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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 15 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 15 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Queen sits at the pavilion with her meal. She thinks that she would feel good after getting her revenge, but actually, she feel REALLY good after getting it. She takes a satisfied sip of her tea.

The King comes and sits with her. All their servants stand just outside. He tells her that she looks fabulous today.

Q – Fashions completion is the face so I am good with it. I am even good in the Queens body.

K – I don’t know what you say

Q – The reason I want to see you is, let’s form an alliance. The family already thinks that way which is why they tried to kill me so we have nothing to lose

K – You will be on my side means you are an enemy of the Kim family

Q – They abandoned me first. We have the same enemy which means we are allies right?

She extends her hand and he shakes it.

K – from now on we are no longer no touch

Q – That’s right, we are banning no touch. People share their blood and stuff with alcohol when they have an alliance. But let’s not be that unsanitary. Lets drink tea to share our alliance.

She gives him some tea and moves over to do a love shot with him. She hooks her arms with his and drinks the tea in one shot. Choi and Yeon look on with their quizzical looks and smile.

Q – We are allies now so let’s not have any misunderstanding. Why did you try to kill me?

K – I thought you heard our plan for murdering your father

Q – How can you do that to your father in law?

K – To me he is one of the corrupt men

Q  – You….well, you tried to kill your wife too….you are a serial murderer for your inlaw family

K – I am sorry, we had a lot of misunderstandings between us.

Q – Okay, I will not forgive you until you pay for it, you owe me. So what do you want? To be a strong King?

K – A strong King to fix Korea

Q – The world does not change. I like tools better than the goal itself. When the King is strong then I am strong and people won’t touch me.

K – I know how scary assassination attempts are. You pretend to be strong but you should be scared.

Q – i don’t know, I died once. I hate being crushed more than dying. If I can do anything to the people who want to crush me then I can die smiling.

Choi – Your highness, you have a schedule.

Q – Okay, goodbye, I am going to crush them

She walks off happily.

The King realizes that he heard that before. In the well, the girl told him that she would die smiling. He looks over at the Queen walking off.


Myn geun talks to Byong In, He tells him to keep talking to him comfortably even though he is a minister now. Myung geun says he has something to tell him about the Queen. They both realize that they both have something to tell each other about the Queen.


The chef walks around Choi so that she can see he has the hair tie in his hair. She tries not to notice and tells him that she saw it. they both start to talk about young people taking things literally.

Then the Queen says she has another recipe she can make. the chef starts to get his things ready to write down. the Queen thinks that se should do the same to her. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a eunuch for a eunuch.

She thinks she can do this directly, that other way is too long. The chef wonders what the ingredients are. But he pretends like he knows it when he looks at Choi.

Elsewhere, Hwan tells Yeon that he knows when he should give up. But he has one last question. Why do you hate a person that is ambitious? She tells him that she saw too many ambitious people in the palace and their difficult end. I am afraid of those things. He thanks her for answering his question. She bows and leaves. He mutters that if he could ask for one thing, it would be her smile forever.

Hong comes up to him and sees him super crying pitifully. Hwan says not to look at him, he does not want to show it to anyone. Hong tells him to cry over to the side otherwise people will think that I made you cry. Hwan says he isn’t going to cry anymore, giving up is also love.


The mean is presented to the Grandmother Queen. it looks like there is a skull on it. The maid thinks it looks pretty.


The Queen calls Han Siljang lookalike into her chambers. She tells him that they met each other somewhere right? he recognizes her and starts to bow an apology. She tells him that he should say something else. Like please kill me. Because of you I wasted my popcorn.

he says he didn’t know she was the Queen. it was my big sin!

She asks why he ran away if he didn’t know? He says it was because a precious person like her followed him so he was surprised. He didn’t mean anything by it. 

She tells him, actually, I am here to offer you a position. It is a good thing. You will never get fired and have a high salary. But something else will be cut.

he asks, what? You will cut something? She tells him that she just saw him and knows that he is perfect for the position. You should become my eunuch.

two eunuchs start to pull him away. the man asks why she is doing this to him (but what he says is wrong so it shows he is a fake noble).

Q – First, you are pretending to be a yangban and buy a fake family history. But that is not your fault, that is about the society problem. First, again, you put poison in water and tried to ruin the Kings party. Second, you had a bad descendent, 

Man – Descendant, don’t you mean ancestor?

Q – No, I am sure that you had a wrong descendent. 

She sends him out to become a eunuch.

Byong In comes in right then to meet with her. She thinks that the Kim family is all together. Though she thinks that her father is also Kim family. She also thinks she said father too easily.

Her and Byong In talk, He says he did not know that they tried to kill her and tells her that he is not on their side. She will know that soon. He leaves.

the Queen wonders if he is her enemy or ally.




The Queen’s father sits at his desk and angrily wonders how they can do that to his daughter! he gets up angrily but then gasps and falls to the ground. 


Meanwhile, Byong In meets with the Grandmother Queen. They talk about being careful with Cho Daebi. they also talk about how the Grandmother Queen should eat. The Grandmother Queen said that she wasn’t hungry.

Byong In says the Queen worries about her a lot. She blames herself because the concubine separated the family and the Queen herself. Father told me that the concubine lied to you, not the Queen.


the King goes to see Hwa Jin. She happily lets him in.

K – Sorry to storm in so late. I have to tell you something.

HJ – Yes, what do you have.

K – The dead body from the well, Daebi did it.

HJ – Daebi? How?

K – Don’t you guess anything?

HJ – Then, that body is not Oh Wol?

K – Not Oh Wol

HJ – It should be her

K – How did you make sure? It is difficult to check her face

HJ – She wore maid clothing and Oh Wol is the only one to disappear

K – They knew that you would be sure that she was Oh Wol. What they want is for you to rely on her. Why the well?

HJ – I told her what we had in the well. It is the place I met you and a painful place. I thought I thought an important person to me in the same memory of you. I shouldn’t have told her. I can’t even say my pain in the palace.

Yangpyang is listening outside. In a flashback, we see that Yangpyang saw HwaJin give the ledger to the King. But he did not tell the King that at that time.

Inside her room, the King says they need to hide what happened to Daebi. Hwa Jin says she also feels betrayed. the well is a place where she fears death and she used that? The King looks like he is thinking about what she said and that it does not match what he remembers in the well.




The Queen tells Yeon and Choi that gambling is the best to waste their life which is why they are gambling now. The maids are still sad about Dam Yang and try not to talk about it. But they start to cry about Dam Yang. The Queen tries to tell them that Dam yang went to a good place. A really good place. They think that good place is heaven.

They all starts to cry over Dam yang. The Queen cries along as well but the other two are really crying over it. It is pitiful. Choi wins and says she is s-sorry about winning. They keep playing.


the King talks with his two friends. Hong wonders how Daebi got that book? They were looking for it so much. Yang Pyung does not say anything. Hong thinks they should recruit Daebi, but says he is joking. He still wonders how Daebi could get that book since she is always in the palace.

Yang Pyung lies and says she should have hands and feet outside the palace. Hong asks abut the masked man. yang Pyung says he is busy working on other things. they kind of bicker.

hong says he is looking forward to his vacation after this secret agent job. Why don’t you make me a Royal Secret Agent with an agent badge and all that! The King thinks he is a natural. though it looks like a joke perhaps.

Cut to yang Pyung and hong dressed in all black and secretly going somewhere.


The Queen tries to sleep but can’t. She thinks that her father isn’t harsh like Jwa Gun. He is her only family as well. he doesn’t deserve to die like that.

She angrily goes to the King to yell at him for trying to kill her father. But he is back and undressing from his black attire. Her heart starts to beat quickly. She leaves and tells herself to calm her heart down since this hurts her pride.

The King smiles.

Elsewhere, Yang Pyung goes home and looks at the portrait that Hwa Jin made of him. 

Scene change to Hwa Jin thinking about Daebi manipulating her. She is shooting arrows and thinking about it.

But then Yang Pyung walks up to her. She tells him that she was just thinking. He thinks she should be shocked. She says the palace is big and lonely. he tells her that he found who sold her jewel that she gave to Oh Wol. She found it buried in the palace. that maid is also the one that put the dead body in the well from Daebi’s request. Oh Wol could still be alive.

Hwa Jin thinks, no, she is dead in the palace. She couldn’t even get out of the palace.

Yang Pyung thinks she should be happy that that body is not Oh Wol. Why do you still think that body is Oh Wol? What are you hiding? the thing you gave to Cho Daebi, what was it?

She asks if he saw it?

he says if she tells him that he shouldn’t have seen it, then he will say he did not see anything. Anyone can be lost. You can go back. She asks, what if this is not just me being lost momentarily. Do you still think I can go back to where I belong? I can’t. That body should be Oh Wol!


the Queen cooks late night ramen in the kitchen. The chef is also there. The Queen mutters that late night ramen tastes the best. Even though it will make your face puffy, I cannot resist this temptation.

The chef says the Queen Grandmother does not eat late at night, so I will eat it. But the Queen hits his hand away and says no.


Cut to the King reading a book in his room.

The Queen knocks and then shows herself. Blues music starts to play. 

K – Why didn’t you say anything and just knock on the door?

Q – *sashays over to him* Would you like to eat ramen and leave?

K – What is ramen? Where do we go after ramen?

Q – Just studying…

Q – No, I shouldn’t do this. No, just once. Ramen is really tasty, with one ramen and you can’t stop.

K – What are you doing?

Q – Internal conflict.

She sits at his desk with the ramen.

Q – What would you do if you were me? eat ramen or not?

K – You have to tell me what ramen is first. First of all, let’s try it.

Q – Yes, we have to do it first. Let’s see if it was just because I was drunk or I was crazy or that it is really real.

K – Are we speaking the same language?

Q – Yes, we are talking about ramen. Come closer. Ramen will be hot.

She puts his book in front to set the ramen over it. But this is the well book that has Hwa Jin’s name on it now.

K – This is Hwa Jin’s book.

Q – Oh, sorry sorry sorry! This precious thing.

She looks at the title.

K – How do you know it is precious? Why is this book so important to you?

Q – Well…

K – Was it you who saved me? Were you the one that saved me in the well?

Q – … yes, it was me.

The music kicks in. The King looks at her.

Fade Out


I have to run to a weekend meeting. Just want to say that I love that the Queen has found her power in the palace and is using it! It is also really fun that she is officially on the Kings side with their alliance.

Though it did look like her father might have been poisoned or perhaps had a heart attack at his house? Perhaps the Kim family had him killed? I am kind of wondering about that right now. I actually grew to like her father! So that stinks if he died (if he died). Hopefully he didn’t die and just had an anger adrenaline flare up and passed out.

Our video recap and preview breakdown will be a tiny bit late today but we’ll try and get to it as soon as we can!


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  5. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    January 30, 2021 / 8:25 am

    I’m screaming!!! I love it that the king has finally put the pieces together and knows that it’s been the SoYong in the well when they were kids. I mean sure it’s bad luck for Hwa Jin, but she shouldn’t have pretended from the beginning, should she? She’s probably having a mental breakdown with all her dishonesty and only realising she’s been played by her own clan. Yang Pyung better not be doing stupid stuff and put the king and queen in danger just because of Hwa Jin. That’ll make me so angry. Jinja! And ByongIn…I am afraid what this man will do. Is he trying to be the king instead of just getting rid of the king? Somehow I feel like his goal now is to usurp the throne. Dude, don’t!! Oh the preview is looking good too. I can’t wait for your recap on the preview. Thanks

    • Chel
      January 30, 2021 / 9:54 am

      In a previous episode BI told the grandmother queen that he wants to be King.. ( because the Queen has rejected him)

      • Sandy
        January 30, 2021 / 10:12 am

        I thought he said he wanted the king (in response to the grandmother dowager asking him what it was he wanted) – as in the king’s life – because he figured out that the king was the one who went after So Yong that night with a sword.

        • Anonymous
          January 30, 2021 / 11:37 am

          Me too.
          And I don’t think BI can become the King like that he has to be next in line to become the King.

          • Kim
            January 30, 2021 / 5:28 pm

            Here’s where I think reality might slide in. In history, after the King dies, the Kim clan appoints one of their own as successor. From the first couple of scenes, I wondered if BI wasn’t that person.

  6. SS
    January 30, 2021 / 8:26 am

    TVN put that ramyeon scene at the end of the episode really put our hopes fly high 😂 Love how fiercy mama can be aaahh can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode … thank you for all your effort even the part 2 is not long to wait anymore 🥰

    • Mirimini
      January 30, 2021 / 11:12 am

      Nope. My expectation was very low. Last week, I said to a friend that the actual things in eps 15 will be nothing compare to what they try to suggest us to think.
      I noticed that this drama loves to give us the missleading impression in preview to amp up our curiosity and to make sure viewers tune in in the next eps. But that’s okay, for me it’s like icing sugar on the cake kind of thing.

  7. Lydia
    January 30, 2021 / 8:40 am

    Thank you for the recap, ive been waiting for it since i dont understand korean languange. Ive been following your page since episode 12 i think and ive never been this happy reading your recap. Ive got question, is tomorrow last ep.? I cant get enough of them,ijust hope happy ending for the king and queen. .

    • SS
      January 30, 2021 / 9:28 am

      There will be 20 episodes if i’m not mistakes

    • Piku
      January 30, 2021 / 11:00 am

      It will have total 20 episodes…so yaayyyy..
      5 more episodes…

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    thank you

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    January 30, 2021 / 9:41 am

    Absolutely golden!!! Thank you for the recap!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s reveal.

  13. Elli
    January 30, 2021 / 9:55 am

    Liars go to hell. Sending my regards to Hwa Jin. 😂

    Thanks for the fast recap again. 🙏

  14. Chel
    January 30, 2021 / 9:56 am

    Thank you for this recap. Finally our precious queen and king has joined hands👏👏😊😊..

  15. Anonymous
    January 30, 2021 / 10:16 am

    If they have precious book, we have precious Dramamilk. lol

  16. Sandy
    January 30, 2021 / 10:17 am

    Thank you for the super quick recap. I was dying to figure out why he looked so upset while talking to the queen after their toast at the pavillion. Glad she called him out on trying to murder his in-laws all the time. Funny/not funny moment there. While I’m disappointed we didn’t get some more tiger-like sex, I made do with that little smile the king gave indicating that he knew the queen is hot for him as well as the big reveal of who saved him as a child. Wonder if he’ll ever confront Bin regarding her lies? Also wondering if he’s going to use the queen’s healthy lust to get them into bed together. Love the little gender twists they put in…like her pressing him against the wall during their kiss and the scene from ep 15 where she undresses him. Using his masculine wiles to drive her crazy would be so much fun to watch.

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    January 30, 2021 / 10:43 am

    I love this drama so much. Thank you for recapping each ep.
    I don’t know what I would do without Dramamilk.
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    January 30, 2021 / 11:35 am

    Back from the meeting! So now we’ll work on the video recap and preview breakdown! Lets see all the juiciness we can find!

  19. Sandy
    January 30, 2021 / 1:48 pm

    Is it just me or does the king look a bit sick in this episode? You don’t think he was someone poisoned or is being poisoned, do you? Maybe the actor was just exhausted or having a bad day…but in several scenes he either looks pale, has bags under his eyes, or is acting oddly lethargic.

    • ANTIfan
      January 30, 2021 / 4:45 pm

      hmmmm… this reminds me of an early episode….sobong states that king days 10 years after on throne. could be.

      but i didn’t notice him looking lathergic or anything. I feel like he is himself. Maybe you feel this way because king doesn’t have an inner monologue?

      it frustrates me so much that we just have to infer his thoughts based on circumstance and what he actually says!

    • poeintheskywithdiamonds
      January 30, 2021 / 5:01 pm

      oh dear. remember that he had a nosebleed in the previous episode when he was planning for the banquet? that could be an indication. I haven’t seen the whole episode yet but now you’ve mentioned it, I’m going to look extra hard at CheolJong.

  20. Murk
    January 30, 2021 / 3:56 pm


  21. ANTIfan
    January 30, 2021 / 4:40 pm

    it drives me crazy that Cheoljong doesn’t have an inner monologue! literally cannot tell what he’s thinking…..

    like… what was meaning behind that smile when sobong left kings room after seeing his chest?? Is king happy? is he like, yeah Sobong is hot for me??”yeah she wants some”?? whaaat


    • V
      February 3, 2021 / 7:46 pm

      Yes, he doesn’t have an inner monologue!

  22. Yunbi
    January 31, 2021 / 1:09 am

    Can someone tell me the title of the blues song in the Ramyeon scene with the king? Been looking for it.

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