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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 16 (Part 1)

I love that So Yong and Chul Jong are spending friendly, happy time together now instead of bickering together. I loved the bickering when it was going on, of course, but I also love that e get to see both of their playful sides. I wonder what the dynamic between the two of them will be now that the well has been brought up and the King suspects/knows that So Yong was the other kid in it!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The King asks the Queen how she knows the book is so precious. Was it you? Did you rescue me from the well?

The Queen pauses and says yes, it was me. Did you already forget? I dragged you from the well. I still have a muscle cramp.

he says he is talking about eight years ago.

Q – Is that not the only time you fell into the well? *shocked* What happened to you?

K – Why is that book so important for you?

Q – It looks like a super old book.

K – You talk about strange things again. After I had a dream that I was trapped in the well, I thought about you right away. I thought because you rescued me from the well, but after that, you overlap with the kid that rescued me eight years ago. I feel like you are the person.

He looks at her, she is about to be knee deep in the ramen. She asks if he wants some because swollen noodles aren’t any good.

he tells her to go ahead and eat. She starts to eat and he keeps reading the war book from the Myung Dynasty.

Q – Military? War book? Are you going to have a war?

K – To be a strong King, I need to have a strong military.

Q – Do you still have that nightmare that you will die as an unable king?

K – Sometimes

Q – If that really happens then that is not about you, that is the wave of history. You are just here when the country is collapsing, it is not your fault. Don’t try hard and don’t suffer about it, if it is fate then you can’t stop it.

K – When I wake up from my nightmare, I feel strange sometimes. It feels like that dream is current and right now is the past. *he sees s flashback or future of himself as an old man reaching his hand out* Ii see myself as a young man and wish I had a chance to struggle like right now. Maybe I am just doing this to fight against my fate.

The Queen looks at him.

VO – I wanted to be all in to this person who is fated to lose


She puts the ramen up and tells him, you will win in that fight because the winning side is my side. I am on your side so you must win.

K – *Chuckles* Your confidence makes me feel good.

Q – i have a secret weapon. I know the future. DO you remember that I am a man from 200 years later

K – Yes, I remember that nonsense

Q – What if it is true? I can teach you knowledge from the future

K – DO you want me to believe that?

Q – if you do not believe that then just think that I had a clear dream of the future.

K – I don’t believe your nonsense story but tell me what happened to Joseon 200 years later

Q – Okay, this is my made up story. We do not call it Joseon anymore. It is Dae Han Min Gook (Republic of Korea). In that country, people lack a King.

K – That is nonsense. You should make up something more believable then I will believe it.

Q – Hey, I am not done, I am just starting. 200 years later, there are no nobles or slaves

K – What? The class system is gone?

Q – Of course there are still classes. Gold spoons and dirt spoons.

K – What? You check your identity with spoons and not cards? So people bring their spoons when people elect a King?

Q – Well, there is an election and when you are 18 then you have a right to vote for the King…

The King happily listens to the story with interest.


The masked man meets with Jwa Gun and tells him that the QUeen pokes around the palace all day. Jwa Gun tells him good job. His new job is to surveillance the Queen all day.


Elsewhere, Byong In looks at the military working out. hwan tells him that he has become the younest military minister, congratulations. He throws some confetti over him to celebrate. Then he asks if their family and the King can have a better relationship. He has a good relationship with the Queen. He does not seem like a bad person.

Byong In says the King does not care for the King, he always puts the Queen in danger. Hwan tells him it does not seem like that. BI says that is why he hates him the most. He is faking his true self and hiding behind his woman. The Queen is also tricked by him and serves him, even against the family. The King is only using her.

Hwan says, what I hear is that the King has fallen in love with the Queen. The Kings love life is the most accurate rumor in the palace. last night they were having a nice conversation and the light was lit up all night.

Byong In looks quietly angry.


The King and Queen sleep on the Kings desk like they talked all night. The Queen opens her eyes first and looks at the King.

Q – (If Chol Jong is successful then the Korea of 200 years later will change as well? If history changes then Japanese occupation will change and someone like Han won’t be there. I am not helping him because he is Chol Jong. It is all for me.)

Q – Saving you is saving me.

The King wakes up and looks at the Queen. But then her maids come in and tell her that her father collapsed.

The Queen runs to be with him. He looks perfectly fine . He tells her that she shouldn’t have run to be with him, but he also thinks that the palace is more dangerous so stay here. She asks if he collapsed because of what happened to her? He says yes, it is all his fault. it is almost as if I sent you the poison myself. I made something I shouldn’t have made and couldn’t keep it.

Q – it is there fault, not your fault, abonim. Only think of your health

A – I am fine, if you are healthy then I am fine. So, you can step down. So Yong, when your mom was pregnant with you, she always told me, this kid will enjoy the world I couldn’t enjoy. She will do everything I couldn’t do and have a better life.

He tells her that it was her mothers last wish but he doesn’t know how he can see her mothers face in the other world right now.

Q – i am going to do everything that umma wanted and I am going to get my revenge.

A – On them?

Q – Yes, so you should not be weak. Abonim, you need to do something for me.

A – Yes, anything you want. I will do anything.

Cut to the father basically giving away everything. Lots of people walk into his house and get a lot of his items for free. The city people are so happy and wish for the Queen and him to be happy forever.

Flashback to the Queen telling her father that he just has to stay out of corruption and keep his reputation.

In the present, the father overseas handing out all these things to all the people. His slave asks if he really wants to give away everything? The father says YES i do not need it when I did! But he is really hesitant about giving away everything. He tries to mutter to himself, greed is a habit and lets go of a screen that he really likes.




The King tells the Queen that her father made a big decision. She tells him yes, and that is not all, he remembered all the corruption and wrote is all down. She tells him about all the corruption and gives him the scroll that it is all written on.

Q – The biggest thing that makes me angry is the bad loan shark. They have %50 interest rate against the people. They are gangsters.

K – Your father’s memory about the money is really great.

Q – So…actually…how do you treat whistleblowers?

K – He is the center of all the corruption. This will not erase his sin.

he gets up and walks off.

Q – But…

K – No buts! He is one of the corrupt people!

But he holds up his crossed fingers.

K – But he is your only family member…so what about this, there is a saying that when counting good and bad if the good is better than the bad then it cancels the bad.

Q – So he should score high?

K – He should cooperate with finding the evidence. Only a written list is not enough to punish people.

Q – You will protect the whistleblower right?

K – Of course.

The spy eunuch comes in and tells him it is time for his meeting. The Queen thinks, hmm, the meeting…to remove the trash I need to be at the dump. But unless I do politics for him, no women are allowed in the meeting.


The King appoints Yang Pyung for a position. All the politicians disagree with it. The king asks why not.

The politicians says he does not have experience. This is too important. Yang Pyung says he is not tied with power. The biggest thing to be head of that corruption department is that. Also, do you think I am looking for your permission? He stamps the paper to appoint Yang Pyung.

The Queen is secretly dressed like a eunuch and looking at this impressed.

K – Also, I sent a Royal secret agent to the most corrupt place in the south….

he starts to say all the things he will do as an anti-corruption agent and that he will make an example to all the country so that they will confess their sins.

All the politicians say no and also say that they already sent people. The King asks, without letting me know? The politicians start to talk about the religion cult and how that was a big coup so it was in a hurry.

The King yells, SO YOU JUST DECIDED IT? They have no response for that. Byong In speaks up and says that the cult people hurt government officials, so we have to remove the root of it so that it will never happen again. The people who teach and learn are all arrested.


Byong In tells him that he does not know people since he is sitting on the throne. If you listen to their request then it will never end. You have to press them with strong force, then they will never be against you.

The King stands up angrily. 

K – I am going to see if there are any innocents among the arrested. And I am going to punish the corrupt politicians as an example. The people you sent will b e punished as well.


the grandmother queen finishes up her facial and then looks in the mirror. She says it is a dumb idea to give money to quiet the cult people. Byong In is speaking with her and says that before the coup gets bigger, I will send more force.

The Grandmother Queen yells at the maid that she needs to apply the tonic before her face dries out. But the maid says she does not have any tonic. Should I call the Queen to send more…no, no, no, of course not.

The Queen tells her to get out. Byong In asks if she really won’t be able to forgive the Queen? The Grandmother says he wouldn’t say that if she did not see the letter she shared with the King. That is not something I can forgive. That cheesy love letter. It is almost as if she will devote her life to him.

Byong In looks quietly upset. The Grandmother Queen kind of notices. He leaves.

While walking out, his friend comes up and grabs him and asks if this is what his family gets for being loyal to his family. Byong In tells him that at least he is alive. The friend tries to punish him. Byong In Judo throws him to the ground.

Byong In tells him to come to the palace. He will show him that he is different from his father.


Cut to Hong sitting at a restaurant and eating food off a table at a gisaeng house like he owns the place. He shows one of the scholars that he is the Royal Secret Agent. The scholar laughs and hits the badge away. He says that there are so many Royal Secret agents.

Hong sighs and says that Royal secret agents don’t work so well. So he pulls out a shot gun and holds it to the man. Then he says, guns work better than ID’s this time.


The Queen eats snacks on the pavilion. Politicians look at her from outside the pavilion and ask why she is calling them. They think the King is pushing the strongly and the Queen will show a soft side. She will show that they are on the same family but it will not work. Let’s just play with her.

They walk to the pavilion.

Q – I have been Queen for awhile but I could not serve my elders. So many things happened. Pleas forgive me everyone. Enjoy this, it is nothing but I prepared it.

They try and spit it out, it is alcohol.

Q – Pretend like it is tea. The King ordered for us to be humble but drinking during the day? All you officials? He will kill you all if he knows about it.

She motions a cut throat motion. The politicians look around at Choi and the maids who are on the Queens side.

The politicians ask if this is a trap? How dare you do this to us! She tells them that she knows who they are. They are the cancer of this time! They do not know what cancer is.

Q – You are like a contagious disease of this era.

P – Why do we have to sit here! Let’s go!

P – Why are you doing this to us!

Q – Good Question *in English* At least you are smart prime Minister. So, why am I doing this? I am doing this so that you will not block the Kings way.

She huts some food at them.

Q – Whenever you say “NOOO Your Highness”. At the meeting, then one by one from the bottom will disappear.

She squats right in front of them.

Q – From now on, if you do not want to see the Kim family at the official meeting, then behave.


Q – That is why I am changing my last name. I am Jang So Yong from now on, not Kim So Yong. Hey, are you guys not smart enough? Did you only get here from your family background. From now on write down that you will not say no to the King and you will not have request letters to the King and you will not go to the gisaeng Jip.




Byong In meets with Daebi in her place. He says he has a request. Please do not threaten the Queen from my family anymore. Our enemy is the King. We should not use swords to eat other. That would help the King.

DB – Of course, I stopped the shamanic ceremony and talisman.

A person comes in to report something to Byong In. He whispers it in his ear.


The Queen walks to the library and tells Yeon and Choi that to know about this era she needs to read about this era. Is there anything in Joseon language? Choi says those things are not in the palace. You have to read the commoners books that are selling outside the palace.

The Queen asks about them .Choi says she only heard about it and never read them. Yeon says she read a few. She starts to talk about a fiction novel about how in one book there was a good wife that died due to her husband. Her soul came back and put a little mole next to her lip and got her revenge on her husband.

the Queen says that story sounds familiar. What is the title?

Choi – Married woman’s seduction (Temptation of Wife is the drama)

Q – You said you didn’t read it?

Choi – I only know the titles.

Q – Tell me another one.

Yeon – This isa  new one, there is a lady whose husband had an affair with a super young girl…

Choi – The World of the Married! (also a drama, lol)

Q – You said you didn’t read it, why are you so upset? Ah, peoples ideas are similar.

Byong In busts in and asks the Queen why she did that. The Queen tells the maids to step out. they do.

BI – You need power from the family for your safety. Why are you against the family?

Q – You forgot, the family Boomers tried to kill me.

BI – I am paving the way that you can come back.

Q – I don’t want to go back. I did everything to be loved by Grandmother. I didn’t even work this hard in the Blue House. But do you know what I got? Ice with poison.

BI – that was planned by the Cho family. I told you I can protect you.

Q – This gets worse while it is delayed. I cannot have the same hearts as you and I will not use your heart so we have different ways. It is best for us to walk our own way.

BI – I AM YOUR PERSON QUEEN. Why the King? If it is not the King then I can do anything for you. So why?

Q – This has nothing to do with the King. You are just not mine.

He takes a step closer to her and holds out his hand.

BI – So Yong, don’t let my hand go. You are my everything.

She turns and leaves without taking his hand. He drops his hand to his side and holds back his tears. Up on the second floor, we see that the masked man is watching them.


The Queen and King sit for a portrait to be painted. the King goes first and the Queen sits off to the side. The King asks if she has worries? She says she doesn’t feel good about something.

So the King crosses his eyes and tells her that if she uses her face broad then she will have the Kings voice and if she uses it small then she will have the eunuchs voice. Isn’t that fun? 

he looks really silly though the Queen does not smile int he slightest. She looks more like “what is wrong with you”

K – It is so hard to get you to smile.

He stands up and says, “If you make your body small then you have a slaves voice If you make your body big then you will have a generals voice” he makes his body small and big. 

K – Isn’t this funny!

Everyone is like, um…they are all uncomfortable. the Queen smiles a bit which makes him happy. he says he will do it again later. Then he keeps sitting for the portrait. he also explains that he made the former King a proper King which also makes him high.

The Queen thinks that she remembers this word. Choi explains that former Kings that had good politics get another name after their name. The Queen remembers it then. Yeon comes in at that moment with something that the Queen asked for.

the Queen opens it and takes out a sword. The King asks if she is going to learn sword fighting? I am good at it. She says she does not have to learn it. She already mastered knife skills. This is a present for a precious person.


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    I love that Cheol Jong and So Yong are having a good relationship. They are able to trust each other and are comfortable with one another. I do wonder if So Yong really doesn’t remember the well incident yet. I love how abonim is making the effort to change too. Good job dad. Realising your mistakes and trying to help your daughter is a good thing. I also feel for Byong In. I mean his heart is in the right place even if his methods are a bit off. I am worried that Kim Jwa Geum has some secret knowledge about Byong In that he’ll use later to take him down. He did say Byong In will still be his son even when he leaves the house, which to me implies that KJG still has the upper hand and Byong In will never be more than beneath him. After all, Byong In still has a weakness in his love for So Yong.

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    I am reassured by the Queen’s positioning toward BI. She is positioning herself as a wife.
    On the other hand, I sense a psychological manipulation of the father of BI coming, since there is the masked man who observes, he will report everything.
    And I am delighted with the relationship between the King and the Queen and the bond that is being strengthened.

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    Cheoljong & So Bong’s scenes together are just gold. So glad they gave us a lot of it in this episode. As usual, thank you for therecap.

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