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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 3

Live Recap for episode 3 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
Live is realism at its finest. This drama is so real, that it feels like a documentary. But it’s beautifully shot so it feels like a movie. But the characters are so quiet and well thought out that it feels like a novel. Speaking of novels, does anyone else see that something is just not right with the Halbae that Ahn Jang-mi talks to? If what we think is right, then we believe we are going to step from realism right into magical realism of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez variety. I would love that so much, so hopefully it happens.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

How To Watch (Later): Netflix
Airing Time: March 17th, 21:00 Seoul

What did I do that was so wrong

We open on YC asking his wif why someones daughter quit school, but JM just tells him that they should get a divorce. Didn’t you hear me? Let’s divorce. But the husband just finishes eating his rice…he puts it down and asks her what she doesn’t like this time. His mentor died and everyone says its his fault. He goes to the table and sits as i nothing is wrong. JM says she will send his luggage to his dads. But YC just yells for her to stop, he is already having a hard time.

He puts on his pants in the living room as their daughter comes in and says he has never had an affair or hit y’all or anything. JM tells him not to be home when she gets back. He hold her with one hand from leaving and stares at her. The daughter just walks around as if this is normal; she goes to her room and puts in her headphones.

JM says he didn’t drink when his mentor died, everyone is misunderstanding him. He understands how she feels, her parent died. JM says it is okay that her prents died, they were old, but his mentor was 60. She understands what is going on, she understands everything about him, she just can’t live with him anymore. She knows it isn’t his fault that his mentor died.

JM goes to pick up some of his things and says that they can talk about it later. He leaves and the mother goes to the bedroom. She throws her jacket and purse on the bed and then starts taking all YC’s things from the closet. The daughter goes into the room and then leaves, but she comes back and starts to help her mom pack her days things. JM says she doesn’t have to be on her side (angrily) and the daughter agrees and finally shows a bit of emotion.

Outside, YC gives is hubae a CCTV showing that he wasn’t drinking alcohol that night, only coffee. he hubae takes the video and calls their boss.

Meanwhile the new recruits are busy on a sexual violence case (from the last episode). They are all running to the motel. They don’t know what kind of case it is, they can’t contact the caller anymore. But there is also a fire at the same time, so some police have to go to a fire and the other ones need to go to this motel. But the police that need to go to the fire accidentally get into a sudden car crash. They ask for some other police cars to support the fire.

Inside the polcie car, JO answers a lot of questions on what they need to do for sexual violence cases. SS is on foot running to the motel with his trainers and he is also answering questions while running. Then we cut to the motel. The owner says she heard screaming so she opened the door and both of them were bleeding from their mouth. Then we cut to some police walking up the hall to 203. A man comes out, but his mouth is all bloody like he has been drinking blood or something. Blood is going all down his face. he says he is the victim and MH tells him a lot of police things. But they don’t know if he is the victim or the aggressor.

Then they go inside the room, JO goes inside firt and hears a woman crying. She is on the floor with blood all over her. She is bleeding from her mouth and is in her undergarments. They open their medical kit and JO covers her up with a blanket. It looks like her tongue was cut? Cut to everyone rushing this woman to the hospital in the back of the police car. They ask for an ambulance, where are you at? The woman is in critical condition. They keep speaking a lot of police jargon about what happened.

Back in the room, JO and MH start getting the scene in order and they find the tongue! MH puts in on ice and gives it to JO to run to 119 (ie. 911). At the hospital, the two police officers talk about the case and HP asks SS if he is happy that they have a case now?

JM gets to the room and starts inspecting it. She thinks they could have run away, but maybe the victim was protecting themselves.

Meanwhile, YC is sitting in a cafe to meet with his boss, but it looks like he is avoiding him. He leaves and hops in his car, but then he gets a knock on the window, it is his hubae. Cut to YC throwing something on the hubaes head at a caef and locking the door. He comes back and hits the hubae across the head some more. He asks for the memory card back, but the hubae isn’t giving it to him. Then YC slaps him a few times and the hubae falls to the floor. YC wants to know if he destroyed it? The hubae says it hurts him. It looks like the higher-ups want to cover up this case because they didn’t investigate it properly. YC stomps on his hubae a few times and yells that he made him a killer. the hubae takes it all.

YC says he will work, he assumes he saved it, he will believe that, he will go to the local police and get his demotion. He is okay, he can endure that, but he can’t endure that his mentors wife believes that he is the cause of his death. So can you make it so that he died on duty so his family members can get hirer pay?
Can you show the video to his wife and kids so they will trust me and rely on me? Can you do at least that you A-hole?

He gets up and leaves. YC drives off, but then he stops the car after going on a few yards. that is when a duty officer knocks on his door. They ask him if he has been drinking. YC tells them that he didn’t drive. But the duty police say that the car is on.

The duty police officer tells YC to blow into the breathalizer. But then he also notices that he is a policeman. YC blows into the breathalizer and the duty police tells him, no driving for 100 days and for him to go to the police station.

The new recruits are back at the police station getting a run through of the case. They go through all the photos of the blood all over the motel room and are asked a lot of quesitons about the case. Then they show some other photos and ask, what is different? JO is able to pick the difference (they snuck in some photos). In the case, the woman and the man accused each other of sexual misconduct, they both work together. JO thinks the man could have avoided the situation and ran away, but the man went there purposefully. SS and JO starts to talk about the case they memorized from the US about a man using violence even though the woman was at fault too? (not sure about that) Everyone leaves and HR tells SS that JO will probably get promoted first. But SS says that he will get promoted first.

Outside, JO calls someone and asks for some money (her dad?). But then HP talkes to JO, they went to the same college. He wonders if one of his friends is still doing well. He leaves and someone else tells her that the tongue was sutored back onto the woman well.

Meanwhile MH and another cop talk in the bathroom. MH tries to be friendly, but BJM doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells him that he isn’t the only one who is loyal to his friends. He is just a betrayer. They go into the hall and MH says he serves civilians but BJM says that they are civilians also so they have to protect themselves. He was a good police man. But MH says he wanted him to pay his service off for 6 months, then he will be a good polcieman again, but I don’t like people covering this up and making him feel guilty all the time.

The new recruits saw all this happen, they wonder what is going on.

In the bosses office, they all talk about how YC is coming to their department. KM is super upset about that. HS wants to know if he is upset because YC took JM away (lol!)? But KM just yells that he is the team leader. All the insiders know that he wasn’t drinking alcohol, but they can’t do anything about that. They know he was wrongly accused so they should be the ones to accept him. he will be under KM. KM is upset about that and throws something.

YC gets hom and everyone is happy. But as soon as they see him, they start to leave one by one. YC yells that they should greet their father, so they come back outside to great him and then go back to their rooms. YC sits on the couch with JM, but she just tells him to take all his things to his fathers place. She goes to their room and tries to sleep, but YC comes in there and talks to her. He apologizs and lays with her in the bed and tells her that they should go on a trip together. She says she wanted to divorce him a long time ago, but she couldn’t do it becasue of her parents. Now nothing blocks her so he should just leave quietly.

YC gets up and yells, what did I do wrong? Tell me and I can apologize! JM says that is all his problem, her parents dying is her problem. He parents died, she doens’t care about his situation becasue he doens’t care about hers. YC might realize he has been acting like a jerk and calls her noona, but she just tells him to leave.

He reluctantly leaves and she snuggle back into bed while YC grabs his bag and heads out.
But then he rings the doorbell to his own house and his son comes out. He tells his kids that Appa did something wrong with his parents and he will be at halabogi’s house. Protect noona and study hard. the brohter says that he doens’t want their parents to divorce. The daughter asks if he wants her to meet someone like appa and he says he would hate that. So the girl wonders why he wants appa and umma to stay togheter?

We see YC in a taxi as he goes to his fathers home. He goes inside, his father didn’t lock any doors so YC locks all of them. He sees his father and asks him why he didn’t lock any of the doors. Appa brings his son a meal, but he says he isn’t eating and takes the food outside. Then we see the two of them sleeping together while watching a cute little TV.

They go to bed and we cut to the three cadets walking to work. An ajumma is following them, a, it is JO’s mom. Her mom tells her that she doesn’t have to pay her father back, she should just give that money to her. The other two go inside to a room, it looksl ike it might be SS’s house? His place is downstairs and they are renting the upstairs apartment. It looks like he wants to rent it to SS and JO. SS leaves and SS and JO start talking. they think SS would be cute if he was a little bit shorter and then they talk about how they also like MH.

the conversation changes to not having time for a man, JO is the breadwinner of the home so she has to make money and not worry about men. This apartment is perfect though because it is a very close walk to the police station. HR asks JO why she has to pay off her dads money? But then JO gets a text from her dad saying that she doens’t have to pay it off, but if she does then here is the bank information.

Meanwhile JO’s mother is doing everything she can to get a local ajumma from talking to her. My husband died, I have a mental dissorder,

The friend says he gave her money because she is his daughter, if I asked for money then he wouldn’t give it to me. That is also why you asked for the money, so you say that you are not father and daughter, but you accept that you are in your mind.

But the mother has a panic attack to she runs to the mother and starts calming her with breathing techniques. SS sees this happening, but pretends like he didn’t.
YC calls his wife and asks her where his 5 finger socks are, but then he realizes that she is interrogating someone so he hangs up. But he writes noona on the window as he continues thinking of her.

Cut to his noona asking two high school girls questions about copper or drugs? The girls say they didn’t do drugs. JM tells them that a similar case had two girls who got pregnant and were threatened by the video and didn’t have enough money for an abortion. She shows the girls a pregnancy test and says they should go to the bathroom together. But they have a little stare off and JM tells them to tell her again, how much copper did you take?

SS starts talking about all the super legend things and says a lot of bad things abouot his sunbae, but then he goes around the corner and sees his sunbaes talking to the other new recruits. Busted. The sunbaes don’t make a big deal about it though. HP says they are the same age and laughs it off.

Then HP starts to talk about what happened, a ganster stabbed HS and all his intestines came out so the new guy picked up all the intestines and put it all back inside the body and ran HS to the hospital. It looks like he made this up though. But the new recruits think this story is real. They ask who this new person is and they say it is YC. All the new recruits look like, Oh $%@#. They remember him from their cadet training.

JO gets a call from her father, he is upset. He says she is just like her mother because she says she will pay it back, but then she says he will not pay it back, just like her mother. JO says she is not sorry to him because she isn using the money for her mother. Father also had a responsibility to her when she was born, but he didn’t fullfill that promise. They hang up and JO tells her mother that she will give her the money for a little cafe.

Cut to inside the police station. YC is there and they all have a meeting about a lot of cases. It looks like they are reviewing all the recent cases? KM is reading all the cases and telling everyone what their new duties are and what is going on with people who are promoted. It is also YC’s new job so everyone claps for him and want to hear what he will say. But YC isn’t that happy about it. He says, My name is Oh Yang-chon. And that is it, it is super grumpy.

HS adjourns the meeting with their police chant, “We don’t get hurt, we protect civilians, …”

Then HS talks to YC about respecting there department and the regional police, but YC is still upset and just leaves. Then we see that JM sent someone a message to run a background check.

In the kitchen, JO says she likes YC, she learned how to put on handcuffs becasue of him. He isn’t like someone who doens’t teach you anything. YC hears their conversation.

The recruits line up outside and YC comes up. he says that he heard the trainees complained about not having enough cases on site, so today they are in charge. Cut to all the kids driving in a car with YC. YC and SS are in the front and JO and HR are in the back. SS wants to know if he can call him sunbae…hyung-nim?

But YC says to call him Oh Yang-chon-shi. And the ones in the back can call him mentor. This case is a date crime case where a man hit a woman. JO is in charge, can she handle it? She says yes. SS drives them there and we see a man hitting a woman. JO runs up to him and tells him that he shouldn’t hit a woman. But the man hits JO and then touches her breast, so she puts him in a police lock. YC closes his eyes.

Then HR tries to break up some woman from fighting but they all pull her hair. Then SS runs out to stop that from happening and a drunk man starts pushing him. SS tells him not to do that and to calm down. YC comes out and judo flips the man and then says a lot of police stuff.

Cut back to the police department. HR and JO are standing outside while YC pushes SS inside the room. Then he tells the other two to come inside and tells them that they should study what they did wrong. Because of you 3, other team members had to work extra hard today, so study.

The three go to the roof and SS wonders what he did wrong. Those two fought, but he didn’t do anything wrong, why was he using violence against him? Maybe he should report him? They tells him to forget about it and release his anger now. But SS says YC was drunk driving and had that incident happen, he is just a crazy guy and he isn’t a good police man. He is a crazy dog. SS tries to light a cigarrete.

But of course YC was standing right behind him. He has a cigarrete in his mouth and says to give this crazy dog some of his fire..

Fade Out

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    thanks a lot…for people like us who don’t know korean , waiting for subs and huge fan of Lee kwang soo… this is gold.
    Very detailed and precised…. i could actually imagine how scenes were while reading….

    • V
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      Yay! I’m so glad we can help out. I really need to edit a lot of my recent posts though, seeing the typos make me cringe a little, but I know that when you are obsessed about a show/actor and you just have to know RIGHT NOW, then you don’t really care about typos 🙂

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