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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 12 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 12 (Part 1)

Rest assured, if you watched the preview, then we know that the QUeen is fine. But, will this festival be fine with all these shenanigans carrying out to ruin it? I have a feeling they will overcome the problems, but HOW, that is what I want to know! Plus, I love every scene that has the Queen cooking in it 🙂

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The fan fight is still going on in the opening. Byong In recognizes the King as the mystery man from that night the Queen was almost killed. He thinks, it was you, you are the guy!

In the woods, the Queen drops her acorns. Hwa Jin thinks, I can’t forgive you. She pulls the string of the arrow back.

In the courtyard BU mutters, I will kill you. And yells.

In the woods, Hwa Jin looses teh arrow. It goes right past the Queens head and hits the tree. She gasps and looks at Hwa Jin.

In the courtyard, the King slices Byong In until Byong In is on his knees.


The King asks BI, now you see who the owner of this palace is.

In the woods, Hwa Jin says she thought she was prey. It is a misunderstanding.

In the courtyard the King tells BI to remember his position. Then he bows to the Grandmother Queen and says he has to change his clothing. he walks off.

Hwa Jin walks up to BI and whispers, you have work to do.

In the woods, the Queen is upset and starts to walk away. HJ asks, did you have to do that to Oh Wol? Did you have to kill her and put her in the well? Did you really have to do that to that innocent girl?

The Queen has no idea what she is talking about. She tells her that she doesn’t kill anything but cooking. If the body was found in the well it was either a coincidence or someone wants to make us have each other. Hwa Jin doesn’t believe her. The Queen yells, I didn’t do it! Why do you always see me negatively.

Hwa Jin says that the So Yong she knows is that kind of person. She can do anything. The Queen asks, do you know me that well? The kind of person I don’t even know? Hwa Jin says that liars lie to themselves the best.

Q – You and I have crossed an irreversible line. I do not care about you or what you think so do whatever you want to do.

A maid comes running up so Hwa Jin hits her with the arrow. The maid falls in pain. The Queen stares at her. The concubines come running up and thinks that they really wanted to get her. The Queen tells her that they can go back.

She walks off. Haw Jin hits her with a red arrow right in the head. The Queen falls. The concubines try and defend the Queen but Hwa Jin walks right past her. The Queen tries to shoot an arrow but fails miserably and says ah, it slipped. Well, I will not punish you today!

In the palace, the King tells the eunuch to wait in the other room. he thinks a force is trying to ruin his festival so he will do it himself. The eunuch looks a little scared at that.


The politicians wait in the courtyard. It is quiet. The Grandmother Queen gives a signal to Jwa Gun. he goes up to talk to her. She says that the people think the King has power, that is why a lot of people came. They will take the King differently from today. That is why the King wanted to have this party so much, to show his power. What did you do while he was doing that.

JG apologizes and tells her that he has some things prepared. She tells him that he should be properly prepared.

In the ladies courtyard, the points are read out. The Queen beats them all because she has 10 points. She tries not to floss too much at that. Daebi rewards the winner so the Queen goes up to get her reward. Daebi asks if she practiced secretly. The Queen says she is a natural on the stage and strong in competition. She takes her gift and walks back. Everyone says congratulations.

Daebi mutters that she is cunning. One of the maids says it is time to go to the large hall for the party. Daebi tells them that they still have some time so rest. You should be tired from the hunting event.

The Queen happily goes to Yeon and Choi with her prize. They think her head should hurt. The Queen says that now she knows why Eunuch Kim was scared (the one that didn’t like this game).

Yeon asks why the concubine did this to her. She says that someone is trying to separate them. In her mind she thinks it is someone who knows about the well. Choi tells her that they have three wars continuing the secret war between women, the power game in politics, and assassinations.

Q – is that why you always talk about poison?

Choi – I have lived for many years in the palace. I saw that a lot of people died with poison.

She starts to talk about a lot of different types of poison and how there are a lot of deaths suspected with poisoning.

Q – Yes the palace is a dangerous place. And that Han looking guy…

She sees the Han looking guy and hides behind a bush. he is talking to the other eunuch. the maids hide behind her. The eunuch and Han walk off.

Q – Choi, find out who was talking to the eunuch. I am going to put my two dragon balls that I don’t have on his last name being Han.

Choi – The party will start soon.

Q – The party won’t start while he keeps going

Choi – What? Then, the cook!

Choi runs off. The Queen wonders why everything looks like how I was victimized. She thinks that people will not have regrets if they follow how they are so, just like me, they ignore it. But he put something in the water, is that poison? No, it shouldn’t be. Even though this is a scary palace, he won’t mass murder a lot of people. No no no, this scared feeling is contagious.

She goes back and forth in her head about helping or not helping and finally decides to go find out what Han did.




Meanwhile, Yang Pyung is riding into the city, perhaps to find food.

Back in the palace, the Queen checks the barrel that something was put in. Yeon keeps her from eating it. The chef and the King come up and start to talk to each other about what they can do. They don’t see the Queen. 

The Queen tells him to just give up you dummy. Giving up will make you feel good. But the King asks if he should just be a victim like a dead body? He does not want to do that. He wants to do his best in however he can. If he gives her a difficult time, just ignore me.

She tells him, okay, we are no touchy. Fine. He hurries off. Yeon asks, your highness, why do you say those things that you do not mean? The Queen says, even if I say dumb things, I have my meaning behind it. I don’t say things I don’t mean.

Yeon – You worry about him.

Q – Me? Why do I? The most useless worry is worrying about entertainers or the King.

Yeon – You say something strange when you hide what you really feel.

One of the cooks comes out gripping his bottom and running away. The Queen runs in and finds out that all the cooks have some kind of pain to their belly and diarrhea. She thinks that must have been poison in the water.

The Queen asks where the head chef is? One of the cooks says he ran off to do something. So the Queen thinks back to the King trying to work hard to make this work and tells Yeon that she needs to work hard.

Meanwhile, Choi follows Han around. He leaves the palace. Choi asks the guard who that man is that left. The guard will not tell her. She mutters, I don’t know what kind of trouble the Queen will make without me.

She decides to leave the gate as well and borrows one of the peoples skirts.

In the city, several bandits start to ruin the food on purpose. They cut holes in the bag so all the rice spills. The people start to gather it up quickly.

In the market, Choi walks by the market of that man who gave her the telescope of the muscle guy. He says he has more things for her. She looks in his shop and the shop glows but she says that she can’t go in right now and heads off. Then a blacksmith in the street throws water on himself. He has bulging muscles so the water glistens off of them.

She tells herself, no, I am Court Lady Choi, nothing can distract me. She continues on. The man she is looking for actually finds her and puts a dagger to her neck. he asks, do you have something to ask me?


The King changes and comes back out. The Grandmother Queen asks him why he hid his talents, he should have felt itchy. He says he was used to it so it was no problem.

In the city, it seems like Choi is doomed, but she found a way out because she asked that guy if he was the man in her telescope, so he signed the telescope and says he isn’t that guy, he just looks like me. Sorry.

She tells him that she is really happy that she has his name here. It is an honor. He asks if that guy is so popular among the ladies in the palace? She says it isn’t really popular more like a  fever. They both chuckle. She reads his hame on the sign. He is a Han!

Daebi tells the Cho politician, when the King is the highest, that is when we need to bring the book out. They both look at the book.

Elsewhere, Kim Hwan hangs around the palace. He sees a little girl and asks if she can deliver something to that person? He points at Hong Yeon but he is actually pointing at the Cho politician. So the girl gives the letter to the Cho politician.

Letter – I need to tell you something with my family name on it. I will wait for you at the pavilion. 

Cho politician looks at Kim Hwan and wonders, do they know it?

Hwan waits at the pavilion. The scene is romantic. he feels someone show up and says, you came. I called you because I have something to tell you. Sorry for my rudeness. Family is as important as my life. But, after many nights of thinking, I decided, I will pick something more important than the family. If the family does not allow me to, then I will abandon my family. I want to be flowery, handsome, and only for you.

he turns around and sees Cho standing there and jumps back in shock. Choi rips up the paper and yells, ARE YOU JOKING WITH THIS BUSY MAN! He throws it at him. Hwan mutters, it was a delivery error.




The doctor comes to check on the cooks who are all sick. He knows this is poison.

The head chef comes back in with some food and asks what is going on. The doctor tells him that the Queen sent him and wanted him to check the drinking water, someone put poison in here. It was in the water. Are you okay?

The chef says he can’t drink anything when he is stressed. The doctor tells him he looks like someone who can take a nap at war. The chef tells him he should be able to read people as the royal doctor. The doctor says he is not a face reader fortune teller. Even though I am a good doctor, it will be difficult to recover in one day.

The chef asks, who did it?

A man dressed like a cook is in the corner. The chef says, ah a new guy. Are you the one that put the poison! He throws a carrot at him. The person catches it and turns around dramatically. It is the Queen. She says she is an invited chef for this event and says “his” name. I am here to rescue this hell kitchen.

The chef tells her, you are obviously the Queen. The doctor says, no, that is not the Queen at all, that is a man. The chef tells him, you really can’t read people.

Q – Officially, the Queen is at the party, right?

Chef – Ah, okay okay.

She checks the tomatoes. The chef says, ah, this is a one year plant and starts to yell at the chef like he isa  cook and not the Queen. The Queen says, what the f? 

They start to argue back and forth. The Queen says he ran away, he is not a chef. He says he went to the Kings garden to get all the ingredients. The Queen checks to see what he brought. In her mind she thinks that the beginning of cooking are good ingredients.

She asks if he has a King’s chicken coop and says that if they have eggs then they could do something.

In the courtyard, the politicians wait and thinks that they have’t eaten anything all night in order to eat this royal party food. The Grandmother Queen tells the King that this festival he wanted is going to start soon. I look forward to it.

Back in the kitchen, the Queen thinks that at the Blue House, they always had a theme for their parties because it wasn’t just meal time, it was politics time. What would be the best…what is the goal of today’s party?

she asks what these scrolls are that the chef has. He tells her that it is the menu list that the King made and the list of invited guests. She tells him she is going to make a new menu based on the ingredients. She looks over and sees the doctor cleaning his needles.

In the courtyard, Yang Pyung tells the King that bandits ruined the food and left. The King looks nervous. But then food starts to be brought out to the guests. Everyone looks at it come out in covered bowls. it is a small serving of something.

GQ – Only one dish for this party?

Choi Politician – This is it?

Man – We should have a bigger dish soon

JG – What happened?

King – Our people always have a hard time over winter. A lot of people die with hunger so today I prepared commoners food.

Man – That is a good dead, but this is not just a small meal.

Man – You shouldn’t treat all those politicians that cam all the way here like this

Man – Inviting guests, this is punishment.

King – This is what I meant, please.

They open the top and see a potato on a shish kabob.

Cut back to the Queen explaining how to make this dish to the chef. she cuts the potato all in one and then puts the skewer through it and stretches it out. She tells the doctor, now this long needle has its place.

Then she fries the entire thing. The doctor says that is a 50 year old long needle that I inherited from my teacher! I am going to give it to my students! The Queen ignores him.

She takes the friend potato out. The chef is super impressed at how it looks and asks her how she came up with this method. She says that street food is about speed so it is a good food to cook today. The chef does not know what street food is. She says it is just something like the war of peoples tastes so it survives in that high competition environment.

The chef tells the doctor to peel the skin off the potatoes. They call several people to come in to peel the skin off the potatoes, all the people who don’t have anything to do, even that super cute kid.

Montage of everyone working hard to peel the potatoes and cut them and fry them. The Queen tells them that the food they are making today is not just good food, it is the face of the President. They all look at her. She tells them, I mean, it is the Kings face. they all nod.

The little girl shows her what she is doing and asks if it is enough Queen? I mean, chef? The Queen tells her good job and squeezes her cheek playfully.

Out in the courtyard, all the politicians remove their dish and wonder, is this commoners food? Maybe the King does not know what commoners eat now?

The King opens the note that the Queen made. It is the name of the potato which is Yong Soo potato.

King – Even though I meant that we should eat like commoners and use common ingredients, we have important guests so I have a difference in the setting. The first ingredient is potato. Not just potato, but the name is….

Cut back to the Queen thinking of the name. She thinks of spring and the word spring and comes up with a combination of the word spring and potato like springs potato. But the King tells the politicians that this is dragons beard potato. they mutter, it is just a potato.

He says that without the potato we will lose more lives. The ugly potato will grow in any soil and is easy to store and will be a good food for commoners who are overcoming winters harshness. it is a sacred crop that is saving our peoples lives. You cannot just say that it is a potato. Try it please.

They each take a crunchy bite and their minds are blown. They start to gobble it down and can’t believe that it is a potato.

King – This is pine needle salt from [one of the concubine family’s villages]. The pink one is berry sugar.

A politician complains about eating something expensive like sugar.

King – This sugar is crushed and the berry is from [one of the concubines families] and the dip is  peach that is from [the other concubines family town]. 

King – Today’s theme is harmony. Politics separate people but good tasting food brings people together. Please enjoy and celebrate these three families harmony with this taste of this food.

Jwa Gun also eats it and is amazed though he looks like he does not want to be.


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  1. Alya
    January 17, 2021 / 8:15 am

    Please upload the second part, waiting!! :'(

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 8:41 am

      Just uploaded it!

  2. poeintheskywithdiamonds
    January 17, 2021 / 8:39 am

    Thank you so much for all your recaps. I am uber obsessed with this drama. And I’m super happy how they use the characters so well. Even the supporting characters are featured perfectly without them being too one-dimensional or a distraction. Do you know how many episodes they’ll be? Is it 20?

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 8:42 am

      Same! I think this drama will be 20 episodes! 😀

  3. Gold
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    Am waiting too

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      It’s up!

  4. Maureen
    January 17, 2021 / 10:02 am

    Hi:) I’m so happy you’re recapping this, I LOVE this drama, so awesome. Initially I wasn’t sure I was going to like the “story line” … honestly.. they not only make it work but the acting is SPOT ON.. the leads are killing it:)

    • V
      January 17, 2021 / 3:14 pm

      The leads are killing it with the acting! I wasn’t too sure about this one after the first episode, it was kind of super zany in the modern period, but it definitely found its footing for me in the sageuk time period!

  5. KK
    January 19, 2021 / 12:57 am

    I feel like the real so yong is already dead, that is why the title is mr queen. just guessing from the epi 13 preview. but anyway am i the only one who noticed about the sketch drawing looking like the hong yeon the maid of the queen?

    • V
      January 20, 2021 / 6:39 am

      It did look like her!

  6. GAIA
    January 19, 2021 / 1:01 am

    it may not be not be a popular view, but am rooting for Byeong In to win the fan battle lol. just for once, i hope they can let the cousin win haha. (pls dont get upset with my comment) so many are upset about him blocking the queen on reaching to the king but for me its like a gesture of protection for the queen because there might still be danger awaiting.

    • V
      January 20, 2021 / 6:40 am

      Poor Byong-In is just trying to do what’s right for the Queen. I like his character.

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