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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 10 (Part 1)

Time to head back to the castle and see exactly what was going on there while the Queen was gone! But first, the King has to get on up out of the well.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!



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The King lays practically passed out in the bottom of the well. He looks up and sees Hwa Jin at the top. He reaches an arm to her. But it isn’t Hwa Jin, it is the Queen. She wonders what he is doing there and says she will call someone. But he tells her no, no one should know that I am in here! Then he passes out.

Cut to the King laying in the Queens room all passed out. She wonders what he was doing in there. Is it okay to not tell anyone? Will I have a dead body in this room? Hey, are you having a nightmare right now? Wake up!

He mutters Hwa Jin. The Queen dabs his face and says okay, whatever you are imagining. Then she thinks that she should call someone. She starts to leave but he pulls her back and tells her that he had a scary dream. He was a puppet King that could not do anything. He watched the world collapsing and died.

The Queen tells him whatever. She is still in a big hug. He says he just wants to stay like tis for one minute. SO she tells him fine. I will be your Cho Hwa Jin for one minute.



Hwa Jin walks net to the lake wearing all the Queens clothes. Her maid tells her that she is so happy that she became the Queen. Hwa Jin looks at her reflection but it i not her, it is So Yong. She throws in a rock. The person standing becomes So Yong, the person in the reflection becomes Hwa Jin

Hwa Jin wakes up. She has the book and thinks that she should tell everything to the King so that she will not be swayed by her past.

She goes to So Yong’s family home to talk to the Queen but the servant tells her that the King is out with the Queen. The man of the house is also gone so no one is in the house. Hwa Jin goes inside and walks to the well. She removes the top of the well and peers inside. Though she is a bit uncomfortable and turns, however she sees the book inside the well.

It looks like she took it with her. She holds a book close to her and thinks that she can help the King and destroy the Queen, what should I do?


Back in the room with the king and Queen. It looks like the King has been holding the Queen for a long time. He is not letting her go. She tries to move but he pulls her back to him. 

Outside the room, her maid happily comes in with the items to wash her face, takes one look at them and leaves quickly with a smile.

The camera cuts to the two of them sleeping happily with their arms around each other. The Queen wake up first and looks at the King sleeping. She tries to touch his nose but then rolls away. This wakes up the King.

He asks what happened? She tells him, tell me about it, I was about to touch the King. And you were so heavy. It was dangerous.

The King thinks that no book was there and asks the Queen if she rescued him?

Q – You said no one should know. I used all my power. Even spiritual power!

Flashback to her lifting the King onto her back in the well and telling herself that she can do it! I used to lit 150 kilograms! Power is not from muscle, it is from grit and soul! She starts to climb the ladder and grunts.

Q – Why did you go to the well that late?

K – It was too dark, I couldn’t see the well and fell

Q – You can’t see at night? It is difficult to get out of the well

Her father mutters outside, did they wake up? The King mutters for the Queen to come to his side so they sit next to each other. He tells the father to come inside.

Mun-geun comes inside and kneels. He tells him he should have prepared a fancy blanket if he knew he would be here. But So Yong remembers the cold memory of her father at the well locking the King inside.

The King tells him that it is okay, he had a nice time staying there. He does not want to bother him anymore so he is going back to the palace.

Mungeum tells him not to worry, I am here to deliver a letter from the Queen Grandmother.

They all get ready and prepare the procession to go back. The King sits in his carrier. The Queen talks to her father who tells her that the Queen Grandmother sent a letter everyday for her to go back. The Queen tells him that the palace does not run properly without her there.

Her father tells her to think of her role in the palace and holds her hand. She tells him yes and pulls his hand away. he wishes them a safe trip and tells the King to please take good care of the Queen. 

He tells the father that he will make sure they won’t be lonely in the palace.

They head out together in the same carriage. 

Q – (Even though he pretends like he is the best father in the world, he is a greedy guy that uses his daughter as a tool. he married his daughter to the guy he tried to kill? that is why he tried to kill So Yong.)

She looks at the King.

Q – Why do you look like you lost the country?

K – it is not about losing the country

Q – What did you lose?

K – Today is the day that you are going back to the palace. I look very happy.

Q – Okay, okay, whatever

Q – (Now my bloody revenge starts. But I have a feeling of feelings that I am not remembering something very important. I ha a very important mission.)

As they walk, all the girls think that the King is so handsome. The Queen sees them and waves happily at them. She thinks, appointing the concubines! I forgot about that!


When they get to the palace, the Queen pushes the concubine out of the way and runs to her place with Yeon.

The King wonders what the Queen is doing, but Hong comes up and tells him they should go. They walk to the Kings room and asks if he found the book. The King said it disappeared. Yang Pyung asks if he thinks the Queen’s father hid it?

The King tells him it wasn’t like that. He didn’t have any change in his attitude the entire time he was there. The Kings father is not good at hiding his emotions. YP thinks the masked guy could have taken it. if Jwa Gun has it then the book does not exist anymore.

Hong thinks that book is secretive so the Queens father can’t tell anyone that he lost it. He will be suffering alone. The King thinks that the Queens father will try and find the book in person so follow him.

Hong thinks that the book has ended, why don’t we give up on that? The King tells him that without the book, their mission has ended. I can’t give up this easily.


Choi trains new servants to always thinks that the Queen is here so have your manners. Then the Queen shows up and blasts by Choi without a hug. Choi is so happy to see her though is sad she didn’t get a hug and mutters, I missed you.

The Queen tells them to gather all the of age girls. She will appoint the concubines. But that is an excuse, she really wants to see their family registries. She stands and says that she is looking forward to this. She will merge So Yong’s memory and Bong-hwan’s soul and be the perfect cosplay Queen.

She meets the Queen grandmother and greets her. The Queen grandmother tells her that she thinks she is a little different. What has changed?

Q – After visiting my fathers house, I remember things

G – That is good! 

Q – Sorry to make you worry. I am very thankful that you understood me. I will work hard as the Queen to cover up what I haven’t done.

G – Would you like to start with things that are in a hurry first?

Q – (I know, I know)

Q – Yes, to take care of that, I came back as soon as possibly after recovering.

G – Good, Queen.

Q – I left the palace for only a few days but I worried about it so much.

They say back and forth LETS – START – RIGHT – NOW – AS – QUEEN


Cut to So Yong in the kitchen. She mutters, this isn’t what I was thinking of and looks at all the cooks who are waiting by her side. The head chef tells her, let’s please have a good lesson today.

Q – (I have to be irreplaceable but I have to leak my skills?)

Q – i am not good enough to teach someone yet.

She starts to leave but the cooks lock arms to stop her. The chef starts to sharpen his knives and tells her that she can come in with her own will but she can’t go out. He smiles.


Hwa Jin looks at the lake. Her maids wait for her. One of them tells her that the King came back. Would you like to visit him first? She tells her no and happily walks away with the maid.

Back in the kitchen, the Queen barks orders to the chef. Too Much fire! No, not enough fire! Hey, are you angry with me! The chef tells her NoOoOo I just want to learn. When are you going to teach me how to cook?

Q – You know how the kitchen works. Even in a Chinese restaurant you peel a lot of onions in the beginning.

Chef – But I spent thirty years in the kitchen! I was head chef for twelve years.

Q – Why are you so detailed? Why don’t you count days as well? Ah, you do not have a good attitude as a student. Okay, I am not doing it.


He blows into the fire. The Queen tells him to open it and starts to stir the pot. But looks over her shoulder at the chef.

Q – Are you peeing! You are an industrial spy! 

Chef – I am just seeing if the fire is working.

Q – You don’t need to check, I will check, don’t cross the line.

The Queen stirs and thinks, Gukbap, (rice and soup) is soul food for commoners. For Nobles, gomtang (bone soup) is soul food. Consommé sauce (a French sauce?) should be added and egg and stir.

The chef writes in his notebook to add egg white, that is strange. But he is into it.

The eunuch comes in and gives her stirring device that she asked for, which is a whisk, and says that food moves the soul.

They all watch as they finishes the meal off. She puts a nice foam on top and asks if the carrier is ready. then tells the carriers that, if the bubble dies, you die. Okay? Be careful with the safety and the speed. Now run!

They hurry off. The Queen mutters that the taste you are used to is a scary thing. Then the little girl that visits the kitchen comes running up. She gives her a big hug and says she was so afraid to not see her again (but she is using modern words now).

Q – Ah, this Queen will get punished since I made you worry. I am sorry!

She gives her a big hug.


The Queen Grandmother sees her food and does not know what to make of it. Did she put gukbap in my meal? There is a rule that rice and soup should be separated! How dare rice and soup be together like a commoner!

The maid asks, should I take it back? The Queen Grandmother yells YES! But then her stomach growls. She is too hungry so she says that the Queen put in a lot of effort so I will taste it first.

She takes a spoonful and licks it.

Elsewhere, the chef goes to the bamboo forest and walks around. he thinks, I counted the days I spent in the Royal Kitchen I lived my life with that pride. But I became the bottom person who makes the fire? It is all because of the Queen. It is not like I am bad. But the Queen is wickedly good.

He takes a deep breath and screams but Choi screams at the same time so he thinks his voice is off? He clears his throat and does it again. Choi screams at the same time. So he looks around and sees Choi. They both nod at each other and start to Yell. The chef super duper curses. Which makes him feel really good.

But he turns to the court lady Choi who moves like a ghost to him and tells him, I am not that bad. The chef says that the Queen gives him such a hard time so he goes crazy. I have to blow on the fire.

She slaps him in his mouth but she thought he was trying to kiss her. He says that wasn’t it! She tells him to go away! He stops and says he is sorry, then walks away. Choi sighs and thinks that she can’t talk bad about the Queen anymore. She doesn’t want to be at the same level as the chef. But I need to o something to relieve my stress.

She pulls out the sexy drawing of the muscled man and looks at it. But the man turns into the chef, lol. And he puckers up a kiss. She drops it and yells, how is he in there! She looks at the chef walking away, he dusts off his leg, she yells, No no no no! He pushes his hips out to grab a tree. She yells no no! And stomps on the drawing telescope.



The Queen is announced at the Queen Grandmothers room. She comes in. But the food is all not eaten. So she thinks that she messed up, there is not soul so soul food does not work.

Q – Your highness, I left the kitchen a little bit so my skill is rusty.

The Queen Grandmother turns around. She has rice on her face unknowingly.

G – i know this taste but I don’t know this taste. Your cooking skill is scary. You attacked an old memory that I did not remember.

She thinks about being a kid and eating this food with her mother.

G – Omoni…

Q – (ha…)

Maid – You have a rice…*tries to remove it*

G – How dare you! *eats the rice* But how can you keep this good skill on your own. The head chef is not good enough to teach?

Q – He is an annoying Boomer.

G – Then I will fire him! The cyanide thing happened anyway.

Q – Cyanide?

G – You didn’t know? The reason you were half dead was because you were poisoned in the kitchen.

Q – (poisoned? But if it was poison then I shouldn’t be this okay so quickly)

Q – Even though the head chef is an annoying Boomer – [they use the word Bondae which is an old person who tells you all that they know and thinks they only do things right and proper] – you should not let him lose his job.

G – What? Job? I am going to execute him.

Q – *um*


Meanwhile, the King is thinking at the lake about the book. He wants to know where it is and why someone took it. Will it be poison for us or good for us?

The Queen is also walking around outside She tries to tell herself that she does not care if the head chef loses his head or not. She keeps telling me to teach the head chef her cooking secrets but taking down the King is not a joke. It is not the time to think about Gondae (the Boomer). My life is in danger.

She sees the King at the lake and yells, Ah, Chol Jong! 

The eunuch tells the King that the Queen is here. 

She walks up quickly and bows to him like a real Queen

K – What are you doing?!

Q – I heard that royal women in the palace should walk like this. I am the perfect Queen.

K – Who told you that?

Q – Court lady Choi told me. It isn’t like this?

K – I mean, who is the perfect Queen?

Q – I am the one…as you see.

K – Uhhh, I am scared. Just do what you always do.

Q – Anyway, what kind of woman do you like Sexy, cute, innocent?

K – What are you talking about?

Q – I am going to pick a few concubines with the Queen grandmothers order. It is the concubine but I want to add your own flavor.

K – Concubine?

Q – (Look at this guy, he shows his real self like this)

K – That is a good idea! *takes her hands*

Hwa Jin happily runs up to the lake with possibly the book all wrapped up. But she sees the King and Queen together holding hands. She is not happy about that.

The King lets go of the Queens hands and apologizes, He doesn’t see Hwa Jin.

Q – Don’t think that the concubines are yours. That is old fashioned primitive thinking. You do  not own the concubine.

K – Okay, that is a good thing you said. What you mean is–

Q – They are mine, okay? Never come to the concubine place. You have Hwa Jin.

K – Oh, okay, but I have a condition.

Q – What what?

K – It is okay *leans in and whispers* I pick the family

Q – No! I care about the face value more than the family value!

K – then I will have to tell the Queen grandmother that we do not have to pick any concubines.

Q – Fine. But we have No Touchy on each others territories. I will pick the face and you will pick the family.

K – Yes, you are really my anti-fan. I worry about you a lot but I have a way now. *smiles*

Q – Don’t smile. You are banned from smiling or holding my hand like that or laying down next to me!

She points a finger at him.

K – That is all banned?

Q – Yes, that is all banned! Banned!

She huffs and walks away muttering, ah, my heart! Let’s go!

He looks at her walking away and mutters, that is the Queen.

Hwa Jin’s maid asks her, would you like to go to the King? Hwa Jin tells her that she will go back.


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