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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 6

Live Recap for episode 6 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
Lee Kwang-Soo’s Instagram (@masijacoke850714)
We are going to give Live one more episode to see if we want to keep covering it. This show is definitely high quality with rich characters and great acting, the only issue I am having is that the trailers and posters promised a fun and playful show, and yet Live is the opposite of fun and playful, more like bleak and dreary. That would be cool, if that is how they marketed it, then I wouldn’t be waiting for the fun to kick in. The ratings are great in Korea, they are sitting at 5%. So if you enjoy a very well made realism drama about cops and the underbelly of Korea, I suggest giving Live a try. We, on the other hand, might be dropping it after this episode. We’ll have to wait to see how this episode goes though, I am still holding out for something!

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

How To Watch (Later): Netflix
Airing Time: March 25th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: AIRING!

We open in the little boys room from the last episode. The little boy is in his room playing a video game on the floor. The mother wants to go out, she wants to buy him a pizza, but he doesn’t want to go. She kneels and tells him that she will still go. She leaves, but then she comes back and sits at her desk. She grabs some medicine, perhaps sleeping pill? and looks at her son. She grabs the sleeping pills and pours a handful into her hand, then she drinks some water.

JO is still on the floor with the taser pointed at the woman. The husband yells, what did you do? My wife is pregnant! NI looks scared and checks the woman, then he calls for help. There is a woman who is unconscious.


They drive them to the hospital. Then we see the ajumma with the kid outside and calls someone. So maybe she didn’t take the sleeping pills? Ah, the mother is letting the children’s center take over responsibility for her child.

A man tells JM about the woman tracking issue from the last episode. They use homeless people as the owners and the women are foreigners. But they found a suspicious man.

SS sent the little boy a video of himself playing at the children’s center and the mother thought her child was so happy there, so that is why she decided to send him there. SS also looks at the video and smiles.

NI is having a hard time with this scene. His mentee basically royally screwed up. He says she shouldn’t have done anything! And hits his head. The mentee isn’t around.

The police station is alive with the activity of the night. The young man and woman from earlier are in the police department. The young man wants to sue the drunk guy and the police. This young man asks them if they know who his father is?

The woman’s head is busted open for 7 cm, the hospital stitch it up. JO is in her locker room and SS goes in to see her. He starts dressing her wounds.

The police talk about the case. Why did she taser a pregnant woman, but it was the early stages so they don’t know if she was pregnant or not. But if so then the baby will be sick. They are worried about the baby. JO tried to shoot the arm, but she shot the shoulder. MH comes in and tells them that JO didn’t give a warning that she was going to taser them. The old man, SB, is on JO’s side. But the other men think JO had trouble because she didn’t follow the manual. The inspection people will come and they don’t care what happened, they only care where she shot and if she followed the manual.

The man will sue them and he will most likely win. The husband already put in a complaint and the inspection team already called him. HS gets a call and starts yelling into it. The others keep talking about the baby, they are worried about it.

SS tries to comfort JO, he says she is fine, she followed the manual and tried to shoot the arm. But she says she didn’t, she just shot, she couldnt’ think of anything. SS tells her not to say that during the inspection. But YC yells at them. then he takes JO away and tells her that she pointed at the arms, not the shoulder and she followed the manual. JO thinks that is lying. But YC says the result is not a lie. Are you going to get fired because of the truth?

JO starts crying and thinks maybe she won’t be a good police officer. But YC tells her, good police? Whats a good police? But he hopes she grows up better because she asks those questions. JO, SS, and HR go home for the night.

HR tells JO that she will stick with her and puts her bed in JO’s room. Then we see SS putting his bed in the living room. JO gets up, she want to go to the hospital, but SS stops her, YC doesn’t want her to go to the hospital. JO is more concerned about the pregnant woman, she hopes her and the baby are okay.

JO goes to the hospital and the husband just starts wailing on her and yelling at her. MH and another police officer have to pull him off, but MH tells her that the baby and mom are fine. The husband yells that they almost died becaues of her! ARGHHHH!!! JO is on the floor and SS kneels beside her. He tells her that she heard that, right? The baby and mom are fine. JO starts crying ont he floor and we see her mentor peeking at her from around the corner. He gets a phone call and says that he will go home for a delivery.

The head policeman eat and talk about Nam-il, how can he just go home? But then one of them says that MH likes JO. Everyone looks relieved that the mother and baby are okay, but they still have problems. The rich guy could sue the couple. The police paid for the emergency care bill because the couple is poor. The police have a CCTV of the rich man coming back to the restaraunt drunk driving. After watching that, the guy begged him a lot, so they won’t sue anymore. The case was solved well because the rich boy looked at the drunk driving video. they said they will release it to your father, so the rich boy isn’t pressing charges. They all laugh about that. But then they start talking about the JO case. Where she shot is important.

Cut to JO. MH is at their place and JO makes tea for everyone. They tell her to smile, everything is okay. SS looks at MH like he doens’t want him to be there. MH also asks SS why he isn’t going hom and nods to his blankets and pillow. He says he will leave soon. They all leave and let MH and JO talk. MH looks like he worked all night and went straight to see JO after work. he is still wearing his work clothes. MH ruffles her hair and tells her that all police make mistakes. SS comes back and says he shouldn’t touch her, but MH just smiles.

HR asks SS if he likes JO.

YC talks to his father about JM wanting to divorce him. He wonders if he should fight it. The father thinks he should divorce her. The father says they are the same. The kite already left and they are just the string. YC asks if he even liked his mother, he only ever hit her. The father says that YC still has a chance, he is not done yet. YC tells his father that he should apologize to Umma, whethere she hears it or not.

NI practices what he has to say, he looks nervous. JO is stoic and sits straight. he tells her to just say she followed the manual. But then he starts telling JO that she made a huge problem, why did she do that? It is because she is a woman right? I can’t lose my job, I have a family. JO looks at him but doens’t say anything.

They go inside the inspection. The inspectors ask JO why she shot in the shoulder which is close to a dangerous point. Did you know the manual? JO is quiet. he says the result is more important than the process, did you remember the manual?

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JM prepares YC’s tie for their divorce. He wants to look nice as an ex-husband. He says he wants to make her regret her decision and will make her want to marry her again. She syas that is why she liked him. he wants to know if he can see the kids whenever and she says he should have done that before the divorce.

YC says he lived more than 20 years with two kids, she should warn him first. the police warn times, that is in the manual. They do that to criminals, but my own wife didn’t. You should have warned me that you were lonely and all those things. I still like you, do you think it’s fair?

JM checks her watch and says it’s time. YC tells her that he will try hard for her to love him again. Let’s go inside.

YC tells the divorce lawyer that they agreed on everything, he will follow whatever she says.

All the policemen practice shooting their gun at the target. they take a break but JO doesn’t want to tak a break, she wants to practice shooting arms or legs of a moving target. She tells SS that she lied and told them that she followed the manual, but she doesn’t want to tell those lies anymore. She starts practicing again and SS keeps practicing next to her.

Cut to HR parking a car with SB. She isn’t the best at driving or parking, so SB makes her practice over and over again. He can’t believe she has been driving for 3 years and can’t drive or park well. SB gets in the car and shows her how it is done. He parks it perfectly with the first try.

He tells her that this is parking, but HR yells, this has nothing to do with police work. He asks what is important for her, cleaning throwup? She says murder cases! But SB wants to know how she can wish for a murder case, what about the victims? She says she doens’t want to end up like him, she wants to have more cases and get promoted. He says he knows that she hates him, but everyone already hates her because she is a woman. She says she knows that no one likes the both of them, that is why they are on the same team.

They go inside to eat and the people eating there tell SB about the woman who quit because her daughter is sick and her mother has dementia. Or maybe the halmoni quit? it is the same halmoni that goes into their police station, she has dementia. SB looks concerned about the halmoni.

A boy is sitting on the rooftop and sighing. Several kids and teachers are below staring up at him, it looks like he is contemplating jumping. YC and SS are on the case, they will go to the roof as quickly as possible. A lot of police people show up, the firemen also show up. SS and YC head to the roof.
YC and SS talk, do you remember what I told you? SS nods. Run! They both run and grab the boy from the ledge, but SS hits his head pretty hard on the concrete.

HP knocks on someones door, did they call the police? Did they hear anything? the neighbors say they didn’t call anyone and they didn’t hear anything. They knocked on 7 doors but no one knows anything. They think ti might be fake, maybe someones cell phone accidentally called the police? But the office tell them that it was a text that said: save my mother.

The cops think that they need to know who sent the text and the location. HS tells them to search around one more time. Then he tells SB something. Lee Hyun-soon? He is thinking about something, hyun-soon’s mom didn’t come that day…

SB says that she at cleaning supplies with her daughter before (20 years ago) maybe it is the same this time. They all run and try to look into the windows, but they are barred. There is no other way to get in accept for the front door. But several of the men are able to break open the window so they go inside. the daugther is there with the halmae, but it looks like the halmae drank some cleaning supplies along with the daughter. SB finds some milk and tries to feed it to the daughter, but the other cops say you can’t dilute clorox, they are already dead.

SB starts crying. MH tells the headwaurters that a mother and daughter killed themselves, they need the forensics team. The daughter texted: Please save my mother.

They are celebrating like crazy in the car as they celebrate their victory of saving the boy. They go back to the headquarters and tell the story of what happened. YC protected the boys head with his foot and YC busted his head open. He proudly shows his head wound to everyone and they all clap. On the rooftop YC tells him that he saved a person and SS yells in exhilaration.

They find out that the boy had panic disorder. It is the same thing that JO’s mother has so SS yells at an officer for mocking it. SS tells JO to be nicer/better to her mom and smiles. he leaves and JO calls her mom. Are you still angry? The mother says she isn’t angry (she looks very happy as well). They talk about JO visiting her, she visited after 10 days but only complained and left, that is why she was angry. Mom says JO can quit if she is afraid of her job, no mom wants their kid to do dangerouns work. They happily say bye bye.

Then NI and JO go out. NI tells JO that he talked to the taser woman. She thanked them because she was about to kill someone and she didnt’ want their children to be the child of a criminal. Both the husband and the father thank her. they were going to get rid of the baby but they decided to keep it.

He asks if she is upset over what he said. She is just a woman, but he is the head of a family. She recites is verbatim. She says that she is also the head of the family and has to take care of her mother who has a panic disorder. He offers her some gum but she tells him to chew it by himself.
The chief wants to go out and drink. SB is sitting miserably in the locker room. YC and SS are there as well. HR says she will go home, but the other men want to drink with SB. SB opens his locker and YC helps him undress and change. then we cut to a case.

JO recognizes a man who is getting into a car, she feels a little strange. But she keeps driving the car. They go to their case but JO keeps thinking of this man and the plate number on the car. She tells NI that she has to go somewhere. While running, she thinks back to the CCTV videos. She gets to the car and sees a man beating a woman. She blows her whistle loudly several times.

SS and YC are on another case, it is a fighting case where one of the kids teeth got knocked out. They try to sooth the young man who fought. But then one of them runs away and SS chases him. But the kid pulls out a knife and slashes SS in the face. SS turns back and we see the blood trickling down his forehead.

Fade Out

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  1. Lee kwang soo
    March 25, 2018 / 9:43 am

    Don’t drop this drama yet….atleast Wait till half episodes….i know story is scattered at a lot of places but it’ll come together… Ratings can certainly improve…

    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 1:08 pm

      Okay, we can wait until halfway. 5% is great for the ratings by the way, since this is on cable. I would say it is very solid ratings.

  2. PakalanaPikake
    March 29, 2018 / 5:24 pm

    Thanks again for another helpful recap. I can’t help but think that Jung-o should have been checked for concussion, considering how hard she was thrown against the wall.

    I’m glad the show is doing so well in Korea. Thanks for continuing to recap. 😉

    • V
      March 29, 2018 / 5:31 pm

      Let’s just assume that happened off screen 🙂

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