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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 9

Live Recap for episode 9 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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That kiss last episode was one picturesque affair. I loved everything about it. Too bad our poor boy Sang-su was watching along. I really see no competition with Sang-su and Myung-ho. Myung-ho is better in every sing way. Outside of looks, he is also kind, understanding, caring, ranks higher, is trustworthy, has mounds of integrity, defends JO, and openly expresses himself to her. SS needs to get on the come up bus if he hope to stand a chance with that. I’m rooting for him.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

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Airing Time: April 7th, 21:00 Seoul
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SS pulls two bicycles with him along a path. Then he looks out in the distance and stops. He sees JO blowing bubbles with MH on a bridge and he leans in and kisses her on the cheek.

MH – I should have told you I like you right.
JO – Is that so, would you like to walk?
MH – Okay

SS watches this for a moment and then turns and heads back. But he sees HR eating a popscicle and watching this as well. She calls him poor guy and then sees a lot of the other officers coming on bikes. She tells them to turn back because those two are kissing, and she pushes them away.

But SS just turns back and yells for JO to ride a bike with him. He yells it several times.

Meanwhile all the higher up officers are watching this from the balcony and cheerin and laughing. Then call SS a dumbhead and a poor guy and just laughing at the youths. It’s a funny moment. SS keeps yelling for JO to ride a bike with her.

He gets his way though because we cut to JO and SS riding bikes together. But JO is thinking about the kiss and smiling. She goes faster than SS and tells him to ride faster. He starts peddling and passes her, like really passes her and she tells him to slow down, let’s go together.

SS goes back and gives JO something to drink. She calls him a warm guy and takes a sip. He fixes her shoe string and she rubs his head and calls him a really warm guy, but he swats her hand away and starts riding his bike again. She wodnres why he is like that and calls after him, but she has to catch up.

Back at the house, it’s nightime and SS is just drinking beer by himself. JO wonders what is wrong with him. HR tells JO that SS saw MH kiss her. But then she finds out that everyone probably saw it. MH is also a little embarrassed to be with her and has a smile on his face as he sits with the fellas inside while JO and HR sit outside.

Inside, the mentors all talk about the promise they made. But they don’t talk about the promise. YC calls his daughter, but she doesn’t pick up.

Cut back to Seoul. There are a lot of ambulances going by YC’s house. His appa is outside in the fields gardening. YC asks his appa what happened and his appa says that someone died, an ajusshi. YC drinks some makguli and wonders why he died, did he have a heartache? Then he tells him father not to destroy what he planted. His father sits and says he isn’t sure if he can harvest it, so there is no reason to take care of it. The father pours the makgoli and the ground. It looks like he feels bad that the ajusshi died.

YC pours a drink for his father and tells him that he isn’t drinking, he doesn’t get treatment for his leg, does he just want to die? But the father doesn’t respond. It turns out that the ajussihi died by suicide with carbon dioxide. He died smiling, that is what everyone said. It looked comfortable. He was old enough to die, no regrets.

YC tells him not to talk about those things. When someone is old enough, then they will die with age. Why speed it up with poison? YC goes over to the garden where his father dug up the plants and says that he is just putting it back, it is not about you, I just want it to live for as long as it can live. he looks back at his appa and then keeps fixing the plants.
SS cleans his home as his mother cooks. The mother finishes and tells SS to go tell JO and HR that they can all eat together. He agrees and goes upstairs to tell them. He also cleans their room for them and HR and JO make kimchi (or something similar). But they get into an argument about SS and HR being a good pair and the mood of the room and SS and JO and how their friendship can be destroyed.

HR leaves and JO asks SS if he likes her. He tells her that he told her that he likes her. JO says he is her only friend. SS goes to the sink and pours himself some water. He says, not a man? She says, yes. He tells her that he can go his way and she can go her way. He will like her in his own way, but she needs money and a promotion, not a man. She tells him not to like her more than a friend, it will hurt him.

KM meets the bad cop at a cafe. It looks like they meet just to chat, but KM secretly takes a picture of the bad cops car and sends it to JM. But he hides his phone as soon as the bad cop sits at the table with the coffee. Then JM calls and KM answers. The bad cop looks nervous. JM cant talk at the moment though because they are on a case with a murderer. It is a sexual violence case and it might be a serial murder case. It is a highschool girl, she is in the hospital now.

Then we cut to another scene. JM says that HS about the trafficking case. They check the policemans car and they check the CCTV. It looks like the bad cop might be gambling illegally. But it also looks like this case can potentially be big because a lot of police might be involved.

YC goes into the side room where all the cops are. There isn’t a second chance to catch them so they need to act now. YC wants to know what is going on but they want to hide this case from YC since his previous mentee is involved. KM yells at YC about stop being nosey. YC leaves. But then HS says that if YC knows about this case then he will kill that other cop. He made YC get demoted to that he could become the team leader and get money from the illegal gambling ring.

Then HS grumbles and holds his belly. KM tells him to stop drinking so much and HS grumbles that he drank with him.

The girl from the earlier case is about to go into surgery. JM goes to the hospital to see about her.

HR and SS talk about JO. SS doesn’t want to give up on JO because she likes him and MH at the same time. BJM comes in and says that they shouldn’t bother MH, he hasn’t dated a woman in a long time, so leave him alone. they say that MH used to have a girlfriend, she was a police officer like them, but she died on duty. MH came back not so long ago, that is why his rank is lower than them. He feels sorry to SS, but he supports MH. SS is still young, he can meet plenty of girls.

NI comes in as well and so does MH, they start to talk about the inspection. But they are mostly just joking about it and calling each other hyung-nim. NI and BJM leave, SS and MH are alone. MH tells SS about JO, but SS says he doesn’t have to tell anything to him. Or be sorry to him, but he won’t tell him good luck either. And they shouldn’t make JO uncomfortable either. MH calls SS sunbae and SS calls him Corporal Choi Myung-ho. He likes that.

A lot of small cases come in at once. There is a case about someone taking pictures secretly, another other one about loud sound, another one about selling cigarrettes to underage kids, one about a drunk man hitting his wife…. they wonder why they are so busy all of a sudden, what is everyone else doing?

YC is with SS in the police car. YC comments about how SS isnt’ talkinga lot, is it about JO? (Wow, everyone really knows). SS says if he was a woman then he would pick Myung-ho as well, he is handsome and from a good family and maybe ownes his own house as well. But I might not even have a chane to get married unless I’m rich. YC calls him a crazy guy. But he gives him some advice, if JO likes MH only for his family and education then he should throw away JO.

But then YC sees something on the street and feels something. But they keep driving.

Cut to a halabogi buying cigarrettes at a convenience store. It looks like he buys cigarretes for little kids so he can make a little money. We see the halabogi giving some high school kids the ciggarettes, and he gets busted by the duty officers. HR and SB bust them and tell themt hat they need to go to the station together. One of the kids is a brat and says that they should just let them go. His father will kill him. Then he spits in HR’s face. SB pulls her out of the way and yells at the boy. How can you spit on a policeofficer! I will call your father! He pulls out his phone.

The boy pushes SB and tries to run away but HR grabs him and handcuffs him. It looks like SB might be a little bit more injured though, he is holding his belly.

Then we go to the spousal abuse case. The officers have the husband by the arms and basically drag him to the car becasue the husband is resisting and yelling and hopping around. They put him in the car and wait for him to calm down. SS and NI are outside with the husband.

Inside the house are YC and JO. It looks like the woman doesn’t want to charge her husband becasue he is only bad when he drinks. However, he drinks everyday. JO doesn’t want to let it go, what if he hit their kids? But the mother says that her kids are fine, he only hits her. JO keeps going back and forth with the woman until YC tells her to leave.
SS gives the woman a booklet on family violence, that is all they can do. They go outside and SS asks JO if getting angry is the only thing she can do as an officer? they will stay in the area for a moment until the husband calms down some more. But then they see two girls walking up to the house. they dont’ go inside though, they just wait outside. One of them looks at the police car and JO looks back at her and then pulls the car out in reverse.

MH and HP are on another case. It looks like they want to trap the police officer who is gambling.

Back at the station, all the parents come to the station to get their high school kids who were smoking. SB tell the kid that hit him not to do it anymore. Also, threatening other kids is a big issue as well. the father gets in the car with his son and starts hitting his son over and over again. The boy gets out and runs away. HR and SB just shake their heads, HR says that is a bad family and SB tells her to just ignore it.

MS comes out and tells SB that the grandfather is a retirey from a large company. SB tells him, so what? i am also about to retire also. Then he goes and sits on the bench. He sees the grandfather driven away in a police car. The high school kid comes back and yells at SB, I told you not to tell my father! SB just sighs.

Meanwhile, YC and SB might have gotten into a fight on another case. they get back into their car and SS has some new scars and scratches on him which he is nursing. YC gets a call from HS and YC basically starts yelling at HS. Why are you hiding these things from me! We were al all alone today fighting all the drunk guys! Is it because you hate me! Then fire me! Dont’ make things so complicated!

YC is so upset that he gets out of the car and leaves the phone. SS starts talking to them. they tell him that he did a good job today, they will add to his point – . But SS just hangs up the phone on them (I think MH told him that).

But then things get serious as we cut back to the illegal gambling case. Several people go into the building including the bad cop. But they have to wait because they need to have evidence of gambling. So they need to wait until they think the men have started gambling. So they wait.

YC and SS get another case which might be a big case. They take off toward it.
YC explains a violence case to the speaker and tells them that they are going there. It looks like there is a sexual predator around. NI and JO might be on this case as well. Both teams are getting orders from headquarters. they need to go straight to the building before the matter gets worse. This case is something like, the perp knew the password and just went inside the room, something like that.

SS, YC, and JO break into the room and stop the man right in the act of being on top of a woman. He hit her several times and he also has a leg guard on his leg. They call an ambulance for the woman. JO turns around and shoots the perpetrator in the leg with the taser. SS and YC look at her like…what???

JO says that it looked like he would charge the victim to her. YC says, it looks like he would charge her as well, she did a good job. But SS is still shocked. YC takes the man out over his shoulder. SS says that he will stand in front of the door until JM comes. JO sits on the bed and tells JO that nothing happened, you know that right, we came here quickly. The woman says that she doens’t want this to get out because she is getting married soon. JO tells her that they wont tell anyone, including their family members. If you want, this an not happen at all. Don’t say anything, 911 (119) is coming soon.

SB is walking down the street when a motorcycle come out. It runs by SB and hits him in the head. Then it comes back and hits him again. There are two people on the bike. SB was calling “My Last Trainee” which is HR.

Cut to JO and SS talking in the car. JO says that she hated the mother refusing help and the violent husband that thinks his kids are safe. She wasn’t confident in raising her kids by herself and the kids couldn’t go home because appa was home. For them, their appa is just a violent crime person. They can’t call the police because of their mother because they think that listening to their mother is being on her side. I was like that before. I should have protected myself. I was too busy worrying about my mom, I couldn’t do anything. Before, the woman we rescued was worried more about how her fiance would see her, not herself. Isn’t that so sad, the victims worry more about others and not themselves.

SS says that is true and sad…..until now, I thought you wanted to date people with their rank and money and family, but actually I was about to dump you. But you have deep thought so I will continue to like you.

She gets out and gets in the other car, then she rolls down the window and says that he will get hurt. He tells her that he will meet other women as well, but he still likes her.

their mentors get in the car. YC tells SS that he is digging his own grave, just forget about her. SS basically tells him to mind his own business and they drive off.
KM tells the polcie to focus on the big guys and let all the small fish go. MH, KM, and HP go inside. KM knocks on the door in plain clothing and asks the man to remove his car please? When the man opens the door, KM bursts in and MH and HP come in with their tasers. they tell everyone inside to not move and who is the owner of the sauna! Someone raises his hand and says that they are only doing small time gambling, it is only small time. But they all look so suspicious.

the police start to walk around and talk to the men in the room. he asks them where the real money is, is it in the car? the owner rages and yells at them, sure, lets go to the police station! I gambled with tiny money! if you can’t find the money then you are dead!

they arrest and handcuff him becasue he is yelling and aggressive toward them. Then they think that their are 4 tables, but 3 people gambling, so where is the other guy? 7 people came in….

KM starts looking around and opeing all the doors. One guy came out, so that makes 6…..there are two people missing.

But then they see a blood spot on one of the peoples shoes. Everyone gets serious. Then KM sees a baseball bat with blood on it. And one of the doors is locked. He says, I think the two missing guys are here! And he starts breaking the door open with the bat.

Inside, there is a bloodied man who is bound, his mouth is taped. MH calls it in. KM yells, where is Lee Joo-young! But YC hears this becasue MH is calling in the case at the same time. YC has SS pull over the car, then pulls SS out and takes off in the car by himself.

He blares the siren and looks pissed.

Fade Out

SB is okay, but he is beaten up.
YC’s mother might have finally passed away
They found the bad cop in the gambling room.

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  1. PakalanaPikake
    April 7, 2018 / 11:50 pm

    Thanks for the recap, V!

    Another action-packed episode. It started out quietly with the continuation of the police Membership Training at that lovely lake as Myung-ho and Jung-o blow bubbles by the pussy willows and Sang-soo morphs into Lance Armstrong. It winds up with the gambling bust and Yang-shon driving like a bat out of hell. Along the way we learn that Myung-ho’s girlfriend was killed in the line of duty, and are confronted with Sam-bo getting beaten up by a pair of bikers. Is one of them that obnoxious teenager who was busted for underage purchase of cigarettes through an elderly proxy? It’s possible that he’s put away so many crooks in his career that any number of them could be hunting him.

    Things aren’t looking too good for Yang-chon’s father, who seems to be a small-scale farmer or maybe a market gardener. Was he digging up the lettuce because he didn’t expect to live long enough to harvest it? He seems to be losing the will to live, and frankly doesn’t look too healthy.

    It seems that fences have been mended between Nam-il, Min-seok, and Jong-min. Even Sang-soo is letting bygones be bygones with Myung-ho. Yang-chon is still Yang-chon. Maybe those MT retreats actually do some good after all.

    This episode (like all the others) grabbed my attention and didn’t let up. Bravo, Show!

    • V
      April 8, 2018 / 10:10 am

      Right now I’m really worried for our fearless leader Han-sol. That stomach issue is concerning.

      • PakalanaPikake
        April 9, 2018 / 5:45 am

        I’ve been noticing that Han-sol’s plumbing is bothering him, too. Maybe it’s related to his having been knifed in the gut when Yang-chon was his junior partner. It could also be related to stress or excessive drinking.

        Someone else seems to have gut issues. It might be Sam-bo.

        • V
          April 9, 2018 / 7:25 am

          I really hope it is related to the knife wound/scar tissue and not something extra serious.

          • PakalanaPikake
            April 12, 2018 / 9:52 pm

            Methinks adhesions from Han-sol’s having been gut-stabbed would be better than some of the alternatives I can think of, which range from various cancers of the GI tract to bleeding ulcers. Given the amount of soju he puts away, bleeding esophageal varices are a worrisome possibility as well.

            After another rewatch, I confirmed that Sam-bo seemed to have abdominal pain before the bikers kicked the stuffing out of him.

            • V
              April 13, 2018 / 3:38 am

              Oh no! All of them probably have some alcohol related something going on.

  2. PakalanaPikake
    April 12, 2018 / 10:37 pm

    We got to see how Jung-o drew upon her own real-life experience in dealing with several cases. In the home invasion and sexual assault incident, she assured the victim that her privacy would be preserved when the woman worried how her fiancee would react. I’m willing to bet that young Jung-o had begged Jang-mi to keep her own close call secret from her mother, whose precarious emotional state was volatile enough. Perhaps having met a single adult who took her seriously and understood her situation was what kept Jung-o from rebelling and getting into deep trouble.

    In the spousal abuse case, Jung-o was concerned that the family’s two daughters were at risk because their father’s daily drinking and rampaging made them reluctant to go home. In attempting to be loyal to their suffering mother, they put themselves at risk. It drove Jung-o to attempt to advocate on their behalf. I’m willing to bet that her attempts to avoid her own mother’s volatile emotions led to her becoming entangled with the prostitution ring from which Jang-mi rescued her.

    I’m also reminded of the domestic violence to which Sang-soo was exposed as a child. Although his mother is no longer out of control, she drunkenly beat both him and his hyung upside the head after their father died. I think that’s one of the reasons why he shied away from Jung-o when she patted him on the head during their bike ride. (As if learning that he’s been consigned to the friend zone in apparent favor of Myung-ho weren’t upsetting enough.) Until I see the episode with subtitles tomorrow, I won’t know for sure.

    • V
      April 13, 2018 / 3:42 am

      It seems like that might be the case with Jung-oh and Jang-mi. Jang-mi looked pleased that Jung-oh grew up well, so she must have run into her when she was a child on a case.

      I definitely cannot have their jobs.

      • PakalanaPikake
        April 13, 2018 / 7:35 pm

        Jang-mi did indeed run into Jung-o when she was young. She was the schoolgirl in uniform hiding outside the back door of the abandoned illegal brothel/abortion mill in the flashback following their discovery of the foreign woman who was left behind by the traffickers in the present day. Apparently Jung-o had a close call. Later she and Jang-mi acknowledged having crossed paths years earlier.

        • V
          April 13, 2018 / 8:19 pm

          Ah! I missed that. I cover my eyes so often in this show.

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