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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 12 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 12 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

Part 1 | Preview

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Kitchen staff starts to work on the next dish. This one will be a tomato stew with fresh ingredients and it will be inside the tomato so you can eat the container. 

The chef is making bread though he does not know what bread is yet. He just complains about mixing all the powder ingredients together. He is doing this with the doctor and tells the doctor to really put his elbow into it. But the doctor says that is not good for the wrist. The chef tells him to just do it!

Th next dish comes out, it is tomato soup inside a tomato and a burger. The name is McDonalds but it is Mac Doo Na Doo. Th King tells everyone this is a lucky pocket that you can eat. It is red the entire year so we call it one year persimmon. It defeats bad luck of the year.

Daebi eats it and can’t believe that it is so soft and yummy. The politicians really can’t believe what they are eating. Is this dukk galbi? (duk galbi is a common dish). They think that they made sure that no meat came in! JG gives him a hard look so he has to correct himself and says that they should not have meat around in this harsh season.

King – In a Chinese proverb, the sky has dragon meat. The land has donkey meat. We should add one more thing. In this harsh winter we should add bean meat. He tells them all that this is as good as real meat so you will be full.

So they are eating a vegan burger. A lot of the politicians love it. But Jwa Gun gives Byong In a signal. Byong In leaves.

Back in the kitchen, the Queen makes jelly candy as a desert. It looks like a popsicle. She thinks it is perfect for the end of the party. The King reads the note. It says Fortune Jelly. A politician says it is pretty, but it is just jello that people eat. another politician thinks this is the end of the special chef.

The King holds the dessert and says that the stick is not only good for holding it conveniently, it also has luck of the year inside. This is embracing the spring, fortune jelly. This means that we hope you have spring days in your future.

They start to eat it and love it. The King tells them that they should see their luck of the year. The Grandmother Queen tells him, how dare you talk about luck in this sacred year.

She eats the last of her popsicle. It says “One More” on the stick. She asks, One more! 

Choi politician says “Next Chance” he breaks it. 

Jwa Gun’s says “No win”

Up beat Music plays as they look at it.

Back in the kitchen, the Queen rests. She is exhausted and says she put her soul in that food. Now she thinks of fish cake. The chef that was about to be killed by emperor Jin (or Qin?) and developed fish cake the night before. I thought that was only luck, but it wasn’t. He tried so hard to survive. Inspiration does not come to people who give up.

The chef is about to drink the contaminated water, but then Choi comes so he gives it to her. She takes it and tells the Queen that that guy s Han! His name is Han Shimo! She shows the Queen the telescope with the name.

But she keeps her from looking inside and tells her that she looked at the family registry. it was a fake family registry! the Queen thinks that he does that kind of dirty stuff and these dirty things.

Yeon tells her that she needs to go! You have been gone too long! So the Queen hurries off.

that is when Choi’s stomach starts to do flips. The chef wonders, what is going on? Do we still have that water? Choi asks, poisoned water? Then passes out.



Elsewhere, Jwa Gun talks to Mun-geun and tells him that he will have to see the consequences of what he did (or something like that).

Cut to the chef carrying Choi to the doctor for him to protect her.

meanwhile, Hong is walking around the palace and bumps into the eunuch with the scar. He remembers him and starts to try and find him. But the eunuch gets away.

In the doctors room, the doctor pushes on Choi’s stomach. She passes huge gas. the chef asks him to treat her and give her antidote. The doctor tells him to step aside, he is the one that knows what is going on here.

The chef says he is poop hand in the kitchen but gold hand in the clinic. The doctor tells him that people and objects have their own place. they start to joke about the doctors long needles.

Then Choi hops up and yells Queen! Then says that the party in her stomach stopped. Now is not the time to be here like this! she runs off.

The doctor does not think she should recover that fast. The chef is in awe and thinks she is a strong woman.

The Queen goes back to the performance on the woman’s side. Daebi asks why she is so late. Hwa Jin says she slipped and shot her on mistake. The Queen says she is fine, the hunting event was just so difficult.

She sits and hides the apron under her dress. Hwa Jin kind of sees her. She asks where the thing is that Daebi prepared.

Daebi says they are waiting since the King tried so hard for this, he should be in the spotlight.


The King addresses everyone in the courtyard. It looks like both groups are combined now. he tells them that they did not fill their stomach fully as a good example to commoners. I am thankful for that and will have less food on my dish as well. 

They all murmur.

King – The King used to reduce the number of dishes when the country was in trouble in order to share the pain of the commoners. This is all for sharing difficulties and overcoming it. One piece of meat that can save commoners but is only for our enjoyment is a sin. Anyone in the palace that eats meat will be punished. I also ban big rice bowls. Politicians cannot enjoy drinking and dancing and should stop their political fighting game. If you are against it then I will think of this as you being ready to take punishment.

Jwa Gun comes to the middle. 

JG – Your highness, I have unfortunate news.

Byong In comes in with his red guards. he arrested all the secret soldiers and says that these are sinners that faked their identity and snuck into the royal guard. They created a fake identity to guard you closely. 



Flashback to Jwa Gun telling Byong In, now is time to break the hiding birds neck. He will think they are his secret weapon, but now it is time to break all his hope so he will not be able to stand up again.

That is when the guards stormed into the other guards place and arrested them.

King – How dare you do this in this good event!

JG – Do you know their identity? They are family members of coup families and criminals. They all hate the palace. They hid their identity and guard you right next to you. This isa  coup attempt, that is why I have to hurry.

King – it shouldn’t be. Someone tried to harm me and make my guards weak. 

JG – Who are you talking about exactly?

King – You Kim Jwa Gun!

JG – *chuckles* Are you doing this because you of the three families? Do you think they will support you with what you just said? You are dumb. Wake up from your dream.

The family men look guilty.


JG – That is not like you King.


JG – Maybe you have something you believe but after your arms and legs are cut, that thing has no power. You should pay the price for not resisting your temptation. Kill them all.

BI – Your highness, we will punish them.

JG – Because they have a coup attempt, they are not under the royal guards authority anymore. it is under the authority of the royal police.

YP – Your highness!

King – W are taking care of it!

Politicians – No! 

Man – Head of the royal guard, you already knew of this. The entire royal guard can be rebels. 

Man – Corruption in the royal guard should not be investigated by the royal guard!

JG – We can disassemble the royal guard and punish the head of the royal guard. But, if you let me punish all the sinners then I will take it as your word that you will not do anything from now on. I will stop only with that.

The King thinks of himself as a puppet that is being controlled in his dream. he mutters, everything does not work.

JG – What should I do, King?

The King closes his eyes and says, okay. Two tears fall.

King – Okay, you have all the authority.

The Queen looks at him sadly. Yang Pyung looks at him sadly. Grandmother Queen smiles.

The King slowly walks to the next event looking destroyed.. it is the ancestral ceremony. he steps on stage at the ceremony and lights incense for the dead. He puts it in a barrel to burn and bows to the ancestors.

Everyone looks at him. 

He finishes his bow and starts to read a scroll.

King – To the land god and the crop god. Please give us good crops. With the mercy of the gods, please let no one starve…please.

The incense has burned to the bottom and ignites the dirt it is in. This wasn’t dirt, it was bomb powder! It explodes! OMG!

The King is blasted back and kits the ground hard.

The Queen runs to him. He is all bloody. The Queen Grandmother runs to him, they all look shocked. The King is barely awake and is all bloody. 

Fade Out


Oh, I felt fo the King at the end of this episode. it looks like the theory in the Preview/Spoiler post was right. The three families might already be on the Kim side. Ugh, I want them all to get it in the end!

But oh my god, what happened with that explosion! Is that something the Kim family did to make it seem like the black guards were trying to have a coup? Or is that something that is just a complete surprised for everyone?

I kind of feel like Jwa Gun was behind it, but perhaps not. We know he did all this so that the ledger would not come out which only makes me hope that this ledger does come out in the end and that the writer vears from history and destroys all the bad guys.

The poor King! He tried so hard only to fail in the end, though it appears that he never had a shot to begin with. And now he might be deaf.

There is a lot going on in this show so we will try and do a preview breakdown to see what we can find for next week’s episode!


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  1. SS
    January 17, 2021 / 9:00 am

    Omo! I think this is the most shocking episode so far…! I think everyone has the same feeling as me… can’t wait for next week 😫😫😫

    And thank you again for the recap you guys! 😘

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:09 pm

      The ending was definitely shocking!

  2. Little Miss A
    January 17, 2021 / 9:00 am

    Once again, thank you so much for this episode’s recap! I was having fun at the first and middle parts of the episode. But at the last part, I was definitely taken by surprise that it got me heartbroken. Poor Cheoljong! 🥺 As to the explosion, I think it’s also possible that daebi’s side did it in order to push Cheoljong to be on her side to fight against the Kims. Not sure about this though.

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:10 pm

      I was so shocked at the ending. What a tough blow for Cheoljong! Hopefully he will come back stronger and come at all those people that come at him.

  3. Ana
    January 17, 2021 / 9:05 am

    I haven’t seen this yet, and I’m crying like a baby. Thank you for the recap. Was the bomb planted by daebi?

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:10 pm

      We don’t know but perhaps!

  4. Ana
    January 17, 2021 / 9:08 am

    Is it Saturday, yet? I can’t stand waiting a week for next episode. Love this show. Only show I can watch repeatedly from beginning and not get bored. I always pick up something I missed. Confession: I rewatch every week before new ep.

    • SS
      January 17, 2021 / 9:20 am

      Same here 😁

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:11 pm

      Oh my gosh, I know right! One week to twiddle our thumbs and wait. So happy to hear that you rewatch 🥰

  5. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    January 17, 2021 / 9:34 am

    I am distraught for sure. Poor king. Dude has so many things going wrong for him. But the previews seem to show he’s alright though right. I’m actually wondering as well about Byung In’s back story. He’s adopted but from which family? And in the king’s flashback, the king’s family was assasinated at the Queen’s family backyard. How did they even get there? I’m really hoping that Byung In would eventually make the right decision and help the king and queen. And Hwa Jin gets her head straight and stop being such a spoilt brat. hehehe. I just want glad tidings for sure. How will we survive another week of waiting?

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:12 pm

      I think he is a cousin that was adopted as a son, though I am not 100% sure on that. This week is going to be looong 😩

  6. Gold
    January 17, 2021 / 9:53 am

    Thanks 4 the recap cant wait 4 next week’s recap. I hope nothing happens to the king aigoo he has suffered alot

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:13 pm

      He has suffered so much!

  7. The Write Ninja
    January 17, 2021 / 10:16 am

    Thank you for the live recap. It keeps me from going nuts, waiting for the subs to officially come in.
    That ending though- sad! The whole episode is just sad. What surprises me is that all these counter-attacks are coming out of left-field. We are aware that the King has been preparing, training his secret assassins and all. Where is this bomb coming from?! :S And the preview for Ep 13! Is that SY getting her memories back as SY, or BH getting a look at SY’s sad past?

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:14 pm

      Right! Where in the world did that much gun powder come from??? That was pretty insane.

  8. KAEA
    January 17, 2021 / 10:20 am

    Thank you for the early recap!
    This episode looks fun but we didn’t see that there is a plot twist on the end that makes us crave for more
    exciting events!
    I think that the KIM family realize that the king is not what they think of, so they just want to get rid of him and this will just make the king stronger and used his power to do the right thing
    I hope that he wont hate all the kim family like the start of the story, he might get blinded because of anger and just hate everyone including so-yong , hopefully not.
    Is the show ending ? how many episodes more till the end of this season i hope it gets more than 30 episodes till the end :), because this series is really good.
    Wishing that they will extend it !

    • Anonymous
      January 17, 2021 / 11:07 am

      in wikipedia it says the drama has 20 episodes

  9. candice
    January 17, 2021 / 1:43 pm

    Okay, this episode was Daebak but I had a few questions.

    1. Did JG know that it was the Queen that prepared that delicious meal? I mean no one is curious, she is the only one at the palace with skills like that.

    2. I think QD may have been behind the Kings attack to make it seem like the Kim’s. The GQD looked pretty shook and surprised by the explosion so she is out.

    3. So Young was the first to run towards the King, I don’t know if it was instinct or love or whatever but she didnt hesistate and the King was reaching for someone, was it her?

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:04 pm

      1. I don’t think JG knew it at the time but it also might have been too late to stop her when he did figure it out. I also kind of wonder how many people know she has amazing kitchen skills? The women seem to know but maybe not the politicians or the men? Not sure.

      2. Ooh, I wonder if it was her. I hadn’t even thought she would be involved!

      3. I think he was reaching out for her!

    • Ow lip
      January 17, 2021 / 11:44 pm

      Poor king!
      2. I think it was Jwa Gun’s doing. But idk…

      Seeing the recap, the king looks okay. I hope he successfully fight back! I also hope Soyong and Hwajin resolve their misunderstanding.

  10. H
    January 18, 2021 / 9:16 am

    A common theme in many Joseon dramas is the brutal ruthlessness of the Kim clan. Historically is this based on fact or fiction?

    • V
      January 20, 2021 / 6:37 am

      I think it is based on fact (but don’t hold me to that).

  11. Isme
    January 18, 2021 / 9:30 am

    long weekend.

    1. I hate Hwa Jin. She may look nice at the beginning but so rotten and evil at heart. She should give the big secret book to the King but nope, her rotten heart defy the king and give the book to Daebi instead. She started pretending that she rescue where the facts was it was SY all along.

    2. Please make aure the ending is not twisted. The King will rise and its payback time.

  12. Jenny
    January 19, 2021 / 2:54 pm

    Thank you for the recap!!! Do you think the king knew the queen was behind all the dishes?

    • V
      January 20, 2021 / 6:40 am

      I think so! I think he knows her handwriting now.

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