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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 11 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 11 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

Part 1 | Preview + Spoilers

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The King goes back to his office and reads another note from the Queen.

Queen VO – *passionately* You name that I will die calling! I will remember you because I can’t forget you!

(Note: One line was from a famous poem and the other line was a famous song)

King – Maybe it is her collision between forgiving me and not forgiving me.

He starts to write her another letter.

King – There is not way to forgive a mismatched heart. Is there a street that we can walk together? I hope the next time, even if it is a dream, that I wish I walk on the same path.

He goes to sleep.


Byong In goes to his friend to practice sword fighting that night. His friends is all like, really? Now? Byong In tells him that he has to prepare for that mock fight at the party. The friend tells him to do that with his police people.

BI – How do you self evaluate your sword fighting skills?

Friend – I don’t know, I never use my 100%

BI – That is why I need you. You are someone whom I can’t measure their ability.

They start to sword fight. The friend is really good.

The moon comes out and then day breaks.

The maids all get ready for the festival happily. The Queen also prepares for the festival. Similarly, the new concubines prepare as well. They think they have to be pretty today since this is the first time they are showing themselves to the world and their family elders will be there.


Hwa Jin pulls her bow in her room. Her maid asks if she is really using a real arrow? She says yes, I have real hunting to do today.

Elsewhere, the man with the scar on his chin kills all the men that are delivering food for the festival. Poor guys.


Meanwhile, Daebi is praying in her room. Her maid tells her that she has to get ready. But Daebi says she has to check her fortune today. The maid looks quietly exasperated and sighs.

Daebi pulls out a fortune 

Fortune – The Lowest in the cards.

She huffs and hits the table then mutters that luck is actually a relative thing. Okay, the King is …. pulls out fortune

Fortune – The highest in the cards

She shakes the fortune again an asks about the queen

Fortune – Second best in the cards

Daebi flips her tiny table over and thinks that today is bad. She mutters, the Queen, is she preparing something…

Daebi meets with the Queen and mutters that no one would not welcome her in her time. The Queen says sudden visits from a mother in law are unexpected. Daebi asks why she makes the Grandmother things and not the mother in law? She might look young, but the Queen grandmother cannot go against the time. I will live longer than the Queen grandmother. I cannot wait to taste your food that is so famous.

The Queen asks, right now? Then we cut to the Queen in the kitchen muttering, ah, this is how in-law world starts. She starts to pop popcorn and sighs.

But she hears the chef yelling at his people about the food. Where is it? The eunuch says that the food didn’t come because all the carriers died. They run off to find the dried food. The Queen thinks that the chef is too busy right now so she can’t make him work. Where is the syrup? 

Meanwhile, Daebi searches the Queens room and find the letters.

The eunuch and chef heads out to find the dried food. The King sees them. All the food went bad so they all see it. They all apologize to the King but the King thinks it is not their false, this happened because someone made it happen. Another chef comes and says they have big problems, someone put rocks in the rice!

The King knows that someone is messing with them. He tells the chef to do all that he can and he will get the ingredients using whatever method it takes. he hurries off.



Meanwhile, the Queen is walking back with popcorn. She make kettle corn so it is sweet and salty. But while walking back, she sees A man that looks a lot like Han siljang putting something in the food. She walks up to him and yells HAN SILJANG! She stars to run after him but he takes off running and she accidentally steps on her skirt so she falls.

Her popcorn is thrown into the sky and goes everywhere. He gets away and she yells, ARGH, THAT FAMILY!

She goes back to her room super upset. She doesn’t have the snack at all. She tries to give her a popcorn that was stuck to her hair but Daebi hits it away and yells LOOK FORWARD TO YOU PALACE LIFE!


The festival gets started. The King wears his festival attire with his bead hat and greets the concubines fathers to let them know they are all fine. then he goes to the center of the festival to kick start the event. He walks to the throne and sits. Everyone else sits as well.

The Queen Grandmother asks where Daebi is. Hwa Jin stands and says she will look for her, but Daebi shows up right then.

G – I thought you ran away.

DB – Of course not, whoever commits a crime should pay for it.

G – At least you know

DB – I had to taste the Queens snack

The grandmother thinks, the Queen? they both look at the Queen. The Queen chuckles and thinks, ah, this is killing me to be between them. Hwa Jin is also looking at her so the Queen wonders if Hwa Jin has some kind of additional suspicion about her.

The performances start. They go through a fan performance by women in all white. Then a martial arts exhibition by the blue royal guard. Everyone is excited about that.

There are stares all around by people.

In the women’s side, a women drums happily. Daebi thinks this is great though the Queen grandmother is bored. A man tells them that it is now time for hunting so they ned to change into their hunting clothing. But it is only for the hunting people.

Back on the mens side of the festival. The men in black present their gun salute. Though they are very bad swinging their guns around. However when they shoot, they are excellent. All head shots. Hong smiles confidently and looks at the King. The King nods to him. All the politicians and everyone are amazed.

At the same time, Yang Pyung goes into the city with his glue guards to buy all the ingredients for the festival.


In the palace, The Queen thinks she looks so cool with her bow and arrow attire. She wonders why Hwa Jin is so serious about this and mutters that some kids put too much energy in sporting events.

In this sporting event, the maids are enacting that they are animals. They have signs on them for tiger, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, etc. The Queen mutters, how inhumane. She thinks she will just waste her time somewhere.

The festival continues with dance on the women’s side. Daebi tells the Queen that this sporting event will be very predictable, even though it is family versus family the Queen does not look like she wants to do it.

The grandmother Queen basically tells her not to be so into these games and focus on the King. You might not even see his face today. Daebi is angry at that and tells her that the King and the concubine were supposed to have their first night together when the Queen fainted.

Grandmother Queen asks if she thinks she faked it to prevent their night together? Daebi basically says yes, the Queen does everything to get the Kings heart like jumping into the lake. And now she does her last thing, abandon her family.

he Grandmother Queen laughs She says she was bored but she hears something funny now. Daebi seriously says that the King wanted to have the festival. The Queen appointed concubines with power just like she is making power for the King. Today the King will show his hidden self to the families as a strong King. Now do you realize that the Queen works for the King.

The Grandmother Queen asks Daebi if she worries about consequences by saying that?

Daebi says the Queen Grandmother thinks the Queen is on her side, but you have been tricked so easily. But you are old.

The QG says she will shred her mouth. Daebi tells the Queen Grandmother that the Queen faked her near death experience. I am not afraid to say that anymore!

Everyone stops and looks at them. Daebi tells them to keep going. So they start playing and dancing again.



On the Kings side, Jwa Gun tells the King that he worked hard. he is looking forward to the rest of this event. The King is upset but tells him that he also worked hard. The Queen Grandmother comes and tells the king that she was so bored so she wants to see the mens show. She sits in one of the thrones.

The King apologizes for not having a fun party for her. The Queen Grandmother mutters that she wanted to see the martial arts show. But it is all fake anyway. How about we have a real one?

The King says he can bring in the soldiers. The Queen Grandmother asks, why don’t you do it King? I heard that you carried firewood and water to make a living. With that physique, you should be able to do it.

Everyone is kind of shocked.

King – Physical labor and martial arts are different. Even so, I have been sitting in a chair all the time so my body is all stiff. She asks, why don’t you use fans and not weapons? Why don’t you fight against the head of the royal police? you are similar in age.

Jwa Gun says that the head of the police practices martial arts properly. I am worried that the King will hurt his body. Why don’t you ask someone else?

The Queen Grandmother says that she wants to see the King do it.

flashback to Byong In telling the Queen Grandmother that his father is wrong. You can check who the King really is at the party.


The maids and eunichs all ran off into the woods to run away from the hunters. They are all playing with balls on the end of their arrow. But Hwa Jin is not.

The Queen walks aimlessly around the woods. She doesn’t really care about the hunt at all and might be lost. She wonders where she should walk.

In the palace, Byong In and the King start their fan battle. The rules are: whoever takes the other persons fan, wins. The King tells him to go easy.

They start the fan fight.

Byong In hits him in he face. Some politicians chuckle. The King reminds Byong In to go easy. Byong In says the Queen Grandmother is behind him so he needs to do his best. the King says, okay, the Queen Grandmother is behind you then this time I will give you a lesson as to who the owner of the palace is.

They fight again.

The King looks very impressive and hits Byong In in the face.

The Queen Grandmother mutters to Ja Gun that she heard this King was different from the previous King.

Back in the woods. the Queen sits next to a tree. One of the eunuchs is sitting there too and screams in fear. She tells him he isn’t really dying. He says he isn’t but the arrow hurts a lot. He even has nightmares from the last year. She tells him she won’t hit him.

then we see that the Queen stamped her arrow on his back and gave him the arrow to run back to the palace. he is so happy. It is good for her too since he is wearing a tiger sign. he talks up about her as well about being so good.

Meanwhile, the fight continues in the mens side. But, the King puts the fan to his face in a similar way as the mystery man, which makes Byong remember that.

In the woods, the Queen was collecting acorns when Hwa Jin holds an arrow to her. The Queen drops her acorns.

Int he palace, the fight continues. The King is winning. But Byong In recognizes his movements from the mystery man that night. he knows it was the King now.

VO – It’s you! You are the person!

In the woods, Hwa Jin pulls the arrow back. The Queen looks on in alarm.

In the palace, Byong In chances his stance and mutters, I will kill you.

In the woods, Hwa Jin and The Queen are in a stand off.

In the palace, Byong In and the King jump at each other like they are in Chuno.

In the woods, Hwa Jin looses her arrow.

Fade Out


Okay, Hwa Jin shouldn’t have hit the Queen with the arrow right? Perhaps she got really close to hitting her but there is not way she could have really hit her with the arrow right? Hmm… (Spoilers…I looked at the preview and the Queen looks okay but she says she is someone else and wears chef attire so is she pretending to be hurt and snuck out to cook?).

Love this episode as always. It is pretty bad news that Byong In has found out that the King was the mysterious person that night. So he should be filled with even more rage because to him that means that the King really wants to kill the Queen. And we all know that Byong In loves the QUeen and will not let that happen.

I love that we saw han Siljang’s ancestor in this episode! He looked just like him, lol. So that storyline has materialized in the past as well. I have a feeling that the Han family in the past is working on the same side at the Kim family to destroy the King. Though that is just my guess. It makes sense thought since he was poisoning the food stock perhaps?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow! See y’all then!


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