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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 10 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 10 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

Part 1 | Preview & Spoilers | Video Recap

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Yang Pyung goes to a merchant and asks if a palace servant came and sold a certain item and if he remembers the face. He offers a lot of money and says he will come back with a painter if he remembers the face. And he can pay him more.

Byung in shows up as soon as Yang Pyung leaves. He puts up a sign saying he went to the bathroom and checks what Byong In came in to have checked. It is a fake family registry from a dead or missing person. But it is a good job it probably cost a lot. Byong In throws him some money and leaves. He wonders why someone would put this much effort in being a low class soldier.


Hwa Jin writes the King a letter telling him that she has to give him something secretly and says she will wait where they always meet. her maid comes in and tells her that prince Yang Pyung is out of the palace. Hwa Jin asks the maid to deliver her letter to the King.

But this letter goes to Cho Daebi. Daebi wonders what this item is. It should be something important. But the King has his meetings so she tells the maid she can rest here a little bit before delivering it

Cut to a maid giving the King the letter from the concubine. The King takes it as he i walking to his meeting. Though he hides it from Jwa Gun and doe not read it yet.

Hwa Jin waits for the King at their spot.


The King greets the politicians and tells them that they should all be busy while he was out. You all worked hard. I will offer you a party.

One of the politicians tells him there is a weather issue and a lot of complaints, a party might make the people complain that the King should save the people, not have a party. it is not good for the King.

K – One of the previous Kings had a party to congratulate his staff for getting better. The Queen recovered from a coma from her hard work so we should congratulate it.

JG – We are still investigating why the Queen was in a coma. 

K – After two days of rest, she is fully recovered. So she just needed to rest.

Cho side – Since the Queen recovered from her illness, we should have a small party. It is better to announce that she is okay.

K – Yes, that is the proper thing for the husband to do, and also for the King to do.

The Kim people say no, the Cho people say yes. The main thing is that one side is pushing that this was an assassination attempt, we shouldn’t just close the case like this.

The King asks if they are not happy with the Queens recovery and if it is more important to use this case politically and not to be happy the the Queen is recovered!

The Queen grandmother chuckles a bit but looks serious.

The politicians tells him to calm down a bit and that they will follow his order. The Queen Grandmother tells him that he is so eager now. Perhaps because he is rested. She leaves.

The King thinks that he is going to defeat his enemy by using his enemy. Let’s make a new power that can be against the Kim family by using the concubine appointment.


The head chef checks the taste on what he is cooking. The Queen asks why he is working so hard. He tells her that soon the milk based food will be popular so I want to create something to replace the flavor and not use the milk itself

Q – Why is he working so hard. Hey Chef?

Q – (He looks like he has a lot of family members to feed)

Chef – Yes, tell me.

Q – More fire here.

Chef – *goes to do it*

Q – (he is carrying the weight of the head of the family with those small shoulders)

Q – I don’t even know your name, what is your name?

Chef – Manbok

Q – You should have a lot of family to support.

Chef – I am single.

Q – Huh?

Chef – I enjoyed my free life alone for awhile *looks at Choi*

Q – you should have someone to support, think about it.

Chef – I give fish heads to street cats

Q – Yes! See! Without you those cats will be hungry. This is about the cats, not you. For them, I will teach you my secret recipe.

Chef – Thank you for your mercy!

Q – Ai, can you give me paper?

She writes something on the paper and gives it to Hong Yeon to take to the doctor. The doctor looks at it and we hear the Queens voice over to suggest something nice for the face that has a nice smell. if you do not do it properly then I will move you to a different position.

The doctor’s assistant tells him something is written on the back. He flips it over. The Queen wrote that she needs more eunuchs to pick the concubine.

Doctor – Why dos everyone want to make me a eunuch?


The King goes into the library. the masked man is there, though he does not have his mask on. He is eating his heroine or something like that. He hides when he sees them. The King tells the eunuch that he needs a certain book for the party.

Daebi comes in and tells the King that she went to see him in his office. I did not care about you recently. I just want to talk to you.

They share a tea and talk. She tells him that he reminds her of the previous King so it is difficult to talk closely with him. She tells him that he is a better King that she thought and he is against the Kim family so she is sad that she did not support him more. He tells her not to blame herself, the previous King would not want that.

She asks if he thinks she can take her mistake that she made to the previous King back, through you? He looks at her closely.

Meanwhile, Hwa Jin keeps waiting.

The King says he is not as great as the previous King at all. he tells him that if he wants to have will like the previous King, then please reach out to me. I am not going to make the same mistake. She says some more things as they finish the tea and leaves.

The King finally has a chance to read the letter. He runs to him and the concubines spot as soon as he reads it but she is gone. So he goes to her quarters and apologizes. She tells her maid to leave and tells the King that she came back quickly.

he says he read her letter late. She asks if he was too busy to read it? He says that Daebi came to see me to talk. She asks what it was about. He tells her it was just a chat. She says it seems like he has a lot of secrets that he does not know about.

She also asks what he talked to the Queen about. She saw him at the lake. He says he talked about appointing more concubines. She thinks this is the Queens plan! She gets upset and asks why he calls her a concubine now and not her name. You said I make you happy or sad but now he person that changes your emotions has changed? Tell me, what do you really think? Do you like the Queen now?


The Queen teaches the chef how to make thing in the kitchen and asks why he is single. Choi and Yeon are in the kitchen as well. The chef says he just worked hard and missed the time to get married. She asks about his sisters or brothers. He says they were all killed one year because all the Christians were killed so he became alone. He wonders why they believed those things and says he doesn’t believe that anymore.

The Queen knows this from the history books and mentions that he must be lonely. He says he is not lonely except for holidays. But the good thing is that they all died on the same day so he only has one memorial ceremony. He chuckles a bit to make it light.

She asks how he knows that she is weak in man tears! he mentions that the food is salty. The Queen tells him that when the cook is sad, the food get saltier. He says he knows that, that is why he comes to the kitchen without emotions like happiness or sadness.

She tells him that he is always angry. He says it is because she came to the kitchen and made him angry all the time.

She tells him that he has to blame himself for not being good enough, not others!

They start to have a back and forth argument. She tells him that she should have just let him be executed. My heart is too soft. He is all like, um, what?



The Queen has a face mask delivered to the Queen Grandmother and tells her that it is not to be eaten. 

Elsewhere the Queen relaxes while being fanned by her maids and thinks that she is becoming irreplaceable like this. After KFood, I have taken over KBeauty.

But she has to hop up when Byong In shows ip with his brooding self. He thinks about her kissing the King and apologizes for not being with her at her family home. Then they go to the Queen’s room and talk about if she remembers anything before she was in a coma? Like strange behavior of someone? Anyone?

She starts to say that her passing out has something to do with the other world. He wonders if she means the other power? She says no, actually, I meant that it happened naturally. He tells her that it might shock her but I think the King is involved in this. the person who tried to assassinate you was ordered by the King, you should be in shock.

She gasps, how did you know? I thought it was my only secret.

BI – You knew?

Q – Oh, well, we have a lot of tangled stories so we just think we can ignore it.

BI – You knew everything and you still love him?

Q – What? Love? Why are you saying that! To live well here I have to be close to the King! I am just pretending!

BI – How can you live like that?

Q – I have to confuse my identity anyway so why are you talking about love or something!

She stands up and yells, Choi, what about the concubine appointments! Then runs out.

She is carried to the concubine picking era and hops out of her carriage yelling SISTERS I AM HERE! But no one is there.

The only thing there are all the paperwork on the names of the family members. The Queen picks all the paperwork up and starts throwing it into the air. I had a hard day! All I looked forward to was thiiiiiis!!! She keeps throwing it into the air.

Choi looks around calmly and says that she gives up on giving up the magic telescope.

Meanwhile, Byong In is so upset that she is doing so much for that family!

Cut to the Queen taking off her face mask. She asks what the name of it is? The maid tells her that this is a beauty mask. The Queen looks in the mirror and thinks that the Queen is showing a new skill.

But she has to straighten up to greet Byong In who comes in then. 

G – I asked my brother to tell you to say hi to me, but it is too late.

BI – He didn’t tell me that. the reason I came here is because I have to tell you something without my father knowing. Father told you that the current King is different than the previous King. But my father is wrong.


Moon-geun checks the well and does not see the booklet. He walks to Jwa-Gun and gives him red Gisaeng. He also asks him if anything happened? Jwa Gun asks what he is talking about and to tell him what he wants to say?

MG – I am just here to say hi. Is Byong In still at the palace?

BI – I am back. Hello.

JG – You are late today.

BI _ I had a drink with my police people.

JG – Good job, it is late, rest.

BI – Yes, goodnight.

He heads off. Jwa Gun tells Moon-Geun that he looks nervous. If you do things more than you are supposed to do then you feel nervous. Byong In is still listening nearby.

JG – Don’t you know that if you are up to something dangerous, it is not only up to you but the Queen will also be in danger. 

Moongeum says he wanted to deliver him the present and will leave now that it is late. Jwa Gun thinks that Moongeum must have lost the book. Moongeum thinks that if Jwa Gun didn’t take the book, perhaps Byong In did it by himself?



Meanwhile, back at the palace, a maid throws a dead body into a well.

Cut to an old man who says that it took them some time to find the body. You cannot recognize the face because the body was in water for a long time.

In her room, Hwa Jin cries over what the King told her. She asked him if he liked the Queen. He told her that he is a person that should not like the Queen. She tells him that he is not saying that he does not like her only that he cannot like her.

She keeps crying but Yang Pyung comes calling so she lets him in. He tells her that he is sorry it is late but this is something you were waiting for. She asks if he found Oh Wol? He hands her an accessory and asks if this is the accessory she gave her?

He mentions that the person who had this was in the palace. She thinks that means that Oh Wol is still alive.

Elsewhere, a maid goes to the well to get some water but her bucket catches on something. She wonders what is in there and holds a lantern to it. She gasps when she sees the body.

In her room, Yang Pyung tells Hwa Jin that he is looking for who sold that item to Hwa Wol. He will commission a painter soon. However a maid comes in and tells her that they found a dead body in the well. It seems like it is Oh Wol.

Hwa Jin goes to the well to check. Yang Pyung tells her it might be too shocking for her. But Hwa Jin says she has to see it with her own eyes. She removes the blanket. The body is all blue and bloated.

Daebi is there too and mutters that this should be so painful for Hwa Jin. 

Hwa Jin goes to her archery to release her anger at the board. She shoots shot after shot into it. Yang Pyung lightly touches her arm for her to stop shooting. But Hwa Jin says she wants to be alone. She keeps shooting.


The Queen Grandmother shows up to the Kings quarters to talk to him. He gives up his King seat for her. She asks what happened at the Queens house since he is so eager now. He says that was the time that he could forget what happened in the palace.

She tells him that is good and wishes that he were happy. He thanks her. She tells him that he went through a difficult time. Did you already forgt? Fate can be inherited. If you do not do anything then you will be okay and people around you will be okay. So why can’t you just not do anything? Behave, King.

He tells her yes, Queen Grandmother.

That night, he has a nightmare that he is all tied up on the throne. ALl the politicians are laughing at him. Jwa Gun comes out with the secret book and holds it up. The doors open showing that the palace is burning to the ground.

Then the ties that he has lift him us as a puppet. He looks up to see the Grandmother Queen as a puppet master controlling him and tells him that he is a good boy.

He wakes up gasping and sweaty.

VO – There are people who live in nightmares.

The King lights a candle and starts to write a title on a book. The name is “The Queen’s Dictionary”

He starts to write all the Queens strange words and euphemisms. Like magic hour, anti-fan and all those things she says. He smiles.

VO – They find their own way to get over their nightmare.

Cut to the Queens room. She is happily dreaming about concubines giggling in a rose petal bath. They tell her to come in. She happily hops in.

VO – When you overcome the nightmare and are about to have a happy dream….

She happily plays with all the concubines.

VO – The nightmare sneaks in to our lives with a different face

Int he dream, she hears a man voice. She says that they called her so many times that they lost their voice? She turns around to see the King in the bath with a rose petal on his lips.

She asks why he is there! He tells her, tonight, Queen, I want No Touchy. He leans in to kiss her.

Fade Out


I love how the Queen is falling all in love with the King once again, though she is fighting it the best way she can. However, due to the King basically hating the Kim family and the Grandmother Queen (she is the biggest part of his nightmare) their love story appears doomed. *sad song*

Now I wonder, can Bong pull the King to the modern world and they can both be happy there? Seems unlikely. Perhaps they have to come up with some kind of happy story in the Joseon dynasty?

Also, who is keeping track of this book precariously hidden in the side of a well? It looks like Hwa Jin has it now and is debating giving it to the King. This book is also something that can destroy the Kim family. Hwa Jin knows that the King does not like this Kim family, but now that the King kind of sort of likes the Queen, if Hwa Jin gives him the book then he might not use it to destroy the Queen.

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    January 10, 2021 / 11:12 am


    • V
      January 10, 2021 / 12:11 pm


  2. Büşra
    January 10, 2021 / 11:37 am

    Thank you so much for the hard work. Actually, I cannot thank you enough<3
    For once I want for the King to go to the kitchen and see the Queen in the kitchen, or become addicted to the Queen's food like the Queen Grandmother

    • V
      January 10, 2021 / 12:12 pm

      You are welcome, Büşra! We’re happy you are here!

  3. Elli
    January 10, 2021 / 12:09 pm

    Here again to read your recap. Thank you sooo much. ❤️

    • V
      January 10, 2021 / 12:12 pm

      Welcome back, Elli!

  4. Vin definn
    January 10, 2021 / 1:22 pm

    :* thank you again, Dear…

    • V
      January 10, 2021 / 2:20 pm


  5. Sherree
    January 10, 2021 / 7:13 pm

    Me too! Same as other commenter! I would like the King to witness her in action in the kitchen…fancy knife tricks and all! I hope they still somehow get their love story!

  6. Candice
    January 10, 2021 / 11:25 pm

    I usually dont comment but I love this show so much that I have too. Thank you for your review by the way. So my thoughts, we are definitely in for some heartbreak but I am praying its not too bad because this is suppose to be a comedy and not a tragedy. So my theory goes. A. Bongwhan is exactly what So Young needed inside her to get the ball rolling. Bongwhan has a keen sense of right and wrong and he hates lies and I think this is all going to come into play. If you notice, Our Mr. Queen changed towards the Dad once he remember So Young’s memories of how they tried to kill CJ when he was a child. Mr. Queen instantly became standoffish, its the same way Mr. Queen was with HJ when he saw how she lied and pretended to be So Young. Mr. Queen doesnt like shady people and we can see this in how his interactions change when accessing So Young memories.

    Next, the Grand Queen Dowager is crazy to behead someone over so food, she is a bit of a wild card because I honestly don’t know about her yet, she seems easy to manipulate and control and then she flips and seems like the strongest enemy so I am unsure. The Queen Dowager is manipulative too and weak, I really dont like her. The Uncle seems like the most powerful adversary though.

    I am not 100% feeling CJ using our Mr. Queen ( unbeknownst to them) to manipulate situations to his advantage but I understand why he is doing it. It comes from a place of desperation and not malicious intent.

    My thoughts are ish is going to get real around episode 13 or 14 and I think something bad will happen to one of Mr. Queens people. I honestly think it will be the little orphan girl or Hong Yeon but my money is on the little girl and Mr. Queen will be DONE with the Kim’s after that. I already feel like Mr. Queen is aware of the Evil of the Kim family but has been looking the other way because he wants to get back to his time BUT Since he is stuck in So Young and inherited her memories, plus he is getting involved more in court politics, I dont think he will stand by for injustice. You can see that when the Chef was going to be beheaded how he was super worried about it.

    My theories at this point which can be total hogwash..

    Theory 1: Mr. Queen helps defeat and overthrow the Kim Clan except for the Byeong In and Kim Hwan, the only semi -decent Kims we have seen so far. Mr. Queen and CJ fall in love and help rebuild the Kingdom and because of the Queens knowledge of the future, they are able to protect the Monarchy and the Kingdom from invansions, coups, etc.. They will have a happy marriage and child and a prosperous Kingdom… then one day they will have a grandson named Lee Gon who will be able to travel through time (KETM).. like is great great grandmother.. So Young.. Hahahahaha.. Perfect possible ending!!!

    Theory 2
    CJ is able to overthrow the Kim’s but the other clans demand that he depose the Queen and So Young moves far away and only sees the King of special occasions.. Similar to Queen for 7 days ( I still have NOT forgiven the writers for that ending).. Worse possible theory

    I am hoping for a happy ending although it doesnt look to good for our couple but it would suck if they can’t be together.. this is suppose to be a fantasy/comedy.. I need laughter not tears.. the World is in enough pain and pretty much sucks right now everywhere so the least they can do is let our imaginations have fun. So Please give us a happy ending drama writers…..

    • V
      January 11, 2021 / 11:35 am

      So happy you decided to comment on this show Candice! I lve your theories. It would be pretty cool & funny if something like the first theory happened! Hopefully we have a happy ending. Maybe something like the second theory can happen but more like The Crowned Clown ending. I won’t give spoilers but I took it as a happy ending!

    • Vin definn
      January 11, 2021 / 12:30 pm

      Lemme give my ending here too, what if King go to the future, since he’s gonna die young too. Lol… there he will be best buddy with BongHwan, not necessarily a BL. While in Joseon era, after CJ passed away, Queen Cheorin will become Queen Dowager and ByeongIn as her advisor and guardian. Not necessarily in love relationship. Lol… then Concubine Jo will be in exile and Prince YP become her guardian too. Lol…

  7. Anonymous
    January 11, 2021 / 2:27 am

    Tysm for the recap, it is soo good that I can even potray the real scene while I read it. Anyway,
    anyone know what is written on the paper work from all potential royal concubine? Did they declined to become royal concubine? I just guess it from mr queen’s reaction when she read it and throw all the paper

    • Vin definn
      January 11, 2021 / 11:23 am

      I guess whats written only about concubine to-be identity, like name, birthdate, family clan, etc. lol… but the Queen thot she will meet the real person and could pick choose directly (while flirting with them) lol…

    • V
      January 11, 2021 / 11:36 am

      Oh, I don’t know what was son the paperwork. I would love to find out if anyone else knows! I thought it was something similar to information on each family household.

  8. mindeey
    January 15, 2021 / 1:24 pm

    do you know what was written in the letter the King was reading while muttering “the one who makes me happy and sad” i am curious if that’s the letter the hwajin and sobong are talking about in the lake or if it’s just the letter hwa jin sent to him to meet her so she could give the important item to him?

    • V
      January 15, 2021 / 4:26 pm

      Oh, I don’t know. I would have to ask O. He’s the one that does all the translating around here!

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