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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 14 (Part 1)

Uh oh, it looks like they had a lovely night together. I was wondering how they would do that in this show, and I think it was pulled off wonderfully and also hilariously. Now there is just that tricky assassination attempt that Mr. Queen has to deal with and that pesky prophecy that someone will die in the palace. Who will that person be?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The Queen looks up at Yeon Hong and says she has a lot of things she is thankful to her about. When I was about to leave, I thought about you and you stopped me because I wouldn’t see you anymore. But the person she is looking at is Chol Jong.

He leans down and kisses her. The camera fades away showing them undressing.


The King looks at the Queens letter and the menu for the festival and puts two and two together.  But he goes to the kitchen and asks him if he made it. The chef says yes I made it. The King asks if he really did it and not the Queen?

He questions the chef a bit more. The Chef mumbles that he did it and put in ingredients and stuff. The King tells him to look in his eyes and say it. But the chef has the hardest time doing it an tells him that the Queen wanted to hide that she helped him.

The King goes to the Queens quarters and stands in the courtyard. He tells Yang Pyung that he can go to bed. He wants to hear why the Queen helped him and why she will betray him.

Cut to the blind woman writing the message on the stone wall. The person reading the message was Hong. He puts the message together, it says The Queen is in danger.

He tells this to Yang Pyung. They wonder if the Queen will be okay overnight. Yang Pyung thinks this could be a trap. They both look at the Queens chambers where the King is right now.

Inside, the King looks at So Yong and tells her that she sometimes sleeps like a little baby. She wakes up and asks if he has been looking at her the entire time. She asks how he can look at her and try so hard and that “he” was the first person she saw in he palace. She is thankful to “him” for a lot of things. When she was about to leave this place she thought about “him” because she wouldn’t see “him” anymore.

She touches his face and he touches her face. He takes off his outer clothing and they look at each other and get under the covers.


The Queen wakes up smiling and rolls over muttering Hong Yeon. But when she touches her she thinks, do you work out? Did you bulk up? She opens her eyes and sees the King sleeping there then thinks, no, this is a dream. It happened last time as well. 

The King rolls over and asks if she is awake?

She thinks back to that night and sees his face and not Hong Yeons. She scoots back and yells WAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

The King hops up and starts doing all these karate stances to protect the Queen. She tells him that he is the one that is wronging the Queen. What did you do to me! He asks, do you want me to tell you in detail?

He sighs and sits to tell her everything.

King – Last night there was a full moon that makes the dark night bright and we passed each other and had fire…


King -I am just now starting

She runs off.

King – Queen??? Hmm….I feel abandoned by her.

The Queen runs off and finds Hong Yeon to see where she slept. Hong Yeon tells her that sh slept in her room of course. The Queen screams, so that means I really….AHHHHHHHHH!



Daebi goes into her prayer room and holds her chest. It was just a dream. She dreamed the place was burning. It was so realistic. She says that after her shaman became like that I did not have any good fortune telling. I don’t feel good about it. Han, I have to have a proper fortune teller.

The maid tells her that she will be in trouble again. Daebi says she knows a monk. He won’t be so suspicious.

They bring in the monk. The monk tells her that he sees the palace covered in blood. Tonight, someone will die in the palace. Daebi asks who. The monk does not know who it could be. But he says it is a woman. Daebi asks, is it me? Give me a talisman that protects me. He says he is not a shaman. She asks for something. he tells her that she should donate to Buddha if she really needs something. Daebi thinks she will, she should not be the person to die in the palace.


Meanwhile, the King is super upset that he couldn’t ask the Queen the question he wanted to ask her. He gets ready and tells his eunuchs that he will see her again.

Elsewhere, Hong is at his desk thinking about the scar man. He thinks he can try and paint the way he looks himself.

He gets to doing that. But then Hwan comes in crying. Hong asks what’s the matter and pats him on the back. Hwan starts to talk about Yeon and how he did not think she would not like him. We see a flashback of Yeon saying she doesn’t like him. He asks what the reason is. She tells him that she does not like men with ambition.

he starts crying again. Hong pats him on the back and gives him some love advice. Hwan tells him good news. The King is healthy so my prayers worked. Hong tells him that he should have heard something else? Hwan says that Kim Jwa Gun will be fired because of that. I like the King and I respect my family elder. My heart is in two.

Hong tells him that he did not even see the King in person. What do you like about him? Hwan says he likes Hong so that means that the King should be a good person too. He sees the drawing and picks it up…is this an octopus?

Hong tells him it is a human. It is actually a good drawing in the details. Hwan asks if these are eyes? Hong says they are the mouth and lips.


In her quarters, Daebi feeds her bird outside pleasantly and thinks that morning fortune telling is the best. Hwa Jin comes to see her. Daebi tells her that her face looks bad, people will think the King is not awake anymore.

Hwa Jin asks what about the Queen? Daebi tells her that she gave up the bigger use of it and followed what she wished. By now, they should have found the thing in the Queens bedroom. hwa Jin says that the King stayed with the Queen last night. She realized one more time that if she does not win the King then she will die.

Daebi thinks that the woman that dies in the palace could be Hwa Jin.

hwa Jin leaves and passes Jwa Gun.


The Queen stokes the fire and thinks that she wants to die, should I just die? Will II feel better? AHHHHHHHH!

The chef falls on his knees and asks for forgiveness. He says he denied it but the King was so sure of it. The Queen asks, what are you talking about? The chef is all like, um…something is burning, let me check it out.

He tries to walk away but the Queen pulls him back by the collar. So the chef tells her that he had to tell the King everything. She asks, so what you are saying is that the King came to see me after seeing you and this is what happened? So all of my confusion is caused by you?

The chef asks what she is talking about, he did not say all that. She thinks, it was good, better than before, that is why it is driving me crazy!!! Why did I enjoy it! The soul is not the owner of this body? Humans are only slaves of hormones? Ugh!

Choi and Yeon wonder why the Queen is doing that. Choi looks so far gone and asks, what are you talking about, the Queen behaves as herself.

The Queen is hugging a post and asks why she doesn’t feel bad about it. I SHOULD FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. Whyyyyy!!! She punches the post a few times.

Then the King comes in. He asks where the Queen is? But the Queen took off. He yells, why is she avoiding me so much! Last night she was like a Tiger! Argh!

he calms down and asks if they can help him find the Queen? I have a lot of things to tell her.


The Queen runs all the way to the lake. She thinks it is too dangerous to see Chol Jong now. What if my body betrays me again? Yesterday her soul governs my body. I enjoyed it yesterday because I thought he was Yeon, but I still enjoyed it. I am going crazy.

She stumbles to the rock carving and asks, does Jong Bong-hwan disappear forever?

However the King is running out there to find her so she has to hide. He sits on the pavilion as all the maids look around for the Queen.

The Queen successfully hides back by the palace under a bridge and actually overhears something.

Politician – Because it was obvious with the King assassination attempt, Jwa Gun will be fired. It wasn’t like Kim Jwa Gun at all though.

P2 – Maybe he was in a corner?

P1 – Jwa Gun lost everything with the explosion and the King gained too much

P2 – Do you think that was all his plan? He faked his own explosion and risked his life?

P1 – Yeah, that’s true.

The King comes so the Queen hides again. They politicians ask why the King is alone right here. He says the Queen…

But then the little girl runs up to the Queen and asks if she is playing hide and seek? I am really good at it! But that alerts the King and the politicians that the Queen is there. They look at her. The King is about to jump the wall but the politicians stop him. He says he will see them at the meeting and runs off.

The politicians think they have a good relationship. How can he come from death and then play hide and seek?



The Queen sees the concubines and is about to run to them, but then the King says hi to them and sees the Queen. She runs off. The King is about to run after her but he shouldn’t run so he walks. He tells the Queen she shouldn’t run as well. The concubines look at them cutely and think they are a cute couple.

The Queen goes back to her chambers and is about to write something. But the King comes in so she hides. He knows she is hiding so she tells himself that he had a question to her. It seems like she is uncomfortable seeing me so I will stop here. When she is ready to face me she will contact me. Lets go to the meeting.

He walks out. She comes back out.

yang Pyong talks to him in the hallway and Hong comes running back up too. They walk off with the King though Yeon smiles at Hong as he composes himself from running so hard. It looks like she wants to give him a scarf for his sweat but is too taken aback by him. He runs off.

In the Queens room, the Queen wonders what he wanted to ask her? Usually men want to ask, did you enjoy it? Ugh!

Choi comes in and ignores the Queens antics. She smiles and then leaves. The Queen asks why she is not knit picking on her anymore? You should say that I should not be this way anymore. Choi tells her that she stopped knit picking, your highness. The Queen wonders why but then says, okay. 


The grandmother Queen is still at the meeting. The King looks at her. She clears her throat and walks to the front then tells everyone, from today, I am stopping politics for the King. She wants to walk out the front door but he clears his throat so she has to go out the side.

She wants it to be dignified but her maid steps on her dress accidentally which messes up her exit. 

The King tells them all from today that he is running the country. All the politicians agree. The Grandmother Queens throne is removed.


The grandmother Queen is beside herself in anger in her room. She is leaning over to her side and holding her head and muttering that she is so angry. She even has something ovr her head. Her maid asks if she should bring her meal? The Grandmother Queen yells, do I have to tell you everything!

Byong In is there and asks her to please calm down. She yells, now is not the time to calm down! My political life ends right here. He tells her that he will give it back to her. You will be in politics again.

The Grandmother Queen thinks he is so confident. Your father was the asme when he was young. I gave your father his last chance. The way to destroy the King’s heart. If my brother is successful then you will be in your position for now.

He tells her, yes, but you will realize that old tools bring limitations. The King is not an easy guy. She asks if he really thinks the explosion was done by the King? Byong In says the criminal has the most benefit. The GQ mutters, ah, we put that tiger in the seat.


In the Kings chambers, the eunuch says that they have a letter from the Queen. It says, should I tell you that I miss you? Then I miss you.

he puts it to the side and thinks that things should not stay like this. He rites her a note that says lets meet.

She thinks this is her last fortress.




She goes to the lake but the person there to meet her is Chol Jong. She asks him why he is there? He says he told her to meet there. She says the concubine should meet her here, she did not even ask who the person should be. But it shouldn’t’ be you!

She starts to walk off but then the King says that he will die thinking of her so please paddle and come to me. She turns around. He yells, ah, I did not send my lover away yet. DO you realize it now.

She says no. That is such a cheesy poem.

He starts to say all the things she wrote to him so she covers his mouth and tells him to stop, people will hear you. He tells her that she didn’t say it anyway so what does it matter.

The Queen tells all the servants that they will have a secret talk so step away. They all happily step away.

Q – Are you survellancing me? Did you check my KaTalk?

K – What are you talking about? You always send me that love letter. When you see me you ignore me. You are so cold.

Both – Delivery accident?

K – [says something]

Q – You are the one? The last fortress of my identity? The one I had heart pumping to? It was you?

K – That is why you were two faced

She angrily says he is in her dreams all the time. He asks, you dream about me? She thinks that she can’t be awkward now or he will know so she tells him it was a nightmare. He asks why she helped him at the party. 

Q – Are you following me around to know that? I thought you should be thankful to me, I should not have helped you.

K – When you welcome someone, then you curse first. When you are thankful then you pick a fight. That is what you told me.

Q – When did you start to listen to me?

K – Now you are angry when I listen to you? What should I do? You said no touchy. Then you helped me. And you told me that you will betray me.

Q – Wait, did you hear that I said that? You said you lost your hearing. You were lying? Did you do the explosion yourself?

K – I lost my hearing, that was true. When you said that my whistle sound disappeared.

Q – Are you crazy1 You were about to get killed. Did you really have to use that dangerous method?

K – *hugs her*

She is a bit surprised to be hugged. 

Q – I told you that hugging is banned and smiling is banned.

K – I ban the ban

He keeps hugging her. Her heart starts to beat harder.

K – I like you Queen.

She steps back.

Q – What? Are you Gumsapa (contemporary word for confessing so quickly).

K – it is not like that?

Q – Then why do you like me?

K – You are cocky and your behavior is not polished and very selfish and not consistent. You have a lot of shortcomings.

Q – So don’t like me!

K – But I still like you. Even if you are the one with the most shortcomings. I like you.

Q – ….that night, when I jumped into the lake. Do you remember what I told you?

She said, you should like me.

Q – I thought I was the only one that could protect you. that is why I told you that. You should love me so I can help you. If you live then I live. 

K – That is what you meant?

Q – But the Kim So Yong back then is not here anymore. That night the old Kim So Yong died.

K – I am not hurting you anymore.

Q – We have no “anymore” I can’t forgive you.

She walks away.

K – (I am not the real Kim So Yong so I can’t)

He watches her walk away.


Choi goes into the kitchen. the chef asks if the Queen is looking for something? She says she is thankful for what he did before in the doctors office. He says yeah, I gave you the water. She tells him that he gave her the problem and the medicine. I-found-this-on-the-way-here!

She drops off something for him and runs away.


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    This is such a detailed recap. I love it! It makes me laugged just by reading the recap :)))

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