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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 11

Live Recap for episode 11 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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I feel like the next two episodes will be really hard to watch. Our team has two tough cases they are dealing with that make me want to fast forward through scenes and one or two of the officers might have a serious medical condition. I would say that I hope things turn out well, but with how things have been going with this writer, it doesn’t look good.

In recapping news, we’re going to pick up Lawless Lawyer to live recap once Live ends! Same place same time. ^_^

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

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Airing Time: April 14th, 21:00 Seoul
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The police officers tell the motorcycle guy to take off his helmet. The motorcycle guy just laughs. They got us. HR leaves before she hits them. The motorcycle guys laugh and say that they are under 14, haha, they are 13, haha. They tell them that they are underage, so they can’t do anything to them.

The police ask them if they are smart? You aren’t scared of the police? I will show you how scary the police are.

JO opens the closet and looks inside. She says, Seul-gi ah, why are you here? Seul-gi starts crying. The old woman comes in and sighs. She puts down what she is carrying and says that her father touched her here and there. JO tells Seul-gi that it is okay. She hugs her as Seulgi cries.

Back to the police kids. The cops starts to tell the kids that their parents went and begged to the police station. The judge just let you go with service. Before, it was just a minor case among you. But now you used pepper spray and hit police men and put plans together to terrorize people. So by the law, they can go to kids jail. You’re life is done. Send them home, we will police them and send them to juvenile detention.

The kid says that the high school guy asked them to do everything because they are underage so they won’t be prosecuted. The police say thta they have to tell him to come there.

Another motorcycle guy drives by and says that he is there. Where are they? All the policeman are in a white car waiting for him. The motorcycle guy thinks this is a trap, so he drives off. But another car shows up and stops him. This is the police car with the kids in the back.

The motorcycle kid crashes into some trash, the cops tell him to stand up.

Missing kid case. They sent the missing kid home with her mother. The foster appa took the girl to the hagwon and sexually assaulted her. The kid didn’t like it so she went to her friends place and hid there. It is the same as a seven year old case another police officer knows of. He hits his desk and storms out as he mutters that they need to change the law.

Another case. A girl tried to kill herself after another sexual violence case. They say that this is the problem with these cases. But something bigger is going on. JM thinks this is a serial murderer/assaulter. But her higher-ups don’t think so, so there isn’t a task force for it.

Motorcycle kids case. A rich man comes in looking for his son and the night shift changes to the day shift. MH asks JO to eat together while SS says that they should go home and eat. But JO has to write a report so they are both waiting for her.

Ah, JO told SS to go home and for MH to wait for her. But SS just goes to the side and sits with HR. JO reiterates that she is leaving with MH. MH and JO start to talk about the case with the missing girl. He thinks she should go to foster care because her mother is a single mother. JO thinks MH is prejudiced and tells him that her mother is a single mother. Maybe you can go home, I will eat later.

Motorcycle kids case. The rich father basically says that this is not his kids fault. The officers show the rich man the video and tell him that his son made this video. They have enough evidence. The lawyer says that he is just 17, you have to think of his future. if the media knows then it will be disgraceful. SB tells them that he is almost retired, he won’t feel dishonored. He will go to the end with this case.

The father yells, do you know who I am! The lawyer says that he is running for senate. HS is all like, so what, you have money and power? So what?

YC and SS. Both of them walk on the street. SS tells YC that he likes JO a lot and he won’t just let MH take her. YC is going to his old house. His father calls him, YC answers and tells him father to say something. But he just hangs up. YC calls back. His father says that he just wanted to make sure he was alive, if he is okay then that is good. The father goes to the kitchen and covers the dinner he made for YC. Then he sits and starts working on another kite.

Motorcycle case. SB says that this kid is not a normal kid. He higher underaged kids and hit him and tried to steal money. He wants to put him in front of a judge. He could just pass it, but he will go to the end. The father yells and hits the table. SB says that the father should fight against them and the police. When I caught them, he told us not to tell you. He was desperate, but I ignored it. He was scared about his violent appa and I am the policeman that didn’t help. Maybe your son hates all the adults in the world. So I am really going to go to the end and do my best to prosecute him. He should know that when he commits a crime, he should pay for it. Please do your best so he won’t get prosecuted. No one could help him, but Abonim will be on his side. I want you to let him know that.

SB leaves and HS tells them to come to the police station tomorrow with your son. The son is affected by this and tears up. The father just storms out leaving the lawyer to help the son stand up.

HS and KM thinks about the case. They think the adults screwed up the kids. The kids become adults and screw up again. We put them in jail and still have crimes. It is like a circle.

HR escorts SB home but pretends like it isn’t a big deal. They have a very nice moment where they look at each others phones. His is “my las trainee” she changed hers to “My first mentor” he apologizes that her first mentor is an old man. She is all like, yeah. Then she tried to hold his hand and he pulls it away. But she tries again and says that he is like a father. She rests her head on his shoulder and he just lets her as he looks out the window. He tells the taxi to go to HR’s place. She asks him when he retires and he says he has about 32 days left. they continue riding.

YC goes into his sons room and sees him sleeping while studying. He thinks that his son falls asleep while studying all the time. he picks him up and puts him in bed and tucks him in. Then he checks the computer and sees that the boy was watching a sexy movie. he tells him that he will kill him, but he whispers it, lol. Then he pops him on the booty and leaves.

he goes into his daughters room next and just checks on her. He sees the scratches on her hand. The mom told him not to bother her, she will be mad. YC goes to the living room and rpoors himself some wine. The mother tells him that the daughter fought the boy she is dating and scratched herself accidentally. He asks her why she is so sad. JM says she is just like that. She drinks more of her wine. YC asks if he should sing for her, when he sings, she sleeps well. She says, okay. He starts singing a song for her as she drinks her wine. She sets the wine down.

“On the way home, I really hate it, I go home and fall asleep and no one is there, there is a small tub…”

JM tells YC that they should apply for euthanasia for his mother. he keeps singing.

“A tiny voice told me…”

Abonim said that we can’t do anything for her, but for our convenience we put her on the bed with life support. I feel sorry for her. The doctor recommended it also. Let’s take the life support out.

He keeps singing and she picks up her wine. She tells him to think about it seriously.

“On the corner coffee shop, drinking, smoking….”

JM lays down on the floor with YC as he sings. She says that kids are sexually assaulted near the mountain, but there isn’t any evidence, it hurts me, maybe I am old, before, when I had this case, I wanted to just catch the criminal. Now, I feel weaker. Maybe I should stop being a police officer. You make money, can I just stay home?

He stops singing and looks at her for a moment. Then he starts singing again.

“The sound of waves in my memories, I will be gone forever…”
Both of them slept very well on the floor. JM is still asleep when YC makes her breakfast. He puts a blanket over her tightly and leaves her a note saying that she will think about it seriously. he leaves and goes to see his father. He watches him gardening from the car.

At JO and HR’s place, SS tries to tell JO that the foster home is a good place. It doesn’t mean that the mother won’t have a relationship with them. He wanted to go to an orphanage when he was little, so long as them gave him 3 meals a day.

The mother comes in and sits at the table. He asks her if she heard them talking but she says that she didn’t as she sips on something. The mother says that JO should date her SS, if she becomes her daughter-in-law then she won’t have any more wishes. HR is all like, what about me?

Umma leaves and HR tells SS not to speak so openly about going to an orphanage, if his mother heard it then she will be upset. JO leaves and says that she is going to apologize to MH and talk to the mother about it. JO thinks they are right. Getting divorced will be hard on the mom and the child will also have a hard time. She leaves.

HR tells SS that he should make JO hate MH, not make them get closer together. You will be alone and they will be closer. Cut to work. MH and JO are having fun looking at their phones while SS is alone. HR reiterates what she said before.

Case. SS goes out on a case that is a violence against man and woman case somewhere. While driving there he sees JO and NI on a violent drunken case as well.

Later, JO sleeps in the break room. MH smiles as he watches her nap and closes the door. SS watches that. MH tells him that they were going to go drink, but she is sleeping so soundly so he wants to just let her rest. He leaves and HR tells him that he is all alone, see? SS goes into the room and tells HR to come back later.

SJ gives HR a coffee. Hmm, perhaps he likes her? And SS watches JO sleeping. JO wakes up, her and SS have a bit of playful banter. HR tells JO that she should basically set boundaries between SS and MH.

Restroom. YC thinks it is better that SB finishes over there. But SB isn’t talking to him. YC finishes and is about to leave but then SB starts talking to him and smiling. then three other cops come in and SB ignores them, but then he tells them to put some eye drops in his eye. they all rush over to him and carefully put the eye drops in his eye. this scene is so warm. they are all so concerned with the eye drops.
Outside. YC and HP clean the police cars. But a woman is in her car looking at them. YC goes to the car and asks her if she needs help. She says she came to report this. She shows him a box, he opens it and looks serious. She tells him that her ex-boyfriend came to her place and killed her dog.

Then we cut to a high school girl calling someone and telling them that she has been sexually assaulted on a mountain. She is crawling in the leaves and asks for help, but then she passes out. A medical team comes and takes her away. JO watches this and thinks back to the two girls that waited outside their house while their father hit their mother. It looks like it is one of those girl that was assaulted. All the police that where on that previous case also remember her.

JM tells YC that the forensics team are on another case, so it will take some time for them to get there. They start to look at the case. it looks like the criminal hit the big sister with a rock, she passed out and woke up and called the police. it is a planned case. It looks like the criminal knows the mountain well and used a new rope only for today. YC looks at the footprint and guesses the size. they think they have good footprint size because it rained recently so the footprint size is nice.

They get to the top of the hill and see one of the sisters making a wish rock mountain prayer. She prays that she doesn’t live with her father anymore. Ah, this is their thinking of what might have happened. Perhaps the girl was praying not to live with her father and then the man attacked her. JM looks very affected by this case and starts walking to were she thinks the dragged her. they think they should have evidence of the assault but they don’t have any. But this is a serial case so they should have more evidence, it is the same everything. But the footprint is different this time. they imagine the sister looking for the older sister. She calls her and then she sees her being attacked. She grabs a rock and runs to defend her sister, but the assaulter hits that girl and she passes out. They think both girls were attacked.

NI calls and tells JM that the girl says they weren’t sexually assaulted, they were just hit and they want to go home. Both girls are at the hospital. JO stares at the eunnie. the police wants to do a rapekit, but the girls just want to leave. JO basically tells them that they know it happened, a worst case is that they can be pregnant. the girl says that she came to their house and didn’t help them. JO tells them that their mother refused their help. The doctor tells JO to come out.

they talk in the hallway. the doctor basically tells JO not to make the girls suffer further. JO tells the doctor that they won’t catch the criminal. But the doctor says that she is a doctor and her priority are the kids. She goes back inside. JO asks the eunnie who they want them to contact, mother or father. She tells them that they need to tell her father or mother, or they can’t let them leave.

Han sol is at the doctors office, he has very bad cancer. he has one big cancer area and one small cancer area?

Then JM and YC talk about how the kids don’t want to testify. JM says they can’t do anything about it. YC drops JM off and then starts to think about his daughter’s scratches. He tries to call her. He also thinks about the woman whose ex-boyfriend killed her dog.

Cut back to JO. NI says that the kids hid everything from their mother. they can’t do anything about it. NI leaves and JO and SS start to walk home. SS tells them that they need to go home, they should return their weapons and go home. But JO just stops and starts to think back.

It is her as a child in high school. She happily talks to someone on the phone and hangs up. She is then assaulted by two men. they grab her and say to take her to the mountains. JO looks at the kids cell phone that MH gave her. But she is to upset. He tries to hold her arm but she hits it away. He is concerned and says he just wanted to tell her something. But JO just leaves.

Flashback. JO goes home and sits in the bathroom as a high school kid. She is all bruised everywhere with cuts all over her. Her mom knocks on her door and wants to know what is wrong.

Right now JO cries as she calls someone and tells them that they found the sisters cell phone. She will drop it off.

Cut to the kids house. The father comes home, drunk again. The girls older sister gives the younger sister a bath in the bathroom and tries to smile and tell her that nothing happened to her, right? She says that they just need each other and they can get over it.

Meanwhile YC is at JM’s house. He asks his son where his sister is. The son says that he does everything properly. YC says that he will hit him if he sees him watching a sexy video again.

YC leaves and hears someone yelling and says not to do that, they want to go home. It is his daughter! he pulls the boyfriend off of his daughter and starts beating him up. The daughter tells her appa to stop doing this and she even calls the police and asks them to stop her appa, he is hitting someone. YC goes to his daughter and slowly takes the phone away.

Across town, JO meets with the girl. She comes out to get the phone. JO tells her that what happened today, she will never forget. She still remembers the time, 10:48. You will never forget today.

Fade Out.

Okay, y’all, this will be our last show for Live. This show was just so sad and leaves me super depressed. It is a very well done show, but I forsee everything getting worse. The preview also looks pretty depressed. We tried making it to the end, but we will have to stop at episode 11.

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  1. Fang
    April 14, 2018 / 11:46 am

    Please continue to recap this… it’s depressing but it’s also realistic. Kindly continue with the live recap so that interested viewers like me can be kept in the loop. Thank you!

      • Fang
        April 20, 2018 / 10:07 am

        rewatched episode 11… loving LIVE because of:

        1) all the characters and their individual stories…

        2) the moments in which they fight against, alongside and for one another.

        3) those words Sam Bo said to Manyong and his father (ep. 11) and how Manyong listened intently and reacted to it through shedding tears quietly.

        4) that home scene between Yang Chon sang softly while Jang Mi shared her inner thoughts about applying for euthanasia for his mom and her feelings of jadedness and inadequacies at work.

        5) how the writers are providing insights and perspectives on life and society through the issues and cases these police officers encounter and deal with.

        so, although the series is getting depressing, i am going to watch it to the end and i hope you, as well as more people, will do the same! <3

        • V
          April 20, 2018 / 11:10 am

          I am so happy that you love this drama Fang!

  2. April 17, 2018 / 1:02 am

    These are such wonderful displays. I will be honest at first I did not realize what they were about, because I would only glance at them as I walked by. Now having read the article these displays are put in perspective for me. This is such a great way to show that the victims are not at fault when it comes to sexual assault. If it were something like murder, we would not justify it if the murderer said: “he provoked me with words. Ultimately the assaulter made the choice to sexually assault someone, so they should be held accountable for there actions. Why would we tell the victim that they are the ones to blame for sexual assault towards them? This display definitely shows that what you were doesn”t protect you from sexual assault, It happens to people in the backless dress” but it also happens to people in sweats. It happens more than it ever should and this display brings awareness to that fact making people think about it. We have to be aware of these things as a society even when it seems so easy to pass them by. If we are aware we can address these problems and try to do something about them.

    • V
      April 25, 2018 / 4:24 pm

      Just saved this comment from the Spam folder! I don’t know why it ate it.

  3. Bo
    April 22, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    Whats the name of the song he sings??

    • V
      April 22, 2018 / 3:27 pm

      What is the time that it airs?

      • Bo
        April 23, 2018 / 6:27 am

        In the part “YC asks if he should sing for her, when he sings, she sleeps well. She says, okay. He starts singing a song for her as she drinks her wine. She sets the wine down.

        “On the way home, I really hate it, I go home and fall asleep and no one is there, there is a small tub…””

        • KKIM
          May 28, 2018 / 1:27 pm

          BUMP! I remember my parents singing this when we would have friends over and singing karaoke with soju. WHAT IS THIS SONG!? omg! Please reply!

  4. Mia
    May 22, 2018 / 10:33 am

    What song in minutes 22? Please help

  5. Mia
    May 22, 2018 / 10:34 am

    What song in minutes 22? Please help!!

    • V
      May 29, 2018 / 1:54 pm

      That is the song that everyone is looking for. We’re not sure who sings this song, yet. If you find out then let us know!

  6. yen
    July 17, 2020 / 12:09 pm

    Anyone knows what song is in the karaoke scene at ep17?

    • Anonymous
      April 14, 2021 / 7:48 am

      I think it’s called spring days of my life 🙂

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