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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 15 (Part 1)

The Queen is about to be on a rampage, but, more importantly, and her and the King are going to be working together. Alliance! I am ready to see Mr. Queen enforce his power across this palace and shake a few boots along the way. Hopefully it doesn’t get him killed prematurely and sent back to the present (eep!).

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Queen goes into the Kings office and tells him what cross your fingers means. He asked what that was and she said it meant you aren’t lying. He uncrossed her fingers and says that the King does not lie.

Cut to the palace courtyard where the King is walking away with crossed fingers. He turns around and looks at the Queen. She understands that this is a lie. She starts to pretend cry and leans down to the girl and realizes that she has alcohol smell on her and another strange smell. Her hands are also warm so she realizes that she is still alive.

Yeon comes up and pulls her away. The bad guys in the background chuckle a bit.

The girls body is being carried out by some people. Hong meets them and gives them money. He says they should not abandon her in the mountain. He will feel better if he gives her a little funeral. He picks her up and carries her off.


The Queen runs to the lake to meet the King and asks if Dam-hyang is okay. he says she should be okay now. I released her mother from slavery, they should be about to leave the city right now. The Queen is happy about that and asks how he knew. Did you put in sleeping medicine? The King explains that he basically did that but used anesthesia. She mentions a kind that a famous old doctor used and that she read a lot of kid versions of the three kingdom story. 

Yang-pyung comes out and tells them that the little girl is safe. Hong made sure of it and is helping them out. Yang Pyung thinks this was not smart for a little kid. The King says we cannot just give up a little kid. if they give up one kid then that means it is easy to give up 10s or 100s of our people.

The Queen thinks, I thought Chol Jong was dumb, but he is super dumb. She tells him that he shouldn’t risk things like that or you will be in danger. He tells her that living long and shamefully is not his goal.

Q – You think you will die early? (Or your idea will kill you early)

YP – How dare you…

K – This is her way to say thank you. Her language is very different than others.

Q – The Queen dictionary is not good. That is he wrong translation

K – Did you see it?

Q – Yes, it was there so obviously. Is the Queens position this dangerous? Why does everyone want to kill me?

K – I will prevent it from happening again.

Q – No, I will do it my own way. Attacking is the best defense.

Q – (from today, the craziest woman in the palace is me)


They both look at her.



Byong-n meets with Jwa Gun outside.

BI – Did you try to kill the Queen?

JG – The Queen is the Kings person now. She betrayed the family by falling in love with him.

BI – She shouldn’t

JG – You don’t want to believe it since you admire her. The Queen is a stupid woman. Love controls her.

BI – I did everything to get your recognition when I came to this house. Not just to survive but I looked up to you and wanted to be like you. But as soon as you tried to assassinate the Queen, you are not my father anymore. Whoever tries to harm the Queen, I am going to kill that person.

JG – You can come home at anytime, even though you don’t take me as a father, you are always my son.

Byong In walks off.


The Queen sits at her desk and wonders who hid the book in her place. Either Hwa Jin or Daebi. But it should be Hwa Jin. She has the most purpose. But from what she did at the hunting event it should be her however she was not in my place at all. It should be Daebi, she came in and out of my room. ANd she has a reason. That bad woman. How does she have the book though, that is the mystery. But, what book?

She thinks and starts to sleep sitting up in her desk. She starts snoring.


Byong In meets with Daebi. She tells him that she did not have her shamanic ceremony. He apologizes for what he did before. She says he should not bow with no good reason. He tells her that she is quick and knows what is going on.

After that, Byong in meets with the Cho and the Kim people in a restaurant. He tells them that they should know that aristocrats surviving is more important than one family. If one family goes away then the other family will have a more difficult time also. So I suggest that for both families, you should release the sinners. We have a lot of good people fired because of a little mistake. So let’s release both sinners with this.

The politicians are kind of interested in this. They all raise their glass to agree with Byong In. Both party leaders are there as well. they all drink.


Meanwhile, Jwa Gun writes a letter to the King saying that he is a sinner even though the military minister did all the crime. he asks to be stepped down from his position. But he scratches the letter out.


Cut to So-yong’s father feeding a man who might be a slave. The man eats quickly. He tells him to eat slowly. the man says he shouldn’t just eat like this. The father asks him why he ran away? I treated you well.

The man says … 


Dam-hyang wakes up and sees her mother looking at her. They have a nice reunion.


Choi and Yeon sadly walk to the Queens room. They think that they have to at least smile. They shouldn’t be sad forever. They try to smile, and walk in to the  Queens room. She is still sleeping sitting up in her desk.

Choi and Yeon asks if she slept like that? that will hurt your body. the Queen says she thought too much, she couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about all those people that screwed her up last night. This should be the last night of their good nights sleep. They should have slept well. send abonim a person, I want to see him.

Her father shows up quickly as if he was already headed over there. So they meet.

She tells him that she wanted to see him but he already came. they both say “last time” at the same time and then tell each other to go first. They both start to say that they are sorry about last time and start to laugh.

The Queen says that the reason she wanted to see him is about the book. He asks if she knows? She says that everyone has trouble because of that book, what is it? He tells her it is all the corruption of the family. She thinks that must be why Chol Jong wanted it.

Her father says he is here to tell her about that. He suspected the King since it disappeared when her and the King where there. But one of the slaves ran away. I caught him and asked why he ran away. He says he let the concubine in right before he ran away. he saw that the house was turned upside down so he thought he did something wrong and ran away. Sorry.

She tells him he does not have to be sorry to her. Now all the puzzles are together.

She starts to think about the Queen that tried to screw her at the brunch and Daebi that tried to screw her up in a roundabout way and Hwa Jin who gave them a reason to screw her up. We see flashbacks of all these woman.

The father is wondering what she is thinking about and looks in all the directions she looks. She tells him that she has somewhere to go. She is going to go open the gates of hell. Then thinks, I will give them all a lesson.

She starts to look crazy. He backs away and thinks that his little doe girl has changed like this after coming to the palace???

Choi smiles and says, even though parents don’t know kids but but doe? ha, more like a mustang.

The Queen laughs crazily.




Later on the Queen gets completely done up. She says a voice over.

VO – Maui’s tattoo, the peacocks feathers, the Devil Wears Prada, strong things are pretty. Today I am wearing the prettiest armor in the world.

HY – How do you like it?

Q – I like it, revenge should be beautiful


She goes to meet with the Grandmother Queen. Western music plays. The Queen made a dumpling for the Grandmother Queen and tells her that what she sees is not everything. the maid opens it up and shows everything inside. She tells her that to know what is inside the mind you have to open everything first.

G – I thought it was just a potato but you super sneakily lied

Q – You shouldn’t just cut open the stomach first, you should know if it is a potato or sweet potato. Now we can’t put it back together anymore.

Choi and Yeon come in and bring in the red drink that the Queen drank. 

Q – the reason I prepared brunch was to answer you for the way you treated me last time. The drink was so good. It was as good as two people eating it and the other person dying but the other person would not recognize it.

The same drink is given to the Grandmother Queen.

Q – Why don’t you drink it?

G – I am not thirsty

Q – I prepared it with a lot of effort, drink it.

G – I don’t want to

Q – If that is so…

The Queen drinks it and eats all the ice inside. She crunches on it and tells her, yeah, the ice tasted good when you chew it. I told you before, I will help you be healthy and beautiful forever. In the future, I will do my best because what you eat and put on your body and wear, if you start to suspect all of that then your life will be hell.

G – So you are acting out like this because your husband is doing his own politics now? Do you think your position is safe if you betray the family?

Q – Queen Grandmother, I am acting out, not because of the family or my husband, but because I trust myself.

The Grandmother Queen scoffs.


The King is walking around the palace. He tells his eunuch that he forgot to work on his studies for the next generation. I should work hard as a King so go and report that. the eunuch asks, report? w-what report? The King tells him, the place you always go to.

he then yells at another eunuch about his sin. But this eunuch falls to the ground and says, don’t kill me please!

The King asks, what are you doing? I am not talking to you. The eunuch looks at the other eunuch. This eunuch says he has his life now. Please kill me. The King says he dos not need him. You have no choice, if your superior tells you to do something then you must do it.

The eunuch asks him to be angry with him, I am more scared now.

K – How did you become a spy with your gut like this. I have to stop by somewhere before my meeting. You go to the bedroom. Hey hey, he is shocked. You should hide and read that. (to the other eunuch guy)

The King walks off.


The Queen goes and meets with Daebi in her place.

Q – Where you okay last night? How did you sleep?

DB – Where are your manners>

Q – My hairdo is heavy so I cannot bow

DB – This is a sacred place where we pray for the past Kings. You coming here this fabulous is not respectful

Q – When you get a refund, you should dress up happily. Oh, I forgot. I did not pray to the previous Kings. I will ruin my [traditional manners school].

She gets up and starts to pray to the former Kings at the stand. She holds incense (or something) to the fire. Daebi tells her not to touch. The Queen tells DB that she infringed on her privacy and left something in her room. I told you this isa refund. I am going to get something back.

DB – How dare you accuse your elder and talk back. You ere always like that but you are very impolite today.

Q – Hey mother in law, because I grew up without a mom, my manners are like that. Are you like that because you don’t have any kids? Ah, this is so hot.

She throws the incense on the table.

Q – I cannot put down my hot ness because I am so angry. Ah, I almost burned your sons picture.

DB – Queen, are you crazy?

Q – I am very crazy. I think I am the most proper crazy woman in front of all the other crazy woman. So be careful.

Wlaks away. Daebi tries to grab her.

Q – IF YOU TOUCH EVEN ONE PIECE OF MY HAIR. You will never see your sons face.

She stares at Daebi and walks out.



The Queen leaves Daebi’s quarters and lets out a victory shout. The King and Yang Pyung see her. The King says he shouldn’t worry about the Queen then mutters, the best defense is offense.


The Queen goes to the lake where the concubine is. She throws a rock into the water where Hwa Jin is standing.

Q – Ah, I did not see the concubine here because you are so unnoticeable. I am skipping rocks, would you like to join.

HJ – You do it alone.

Q – The book, you took it. i was almost killed because of that book.

She skips a rock.

Q – Tell me. That is what you wanted?

HJ – You really didn’t kill Oh wol?

Q – You believe whatever you want no matter what I say. I tried to take the King and kill Oh Wol and put her in the well and then I became the bad woman that deserves to die. You are the innocent victim. Ah, sigh, that is why cosplaying the victim is scary. You don’t even know that you are becoming the monster, everyday, little by little.

The Queen walks up to Hwa Jin, she backs away.

Q – Look at the mirror and see how ugly you are now.

Hwa Jin slips and falls back to the lake. The Queen grabs her hand and holds her up.

Q – you come up, I am not that merciful now.

Hwa Jin lets go of her arm. The QUeen grabs her and spins her around to the side.

Q – When I fell into the lake in front of you. maybe you could have gotten a hold of me. I proved that I am a better person that you with this.

She walks away.


The King reads a letter sayin that Jwa Gun quit his job himself. he says he was about to ask them for the responsibility since the impeachment was so slow. i am sad. But I made a word mistake. I should say that I am relieved. Haha.

A man starts to say what this meeting is for today. The King cuts him off and says he has something to announce to them today. I am going to make an organization for anti corruption. he tells them the name of the new department and says this will clear up all the corrupt politicians. We are an agricultural country so our farmers should survive so that our country survives. each mayor that takes something from a farmer destroys the country itself so I am going to make this as important as a coup.

The politicians starts to oppose it and says the King has to listen to them first. The King tells him there is no compromise for a good thing. It means that he is not going to be controlled by them. he stamps the paper.

He upgrades the former Kings name to a more official name and stamps that form. The politicians thinks that the King is very aggressive today. they give each other a look. A man says that they have a new appointment today.

K – You made a word mistake. You should say you have an appointment plan today.

The politicians start to talk about the military minister appointment. They appointed Byong In as the new military minister. Byong In walks in and looks at the King.

Byong In greets the King as the new military minister.


The King meets with his two friends afterwards. they talk about how Byong In is scary because he also has influence in the Cho family as well. the reason they had a big criminal release request is because of Byong In. they think they have too many requests, they cannot just ignore it. They tell the King It is good to do what you want but it is not good to do what you don’t want.

The King thinks the most important thing is who scores first not who defends first. He gives them both orders. Hong asks, so you are sending me back out again? He looks sad. The King tells him to do it for him. Hong says “someone” is still in the palace with an easy job and I am the one on the field.

The King says he is not alone. I will give you a vacation after this secret job. Hong looks pitifully sad and walks off. Then the eunuch comes in who is the spy. He is scared to come in though. The King tells him that he is not going to kill him, come in.

The eunuch trembles and tells him that the King sent him a letter.


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