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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 7

Live Recap for episode 7 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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Super late start today, ack! But I got it up in the nick of time! Okay, now I’ll breathe a little before it actually starts in like several seconds.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

How To Watch (Later): Netflix
Airing Time: March 31st, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT

JO points the flashlight at the car and blows on her whistle. We are right back at the scene from the end of episode 6. The man inside yells for her to save him. But jO just calls for backup and doens’t move. The man gets out and laughs. NI comes right away and opens his baton. The other man gets out of the car and is all busted. They both arrest the people.

Unfortunately, it looks like this was a sting operation and some cops were undercover. Several other cops are watching all of this on hidden cameras and complain about these cops messing everything up.

Cut to SS, he got slashed by one of the kids and blood starts to trickle down his face. Several of the kids see this and go back and tell YC. YC starts chasing after this kid. But the kid turns a corner and we hear a car screach it’s brakes.

YC runs to the scene and gets there in time to see SS standing there and looking at the two people on the ground. One of them is grumbling in pain. The kid crashed into a delivery cyclist. They are both okay, but one has a broken leg and maybe another on has a broken rib.

YC inspects SS’s wound, it looks like it might be okay, then YC goes and checks on the two injured people. He yells at the kid, does he know what happens when you stab a police officer! But then SS tells him that something is wrong, he keeps bleeding. YC runs to his side and starts to apply the compress


The old man police man is crying and HS tells him to stop crying, this is actually good for everyone. The four cops are driving together. What really has SB all choked up is that the daughter texts for them to save her mother, even though she could only use her fingers. HS keeps telling him that they need to be positive, it is better for the mother and daughter to go together.

they drop of HS and he starts to walk away, but then it looks like he will throw up on the side of the street. MH gets out as well and sees HS throwing up so he goes to pat him on the back and tells him that he drank a lot today. But then MH gets a call. He turns back to HS and asks him if he can go home alone today? they have some trouble at the station.

Cut to the hospital where SS is being wheeled in. His wound gets addressed and the doctor tells him that it is a deep wound. But SS is more concerned whether he did a good job today or not. He was cool right? the doctor says the artery is fine, but why is he bleeding so much?

Another cop comes in and says that the boy that got hit is okay and the driver is pretty okay as well. But YC isn’t really listening to him. He is very focused on SS. The other guy leaves (maybe he was angry or maybe not).

Outside, all the other cops wonder what YC did to have the rookie run? They find out that the delivery boy is the breadwinner of the family, but now he can’t work for a few weeks. But his parents are sick so he needs to be the one who works. then they talk about how violent YC is.

MH just sighs. For some reason his sometime friend starts talking to him about YC. Ah, MH is upset that BJM talks badly about YC because YC trained MH.

The three high school kids are at the police department and getting yelled at by a young cop. But another police officer tells him that he will take care of it and lets the young cop leave. the camera follows the young cop to a tiny break room where another man is being interviewed. This man is from the car. He said , rescue me, rescue me, but now he wants to keep everything quiet. The police officer wants to find out why.

the thug is also in the station and says he doesn’t want to write the statement, they can’t force him to do it. He throws it away and then looks at the man that he was hitting. The thug says that guy hit on his girlfriend so he just hit him a little bit, but they came to an understanding. that is good for you guys right?

The police officers switch interviewers so MH and another officer sit at the table.

In the back room, four policemen meet about the thug that got hit in the car. It looks like this is related to the sexual trafficking case. KM says they are messed up, JM was undercover for 4 days. JO stands there stoically as the undercover cops talk to them via walkie talkie and basically yell at them. they think the sex traffickers will wrap up their business and go somewhere else now. It is y’alls fault.

JM says that they didn’t tell them because those kinds of crimes usually involve the local police. Our higher up told us not to involve the local police in the case.

Everyone starts to apologize.

Everyone is pretty upset. The undercover cops are upset and the police people at the station are upset. they cannot hold those two anymore, so they will release them.

JO apologizes to KM. He tells her that she did one good thing because the guy that got hit wrote a statement. Also, they collected finger prints from them. KM gets a call from JM, she wants to talk to JO. She tells JO that she has one critical fault. JO says she knows, it is because of her one immature action, women are still suffering. JO gives the phone back to KM and leaves.

Opens the door and tells the first team to go home.

JO leaves and sees the thug walking with the guy that he beat. Then the thug talks to the cop from before that F’d YC by destroying the blackbox video. It looks like that cop is corrupt! The cop tells him not to make any more trouble that affects him, or he will kill him. They hang up and the thug tells the guy he beat up to send him money.

HR drags a drunk SB home. It looks like she dragged him home for a long ways away and she guessed his password. She tells him, he needs a better password than that. But he is all passed out on the floor.

SB starts to get something to drink and looks around the house. She asks where his family is. SB tells her that his wife went somewhere and his daughter is divorced and his son is studying abroad (something like that). So he is staying there alone.

The house is in shambles, dirty dishes are everywhere, so HR starts to clean up for him.
YC goes to the hospital and checks on SS. He goes into his room and puts his hand on his forhead. SS is sleeping, but he wakes up and wonders if he will get a medal. He says that cops are cooler when they have a wound, he will be sad if it heals too quickly. But he says this half asleep, he is probably all drugged up.

His mother quietly comes in and asks why SS is teh only one injured, why is YC okay? She almost whispers this. then she sits and holds back tears as she says that police work is so tough. YC apologizes to her and leaves.

He goes into the boys room that cut SS’s face. He tells him that his leg is fine, the surgery went okay. The boy sits up and starts talking quickly, he says they hit him first, they always hit him, he just had the knife as self protection. You shouldn’t cut police. that night they threatened me and tried to touch my sister. What if I don’t take care of my sister? She might do a bad thing again! What should I do?

YC’s father makes something to eat and sits. It looks like he made it for YC so he sets it on a small table and puts a newspaper over it to cover it. then he cleans his sons medal. But he gets a call from YC, he won’t be able to come back tonight. So the Grandfather takes the covering off the food and starts to eat it alone. But then he covers it again and walks into the other room and starts working on one of his hobbies.

HS and KM are talking and tinkling in the bathroom. They wonder why they have so many bad things happening. HS shakes and picks up his phone, he calls SS’s mother and smiles but then he says, ah, you are not fine.

Cut to HR and SB. SB is awake and well. HR wakes up and sees SB preparing food for her. He wondres why she is still there, but it seems like he just says this as a formality. She says she stayed there all night cleaning his house. They both sit to eat and playfully argue. She tells SB that SS is okay, they glued his wound. then she tells SB that his wife shouldn’t do that to you. then she tells him that his namu is really good.

JO visits SS and asks him why he is the only one getting hurt. SS is awake and pretty concious, he isn’t drugged up. They joke about overworking and getting points to defeat the other. Snd maybe she wants to date him since she likes tall guys. She tells him she doens’t have time for that and leaves so SS calls after her, let’s date later.
Everyone is meeting about the sexual trafficking case. They sit around a table and look at a screen that has images of the people and the crime scene. the bad guys sold their office, so the cops need to track their new place. They think it won’t be so easy to move all those woman at one time. They tell everyone that if they find that guy, they need to report it first before they move.

YC comes in late and starts talking, but one of the younger cops says he needs to apologize first instead of just saying whatever he wants to say. they all ignore YC and keep talking so YC slams the door as he leaves. HS tells them all that they need to report to JM if they see anything suspicious with human trafficking.

They adjourn for lunch. No one wants to sit with YC so he eats alone. All the other officers sit at their long table.

But YC cannot stay out of their conversation. the cops want to send YC, SS, SB, and HR on an undercover case. But YC is angry about that because SS has a wound. He has a stab wound! they all argue about who’s fault that was. YOURS. they also say that they worry about him too, and why did you make him follow that guy!

SS comes in and hears that part, he thinks back to YC telling him to stop following that guy. YC basically gets yelled at about that. SS tries to defend YC and says what happened, but he gets pulled out.

Everyone leaves and HS starts to yell at YC. How many people will be injured because of him? HS got stabbed and SS got stabbed, it doesn’t matter if you get all the medals if you can’t take care of your people! He storms out.

YC takes it all in and sips on his soup. Then SS comes in and asks YC why he didn’t tell him that he tried to stop him? YC basically says that it doesn’t matter. SS is apologetic though, he feels like he owes him something, he can pay it back. But YC just yells at him to leave, so he does.
Flashback to when HS got stabbed. HS was yelling at YC to come out, come out! But when he turns a corner, he gets stabbed right away. We see YC running with someone on his back. So it looks like he was just like SS. Cut to his mentor dying on the beach and SS getting stabbed. YC thinks about all of this and tries not to cry as he keeps eating his food.

MH and HP are headed somewhere in the police car. HP thinks they need to go somewhere with a lot of foreign women. But MH tells him to take a break becasue he didn’t sleep last night.

While driving, a few police cars pass them and honk in greeting. HP tells MH that they should sing on days like today so he starts to sing a cute little song that makes MH smile.

There is a minor case of a car hitting a bicycle, the owners are fighting about it. SS and YC take that case. YC tells SS to follow the manager and not do too much.

Back at the station, JO looks at CCTV video. NI looks at it as well, but he isn’t focused, he just thinks they have looked at it for 100 hours. JO tells him to take a break, then. But he says no, he was just complaining. However, JO is focused on her task and takes a lot of notes.

YC, KM, and HR are in the same car now and they are talking about organized crimes. In the club they are going to, the robbers are selling illegal things and peoples personal information and things like that. SS and HR are wearing normal clothing because they are undercover tonight. They shouldn’t get involved in any violence or start any fights. they should just be there and wait. Also, they should try to catch anyone. The uniformed police are going to pretend like they are on a regular patrol.

Cut to KM looking at the CCTV in the club. They tell SS to look in that direction. They see a big guy talking to another guy in a hoodie. The hoodie guy gave the bouncer a wallet and a cell phone. HR says she is moving. She walks in that direction and looks around the back. She tries to go into one of the rooms, but she is stopped by a thug. But she is able to keep her cover because she says she is going to the bathroom.

But then her mic is cut. We see that the thug took off her head phone and tells her to listen to their music. But she is okay.

The cops in the car breathe a sigh of relief, she is okay. they think that she was so excited to be undercover and finally have a case. But then they start talking about their two trainees. YC gets upset and says he didn’t call SB because he didn’t want him to get stabbed! he gets out of the car and walks off, but then he walks back and tells SB, do you think I do this because I like medals and honor? Just give it to a dog, I don’t care.

He slams the door and leaves. But he doesn’t get far before he gets an urgent call.

he asks what is going on.

Inside the club we see someone pushing SS. It is just a drunk person. All the cops basically tell SS to stop fighting and find the hoodie guy. SS isn’t actually fighting, he is just keeping that guy from hitting him. However, it is keeping all his attention. But then SS sees the hoddie guy and runs out after him.

the polcie don’t see the hoodie guy on the CCTV outside.

Suddenly, the bad guy from before starts to hit SS, he catches him off guard. SS basically pulls the guy into a wresting hug to keep him from punching him. He does all self defense and no offense. he is able to push the guy off and says that he is okay. But then the guys comes back and starts stomping on him. the cops tell SS to find the hoodie guy and lead him to the CCTV.

SS is still fighting, but sees the hoodie guy watching the fight from the crowd. The hoodie guy is using this moment to steal some more wallets from the crowd. SS leads the fight in front of the CCTV and the camera catches the hoodie guy stealing a wallet. SS tells them that the camera caught it, go get him!

the cops all start running to the hoodie guy. Something is also going on with HR. It looks like they want to take her out of the club.

YC chases the hoodie guy and knocks him over. In doing so, the hoodie guy injurs his leg. But YC isn’t concerned, he just says, lets put on handcuffs.

In the bathroom, HR video tapes one of the thugs putting all the evidence in the toilet. But the thug attakcs HR. SB comes in and tries to attack the thug, but he hits him off and SB falls to the ground. HR looks frightened as the thug appraches her again. But then SB pulls out his electric gun and shoots the man in the arm. He falls. HR smiles and high fives SB. Super Swag!

It’s party/relax time for the police officers as they all sit together and talk about the case. KM and YC even have a fun moment and do their old handshake that they used to do a long time ago. it is just brotherly bonding time for the officers. YC tells SS not to be too excited about it, but SS just smiles.

JO found something on the CCTV. She pauses the video on two woman and has NI look at it. One of the woman is familiar. It isn’t the victim….but they saw her before. JO says she saw her in the officetell 816. They pull up the CCTV from that place and see the woman going into a regular house. They report this and tell them that they saw the woman with the victim going into a house. they run off just as SS comes in. But they don’t hav a chance to listen to his story of the night.

NI and JO drive off. It looks like a lot of police officers will converge on this house.

At the station, YC tells HS that he will take care of his partner better. The partner is more important. But HS tells him that he knows YC isn’t crazy about medals. They talk about the girl they lost that was only 15. That case is what turned YC into a mad dog. But HS tells YC that his body should be okay to take care of his partner. But he doens’ like seeing all his wounds. JM probably doens’t feel easy about you talking these hard cases too. Be mindful of your family and colleagues as much as you think about victims. And wipe your own blood away first, jashik-ga.

YC doesn’t say anything, but basically looks like he agrees with everything HS just told him. He sits at the table and pulls up his pants leg. He had a wound from earlier, so he starts to dress it. It is a quiet moment as he takes his time with his wound all alone in the back of the police station.

Fade Out.

Loved this episode.

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  1. mia
    March 31, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    Yay! Thank you!

    • V
      March 31, 2018 / 4:11 pm

      You’re welcome mia! This episode was really good and it is building toward a big case. I love that. We are also seeing YC start to understand why no one likes him and why JM left him even though he technically wasn’t bad to them.

      • mia
        April 2, 2018 / 3:44 pm

        I sometimes feel like I have a soft spot for YC. Possibly because I suspect he already knows he is not great, but he wants to deny it as long as he can for his sanity. His way of dealing with his lack of social skills is not trying to get better but trying to ignore it by going all the way with what he is good at, i.e. being a cop. However with the recent events, he loses his confidence in that area too… so yeah. Looking forward to his growth. 🙂

  2. Angelica28
    April 1, 2018 / 1:44 am

    I really love every scene of Song Hye Ri with old man Sam Bo. 😊

    Thank you!

  3. PakalanaPikake
    April 7, 2018 / 1:49 am

    Thank you for recapping, V!

    There were tantalizing bits of background information on various characters in episode 7, along with progress in teamwork between mentors and rookies. After the unremitting bleakness of earlier episodes, this week’s installments felt a little lighter to me. Maybe that’s because although one undercover operation appeared to be blown (the stakeout of the sex trafficking ring), it actually was salvaged. Meanwhile, an undercover sting at a night club successfully bagged the target. At last Sang-soo’s efforts paid off, and Hye-ri helped bust the pickpocketing operation with her old fogey mentor. The rookies’ hard work is beginning to pay off.

    Yang-chon’s personal and professional history has been marred by paternal violence at home and apparent errors of his own that led to his mentors and partners being injured and killed in the line of duty. His father’s violence towards his mother propelled him into a career as a police officer, but it was a case involving a 15-year-old who was lost (literally, or did the child die?) that turned him into a relentless “mad dog.” Might that also be the cold case that he and his former partner, Detective Ho-Cheol, finally solved? It makes me wonder.

    The sauna scene was revealing. In a nostalgic moment of surprisingly brotherly fist-bumping, we learn that Yang-chon and Senior Inspector Eun Kyung-mo had been partners. (IIRC, in an earlier episode it was stated that he even outranked him at one time.) Did rivalry over Jang-mi drive a wedge between them, or was it something else? The other revelation: Yang-chon’s back sports numerous scars. It’s not just his mentors and partners who’ve been wounded in action. He’s also caught grief repeatedly because Sang-soo has been impulsive or because he himself has been an inadequate mentor.

    At the precinct (in an apparent pre-sauna flashback?), Chief Superintendent Ki Han-sol noted the leg wound peeping through Yang-chon’s torn trouser, and tells him to clean himself up. He commented that Yang-chon’s zeal for police work — and getting injured in the process — must have been hard on Jang-mi. It seemed to come as news to Yang-chon.

    Interestingly, Senior Police Officer Choi Myung-ho was mentored by Yang-chon. Is that why he has only one friend in the precinct? Is he tainted with guilt by association?

    Rookie Hye-ri finally turned a corner in her rocky relationship with mentor Inspector Lee Sam-bo. She has been so prickly and politically correct that I’ve found her to be off-putting. We got a glimpse of her back story (witnessing her father’s loss of a hand in an industrial accident), but still don’t know why she decided to become a police officer, as far as I recall.

  4. William
    February 21, 2021 / 3:21 pm

    Hi, I have a question.
    Who’s the artist that played the acoustic guitar piece
    At the end of the episode?

    Thank you

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