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Live (Korean Drama) Live Recap: Episode 10

Live Recap for episode 10 of the Korean Drama Live starring Lee Kwang-Soo and Jung Yu-Mi
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I can only imagine that all hell will break loose once Yang-chon gets to that gambling site. Hopefully he doesn’t get himself or anyone else hurt or ruin the case with some foolishness. It would really stink if all those people got to go free on a technicality.

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Shorthand: Character Chart
Han Jung-oh – JO | Yeom Sang-su – SS | Oh Yang-chon – YC | Ahn Jang-mi – JM | Ki Han-sol – HS | Eun Kyung-mo KM | Lee Sam-bo – SB | Kim Nam-il – NI

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Airing Time: April 8th, 21:00 Seoul
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Two people on a motorcycle steal HR’s bag. They tease her as the hold it up and make her chase after them. One of the other motorcycle guys says to give her the bag back. they aleo tell her that she is sexy in her normal clothing.

They drive off. That is when the two guys on one motorcycle attack SB by driving by him and hitting him and kicking him as they drive by over and over again. They also sprayed his face with something and are recording this. they stomp on him a few times and one of them yells, yo told my father!.

They get on their bikes and drive off. SB gets up and tries to walk to his phone. He has a phone call from HR. He answers it, what? She asks if anything happened, she says she almost has a motorcycle crime and she thinks it is from the high school kids. Are you okay?

He says that nothing happened to him and he hang up right away. then he tries to sit up. He looks at himself in his camera, maybe he also takes a picture of himself?

Cut to YC driving like a maniac down the road.

And we also see KM in the illegal gambling room. He sees an open window and thinks that cop snuck through it.

YC gets to the crime scene and runs inside with SS. They both walk to the room. YC is breathing hard but trying to stay composed. KM says that they were following the corrupt police officer. HP says they saw him going inside. But unfortunately they couldn’t find him. YC looks around the room and sees blood ont he floor. A surgeon lost a lot of money and tried to call the police. So they hit him and put him in the closet.

YC walks to another area and say that this guy didn’t leave. There is no evidence of him leaving. How can he get out without a mark, he is not a ghost. YC start kicking over things to see if Joo-young is there. KM asks him what he is doing and he yells that he is checking to see if he is there. It doesn’t make sense that he isn’t there. There is one entrance and no evidence of himleaving. Don’t guess, search!

All the cops start searching for him in the building. They go upstairs, inside bathrooms, they pull off covers and look around pieces of equipment. SS sees a little side office and tries to go inside. he calls to the others and they run up. SS found a secret door to another room so everone starts looking inside that room. This room is a pretty nice size and has a lot of things in it.

But he isn’t there. However, SS hears a sound and opens a vent. He says YC shi, Lieutenant YC. YC comes up and they peek into the air ven. he is there hiding.

YC pulls him out and starts wailing on him. he punches him and kicks him and just releases all his aggression on him. A solemn song plays as he thinks about that night that his mentor died and how this man was there the whole time by his side likea friend, but he wasn’t his friend.

KM tries to pull YC off of him, we shouldn’t be arrested with violence. But YC just pushed him off and tries to beat this guy some more. However all the cops pull him away. YC calms down and walks out on his own.
Halabogi is at his wife’s bedside. He looks at her and puts his hand on the side of her face. He lightly rubs her hair and rests his hand on the pillow. Then he reaches for the plug and pulls it out. The machine turns off.

He starts crying as he grabs his bag and then looks at his wife one last time. He leaves.

YC sits by himself in the kitchen area, no one talks to him and he doesn’t want to talk to anyone anyway. He just stares ahead, brooding. MH tells him that they found evidence that can be helpful for the human trafficking case becasue one of them was in the illegal gambling ring. SS comes in and tells him that the team leader wants to see him. He also says that he can take him home. But YC just tells him to leave.

KM comes in and sits at the table. SS tells YC that the corrupt guy wasn’t his only trainee, I am also your trainee. SS leaves.

KM throws a towel at YC and tells him to clean his blood. Is he a police legend? F you. You are nothing, you are not reliable and Ahn Jang-mi can’t rely on you as a husband. You are just a little kid in a big body who makes everyone worry. For 20 years, it is not the first time having a corrupt police officer. People talk bad about us all the time, you have to be an adult.

YC leaves and KM keeps yelling, you hit your team members becasue of that corrupt guy, grow up!

Meanwhile HS is talking to someone in the bathroom. He talks about YC. But his wife busts into the bathroom and asks him if this outfit is okay for him. he yells about how his daughters wedding isn’t that important or something like that. He is on the toilet because he is having stomach problems.

JM is talking to someone on the phone. it looks like Umma is still alive but her rib cage is broken due to the CPR. The daughter is there as well and has scratches on her hand. JM asks her what those scratches are but the daughter says it is nothing and tries to cover them up.

YC goes home and pulls out the TV and throws it into the yard. He destroys it by throwing it onto the ground over and over again.

then he goes back inside. the father said that his mother would want him to kill her, she wasn’t greedy in life. he didn’t do anything wrong, they are stopping her from her death. YC tells him not to go to his moms hospital anymore.

JM is also there and walks in to sit with Halabogi. She holds his hand but he pulls it away softly. Outside, YC is looking around the garden. He sits and mulls as he is into his own feelings.

MH is at the new recruits home and they are all playing a boxing video game. It is super lively in the room as each side tries to win. SS wins agains MH and is amazingly happy. But JO wins again HR so MH and her hop up and hug. But it is a little awkward since the other two are there as well. SS says he is a womanizer and JO says she likes it. She blows them both a kiss and leaves. HR tells him “we” or “us” and she says if he doesnt like it then they can date.

At SB’s place, his wife tells him to go to the hospital (on the phone) but SB just thinks about the high school kid. He hangs up and keeps taking photos of his body.

Meanwhile, MH and JO are driving somewhere together. But JO sees a heart in his car about his ex girlfriend. She asks about her. How did you break up? MH says that she died. On the way to see him she saw a car accident with a kid and mother, she tried to rescue them, but the car exploded and she died on the spot.

They pull the car over. MH says he wanted to tell her about his ex girlfriend. he thought about it a lot but it just came out like that. JO holds his hand and tells him that he doesn’t have to, lets go watch a move, a comedy movie. He says okay and they start driving again.

At the police station everyone works out. YC is on the treadmill thinking about what his father said about his mother wanting to die. She has no regret and we shouldn’t drag her like this. SS and HP are also working out. SS asks HP why he is supporting SS and JO and not MH and JO. He says it is because JO dumped his friend and MH needs a nice girl, not JO.

Everyone changes in the locker room as SB comes in looking all busted. He doesn’t tell anyone what happened. HR comes in and looks at his face. She thinks something happened because he asked her if she was okay also. Why did he ask it like that? Your eye shouldn’t be like that after drinking!

The other officers talk about this but they don’t want to make it big. HS comes in and sees SB’s face. He also wants to know what happened and he wants to keep SB from patrolling with his face like that. But SB just walks past him.
There is a child that is missing. A woman is crying about the child so JO tries to comfort her. But then another woman comes up and hits this woman. What happened to my child! What happened to Seul-gi! The police check the CCTV. Seul-gi rang the bell from school and the kindergarten bus left after seeing her ring the bell. But the child didn’t go in after 5 minutes so the mother went downstairs. One hour has passed since she disappeared.

The parents talk to NI about the case and asks them all the questions about their child. It looks like these parents aren’t the real parents of the child. The real mother had a baby, but it stopped her from getting married so the adoptive parents said that they could take the child. But the adoptive parents don’t know too much about the child and they don’t have a picture of her in the cell phone. The mother also may have mental problems? KM tells JO to not have any preformed ideas about the adoptive parents. Both parents are fine with no record.

But then KM sees something in the house. Possibly the kids father? they see a form that signals something to them. So KM asks JO to check the criminal record of the father. they also tell everyone all the specs on the child and how to search for a missing kid. We see a montage of the police searching everywhere for the kid. In trash cans, under things, in the woods. If it is a kidnapping and no one asks for money, then the child is usually found dead, so the police are looking everywhere for this kid.

they manage to get a picture and send it to everyone. SB and HR are together looking in all the trash for the child. Two kids walk around, it is the cigarette kids. SB says that he is going to tell that kid that he will get evidence and charge that kid for it. But this kid says that he wasn’t there that night. SB remembers what the eyes of one of them looks like though. The kids leave, but SB walks to the place they came out from. He sees some bags and finds all the evidence. The spray was in one of the bags.

HR realizes that his eye is like that because of the pepper spray, he needs to report it. This isn’t a normal case. But SB says they just need to put the bags in the car and search around for the missing kid. Then HR gets a video of SB getting beaten up by the kids. She looks at SB. It looks like she got the video becasue the sister of the broken leg boy (the one that cut SS) sent it to her and tells her everything that the highschool kid is doing. He is telling all the other kids that this will happen to them if they don’t listen to him. He also wants to brag about it. It looks like this girl and HR became friends.


HR sends the video clip to YC. YC looks at it and then looks at SB and sighs. But he doesn’t say anything about it. He sends the video to HS.

Three hours have past, so they are calling the search back in. SS wonders, huh, so soon? they will continue with the investigation, but the search is over for now.

Meanwhile HS talks to his doctor, he has bloody poop so he is quietly making an appointment at the hospital.

At the same time, the real mother and the adoptive parents see each other at the police station. NI suspects the adoptive parents because they haven’t found the kid and the adoptive parents are stopping the adoption. JO calls JM. JM says that there is no evidence of kidnapping right now, when they have evidence then they will have a public search. Just then, JM gets a note that the father has a history of violent crimes.

Elsewhere, SB and HR are still out patroling. SB still wants to look for evidence. But HR tells him that they need to go back, she told everyone what happened, you can hate me for it if you want to.

Back at the station, all the mentors watch the video clip together. They say that it is the kid with the cigarette problem. he sent this video to all his friends. they start to talk about how this case can become big if they get involved in it. If they send it to the investigation team, it will become nothing because their cases are so big. We should take this case! YC also thinks they should do it together.

Everyone agrees, but KM asks them if they will all follow the rules. According to the rules, we have to ask the violent crimes team to take it. But this could be a big case, their jobs can be in danger if they take this case because the father might be super influential.

SB comes in and asks if it is funny. Embarrassing me in front of all these kids, is it fun? KM tells him that it isn’t just a revenge case, it is challenging police authority. But SB yells that they don’t know how it feels. Have they been hit by kids like him. When you are old like him and getting weak. have you been stepped on by little kids!

He leaves right away. HS tells them to bring the trainees in. Cut tot them seeing the video with the rest of the team. the mentees question them about it. What do you say when you are under inspection. You have to say that the mentors told you to take the case and be involved in this case. they all repeat that and they are dismissed.

But what if the mentors get investigated? then you have to say that your boss told you to do it. HS leaves.

The mentors start getting to work looking for the motorcycle while simultaneously working on the missing kids case. The officers who are not on the missing kid case are working on it full time right now.

SB walks through the hall and gives his phone to HR, he says to tell his wife that he will be home later. She is about to, but the wife hangs up. That is when she sees that she is in his phone as “My Last Trainee” she looks at her phone, he is in her phone as “Old Mentor” she tears up.

SB meets with HS and talks about how they are old so they can’t win over young guys. But when they have their coworkers around, the story is different. You are out of this case, but we will put this case to our younger team. You will retire in a month, if you get involved in this case then you will get fired before you can retire. SB cries and HS lets him cry alone in the showers.
The policeman go out and start questioning kids about the case. they question one kid who is very rude and uses banmal to them.

HS drives around and sees the stolen motorcycle, he sighs. he also sees the missing kid walking! But he is in pain and can’t really focus right now. He calls it in and tells NI and JO to focus on the missing kid case. It is nearby.

A motorcycle zooms by and they look at it. But then JO sees the mother of the missing child walking somewhere. She says the missing kid case is first for her. She gets out and runs after the mom. NI calls it in and says they found the motorcycle and JO saw the mother of the missing child. She is on that case right now.

the calls start going out to all the cops. They found the kid, he is only a middle school student. A really tall middle school student. The rich kids highered some other kids to do the job for them. the bad kid posted online that he needs help in doing something.

Car chase! The police car chases the motorcycle through the alleys of Seoul. they all converge on the motorcycle driver and passenger, they are caught.

At the same time, NI and JO walk around and talk about Seulgis case. JO found a hairpin on the ground and shows it to the mother. It is the hairpin that the mother bought for Seul-gi. But the mother thinks that a little girl lives with their grandmother in the basement over here. She runs to that area and points. She is about to go inside, but JO tells her it might be better if she stays outside. NI goes inside and knocks on the door.

the door is open so he goes inside. JO runs inside as well and sees a little kid there. They ask her is she knows Seul-gi? then they see the tiny cloth closet in the corner and something wet dripping from it. Possibly pee?

The little girl starts crying and says that Seul-gi is her friend. JO goes to the closet and unzips it. She stares inside, something is in there, but we don’t see what it is and it JO’s face doesn’t look happy.

Fade Out

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  1. Jims
    April 9, 2018 / 7:30 am

    Thank you so much for the detailed recap!
    I always come here after every episode, and enjoyed every LIVE recap, because I love the drama so much.
    Waiting for the subs is really not my priority anymore, because (duh) this is so far the longest (along with pretty noona who buys me food) to be subbed? Maybe because of Net*lix
    By the way, please keep updating every week, don’t give up on this drama!
    I always watch it raw, and come here to make every sense come to light, haha..because the drama is so fast paced, sometimes I couldn’t grasp the detailed conversation.

    Many many thanks for your kindness!!
    Keep up the good work… 😀

    • V
      April 9, 2018 / 7:43 am

      Thank you Jims! It always helps to know people are enjoying the recaps and getting something from them 🙂

  2. PakalanaPikake
    April 13, 2018 / 3:51 am

    Thanks for recapping eventful episode 10, V. 😉

    I’ve had to let it marinate before commenting as some of the events hit close to home.

    The reprisal against Sam-bo reminds me of the year-long abuse inflicted by the congressman on the patrolman who arrested him for drunk driving earlier in the show. The instigator was cagey enough to sub-contract the work to middle-schoolers, who will probably get away with probation because they’re juveniles. And his abusive father will probably sic high-priced attack lawyers on the cops.

    I can understand Sam-bo’s not wanting to admit that he was jumped by multiple assailants when he was off-duty. I was really glad that Hye-ri blew the whistle on his attempt to ignore the case out of concern for her embarrassed mentor. She’s really changed her tune since first teaming up with him, and that warms the cockles of my heart. I had to laugh when she barged into the men’s locker room after him. Oh, the scandal!

    The case has implications for public challenges to police authority, and pursuing it risks political fallout. When he put the junior officers on the case, I liked how Kyung-mo instructed them to tell Internal Affairs that they were following their mentors’ orders. Then Han-sol told the mentors to testify, if asked, that they were following his orders. The buck stops with Han-sol, and that’s why I love him. The man is in obvious pain, but is holding it together as his officers close ranks around Sam-bo.

    The arc with Yang-chon’s parents is also a painful one. It comes as no surprise that his father literally pulls the plug on his mother’s ventilator. Jang-mi later says that the poor woman’s ribs are broken from the CPR when she was revived. If ever there were a case where a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order would have been helpful, this is it. One of the things that no one ever talks about is the effect of CPR on the ribs, especially osteoporotic ones. In the case of a younger person who’s got a good shot at recovering, it’s one thing. But for an elderly person in a coma, it strikes me as barbaric. I say this as an old codger myself who has seen some of my elders go through hell in nursing homes.

    My best friend became a volunteer EMT about 20 years ago, around the time that my mother-in-law’s brain tumor became inoperable. She clued me in to many things, including ribcages crushed by CPR. Thankfully, while my mother-in-law was still able to speak and make her X, she made the decision to get a DNR. The hospice nurse who supervised her care at home impressed upon us that 911 should not be called, as that would legally obligate EMTs and paramedics to attempt to resuscitate her in spite of the DNR.

    Death is a taboo subject, and I applaud LIVE (and also SHOULD WE KISS FIRST) for raising the issues of self-determination, advance healthcare directives, living wills, designated agents for healthcare decisions, and DNRs. It seems that Yang-chon’s mother does not have any of these arrangements in place. His father takes it upon himself to act on her behalf. I understand where he’s coming from, even if I don’t agree with the way he goes about it.

    Thanks again for recapping!

    • V
      April 13, 2018 / 4:47 am

      The parents arc is a hard one. I feel for the Father who is trying to take it upon himself to end his wife’s life peacefully. But it is still hard on Yang-chon. You would think YC would kind of use this as a clue to understand how his wife felt during basically a similar kind of situation with her parents. But that is one of the reasons why people don’t like him.

      I am beginning to really love HR and SB’s relationship. I love how they are growing.

      • PakalanaPikake
        April 13, 2018 / 5:44 am

        Yang-chon hasn’t had time to reflect on the implications of his father’s actions. He’s already at the end of his rope with all the stuff that’s going on at work. His family is imploding, and at the rate things are going, he’ll be all alone soon. Maybe then he’ll get an inkling as to what Jang-mi went through with her own parents. But I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it. He’s more likely to remain stuck in useless brooding mode.

        Hye-ri and Sam-bo’s relationship is indeed one of the bright spots of the show at this point. The young whippersnapper has realized that the honorable old dog is ready, willing, and able to teach her some new tricks of the trade. But beyond that, she’s genuinely warmed up to him as a person. Hallelujah!

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