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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 4

Live Recap for episode 4 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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Okay, I was way off with the halbae, it looks like he is still alive. I really thought he might be a ghost that only JM could see so yeah, I was way, way off. I mean I guess it could still be true? We shall see. I am enjoying this show, though. It isn’t for everyone and it actually wouldn’t be for me normally, but for some reason I really like it right now.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

How To Watch (Later): Netflix
Airing Time: March 18th, 21:00 Seoul

We open on a student police scene. The students look like they got busted a club, they are happy and asking policeman ajusshi to just let them go. Perhaps these are all high school kids? Yep, they are, the owner just came out and says that he didn’t know there were high school students, he thought they were adults. They put him in the car and the owner starts freaking out in the car and hitting the seat, so MH puts the man in tighter handcuffs and puts him back in the car.

Then we cut to the balcony scene from the end of the last episode. YC asks SS for a light. All the new recruits are quiet as they wait for what is about to happen. SS has his head bowed with the cigarrette still in his mouth


YC wants them to tell him why he is an A-hole. JO says that she didn’t have to slap that criminal even though he touched her chest. HR says she ruined the dignity of the police by pulling hair with those woman. SS says he doesn’t know what he did wrong, he tried to calm the drunken man, so why should he be the one that gets hit? YC pushes SS very hard and he steps back, he starts listing all the reasons then he asks JO what SS did wrong. JO says the man became a criminal when he pushed SS, if he pushed SS into the street, then SS could have been hit by a car, so it is better to arrest that drunk person with force. YC pushes him and he falls, YC tells SS that he still has a lot to learn to be a policeman.

Cut to all the high school students in the police department, the HS kids really don’t look like they care that they are there, they ask for something to eat and other unneccessary things. Asking them questions is like hearding cats. One of the kids want to go to the restroom, so a policeman goes with him. The kid looks like he wants to escape through the window, but the police man says not to even think about it, he can go home when his parents come.

They leave and MH and BJM come in. H asks him if they can stop behaving like kids. Meanwhile SS is super angry at JO, he is sitting on the floor reading a book and not talking to her. She wants to talk to him, but he ignores everything she says. Another officer comes in and asks why she is so serious as she looks at SS, he wants to sleep, so if they are dating then they should do it quietly. JO leaves and the officer asks SS if he likes JO, it seems like he likes her. SS says it doesn’t matter because she thinks he is a loser.

Then we see HR getting addressed by HS. She wants a stronger punishment for YC, but HS tells her to just be quiet. HR wants MH as a mentor and not SB. HS wonders, what about the mentors? HR keeps saying that she wants MH and HS yells at her, are you my boss! Then he tells her to leave. But he sees YC and yells at him too, he shouldn’t hit the kids!

YC doesnt really care, but HS confronts him and tells him not to behave like a little kid. The higher up police are his group, but for HS, his group are these officers here, he is proud of his local police and YC shouldn’t mock KM anymore. If he doesn’t like it then he should quit and leave. Now YC is upset. JO told him that she would make his coffee but he yells at her, you are not a waitress! And leaves. Then YC bumps into KM on purpose. The mood is gloomy in the building.

HR is also upset at JO because she wasn’t loyal to her friend who is in the same class as them (SS). She doesn’t want to walk with her to lunch.
At the same time, YC calls his wife and says that he wants to eat. But she basically says, no. He yells at her about stopping acting like this and that he won’t be so busy anymore so he can spend more time at hom. But she just says that she is a policeman as well. they hang up and KM asks JM out on a lunch date. She asks him if he is hitting on her and he says that he will go to lunch later. Then another case comes in.

The woman recruits move into their new place. SS helps them out, but he ignores JO. He even changes the light in their room, but he continues ignoring JO. SS does talk to HR though which makes JO tell him that he should stop being like that. They argue a bit. SS says he is only angry because he is stupid and isn’t the best as an officer. He worked hard to be a cop. So he tells JO that she did nothing wrong, it is just his fault that he forgot about those basic things. But he will work hard so that doesn’t happen again.

He leaves, but then he comes back with kimchi. He says he is not angry at them, just at himself so he will eat with them to show that. JO smiles at SS and HR mentions that she likes MH so why is she smiling at SS. They all loosen up as they prepare their food.

Jo tries to give YC a coffee and YC tells JO that she is not a coffee shop girl, just do your position and stop trying to such up. JO tells him that she didn’t flatter him, she just wanted to thank him for what happened at police school becaue it was helpful. She is thankful and happy that she learned how to put handcuffs on someone. She knows coffee and points are different. YC says, so you learned how to put on handcuffs so well? He tries to grab her and she pulls him to the ground quickly and rolls him over and puts him in hand cuffs. She says that if a criminal touches the police without reason then they will have to arrest them. Everyone at the table is all like, wow! But they try to keep it to themselves.

Then the recruits leave with their mentors. YC is with SS, he asks SS if he saw how JO handcuffed him and he says he did. YS says that JO needs to be able to do that. they are on their way to support the drunk driving test. YC says no police job is easy and SS says, YES OH YANG CHON SHI.

SS gets out and helps with the drunk driving screening while YC stays in the car. He talks to one of the higher ups about life for a moment. But then a white car breaks through the drunk driving screening. All the police officers hop to it and start chasing this car.

Car chase scene through the streets of Seoul!

They finally stop the car. YC tells the driver to get out, but the driver just starts driving again, he hits all the police cars as he tries to get out of the barricade they formed around him, but he is unable to. YC tells him that he will open his door, but then he starts beating in the window. The drunk man gets out of the car and yells at YC, but YC just mentions that this guy looks sober now.

Back at the other barricade, SS is still using the breathalizer on drunk drivers. But they aren’t taking him seriously and one of the ajusshi’s throws his beathalizer. SS tells them to get out of the car, he is arresting them and taking them to the station. The man gets out and punches SS, so SS puts him in handcuffs. But this is bad news because it looks like this is the same drunk man that got that good cop in trouble.

JO and MH are on a sexual assault case at an apartment, MH breaks open the door and they go inside cautiously. She says that she smells blood. But then we see that someone is dead on the floor and JO just looks at her. She is frozen. MH goes to get his gloves and checks the body, he confirms that she is dead. JO snaps out of it and calls someone, she tells the police that they need a forensics team and violence team to their department

the drunk men are freaking out in the room in the back. It looks like they might be congressmen? If so then that means the police department will be in big trouble. the heads of the station all a meeting about this. Some of them feel like they shouldn’t let them go, SS followed the manual. But the other police don’t look so confident. HS says that he will let them go and leaves. But BJM is angry abut that. One of the older police says that BJM wont get a promotion if those senators get angry.

HS tells everyone not to come in as he walks to the room. Perhaps he will beg the senators? Yep, we see HS standing and taking a lot of punishment from the senators. they hit him and drunkenly talk to him about his job while he just stands there and takes it. HS says it isn’t right but the man just laps him. They keep drunkenly talking and HS keeps getting hit. the policemen outside can hear it all and just stare at the door.

But KM can’t take it anymore, so he goes storming inside. HS says that the men shouldn’t talk about citizen because if the citizens know this, then they will be uspet. the man tries to hit HS again, but he dodges it and puts him in an arm lock. KM puts the other man in an arm lock. It also looks like HS might have been recording everything?

JO finishes up the murder case and drives off, one of the cops is worred about her because this is her first murder case, but the other one says she should face it. We cut to her driving out looking cold.

Back at the station, SS says he is sorry about what happened today. YC says he doens’t have to be sorry about it, he followed the manual. But he shouldnt arrest a current and former congressman. Does he want to finish his police life as a trainer? So SS is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, so he is very upset about the injustice.

Meanwhile HR tells JO that she envies her because she got a murder case. But JO doesn’t look all that great. It is morning, so the nightshift goes home looking gloomy and the day shift shows up. The day shif wonders why the night shift looks so gloomy.

Cut to everyone eating breakfast together. Their bosses released all the senators. MH says HS should report it to the polcie rights center. This causes an argument. The chief of police removed all the CCTV of the evidence. But HS pulls out his recording. he plays it for them. The chief of police said that the prosecutors won’t issue the case because the police don’t have the right to issue the case. Everyone is disheartenned about it. But then HS pulls out a body cam…TADA!

HS has a bodycam and a cell phone which captured everything! The senator says he was about to see the secretary of state, and he is blocking him! The policemen start to clap, this will make an issue but the senators will just apologize. The citizens will forget. HS says he will release it during election time! And they all start clapping. HS says they will slash all the past congressmen will be fired. So they are going to release this in the media and social networks and everywhere. they all cheer!

HS says he got hit so much, do you hear how polite I was int he video? It was all my plan! They laugh and say he didn’t have a plan in the begining. But they mood is so lifted as they drinking the morning away.

Then MH and BJM walk away. MH tells BJM that he wants to be friends again becasue BJM is his only friend. BJM says F-you and listen to this. He holds the phone to his head and MH hears a baby heartbeat. He smiles and BJM asks if he is envious. They laugh and BJM tells him that he should get married if he is envious. They happily as they stroll.

Then we cut to the other police officers driving off. HS says he was jut bluffing in front of the kids, he won’t really do anything, it’s just our job…lets sleep. Everyone is sleeping in the taxi and going home. YC starts singing along to the song.

Meanwhile, JO studies the case she was on. She is looking at CCTV. They all talk about the case. the husband went out to work and the boyfriend came to the apartment. then They had a report of screaming. So it could be the husband or it could be the boyfriend that did the murder. But the U-turn bothers JO. The husband said he U-turned because he had to go to work. They think the husband might have gone back home and stabbed her.

JO wants to know what the reason was that the husband came home at the same time that the affair guy came back, perhaps he saw something. is there a hidden camera in the house? the camera should still be there then because he didn’t have time to hide it. They all set off, but MH tells JO to go home. He knows it is shocking to see a dead body, it is also hard for him. JO asks if these kind of cases are common? But MH leaves without answering.

JM walks around the town at night time. She sees a teddy bear machine selling Ogong Hwayugi toys but she can’t pull any out. We cut to her house where her husband is there calling her, but she isn’t picking up. He asks their daughter if her mother is having an affair, why isn’t she coming home? the daughter says that she doens’t have to come home. then he asks her to call so she does, but after one ring she hangs up. YC wants to know why she is so mad at him, her brother as well.

The daughter says they feel awkward. He wants toknow how they can feel awkward to appa, but she says it is because he isn’t around. he says he always kisses their picture everyday. But she says she doens’t have any complaints, she actually likes it when he isn’t at home.

Cut to JM with his father at the hospital. JM bought aboji some food and tells him to enjoy it. Aboji shows YC the note. YC asks if JM’s parents died nicely and his father says that he is so quick to ask that.

Cut to JM sitting outside drinking beer. She sees a halmae and halbae with their grandchild and stares at them, emotional. But it is restrained emotion.

Meanwhile JO gets a call from MH, they found the hidden camera. MH thinks JO will get praised for that. JO is pretty happy about it, then MH asks how much she can drink and she says probably a bottle. She asks how long this feeling will last and he says it is only for today that she should drink, after today she should just listen to music and try to forget it. So Jo goes inside and pours herself some soju. She turns the phone on and it plays their soundtrack. She tries to shake off her thoughts as she drinks the soju.

At the same time, SS jumps rope as he thinks about his terrible horrible no good very bad day. He works out at home lifting weights and pushing himself as he thinks about all the abuse he took that day while trying to do the right thing.

Then we cut to YC going to another case with SS. It is morning. they go into a house and ask if anyone is there, your brother contacted us because he couldn’t contact you. But they see something that looks suspicious so they put on their gloves and YC tells SS to look around.

YC goes inside and thinks someone might be under the bed, but noone is under the sheets. there is a lot of alcohol and also some footsteps? then SS yells that someone is dying! He starts CPR on the man and calls 911. Perhaps this is gas poisoning?

But SS might be in trouble again because he may have tampered with a crime scene and accidentally destroyed evidence when he took that man out of the outside room.

Cut to YC getting yelled at by the CSI team. He ruined the finger prints and everything. how can they catch the criminal? He is really getting a talking to by this CSI person and the SCI person says he will report all of this to their superiors. The old man is also unconcious so he can’t testify.

SS is very upset and trying to keep it all to himself in the locker room, but everyone is talking about it. He leaves and goes to the bus stop where YC is. He apologizes for today’s case and wants to know how he can be a good policeman. YC tells him that he needs to go to a good policeman and ask that policeofficer how to be a good policeman. YC leaves on the bus and SS is left staring at his empty spot.

But SS follows YC in a taxi. He knocks on his door and YC comes out looking like, what in the world? Then he tells SS that he is crazy, why is he at his house. But SS asks him how he can say 2 things from one mouth, he should follow the manual, but he shouldn’t and today, what if someone died because he was worried about the evidence? SS pushes YC against the wall and says he can fight him, he is going to get fired anyway so why can’t he fight him.

Fade Out

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  1. peter
    March 19, 2018 / 8:49 am

    sometime its really frustrating when tried to make something good but turn out to be more worst..i can feel really feel the frustration that Yeom Sang-soo faced…

    • LKSfan
      March 19, 2018 / 12:47 pm

      I really identified with that scene too. It’s like you try your hardest to do everything right, and then when you get it right, you still get it wrong somehow. I’m glad that everyone didn’t yell at him about it though, they knew that that kind of situation was hard to train for. Nevertheless, it still caused a lot of issues in the department.

  2. Handily
    March 20, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    I am waiting for the supernatural part to come in this drama. Maybe it won’t come, but I hope it does come to add that extra dimension. I am with you, V, I thought the father might be a ghost too. Especially since he showed up at the funeral in everyday clothing. I think he is always wearing those clothes? But it looks like he isn’t.

  3. Sba
    March 28, 2018 / 10:22 am

    Hi! Nice blog. Do You recap episodes as you’re watching it? That’s interesting. Are you Korean? Since you watch them live.
    And also it’s good to see that you didn’t stop recapping this drama.
    I have a question that brought me here. Do you know the song that plays at the end of the episodes? I couldn’t find it any where. And i guess it was the song which played in this episode (ep 4) when oh jung ho was drinking. If you know the name or the artist i’ll be grateful if you tell me.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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