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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 8

Live Recap for episode 8 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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It looks like we are building toward solving a big case. I see a few awards in the future for our local police squad. JO is turning into quite and asset. But Hae-ri and Sang-su are still struggling trying to find where they fit. It’s nice to see those two getting along better with their mentors, though.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

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Airing Time: April 1st, 21:00 Seoul
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YC looks at photos on his phone. It looks like the bad guy is taking good care of the dead wife’s family.

Everyone is in the locker room talking about going on a group trip. Most of them are sleep on the floor. It is a membership training trip. Seems like the older people want to go, but the younger people don’t.

YC says some people have injuries and they don’t like it each other so I don’t want to go. HS tells him that is the exact reason that they should go. This meeting will be rival vs rival MT meeting.

JO is on the case walking down the street. She is pretending like she is just walking around like a normal duty officer and not that she is looking for something in particular.

Two men get out of a van and start following JO. She stops and turns to confront them. She asks them, did something happen? Can I help you with something? They stop and tell her that nothing is the matter, go on your way.

NI comes around the corner at that moment and tells her to come this way. they leave together and the two thugs look at each other.

NI reminds JO not to act, just patrol around for now. JM and the undercover cops are working with JO and NI in an undercover van. They are watching all the CCTV.

HR meets with someone, a high school student? They are both in a convenience store shopping, but they aren’t getting along well.

SS meets with the boy who stabbed him. the boy yells at him and says that SS ruined them. SS tells him that his sister getting money from old men doesn’t mean that you can stab an officer. Getting hit and other things doesn’t mean you can stab someone. Stop bragging about yourself, I text you the government support information. You are too young to ditch all the old people. You don’t know how hard my life was. You were scared when you cut me, so when you get out, I will buy a meal for you.

SS leaves and the sister comes back in with a popcicle. Ah, this is the girl HR was with. The brother asks her where the money was from and she non chalantly says that the police got it for her. He throws his head back and growns.

The girls are on the move. All the women come out of the house and hop in one van. JM calls NI and JO, she tells him that a black van will pass by, don’t stop them, just let them go. She tells them this two times. Just let the car go.

As the car drives by JO, one of the thugs tells the women to be quiet.

Cut to JM running outside and talking to someone. She called MH and told him all the information about the van. MH is in a patrol car with HP, they find the car and say the direction the van is moving. But they drive in front of the car, not behind it. MH asks for help from all the police cars in the area.

At the same time, JM, JO, and another detective go inside the house. it is dark inside and they all have their guns drawn. JO has her taser drawn. There is a surgery room in this house that JO finds first. Then she hears a sound, it sounds like a womans voice. JO opens a curtain and sees a woman there. The woman asks her to help her. JO looks scared and assured as she looks at this woman with tears.

Meanwhile, the police cars all converge on the van. MH gets out with his gun pulled. the man on the inside tells the other to pack his tools. The two thugs hop out with axes like they are about to fight them. But theyse e that there are too many of the police around with sirens announcing more on the way. They throw their axes on the floor and surrender.

MH opens the door and sees all the women and the little boy. One of the thugs says that they wanted it. MH starts punching him over and over again. Uh, oh.

JM calls for help and says that she has a woman who had an illegal abortion. They need help. the other officer says they had more than 20 (30) women living there. Maybe they will come again. Then they see hear a man running away. Everyone chases them but NI stays to protect the woman.

JO and JM chase the thug and try to keep following one of them. JO runs around the corner and cuts the thug off. They all fight, JO and JM manage to knock the thug out. But in the process JM gets punched hard in the face. JO handcuffs the thug and then lays on the ground exhausted.
Then we cut to JO dressing JM’s wounds in the locker room. They don’t talk as JO applies ointment and antibiotics on JM’s back. Then JM gets a flashback of when she was a younger police officer.

JM found a trafficking ring when she was younger. It looks like she was the only one on the case.

JM tells JO that NI will take care of what is going on. If she can’t take rest, then she can use her as an excuse. You run well, it was fun moving with you as a team. See you later. JO tells her that she is the same, even though time passed a lot. JM tells her that she doesn’t know, she is old…leave. JM sits and starts patting her busted lip. JO leaves and JM looks at the door.

MH meets with JO and tells her that he won’t go to work today because he punched someone. Would you like to go somewhere together? Let’s go out.

they go outside and sit on a bench. MH starts to play a song on his phone and then tells JO that she shouldn’t think about all the bad guys in the world. It is just that they caught bad guys. JO says, we catch bad guys and help women in trouble, I will only think that. MH tells her, good, Jung-oh.

It looks like there was an altercation somewhere. SOme people got into a fight and the police officers show up to handle it. But the man is yelling, it is the other guys fault! he doesn’t want to get into the police car. The halbae says a conman took all his money but the polcie say, that is not a reason to hit people.

NI goes inside and gets more work to do as everyone else leaves. NI will take over the conman case. NI goes into the building to look for the victim/conman. But he hops out the window and runs away! NI and BJM have to run after him. It looks like the conman told the cops his leg broke, but it was all a fake out. they call for back up.

But we cut to the polcie station with the three officers standing in front of KM and HS. He tells them that the conman is a super big conman. he stole over 2million dollars. So, who is going to be responsible for him? MS says they aren’t responsible. All three basically say the same thing. HS tells them that all three of them will go to inspection.

HS leaves and KM tells the three that they need to go soothe the victims. they need to be practical about it. One person can go to inspection. Inspection isn’t difficult, but the punishment is severe. NI apologizes but says he shouldn’t be the guy for inspection. KM cuts him off and yells that he needs to talk with the other two!

HS comes back in. The other station caught the conman. He asks who will be in the inspection and KM tells him that the three will decide. HS leaves again and KM looks at his phone. He calls JM.
He is concerned about her because he heard about her injury.

the three officers quietly argue about who is responsible. They decide that BJM will take responsibility. He says, fine, he will get the inspection. I thought I would be the one because you two have no loyalty. When their friend went to inspection and left, they just sent a text message to him and said bye.

MS yells at him, he has a baby coming! Why should he get punished! BJM says he is getting married, his inlaws already don’t like that he is a poor cop. being under inspection will make things worse. Then BJM tells NI to be rich all by himself. NI takes it and gets a call. He tells the caller that he will go home soon. But it looks like some bad news came? He will be a dad again and maybe they can’t afford another kid. He thinks that everything is his fault.

Halabogi comes to JM’s home. YC is sleeping on the couch and the son is eating breakfast. The daughter comes out and tells Halabogi that she will do the dishes, he can relax on the couch. Then YC comes in and asks the daughter who she was out drinking with. Who is that guy? Does he have a job?

He notices she has a bruise on her arm and asks what happened. She says she just got it playing with her friend. The daughter leaves annoyed at the father and everyone looks at YC. Halabogi tells his son to shut up, this is her first birhtday after her parents died. YC asks his son how he feels about the divorce. The son says the divorce is fine, but he doens’t like it when he yells at his sister. But YC just says he cares about the sister too.

Then YC sees JM getting a gift in the parking lot from KM. The brother tells YC that they are just friends, don’t say anything about it or she will hate you. I’m off to school.

Outside, KM tells JM that she is done with YC, so can she consider him more seriously? JM is curious, are you still into me? KM says he told his parents that he might date her again. And he told his brother to not matter in his life. JM tells KM that she still likes YC, but if he knows it then he will give her some trouble, so it is better to be alone now.

the son comes out and asks who this guy is. Then he asks for some pocket money. But KM pulls out some money for him, lol. YC says he will kill his sone if he takes that money. The kid says he wants money from his mother. Then he gives her a kiss. the son leaves to school and KM tells JM, congratulations on your divorce.

KM walks away and talks to someone on the phone. It seems like he is from a good family and his brothers are all diplomats or judges possibly. KM talks to someone and says it is a little suspicious. Ah, he is talking to JM, lol. JM says, if YC knows that his trainee is involved in this bad case, then he will go crazy. So it looks like they know that the bad guy is in volved in sex trafficking, but don’t tell YC.

YC is eating with them and wonders what that was about. YC brought some gorgeous flowers for JM and he wants to feed her some rice. But she doens’t look up. She does notice the flowers though. the daughter tells her, happy birthday warmly and she will wash the dishes.

YC decides this is the perfect time to look into her phone. He tries several passwords, but none of them work and he has to wait 30 seconds. he pulls out his KaTalk and looks up his daughter. It looks like her profile image has a picture of her and her boyfriend.

Outside on the rooftop, JM and halabogi fly a kite together.

Cut to Halabogi caring for his wife at the nursing home. Her back is going rotten because she is lying in bed all the time. He tells her to just die, what is the point of laying in bed like this? He looks at the machine…maybe he is thinking of turning it off?
they finally go on this training excursion. They are possibly deep in the woods at a house? HS is super happy to be there and does a little jig as he goes into the house. But everyone is gloomy about the inspection. BJM rubs in in and says they have no loyalty. NI tells him that, if he really wants to be loyal then he shouldn’t brag about it.

YC says HS got stabbed for him, but he didn’t brag about it. He hates a lot of things, but fighting policemen without loyalty…. (they keep arguing). The three fight about taking the inspection, now they all want it.

MH tells MS everything will be cancelled when he gets a medal. I will help you. They slap hands and help each other stand.

In the kitchen (another house?), everyone starts to prepare all the food. JO, HR, and SS are there as well. MH used to be a runner in school, so everyone talks about that for a moment. They talk about how he is great, but one of them says he has a story.

then they get a text letting them know that MS will go to the inspection.

Cut to a warm up? the policemen are on a school track and soccer field. Everyone starts competing in school yard activities like running with a baton. KM and YC challenge each other and take off running. They are each other a mission to win. While running, YC thinks about KM giving his wife a present and telling her congratualtions for divorcing YC. The “all for you” music plays as they keep running. YC turns on the after burners and beats KM. He hands over the baton to the next group.

KM and YC sit on the bleachers to rest. YC says he is no match for him. KM tells him that he hoped he would be happy with JM. The day he was going to propose to her, you knelt and cried, I will make JM the happiest woman in the world! But now you divorce her?

YC wonders if KM gave up on JM because of him. KM says he gave up on JM because he was a mamas boy, he was cool back then, as a man and a colleague, but not now.

SS is about to compete with MH. They take off running and SS yells, JO, look at me winning! JO says, whoever wins will be my man!

SS runs hard and beats MH. JO cheers and they all hug each other. MH tells them that they are too close. In the corner, we see a trainie giving NI a letter. he reads it, but we don’t know what it says.

Inside. It is soccer-volleball-tennis time. KM tells his team that he does not want to lose to YC, if they win then he will buy all the drinks! This game is mentors vs trainees. they start playing soccer-tennis and cheering for each other. Even more music starts playing. These scenes have great music.

YC gets hit in the face with the ball and everyone cheers, lol. His nose even starts bleeding. KM is so happy, he is the one that hit the ball, lol!

They keep playing.

MH and SO are a bit competitive as they hit the ball back and forth. But then it is time to get serious, they are almost at the end of the game. the first one to 30 wins and it is tied 29-29.

The mentors win! They go crazy and the trainees are bummed. JO clapps for them, but she is the only one.

Afterwards everyone relaxes and drinks at the house as if this is the Fourth of July. The tranees talk, HS says that Nam-il will get the inspection. He just told him to get it. YC looks at KM singing karaoke and SS looks at MH. It loks like MH is looking for JO.

The note from before says that MS shouldn’t get the inspection, NI should get the inspection. They always help him when he has problems. he is the one that is always gone somewhere. Flashback of all the times NI isn’t around. MS told NI that his mom has cancer surgery, a cut in salary will be a big problem for him, he just wanted to know what he thinks.

Cut to NI talking to his wife. She wants him to tell them that they have a third kid. But NI yells at her, they shouldn’t compare who has a harder life. He wants to live as a human being. He isa policeman and he only gives traffic tickets. NI zooms away on a vespa because he had to deliver a pizza for their pizza store. It looks like the polcie officers think NI bought a house, but he didn’t buy a house, they bought a pizza store to help out there kid? Not sure about that part.
MH and JO blow bubble on a bridge as they relax at this getaway. MH tells her she is good at it and they continue to blow bubbles. But then he kisses her on the cheek. She stops blowing bubbles and looks at him. the camera cuts away to SS watching on.

Fade Out.

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  1. Anonymous
    April 1, 2018 / 10:09 am

    I love this drama so much!!

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 10:14 am

      I hope you loved this episode. It had me actually laughing in some parts. I was all like…’Um, this super gritty drama has me laughing?’

  2. ...
    April 1, 2018 / 11:02 am

    Now story is starting to pace at a good level…although still can’t imagine what ending would be like….i like the fact that the episodes always hsve some unexplained parts…. Ty V for always being on time… Can’t wait for next one…!!! 😀

    • Handily
      April 1, 2018 / 3:44 pm

      The ending is a mystery to me, too. Perhaps it will involve a graduation of sorts. Like going from rookie to regular.

    • ...
      April 1, 2018 / 11:40 pm

      yes but that kind of ending is not possible without the death of some characters from the picture….and also of all the police roles that i have seen in some other drama this one looks best…just hoping for good episodes ahead…!!! 🙂

      • V
        April 2, 2018 / 11:41 am

        Me too! But I am preparing myself for a death and a police funeral. Hopefully the writer doesn’t go in that direction though.

  3. PakalanaPikake
    April 7, 2018 / 6:33 am

    Thanks for the episode 8 recap, V!

    This was a great episode, with a nice balance of cases, back stories, (mostly) good-natured rivalry, and a couple of bumps along the way to the team-building retreat. LOL at the relay races as a tip of the hat to RUNNING MAN. Although there’s foreboding in the preview for episode 9, I’m feeling much less stressed-out than in the aftermath of most of the earlier episodes. My curiosity about the boys and girls in blue continues unabated.

    We found out why Jung-o recognized Jang-mi, and it wasn’t what I expected. I can see how the rookie might have been inspired to become a police officer, but it’s not as if it were a long-term dream. It wouldn’t surprise me if she eventually moves on to the Women and Juvenile Affairs beat.

    We got to see quite a bit of Myung-ho, along with his uncharacteristic loss of cool while roughing up the sex-trafficking honcho. (Shin Dong-wook is in fine form. Manseh!) Did he pick up one of Yang-chon’s hot-headed character traits… or perhaps know someone who fell afoul of traffickers? The refusal of those in the know to reveal his unfortunate story to the rookies really makes me wonder what gives with him. I suspect he got busted down in rank for an infraction possibly related to his mentor. A past anger-management issue that still rears its head on occasion? That’s only a guess. He’s getting pretty chummy with Jung-o, which is driving Sang-soo out of his tree, and it’s mighty entertaining.

    Speaking of Yang-chon’s iffy track record as a mentor, it’s disturbing to learn that crooked Detective Ju-yeong (Jang Hyuk-jin) had also been one of his charges. Dang! Talk about bad luck with proteges. Jang-mi and Kyung-mo are already onto him. I wonder if he were involved in that case that turned Yang-chon into a mad dog? No wonder the police haven’t been able to shut down that ring — they’ve been infiltrated for years.

    I was totally floored when Jang-mi informed Kyung-mo that she still had feelings for Yang-chon. That was most unexpected. I had to chuckle to myself when she told him to keep it under his hat because Yang-chon would become a pest if he found out. She really has his number.

    Although Yang-chon’s father used to beat up his mother, he has an amazingly cordial relationship with his daughter-in-law. I thought it was sweet that he made a kite for her (maybe even two, if the one that escaped had been intended for her) — and she enjoyed flying it with him. And he cooked seaweed soup for her birthday. Maybe we’ll get some insight into his earlier life. He’s in his early 80s, and would have been born circa 1935-1938. His childhood must have been traumatic. — I was concerned when he told Jang-mi that her life would be easier when he and Yang-chon’s mother were gone. Later, when he examined Mom’s bedsore and hematoma(?), he eyed the on-off switch on her ventilator. That did not bode well.

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