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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 14 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

Part 1 | Preview

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Some politicians are together and talking badly about Jwa gun and the assassination attempt on the King.

Cut to Jwa Gun slapping the military politician. He asks how he can sneak out weapons and yet he claims he is crazy about the country? The man basically says he did it for Jwa Gun. It was all for him and the family.

Jwa Gun tells him that in a worst case scenario, you will be responsible for everything. Are you ready for that? I will give you a chance to recover.

Jwa Gun goes to the meeting with the Kim politician clan in the pavilion. Everyone is there except for the Queens father. Jwa Gun tells them that he did not call the father to come.

JG – We are all here because of the Queens father. Because he made a book about our family money. But I have the book. Don’t worry about anything, so long as I am in power. This will not affect you. But if I lose my power by being impeached then I don’t think I can protect this. if you guys protect me then I will protect you.

Man – What will you do about the King if we protect you?

Man1 – If we don’t do anything then he will fire all of us because we did not process the impeachment.

JG – I made a department for this. The worst thing for the country is having a dumb King in power. All the political decision will be done by that department.

Afterwards, the military politician prepared the cyanide in the ice so when the ice melts the cyanide will be released. It will take as long as if takes to drink a cup of tea. Who are you going to use it on?

Jwa Gun says one woman disappeared in the palace. The two men who tried to destroy me will be gone.


The King meets with his guards that underwent a lot of torture for the King. He thanks them teary eyed for withstanding all that torture and tells them that he will never forget it. But their identity is revealed so it is dangerous for them to stay in the palace. You must leave and be your own seeds. 

He says by to all of them one by one.

Then he tells them that he will realize their wishes. They all leave.

A woman shows up at that moment. This woman is the blind woman.


Jwa Gun is in the library with the spy maid. The maid asks, I should put the honey comb looking ice in the Queens drink?

He tells her yes.

The maid goes to Daebi and tells her that she has very important information so please save me. You promised you would save me!

The court lady says, how dare you!

Daebi tells her that she will help her as much as she can. The maid tells her. I have Jwa Guns…


The Queen sits at her desk and thinks that she experienced everything in the world, but the world I know isn’t everything. The world I knew was soft sandwich bread. This is like…this is just new! Its different! That is why I attempted it. Wake up Jang So-yong! Ah, I am even confused with my name! (her name is Jang Bong-hwan).

Choi comes in and tells her that the Grandmother Queen wants to have brunch with her. The Queen grumbles and says she is not in the mood to cook right now at this time of day. But Choi says that the grandmother queen planned everything. This makes the Queen happy.


The King and his friends talk about the Kim family trying to kill the Queen. The blind maid is still there. The King says he will go back to the palace right now! He and Yang Pyung take off running.


the maid take the ice to the pavilion. The maid carrying the poisoned ice drops one of them. The little girl that goes to the kitchen runs after her dog and looks at the ice. All the ants that start to eat the ice, die.

In the pavilion, the Grandmother Queen thanks the Queen for coming and says she has more time now that she quit politics. They can have this happy time together often. Lets have a drink for brunch.

Elsewhere, Daebi chuckles and says that the Queen is the one that dies in the palace? Ah, your Mom finally gets her revenge for you. She looks at a photo of the old King.

On the pavilion, the ice is put in the drink. It passes the taste test since the ice is not melted yet so the cyanide has not come out. It is drank by Choi and given to the Queen.

The Grandmother Queen says she prepared Ice which is more precious than gold. 

Q – (ah, this is my first time seeing ice here)

Q – It is pretty bright and shiny today so it is a good day to drink cold drinks.

The King goes to the Queens chambers but she isn’t there. He runs off to find her and mutters, please please….



The maids that carried the ice walk off. The little girl runs to the pavilion and sees that the Queen is about to drink the tea. She runs up to stop her and says she has to tell her something. But she is stopped. The little girl says it is important.

The Queen sees her. The eunuch mutters to the girl that she will get him fired. Jwa Gun comes out and asks what is important? he stares at the little girl. They ask the Queen if she knows her?

The Queen asks what is the matter. The little girls is scared to say it since Jwa Gun is right there so she doesn’t get the words out in time and is ushered off.

Jwa Gun tells the Grandmother Queen that he is there to support her event. The Grandmother Queen says it is only for women but it is okay. Jwa Gun greets the Queen and asks how she is looking over her husband as he told her to. The Queen says she will do it diligently since the King woke up.

Then the Queen says they can drink the tea before the Ice fully melts. It is almost completely melted.

The Queen starts to drink the tea and says it is soooo Coooool…. um…it is really good.

The ice keeps melting and is fully melted now. She starts to drink the tea again. The little girl got a big rock and looks at the Queen. She grips the rock and throws it at the drink.

The King runs up right then too and yells, Queen! The rock hits the drink and it falls on the floor. Everyone looks at the little girl. Jwa Gun yells at her but the girl stands firmly up to him. 

The Grandmother Queen commands the eunuchs to put the little girl in jail. The Queen thinks that is too much but she can’t do anything about it. So the eunuchs have to carry her away. The Queen tells the Grandmother Queen that she is really fine. She cares about the little girl so please don’t get angry.

The Grandmother Queen says this is about not honoring the palace and respect. The Queen says seh is just a little kid. She should have a good reason. The Grandmother Queen says she will punish her more if the Queen does this.

Jwa Gun asks why The King ran like this. Did you know that the little girl would harm the Queen. The King asks if he is trying to involve him also? Jwa Gun sys it is because his timing was so good. 

King – I came all the way here because someone who attmepted a coup is having brunch with the Queen, it made me nervous.

GQ – It ruined my event, I am going back.

They leave. GQ says she is going to punish that girl for ruining her event. You are also responsible so that you will not affect our family.

In the pavilion, the Queen asks what is going to happen? are they going to punish that girl? The King asks, are you really okay? Is your tongue numb or is your heart pumping a lot. Lets move, I am going to go to your place. He sees a lone piece of ice that did not melt.


The king tells the Queen to be careful with everything she eats. The Queen Grandmother and Jwa Gun are tying to kill you. 

She says she didn’t do anything, that can’t be, but is it because I helped you at the festival?

K – We found a book in your room.

Q – That book they are trying to find? What is that book?

K – You didn’t bring it from your house?

Q – I didn’t even know it existed, how can I bring it?

K – Okay

Q – Not even fighting me but poisoning me? And Dang-hyang saved my life?

K – Yes, that happened. I will ask the girl

Q – I will ask her, she should be okay

K – They attempted to kill you so they will not let her just be okay

Q – Save her!

She holds his hands firmly. He notices and tells her that he will try his best.




The spy maid packs up all the things she can, including money, and tries to run away. But she is stopped by Yang Pyung. He accidentally bumps into her. Yang Pyung recognizes her from the photo someone drew in the market. He questions her in another room. She says she is not guilty, she just did it to save her little sibling to release them from slavery.

He pulls his sword on her. She asks not to die, if she dies then her little sibling….

He holds up the accessory and tells her to tell him everything she knows.


The Queen goes to see the little girl in jail. She asks if the QUeen is okay and tells her that it is good that the ice did not melt. The Queen asks, ice?

But then Byong In comes out and tells them to take the sinner. 

Q – What? Where? You know that she is not guilty

BI – What?

Q – The only sin she has is saving my life

BI – I don’t know why you are here but you should leave She will undergo proper procedures. You will be hurt also for being here. Take her to her room.

The guards try and take her away. Choi says that she will take her. Byong In asks the Queen to please go back. Making all this noise will not help the girl. The Queen reluctantly says goodbye to Dam-hyang.

Q – Dam Hyang, I will take you out, don’t be too scared here. I will definitely save you.

DH – Yes your highness.

But the Queen has to leave then.


The politicians all argue back and forth about the little maid throwing a rock at the Queen and how this is a coup attempt. The King thinks that their response went too far. We don’t even know why she did it.

the Kim politicians says that all the low class people believe that Donghak movement (historical movement/religion in Korea). her father believed that so we need to make her into a good example.

The King says she is only five, how could she know?

The other politician says there is a rumor that the King studied it on the island ask well. The King asks, is this your new weapon? The Politician says that if the slave is not punished then we will assume that you are a part of that religious movement. You should punish her, that is it.

The King looks back against the wall.

When the politicians leave, they think that the Grandmother Queen will be happy with this, but she is only releasing her anger on this. They are more upset that the little girl removed the opportunity to remove the Queen.

Elsewhere Jwa Gun burns the ledger book.


The queen is worried about the little girl and gets news from Choi. 

The little girl is in the courtyard and has to drink poison. She sniffles and picks up the bowl.

The politicians tell everyone to look at this. Maids should not hear or see anything. You should especially not think about anything illegal. There are no new movements.

One of the maids mutters that that little girl knows nothing. One of the eunuchs motions for her to be quiet.

Daebi thinks that she thought she would catch something big, but a little girl?

The Queen gets there and sees something covering the little girl. Hwa Jin turns to her and asks, now you know how I feel?

Yeon says, she just did that to save the Queen! The Queen says that is why they did it, because she stopped me from getting assassinated.

The Queen runs to the girls body that is covered by hay sticks. She removes it and looks at Dam-hyang. She can’t believe this happened. Her anger builds and she is about to go to the front.

But the King stops her.

Q – She is not guilty! You told me that she was blamed for those peoples sins!

The politicians look uncomfortable.

Q – Why didn’t you save her?

K – It is for a bigger dead

Q – Bigger dead? Your safety is a bigger dead?

K – You told me that the world was unfair! I just stopped a big sacrifice with a small sacrifice!

Q – Small sacrifice! Because she is a small little girl who is the weakest! It is a sin to not have ability. You can’t even save this little girl! That is a sin.

The King blinks a few tears back and walks away.

But behind his back is a crossed finger.

She sees it and remembers what she told him. The sign language between them. Crossed fingers means that whatever she says is a lie. He turns around and looks at her.

Fade Out


This episode was so gooood, I can’t even begin to describe the absolutely wonderful feeling I had at the end when I saw Chol Jong’s fingers crossed! It was the biggest high. Especially after that super low low of the girl drinking the poison and “dying” from it. Now we know that it should be a sleeping potion and probably that same mushroom sleeping potion that the King gave the Queen in episode 2 or 3 or something like that.

Goodness, I am so happy with this show. I need to follow this writer and director duo to their next drama because they have gotten me hook line and sinker. (Preview translation!)


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      I am in love with the Writers for making this Masterpiece, everytime I get scared that they won’t use the basis from Go Princess Go, they surprise me every time by making it better! So much better.

      Like the relationship between the Queen and the King naturally grew and wasnt forced. Infact i love everything about this drama. THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER (after The Untamed).

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    Wow this strong sentences, so finally he decided to fight againts his adopted son too?

    “one woman disappeared in the palace. The two men who tried to destroy me will be gone”

    I hope Byeongin knew this and plot againts his father to help King & Queen.

    Thank you for the recap as always :*

    • Nayna1210
      January 24, 2021 / 9:21 am

      I believe that he was referring to the King and the Queen’s father ( because of the ledger).
      I strongly believe that Jwa Gun has another plan for his adopted son ( the next king).

      • Vin definn
        January 24, 2021 / 12:19 pm

        Wow, really? But, his adopted son is a Kim, no way the other clans would let a Kim become King in a Yi dynasty. And by the way Jwageun gaze toward Byeongin, he already smell something off because BI always seen came to Grand Dowager chamber. And i dont think Queen’s father is a threat to him.

  3. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    January 24, 2021 / 8:34 am

    Oh my goodness! That little angel, Dam Hyang! I’m so glad that Cheol-Jong and So Yong are allies now. I love them both. I can’t wait to see this episode. I love how everything is coming together so well. Everything that happens from the beginning until now is linked. Always a premonition here and there. And they make use of the little details like the finger cross. How can I make the week come faster? Thank you so much for the recaps!

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    Thank you so much for these recaps. I am also hooked onto this series! It has been a while that I have been so much drawn into a drama. In most dramas, once I read the recap I do not need to watch the drama. However , when it comes to Mr Queen, I read the recap, watch the drama without English subs and with subs!! Crazy !! the acting is just so on point! my imagination cannot meet the actors level!!! :):):)

    • Ana
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      I do the same. Wait for recap, watch w/o sub and then watch and rewatch both episodes. I might watch these 2 more than twice.

      Thank you so much Drana Milk

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        oooh me too!! I….never really got so emotionally involved with a drama, yes I read recap for other dramas when I found them boring and didn’t watch it, but this… I am doing what you both are doing too :))

        Truly, the acting is so on point, how they make use of every little details, should salute the writers and directors too. they balance the comedy, the seriousness of this drama and the melo part very well. On ep 11-12 where they got heavy, they cover it with such good resolution, that doesn’t lose its anticipation and pace with ep 13-14. We can only hope for good things to happen in the next episode…esp with stronger bond and honesty between our king and queen!

        I think the conversation at the lake, the scenes with both of them in this ep just prove how they start to lean and trust each other!!! Heol… I feel like crazy !

        And those preview!! It’s Kim Junghyun’s second time being asked to eat ramyeon….first time he got asked in Crash Landing on You HAHAHA

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        January 26, 2021 / 5:56 am

        hahahaaha. I watch this drama three times too: live, raw and subbed. Plus the reading the recaps here on dramamilk. This drama got me. I can’t wait for the next episode. Saturday, please hurry.

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