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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 11 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 11 (Part 1)

Mr. Queen is back! I’m excited to see how this festival is going to shake out. Will all the food be ruined? Or will they be able to save the food and have a good day? Because everyone knows, if the foods not good, the parties not good, amirite?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hwa-jin stands wth her bow and arrow and looks contemplative. Daebi comes up and tells her that when you do not have a clear mind, you cannot shoot arrows well. Hwa Jin apologizes for asking to see her so late. Daebi says it is no problem. 

Hwa-jin tells her that she has something to give her and hands over the secret ledger. Daebi is shocked to have it. Haw Jin asks her to please take down the queen and end this nightmare I am living.

Daebi goes back to her room and says that her King was in her dream yesterday and now she has this big power. She holds the book to her chest.


Cut to the King who is sitting at his desk and writing a Dictionary of the Queen. He is writing all the words and phrases that the Queen says. He smiles.

Meanwhile, the Queen sleeps happily and dreams about concubines in a bath. But then the King joins her in the concubine. All the concubines became the King, even the maids became the King. He asks how her water temperature is and that he likes it. She is surrounded by Chol Jong’s.

The Queen asks why he is here? He says, My Queen, tonight I will not No Touchy and starts to move closer to her. A sexy jazz songs starts to play.


The maids go into the Queens room. She is sitting up after sleeping and yells, he ruined my dream, CALL! The maids look around and ask, who do we call?

The scene changes to the King getting ready. His eunuch tells him that he looks good today. The King tells him that he slept well all night. Lets prepare for the festival.

he walks off smiling.



The Queen tells the doctor that she had a nightmare. The scarier thing than the nightmare is that she feels bad about it but she is also happy about it. I do not know if it is my heart or my bodies heart. I feel like I am just assembled from this and that side. I feel like a lego block. Who am I?

The doctor asks why she is calling him Doctor? The Queen says he is breaking her concentration, it is a customary thing okay? (he has a different name in Joseon). She asks what his professional opinion is. He says it is normal to have little changes in the body after near death experiences and takes out an acupuncture needle.

The Queen hops up and says, ah, that is comforting! My nervousness went away already! He tells her that a really good doctor is someone that treats the patient without even using acupuncture. She tells him that his major is actually psychology. So when will my complicated and two faced condition be resolved?

He tells her it is all about her mind. If you start to accept it then it is not pain anymore. When it is not pain anymore, then it will disappear. She asks, what? Embrace myself as is? Okay, my only consistent thing about me is that I am not consistent. By the way, the medicine for my face mask was pretty good. Make some more facial cosmetics with that method that are good for the face. Every 28 days I will change it to a new one so make plenty.

He asks, why 28 days? She tells him that is the circle of skin regeneration. She will need me when her skin comes off.

Her father is announced to have come. She sits up.


The King asks Yang Pyung if this is really the concubines maid? He says it can not be confirmed. He hopes Oh Wol sold that jewel. The King thinks that his concubine should be sad, I am going to see her.

He gets up to see her but she actually came in to see him and was let in. Yang Pyung nods and is about to leave. She gives him a picture of what Oh Wol looked like. He thinks that the person who sold the jewel is Oh Wol. Hwa Jin tells him that this will confirm it. He tells them to have a good conversation and leaves.

The King holds Hwa Jin’s hands and asks her how difficult it was last night. She tells him that she is okay now and has to tell him something. She holds his hands and says, your heart to the Queen…it is more difficult to win over yourself than others. So don’t worry too much. What I want is not your sorry feeling.

She kisses him on his hand. He considers her closely.


The father sits with the Queen over tea. He asks how she is. She says that she is fine, it has only been one day. But I will be busy appointing the concubines. The King mutters, ah, the concubines. Did anything strange happen when you were in the house?

Q – ( I picked up a King from a well)

Q – Nothing happened. What is the problem?

Appa – I feel like the house is empty after you two left. that is the problem.

Q – Why dont you see the King also?

Q – (You two solve the issue)

A – No, he should be busy with party preparation.

Maid – The family registry has come in.

They both stand. The King tells her that even if the King has 100 concubines, it won’t fill the Queens position. Take care of yourself. He bows and leaves.



The Queen starts looking through all the concubines registries. But she wants all the Han family registries and says no Han family. I don’t want to be Romeo and Juliet.

They pile up all the Han families. The Queen thinks that stack is much too big. I will have to win her heart more securely. I must visit and sell (door to door sales).

She goes to the Grandmother Queen looking very Queen like and polite and asks what the time is? It is skin time! Then she starts to give the Grandmother Queen a facial.

Q – Ah, so shiny! This is not the light from this world!

G – Because of you, my days are short taking care of this. I can’t even focus on picking the concubine.

Q – I am doing my best.

G – You do this so well. I trust you.

Q – Today, I prepares another thing for you. *holds it up* This is magical powder that you spray on your hair. It makes you 10 years younger. You don’t have to put essence on your hair anymore.

She sprinkles it on her hair and the Queen Grandmother is super happy.


Meanwhile, Yang Pyung goes to the merchant with the painting of Oh Wol. The merchant says it was a different person. They start to pain the person that came. The merchant says he is hungry (he kind of sings it) so Yang Pyung gives him money. The man starts to break into super detailed explanation of the person (in a sped up chipmunk voice). The drawing looks like it might be the Queens maid?


The cook goes to see the King in the Kings room. He has several lists with him, but trips and the lists go everywhere. he immediately apologizes. The King picks up one of the lists of food and tells the chef to be relax. he sits on the floor with him and tells him that he has a different idea from a traditional party.

he starts to explain his idea. The Chef explains the royal party and how it is fabulous and for show. The eunuch grips the chef on the leg to not be so relaxed. The King says their commoners are starved every day and yet we pick food only for looks? We can serve that food to the commoners who do not have something to eat.

K – Not something fabulous, but not something cheap either. That is what I want.

Chef – I will put everything I have for the next fifteen days.

They shake hands. The chef cries. The King chuckles, you cry so much as a man.


Daebi shows the ledger to the politician. He thinks the kings father in law is more detailed than expected. Daebi says the concubines enemy is not the Kim family, it is the Queen. That is why her view is so narrow. We have to use this ledger to destroy the entire Kim family and take down the Queen.

Cut to Jwa Gun who is drinking tea with another corrupt man. This man is nervous and asks, the secret corruption book! How did he think of that dangerous thing! I will–

But Jwa Gun tells him to keep is secret. If Our family knows then we will have big turbulence. The man mutters his anger and asks who he thinks has it. Jwa Gun says the King was at the house for two days. They both wonder if the King has it and if he will break the news at the party? Even though he has a weapon, we have to make him not have strength to use the weapon.


The King talks with hong and Yang Pyung in his war office. They are all in black. The King asks if Yang Pyung found the masked man with that chin scar? yang Pyung says no, no one was that injury on their chin. The King thinks they need to make this work for them. How is the investigation about the families?

Cut to the concubines all standing in front o the Queen in a line. A radar shows up on top of the Queens head. She thinks 4 seconds is enough to fall in love. She starts to greet every concubine individually. Later on, she matches the paperwork with the concubine.

She meets with three of the concubines to talk to them over tea. She is so happy to talk to them and asks them about their home town and how they grew up. The concubines happily chat with the Queen about that though the other ones are jealous. The Queen tries to keep them all from being jealous and flirts with them all. 

They go for a walk and then sit in a hot bath together. The Queen keeps flirting with them all happily. It is just like her dream.



Meanwhile, the King is talking to his friends about which family to pick in order to have more power. Later on he talks to the fathers of the women. It appears that the Queen accidentally picked the perfect women for the King. 


The concubines fo to politics and are picked. They stand in front of the King and the Queen. The King thinks in his mind that the same family was picked that he was thinking of picking for power. He says all the family names Yoon, Min, Hong family. He thinks the power is well balanced.

The Queen looks at them and thinks Innocent, Sexy, Cute, all well balanced (or well harmonized).

The ladies are given their scrolls which makes them concubines. The Jo and Kim families do not look happy. The King tells the ladies that they are part of their family now so bring all your family elders to the festival.

The politics retire for the day. The Kim family thinks that the King is starting to make his own power. Jwa Gun thinks they will be disappointed with how little power the King has.

The Cho family thinks that the King really wants to have the festival. 

Jwa Gun asks how the preparations are going.


Meanwhile, the Queen plays Nol Doo Gi with the concubines. She thinks that they play so well, how badly did they want to see outside their walls? (Nol Doo Gi is the jumping game)

Daebi shows up with Hwa Jin and greets them. Hwa Jin excuses herself and says she will practice her bowing.

DB – you did not come greet me after your near death experience

Q – I was busy appointing the concubine after I came back. I am sorry.

DB – You look so normal. You were almost dead.

Q – Well, I am a healthy person.

DB – you gave up the hunting even for the party? You are not practicing and are having this nol doo gi event?

Q – The concubines are the winners, I am just enjoying the process. I am good at hunting. (she uses a modern word for picking women hunting). But I am not good at hunting (but she used a word for hunting animals.)

DB – Do you know why our royal women have a hunting even at the party? 

Q – i do not know?

DB – The party is a day to defeat devils. We used to kill people and use that blood to defeat the devil. Now we use a hunting event instead.

Daebi yells Boo and scares the Queen a bit. Then walks away. The maid Yeon coms up and tells her that they found a dead body in a well. There is a rumor that it was the concubines maid.

The Queen thinks about this but is then called back to play the jumping game. She starts to jump like she is an extra super expert. She does the splits and back flips and triple axle like Yuna Kim. Everyone is amazed.


The Queen tosses and turns in bed then finally sits up. She mutters that she can’t sleep. She wonders if she should send a Katalk to her concubines? Hmm, what would be good to send? Maybe I should start simply, not too complicated. Ah!

She picks up the paint brush and starts to write a super simple message. She folds it and gives it to Yeon to deliver to the concubines. She also tells her to check to see if the King is around.


The delivery men are around delivering things. They are saying, Deliver to concubines and see if the King is around!

But they run into a eunuch and then start to recite Deliver to the King and surveillance the Concubines!

It looks like it is their accident. So they deliver it to the King instead. He opens the first one, it asks, are you sleeping? He opens the second one “Are you sleeping” He opens the third one “Are you sleeping?”

He wonders, does she really wonder if he is sleeping that much? Three messages for are you sleeping?

The Queen waits up for the answer. Yeon comes in with one note. The Queen wonders why it is only one note when she sent three? She opens it and sees a super long note. She thinks this is such good writing from a good family.

King’s VO – On a sleepless night 

I went out.

In a dark night, 

There was one bright spot

I thought it was the moon

But it was my friend

The Queen gasps, this is a Cyworld feeling. (people wrote a lot of cheesy things on Cyworld. Almost like Instagram poetry).

The Queen thinks she will write something back. So she writes it, but it is very kid like. She calls Yeon and tells her this is her answer, send it back to where it came from.

Queen’s VO – Sometimes I daydream and thinks I am okay dying thinking about you. You can row to me. I did not let you go.

King in his room – Oh, Queen…

The Queen thinks that she is using her SAT knowledge right now (she copied that poem from famous poems) She thinks she is going to get her man identity back with this.

They keep writing letters to each other back and forth and are happier and happier with each.

Montage of this back and forth of letters. It lasts all night.


The King gives the chef orders for the party. They are in the pavilion. He tells him to follow that order and do not use expensive fish, you common fish.

Then the Queen shows up. He is happy to see her though surprised. She tells him she was just pretending to be a good couple at the concubine appointment but now I am finding my own identity so cooperate! She walks off.

The King thinks that her temperature changes so much. Maybe she is shyer than expected. He smiles and goes back to working with the chef.

The Queen walks off with Choi and Yeon though she overhears what the King and chef are saying. It sounds like they are talking about erections. But they are actually talking about writing down food names for book keeping. So Choi has to explain that. The Queen asks if she is the only one with her head in the gutter about that?

Suddenly the King has a nose bleed so the eunuch and chef are worried. The Queen turns around and soft music plays as if she is concerned for the King. But she stops herself and ays she was almost taken by that. Erections are dangerous. She walks away.


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