.

    • Titil0la
      February 6, 2021 / 1:23 pm

      Totally agree. There is no way, he will do something so reckless, he knew what was coming and planned for it.

    • Anonymous
      February 6, 2021 / 11:16 pm

      I was also thinking that this is the king’s and byong in’s plan to fool the kim’s family!

  5. Sandy
    February 6, 2021 / 9:33 am

    Full blown panic mode here. Why are they doing this to us with only three episodes left?!? Oh, my heart. My heart! The only theory I have is that somehow BI will help the king, but that internal monologue of his has me wondering if he can put aside his jealousy and hate to do it. But the other poster mentioned Jang Bong Hwan being back for the next episodes, so that has me worried that they’re going to send his soul back. Travesty!

    I have no clue how they are going to muddle their way to a resolution and still maintain a semblence of historical fact. Either blow the whole timeline apart and have the King and Queen rule or fake his death and have them ride off into the sunset. Three hours to unravel this mess. Oye!

  6. Gold
    February 6, 2021 / 9:39 am

    What if it is a trap for the bad guys and not for the king. I just want to believe anything now that will keep my hopes high.

  7. Itsnotme
    February 6, 2021 / 9:41 am

    Hwa Jin gave the ammunition to Daebi. As predicted.

    They threw a funeral for the king as it looked like he fell into the river. He lived in the mountains so he has experience how to survive there. Id assume he will rush back to the palace around the scene where his brother is threatening to kill the queen in front of Byeong In.

    Jwa Gun looked happy torturing some believers. QG looked happy at the throne. They think everthing is done.


    Byeong In made that plan with the King to look like he died to gather the believers as he knows the Queen will die no matter what if the Kims continue to control. And he does not like that his dad is back in action. He also said he needs to be punished. I guess he is doing this to be accused as a king’s murderer or assailant.

    Either way, I saw the trailer for the Mr. Queen after-finale episodes. The epilogue. It looked like at one point. They were all gathering together. ( looks like it’s So Bong, but with all the other characters ). Guess the Queen is alive, but cannot go back to her Bong Hwans life.

    Let me know lol.

  8. SS
    February 6, 2021 / 9:48 am

    The plot twist Will be Byong in and the King already planned that without anyone knowwing it. Well that’s What I wait though 😁 I just hope that the ending of this drama is Happy ending, not like the Chinese version.

    • Priya
      February 6, 2021 / 10:32 am

      Hey! Can you tell me the end of Chinese version? Please!!!

      • Anonymous
        February 6, 2021 / 11:37 am

        according to what i know both queen and king die in mountain side . but in the book the queen become the grand queen upon the death of king. but as the king has fake his death he is coming back

      • SS
        February 7, 2021 / 2:13 am

        The first time I watch Mr.Queen I was so sure that this drama will have sad ending just like the chinese version. And my heart was ready for it. But somehow after watching this episode I change my mind. Somehow I’m sure it’s gonna be a Happy ending like the one in the novel. Sooo I’m ready for the Happy ending now 😊….

        Thank you guys always for the recaps and preview love you 😘

      • SS
        February 7, 2021 / 2:16 am

        There are 3 alternatives ending in chinese version Which are not satiesfiying at all.

  9. isabeaudebelle
    February 6, 2021 / 10:54 am

    Thank you for the live recap partie 2. i’am certainly gonna go crazy until tomorrow afternoon. I’am now just angry with Byeong IN and the king’s brother. i go read the preview here.. now. Thank you for the timeliness.

  10. Titil0la
    February 6, 2021 / 1:02 pm

    My Theory
    1. For obvious reasons the King is not dead.
    2. The King has proven himself to be very smart, and I believe he followed Byeong In knowing that he might fall into a trap, but at that time that was the only way he could keep the Queen and his Child safe. He gambled on the fact that Byeong In loves the Queen and will do anything to protect her.
    3. I might be over thinking this, but a part of me thinks this was planned by the King and the other part believes it might not be planned and the King will come out of this in a bad ass way.

  11. Titil0la
    February 6, 2021 / 1:08 pm

    We all knew this was coming,
    The political aspect of this drama will take Ep 17,18 and 19 because this has been built up since day 1 of this Drama Series.

    Breaks my heart but I know this has to happen for happiness to reign.

    My only and current worry is what’s going to happen to So Yong and Jang Bong-Hwan at the finale?

    How are the writers going to end this masterpiece?

  12. Wan
    February 6, 2021 / 7:30 pm

    Thank you so much

  13. SS
    February 7, 2021 / 2:11 am

    The first time I watch Mr.Queen I was so sure that this drama will have sad ending just like the chinese version. And my heart was ready for it. But somehow after watching this episode I change my mind. Somehow I’m sure it’s gonna be a Happy ending like the one in the novel. Sooo I’m ready for the Happy ending now 😊….

    Thank you guys always for the recaps and preview love you 😘

  14. Kdrama lover
    February 7, 2021 / 3:06 am

    I have a feeling that Dam-Hyang and her mother will play a part in rescuing and healing the king. It looks like the king might hide in the mountains, and if I’m not mistaken Dam-Hyang and her mother is living in seclusion up in the mountains.

    Maybe this is “trap” by Byeon-In is a hidden move by the king and BI to help save the queen. Maybe because I find BI character to be pitiful but I trust him more than the prince

  15. Favour
    February 9, 2021 / 4:08 pm


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