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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 9

Live Recap for episode 9 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye

We are coming up on the last episode(s). I am actually not sure if today or next week is the last episode, anyone know? Alls I know is that Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub are spending their last days in their tiny houses. So today’s episode should be all about enjoying the little things they have come to love about living solo in the countryside.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: June 1st, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

Today is the last day! They are to take photos and make memories with all the things they learned.

It is a relaxing afternoon for PSH as she takes out her blanket. She says today is perfect, she wants to enjoy the house so she rests outside and makes a picnic on her deck. She exclaims, ah, I love it! As she lazily lays outside. She never expected this day would come.

She enjoys the moment by eating cherries and laying down. She even props her feet up on the chair outside and relaxes. She says it feels like Heaven outside as seh stretches. She also wants to take a nap, but seh thinks the time is too precious to take a nap. The sound of birds is precious to her, the sky when she opens her eyes is precious, the green trees are precious….she feels like she is going to lose them so they are all precious.

She cuddles up on her deck and just enjoys the atmosphere.
SJS is napping. His cows show up and slowly walk to their next eating place. They move quickly (for cows) and quietly so SJS doesn’t notice them or wake up.

PSH – i felt like I was floating, it felt like Heaven. i had a headache for the last few days, but I have no headache here. the strange thing is I have no headache. I have a comfortableness from the house. There is a happiness feeling that slowly migrates into me.

She sits up from her nap on her deck and says that it was a really nice time. She wraps the blanket around herself and thinks that she should have enjoyed it more. She has another mission after relaxing.

VO – You draw whatever you like. Without learning, you can draw. Without someone asking you to do it, you just danced happily when you were little. We were all born as artists, but we all forgot about it when we grew up. make are whatever way you want. you might find the artist in you.

PSH thinks that she has even more artwork to do after her painting outside. But she says, okay, I will make something. She gets up to do it.

But Subject B is different. He has the same challenge but he doesn’t know what to do so he thinks about it for a minute. He gets up and goes outside to think about it for a moment.

meanwhile, PSH is getting all hr ingredients to make her artwork. Todays ingredient is wood, so she picks up a lot of little pieces of wood. Bong comes to visit her as well which makes her very happy. She asks him if he would like something to drink? She unfortunately doesn’t have anything for him to eat and noona is also busy today.

At his tiny house, SJS is still thinking.

But PSH is busy making her artwork. She cuts the wood into even pieces. Then she starts putting her wood together with string as if making a little raft with the wood pieces.

PSH – I am kind of making a meaningful thing. I wish, if the house disappears I can still have this around. This morning I heard a lot of birds. The thing I hear first are birds, so I wanted to leave something for them.

It looks like she might be making a tiny birdhouse for the birds.

SJS – When I saw the bricks, I saw different colored ones. I can use any material right?

He goes to the bricks and picks all the different colored ones. he puts them together on the deck in an arrangement. He says the title is smile. he also used his name a little bit.

SJS – This is “Miso” (Smile). I wanted to make the word miso because when you hear that word it makes you feel good. I also wanted to make my name “So.” So he has “Angry So” or “Smile So” when he turns the smiley face around to a happy or an angry face.
PSH hangs her bird house in the tree. She says that she wanted to make it tighter and thinks she might have to fix it a little bit. It is a little not enough. So she grabs some flowers and starts sticking them in the birdhouse because she was worried about the gaps in between the white string. It looks nice with the unexpected flower arrangement.

PSH – I have my ideas here in my heart, but it is not something that is big art. It is tiny art that I like.

SJS – Yes, it is fun, I don’t put anything big, it is just little art.

The day continues to go by. Bong runs by and the cows all walk by SJS’s tiny house again on their way home. SJS notices them this time and decides to go out and watch them. he asks them if they are leaving. He sees a cow that he thinks might be pregnant that is walking by and continues standing there until they are all gone.

Afterward, he goes inside and starts preparing his meal right away. It is his usual simple meal of veggies and meat. It looks like he is making bulgogi with bulgogi sauce and a lot of bean sprouts with rice on the side. It is a very simple and tasty looking meal.

he sits to eat and is greated by the cows walking back. One of the cows walks all the way to the window. he tells them it is okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. But the caption says it is not okay (because he is eating beef). The cows keep walking on by.
PSH is mesmerized by the fire and watches it without thinking. then seh goes outside and walks to the corner of the house. It looks like she is going to make an outdoor fire.

PSH – Cooking outside tastes better. I wanted to make it outside before, but it was too chilly. Now it is good timing. Today is my last time playing with the fire. It will take a long time for it to burn.

While the fire gets going, PSH goes inside and prepares her dinner. It looks like she is eating pork. It is a thich slab of pork that she seasons with salt, pepper, and rosemary. She wraps it in foil and then prepares thinner cut strips of pork for samgyupsal. She adds salt, pepper, and basil to this one and also wraps it in foil.

She puts the foil wrapped meat inside the fire and hopes that it cooks well. Then seh goes back inside to prepare her other items to eat with it. the first she prepares are mushrooms that she slices and sautés. She puts the mushroom around a salad and then sees all he cows outside her window.

She goes outside and says that the cows are here. this they come because of the fire, are they also feeling cold? She talks to them from her deck.

PSH – Unnexpected guests, maybe because of the fire and lights. they might have been interested, it was strange that they came and stood around my house. But when I stood up they left. They are a little shy.

One of the cows accidentally knocks over her light so PSH asks them if they did that. She says he is the boss cow so everyone follows him and touches hr light. She also says it is really funny.

She grabs her cell phone and films them walking by. She mentions that these are the guests that came to her house and for them to not break her things. She tries to touch one of them and gets happy that one of them touches her hand. her title is “So So Hwan” which can be “cow evening” or “Mundane evening” she says they were cute guests.

But the cows all leave with lets her check her food. The food actually looks amazingly juicy and well seasoned. She chops it into small bite sized pieces and puts it over her simple salad. It looks like she adds balsamic dressing to it and digs in.

It must be amazing because she exclaims that it is super good. All the meat she prepared is good. She thinks the collagen is nice and chewy, it matched her salad well. She couldnt’ just take her mouth away, it was so chewy.

She gives her self a thumbs up.
Mission – Why do people want to climb the mountain and see the sun rise? B, why don’t you climb the mountain and see the sun rise?

SJS thinks he will have to wake up extra early, maybe 4 am?

PSH gets the same message, but it says Subject B instead of subject A so she laughs and tells them they are cutting and pasting too much. She then says she will read it as if she is Subject A, so she changes B to A while reading the same message SJS got.

The voice over talks about 30,000 people seeing the sun rise on the mountain.

PSH googles sunrise time, it is 5:30 am. She checks the current time, it is 10:30 pm. So she thinks she needs to go to sleep quickly.

SJS also thinks he needs to go to sleep quickly. SJS goes to sleep very soon, but PSH is still awake at 11:20 pm. The frogs are out at her place and singing to each other. She tells them, froggies, let’s sleep.

4 AM
Someones alarm keeps going off over and over again. It looks like it is PSH’s. She wakes up and looks soooooo sleepy as if she didn’t sleep at all. But she is able to put on her jacket and grab a flashlight.

She goes outside and sees all the stars in the sky. She thinks they look so pretty.

3:50 AM.
SJS woke up extra early on a different day. It is raining at SJS’s house.

SJS – Because I promised that I would see the sun rise…..

He gets ready to go. he puts on a rain coat, grabs a banana, a nd grabs his handcrank. He hops in the car and drives to the top of the mountain.

PSH also drives to the mountain.

They go to Gogunsan Mountain, “Lonely Mountain.”

B walks the steps in the rain, he is so diligent. It is 5:20 which is 20 minutes before the sun rise, so he doesn’t have a chance to rest. He is out of breath, but continues onward and starts to take two steps at a time.

He gets to the top and laughs. He walked 532 meters and took him 12 minutes. Usually it takes 22 minutes. He sits on the steps as the rain falls all over him. It even starts to get harder.

Then it is 2 minutes before the sun rises so he stands up and dumps all the water in his shoes. He looks in the direction that the sun should come up.

SJS – today’s mission is to see the sunrise, but there is no sun allowed for me. I didn’t see the sun rise, but I will put the sun in my heart and wish for whatever I want. Then I will go back. I wished to finish the TV show well and for everyone I like and love to be happy and for me to keep loving them. I didn’t’ see the sunrise, but I put it in my heart and made my wishes. That was it.

SJS goes back down and asks if PSH also will have the same mission? He hopes that the weather is finer for her.
PSH walks up the steps but she says her muscles are tight in her butt because she worked out before coming to Jeju. She laughs and says, My butt hurts! So she has to take a little rest. She keeps walking and says she put on a lot of clothing just in case it was cold, but she didn’t have to. She takes another break and drinks some water. She thinks it was a good idea to bring water.

Fast forward PSH walking up the steps for a few seconds. Then it slows down and shows her walking up the steps. She sees some people walking down and she greets them and asks them how much longer she has to go? They tell her one more hour, but it sounds like a joke.

But then she sees the sign for 200 meters left. She thinks this forest is a completely different feeling from her forest. She gets near the top and sees the sea, it is a gorgeous view. Then she makes it to the top. It took her 21 minutes which is close to how long it takes people (20 minutes).

She stands in the same spot that SJS stood and talks about how it is cloudy. She wonders if she will see a nice sunrise with these clouds. She plays with the camera and holds her hand out as if she is asking for the sky to give her the sun. then she points her camera at the sky and says that the sky is changing, it is getting red. She happily looks at it.

PSH – The first mission of our show is waking up with the sun, I failed the first day, but I succeeded on the last day.

The sun rises. She can’t see the sun due to the clouds, but she thinks the clouds look very cute, like popcorn or cotton or something like that. Then she sees an airplane passing and looks at that for a moment. She says she is sad, but it is still pretty. the mission she failed on the first day was completed on the last day. She saw super cool clouds and a cool airplane pass by the clouds.

She sees another airplane and points to it. then she points at the sunrise, she can see it! She says she can see the head of the sun! Over there, over there! So you see it! It is coming out, coming out! Wow, it is coming out pretty quickly. It’s big. It is coming out very quickly, like an egg yolk.

PSH – All of a sudden, this clear sun came out with a lot of color. It was clearer than expected and sparkly. I was just as mesmerized with the sun as I am with fire…..it seems like Boss Ross painted it. It was so easy. Success. The sun came out through my disappointment. People talk about “Tomorrow, you will have tomorrow’s sun” so I thought I sill have different chances with different opportunities.


6:50 am
SJS and PSH get home. they are both tired. SJS is also super wet.

Bong visits PSH so she feeds him some breakfast and tells him that she will give him a big one. This is my breakfast, do you know how delicious this is after climbing a mountain? Have you been there? That is why I am eating this deliciously. Sit.

But Bong does not sit.

PSH tries to get him to sit again, but he doesn’t. She thinks, usually dogs sit down. But Bong does not. However, after a few more tries he does and then promptly goes to sleep. PSH tells him to guard the house and goes inside.

Meanwhile, SJS is trying to get dry and warm. He warms up his pot and starts to prepare a meal. First, he has to cook the rice so he waits for it to cook.

He waits and waits and waits.

And he watches the rice without blinking.

It is finally finished so he tries a little of it and smiles. Then he starts to prepare dried fish for soup and says that he will eat everything, even if his stomach explodes. he cuts all the vegetables he will use and tastes the soup for flavor. But he says it does not taste good. Perhaps he added too much soy sauce?

he changes the seasoning and then starts to pan fry his other vegetables and meat.

SJS – I thought it might be my last meal so I prepared a lot. I used everything except a banana, my emergency food.

This is his first time eating three dishes. he will enjoy his last meal. he eats it and says that it is really good, really good. Then he says it is pouring rain because it is his last day. His closes the window a little bit more.

He sees his friends eating outside (the cows) and films them a little bit. But he gets right back to eating and eats it all.

Then he cleans all his dishes and uses all the water he has to clean the sink. After that, he sits at his window and watches the rain.

PSH is sleeping in her loft when the ding dong of a mission comes. She wakes up groggy and checks the mission.

SJS also checks the mission.

Text: Where you happy with your tiny house in the forest? Look around at all the places that made you happy. People, animals, sightseeing, anything, just take pictures and make memories.

Montage of all SJS’s moments in the tiny house.

The last mission is to take photos of their happy moments.

But PSH is too sleepy, she rests her head and says she will think about it for two minutes.

SJS thinks as well, he wants to make nice memories, but it is raining too much to take a lot of photos outside. he decides to take a lot of photos inside. He takes a phtos of his sitting area next to the fire because he spent the most time there. he also took a photo of the solar panel battery indicator, the window seat, the burner, the radio, the logs, and the artwork he made. It didn’t take him much time at all.

PSH wakes up and says she is so sleepy. She lasts a bit and says she will start talking photos in the house first. She uses polaroid pictures and takes several photos all around the house. Then seh goes outside ad does the same. her goal is to take photos of everything and then explain it to us.

She arranges all the polaroids in order on the desk and starts to write on them.

Burner – little meals only for her,the feeling of tiny meals that give her the biggest joy
Shelf – Her first DIY. She felt good after making it and loved it as well.
Chopping wood – it is a very important thing here in th eforest. You have to be careful with backpain. I will think about it when it is cold.
Book, music, nature at the window – I felt the changing of the seasons well
Fruit hammock – It took 7 hours to make. I focused the most here, i am going to take it home and use it a lot.
Sightseeing from the chair
Picnic she wants to do again
Forest sky
The prettiness of the forest
Unexpected guests (cows)
Loft – My bedroom that I enjoyed the most after finishing the day, it is a super comfortable bed that guarantees a good nights sleep. It is like something in the movies, I enoyed it a lot. I had a really nice night.
My Artwork – I did whatever I liked. that is what I did. But after painting it, good or bad, I felt like my window became a frame. It felt good when I came home because of the picture. The house looekd more lively.
Last Artwork (Tree house) – The tiny birdhouse in the forest, I forgot to put rice inside. You can also see my tiny houe behind it. I feel like I was only taking from the forest, the forest gave me so much so I wanted to give something back so that was my little thing.
Tiny house – Thank you tiny house int he forest. The house was the biggest happiness. I think this place was a good place that gave me meaning of something that I would pass by easily. The things I tood for granted where very precious and thankful things. This reminds me of it. It is not like before, this house has my marks on it.

Montage of PSH’s life in the house. From feeling excited, awkward, to comfortable.

PSH -This place gave me a lot of happiness, you can’t see them in the picture, but these are the staff members I see when I open the door. They are somewhere unseen. You didn’t know, but when you guys where in front of me, I was always happy. Yes, that is what I think, that is it. My happiness in the forest.

She says she feels strange. It feels like the end of finishing a drama or a movie. It feels strange, but she says she won’t cry.

SJS goes outside in the rain to take photos. He takes photos very quickly. The stream is flooded, so his mission is to go back home safely. He puts on all his clothing and packs up his things. When he steps outside he says it shouldn’t be like this on the last day, raining from the beginning to the end.

SJS and all his team leave together. SJS apologizes, he says he feels like it is raining becuase of him.

Caption: Raincoat exploring challenge. B’s happy outing will be shown in next weeks directors edition

SJS walks away to his car.

PSH starts to make her last meal in the forest. Her last meal is dwenjangchigae.

PSH – I thought about what to eat for my last meal. I wanted to make fresh water snail soy bean paste soup……my last meal is ready.

She takes a photo of her last meal then sits to eat it.

PSH – It was really good. It had a harmonious taste with the forest. It was more like, fresh and nice and chewy. A lot of things mixed together and matched well……ah, it is cloudy. this is my first time with this weather.

Next week is the directors cut. All the things that they did not show.
Lots of funny scenes.
We also see a secret of PSH’s meal….she made food for the entire crew when she cooked.

Top Photo by tvN

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