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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 8

Live Recap for episode 8 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye
I think this episode might be all about releasing your stress. So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye will be practicing yoga and eating spicy food as a stress relief. The cows and dogs follow SJS around which makes him think he is living on a farm, but on top of that adorableness, the power goes out which I am sure is super scary in the countryside.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: May 25th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: SOON …updates on twitter

We open with a short introduction of what this episode will be about. Bong likes PSH more than SJS. They will practice yoga a little bit. SJS has no electricity.

PSH waits as she tries to cook pumpkin on her fireplace. It looks like she is roasting it, but she burns it a little bit. It is a relaxing moment as she eats the pumpkin while sitting on the floor. Then she looks into her camera.

PSH – My face is all burnt, my face is cooked at the same time as the pumpkin.

A mission comes in. The mission is to share your gift with others, even if it is nothing special. If you care about something more than others and you are proud of it then your tiny gift can give a joy of learning and sharing. Share your gift.

PSH thinks….hmm…what do I have? She thinks that for her, she wants to share stretching. Either sitting or standing. For her, she spends a lot of time in the car which doesn’t make her feel good. So she likes to stretch a lot.

Montage of PSH stretching.

PSH – Some people are professional with stretching, I am not a professional with it, but I want to share how I relieve stress, so that is why I picked stretching…..relieving tiredness for people working….it is nothing big but that is it.

SJS is also trying to think of what he can share. He thinks that he makes a lot of simple healthy meals. 7 minuts for meat asparagus. 6 minutes for tomotoe egg, 5 minutes for seaweed soup.

SJS – I like simple and quick menu’s, I was looking for them. I like to test them myself. I try them a lot to experience them. It isn’t really a gift, but it is more an experiment. I want to show these simple recipes.

SJS starts setting up his recipe. It is very simple. First he chops an onion and puts it on the bottom of the bowl. Next he chops tomotoes and puts them on the onions. After that, he puts chopped beef on top. then put in on the fire with no water. (It looks like it will just cook in it’s own juices.)

SJS says this recipe is very good, he liked cooking it a lot. When you boil it, the water comes out automatically. But the important thing is that it takes more time than you expect so it might burn. You have to stir it.

After it boils into a soup, you let it sit for a little bit and then serve. He doesn’t add salt or anything to it. He said he doesn’t have to add anything. If you like tomato taste then you will like this. He ate it a lot before so he was sick and tired of it, but now he missed it so it tastes good once again. It has a sour taste so you want to eat other food, be sure not to do that.
Stretching time with PSH. She sits on the floor and starts explaining her simple stretches. She starts with a neck and shoulder stretch where she rotates her head to the right (right ear on shoulder) then the left (left ear on shoulder) and then to the front.

The next stretch is a leg stretch. She tells us to keep our back straight and exhale when we stretch. Exhaling with release the pain we might feel with stretching. If it hurts a lot then you can fold one leg and stretch again.

The stretch after after that is to lay on your back with your arms out in a T shape and your legs straight. Then bend your left knee and rotate your left leg over your body to wear your knee touches the floor. Try to keep your back on the floor. Do the same to the other side.

The stretch after that is to lay on your back and fold one leg under your body so the bottom of your foot touches your booty but your two knees are still relatively together. Then do it with the other leg.

That is the end of her stretches. She mutters that she is a little embarrassed explaining it.

It is raining at SJS’s place again. he looks out the window and comments that it is raining a lot. The energy in his house is almost gone so he won’t be able to turn on his lights if it doesn’t charge.

SJS comments, when it rains a lot he can’t go out. He will take a walk when it rains less.

Montage of all the times SJS walks around his little forest area.

SJS – (Why do you go out a lot?) It is difficult to do it in Seoul. i like the rain. I feel good. It feels like my ears and my chest and my heart opens. i can also see knew things so that is why I like it.

He walks all the way to the stream. The last time he came out, it was all dry, but now it looks like a bubbling brook once again. He likes it there and starts to listen to all the sounds around him. We also hear all the sounds of rain. He comments that it is nice to wear the raincoat and listen to the sound of rain.

SJS – The sound most clear to his ears was the rain drops sound on his rain coat. It is the sound he likes. When you eat on the street, there are street vendor covers. The rain hitting the street vendor tent is a sound I like.

He gets up and starts to walk back, but he comments that it is the same route, but every time he walks it, it is different. While walking back there is a little less rain than before.

Montage of all the rain falling in various location as well as the ASMR sound of rain.

SJS plops back to his place on the road. He is drenched but happy.
PSH is back to focusing on her sticker-by-number painting. But it is difficult. She tries to finish it today. A fly buzzes around that she tries to get….ah, this fly! The fly does not go away though and stops her from immersing herself in the painting. She tries to get it several times, but it remains. She finally brings out her electric fly swatter to get the fly which becomes a event. She has 4 flies to get. She gets 3 and says that she needs one more……then she gets the last one and sits back to her painting.

She gets immersed in it right away again and finishes. But unfortunately she lost piece 145 so it remains empty.

SJS says he is in trouble because his solar energy is almost done. he turns off all the lights and tries to make dinner. He will make a simple dinner, egg, cheese, bread, potato, and meat. Hamburgers?

It is very hot so he pulls his head back into a ponytail but comments that if his hair was longer then he would tie it up.

He gets back to cooking and yep he is making a hamburger. He toasts the bread with butter and cooks the meat for a long time because it is beef mixed with pork, he wants to make sure it is well done.

After the meat is ready, he cooks the eggs. he is the kind that like to break the yolk so he breaks it but still cooks it fried. After that, he cooks the onions and the potatoes. It is a very American style meal, Hamburger and potatoes with ketchup. The highlight of the meal is a Coca cola bottle he brought.

It looks pretty good. He also looks really happy to sit down and eat it.
He made himself two burgers and sits to enjoy it all while commenting that it is amazing that he is eating a burger in that location.

SJS – Yes, I had two burgers, potato, and cola. I am not on a diet right now so I want to eat what I want to eat.

Afterward, he cleans the dishes and adds wood to the burner. But a little bit later, at 6:55 pm, the lights go out. No power. SJS comes back to his house and sees that there are no lights.

He hits each light a few times to turn it on and wonders why they are off. But then he noticed that the computer is off as well. He finds his hand crank and starts to crank it up. he finally gets to use his emergency hand crank! He cranks it enough to turn on the flashlight that is attached to it and starts to look at the energy power system. It is all out.

SJS – (What do you think is the reason?) I had the light on and it rained all the time. It was okay previously, so I didn’t consider it that much.

Montage of SJS checking the solar energy during bad weather. PSH also is concerned about her electricity as she sees it going down.

On this particular day, SJS comments that his house energy is not full ever. We also see a clock in the side that shows the time that it rained all day from sun up to sun down.

he starts to look around his place for candles and lights. He finds a flashlight and turns it on. He also finds a lamp and turns it on. But he thinks he should use it in during an emergency when the sun is all the way down. So he blows out the candle and turns off the flashlight and lamp. He laughs a bit as he cranks his hand crank again.

He says the lights-off situation was a little scary because he couldn’t turn it on. It’s not like if he turned off the lights. he was not super scared though because he was familiar with the house by now.

There is enough light to read a book, so he tries to read a book to forget about the scary feeling of being int he dark. But his hand crank light only lasts a few minutes which makes it difficult to get into reading. So, he decides to play the radio instead.
He only listens to the radio for a moment, then turns it off and eats a banana. It is only 9:05 pm. he doesn’t look sleepy at all, so he cranks his hand crank again and listens to the radio. It looks like he might have turned on all his lights now, but it is still pretty dark in there and the hand crank doesn’t’ let him listen to even one song.

Finally, he decides to go to bed extra early. He thinks he is experiencing a lot in this house and tells us that he will see us tomorrow.

10th day, cloudy and rainy.

SJS – (Did you sleep well?) I actually slept well. In my dream there was a flood and I had to leave. So I think I woke up thinking of what I needed to do.

PSH is full of energy and starts to wash an apple. It looks like she tries to break it with her hands? lol. But it doesn’t work so she cuts it a little bit then breaks it with her hands. She happily eats the apple slices and starts to talk about all the bugs that are around now that the weather is nice. She saw flies and bees and even an ant with wings.

In SJS’s house, he feeds the white dogs that come to visit him sometimes. One of them leaves right away, but the other one stays. SJS tries to approach it, but it slowly walks away. SJS follows him and sees Bong, he tries to feed Bong and then sees all the cows. he comments that it is just like an animal farm which makes him feel like he came to a place where animals live.

SJS goes inside and says he likes rainy days, but it rains so much so it makes him a little depressed. It is still raining outside. he tries to read something but then gets a nock on the door. There is a package out there. He comments that he doesn’t have electricity so they had to deliver a letter by hand.

Yoga with meditation will sooth your body and mind. Start your nice morning with yoga.

PSH laughs, she thinks it is funny to practice yoga there. But she diligently grabs the things they gave her and goes outside to practice meditation outside. She has her computer with her and starts to watch the video to practice yoga that will make your day happy.

The instructor comes on and starts to explain how to sit properly. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Imagine white and green fields. (PSH starts laughing because she doesn’t have to imagine any of that). Blue skies greeting you. (she laughs again because she is under a blue sky). The birds are singing. (She laughs a lot now as she talks about the birds already singing)

PSH – (Why were you laughing?) When you practice yoga you are usually inside with a teacher but this time I felt like I was practicing it on a mountain. I don’t have to imagine it, I had all the sounds so it was so funny.

SJS is also meditating and listening to the same thing. The new morning came and your life is waiting for you. Slowly in your head, think about green open fields (no green open field) the trees without birds (no birds) blue sky is greeting you (no blue sky) look at your life positively.

Tree pose is the first pose. PSH stands up to do the tree pose. She tries to put her leg on her other and put her hands up, but she loses her balance momentarily. Her concentration is good until she starts to laugh again. Then she does the other side.

PSH – After mastering how to do it, it was easy. One leg up and one leg down, it wasn’t difficult but the other side was easier.

SJS also stands for tree pose.

SJS – It wasn’t that bad, I have practiced yoga a few times before, but it was many years ago.

SJS puts one leg on the other but he has the hardest time keeping it up and standing straight. She has to hold his leg up and blames the mat for being too thick. He steps off of it and stands on the wood floor. then he tries again. He is able to get into the pose this time but he thinks his body is too stiff from weightlifting a lot.

Sit on your knees and then bend backward and hold your legs. It is like a backbend. They both do the camel pose. PSH is very good at it and makes a D shape. SJS is not that flexible with it and makes an L shape.

This one looks like downward dog at first, you have to start in downward dog pose and then raise your left leg high into the air. PSH is really great at it. But there is one more thing to do. You have to raise your left arm high in the air also. That proves difficult.

It is also difficult for SJS who looks barely able to stretch at all. He smiles and says it is hard.

The last thing to do is grab your leg for half moon. SJS says that is way hard. But he tries and tries and tries and is able to do it. PSH is able to do it pretty easily though she says it is difficult.

Int he end, they both lay on the mat and meditate with their eyes closed.

SJS – I tried not to think of anything ad just breath

PSH – The sun was sparkling in my eyes and the wind was good. I was so happy laying under that tree.

Later on, SJS reads a book among all the rain outside and PSH makes another paint-by-sticker. This new painting has a lot more pieces.

Time lapse of PSH working on her sticker painting. She says she made the wrong choice because there are so many pieces.

SJS gets another letter and PSH gets a email. This is about resolving stress. Hot food creates endorphins and can relieve stress.

SJS – (How do you relieve stress?) Working out with pumping music.

PSH – I eat spicy food to relieve stress.

It looks like the pain of the spicy food might make the endorphins come out?

PSH decides to make pan friend calamari. She chops up all her vegetables and puts them in the pot. Then she pulls out her calamari and chops up the pieces into large pieces because they shrink when cooked. She laughs and thinks she should be putting the calamari in the dish in a cool way, but she can’t do it.

She adds the seasoning and says she will also season while cooking it. She places pepper oil in the dish as well.

SJS starts to chop all his ingredients up as well. he wants to make it super spicy so he is adding a lot of hot peppers to his dish.

SJS – I like the taste of tomatoes so I like to put tomatoes everywhere.

Both SJS and PSH say that they will make it spicy. PSH says she will make her own hell. SJS adds a lot of spices as well, but he laughs and regrets it as he tastes a little bit and can barely speak.

PSH finishes up her meal, pan fried calamari (nakji bokum) and starts eating it as if it in’t spicy at all. It looks crazy hot though because it is volcano red. She puts her hair up and keeps eating. But it must affect her because she takes the hot peppers out

PSH – If you eat spicy and tasty food then you feel good, but when you eat not tasty and spicy food then you get angry. I enjoyed my food because it was tasty and spicy.

SJS finishes his meal though it looks like ti was a challenge. He is sweating from all the spices.

SJS – If you like spicy foods then I think it will help, everyone is different. But if you cannot eat spicy foods then you should start with less spicy food.

PSH – i wouldn’t’ suggest this to someone who doesn’t’ like spicy food, but if you like it then I can suggest it to you.

PSH eats all of her food and eats an orange afterward. She sees Bong outside so she goes outside with a piece of chicken breast. She wants Bong to sit in order to relieve it, but then she asks Bong if she is torturing him too much. She gives him the meat and talks to him about how Bong comes to visit her and then leaves, he shouldn’t live his life like that. She holds another piece of chicken to him but tells him “I don’t want to” I won’t” “I won’t” but she ends up giving Bong the last piece of chicken.

But then she goes back inside and boils Bong some more chicken. After eating it Bong leaves. PSH tells him to not look at her and just leave.

The weather takes a lovely turn as the sky becomes very clear and flowers blossom everywhere. PSH walks around and says that she feels good. She gets to her house and sees the white cat that she painted near the window. She made a mistake though and painted two tails on it. She decides to hang a tiny bouquet on the house that Bong will see later.

SJS shows up and thinks it is weird because the sun is out. He sees Bong but doesn’t think it is Bong at first because his collar is missing. Then he goes to his house as he mutters that this is the best weather ever.

he does his normal routine of airing out his house and putting his blanket and pillow on the picnic bench outside. Then he sits there with his tea and wonders if it will rain tomorrow. (Yes). But right now he is enjoying looking at the sky, it is the first time that he didn’t see the clouds moving.

PSH takes a long nap
SJS wanted to see the sun rise, but it rains a lot
PSH wants to do something fun
SJS has to make his own art with something he gets from nature
PSH also makes something, she wants to give the forest a present since this is her last time there.
SJS also talks about how it is his last day there too.
They are to take pictures of whatever they enjoyed at their house
Then the cows show up to PSH!

Image by tvN Facebook

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  1. Anonymous
    May 25, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    I just want to say that your little house graphic in the image is so cute 😺

    • V
      May 25, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Melinda Hersh
    May 25, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    Love love your live recaps and thank you for sharing them. What is your opinion of the show? For us fans of PArk Shin Hye, the show is just great….felt like knowing her better. The producers have chosen the right subjects for the theme, SJS/ PSH …. THE YIN YANG OF THE FOREST.

    • V
      May 25, 2018 / 10:14 pm

      Thank you so much, Melinda. PSH is so delightful to watch, she is my favorite part of the show which is surprising because I started recapping it for So Ji-sub. Now I am definitely a Park Shin Hye fan.

      Everything she says feels so normal and friendly and natural/not staged at all. I loved it when she talked about going fishing with her family or picking wild plants with her grandmother (or was it aunts?) or harvesting honey (I think it was honey) with her late grandfather and how she really misses that. She gave a really warm and cozy depiction.

      She is super inventive with how she made her shoe case, coat rack, and food hammock. It’s like she didn’t care about failing on camera at all, she was just going to try and do it to see if she could do it. It makes me feel like her spirit is really strong.

      I love love love all the cooking parts which kind of makes me want her to be the next celebrity on Yoon’s Kitchen.

      Her reactions are hilarious as well, like when all the toads started croaking at the same time and her eyes got super wide. That was really hilarious. She should definitely do more of these types of variety shows.

      The producers definitely chose the right subjects! Poor SJS is the opposite of PSH and the nature/weather actually reflects that. I really hope he has good weather in his last few days on Jeju.

      • Melinda Hersh
        May 28, 2018 / 1:38 am

        Hi V,
        Glad you’re beginning to be a Park Shin Hye fan. Just like me, I watched The Heirs because of LMH but ended up loving and following her as a fan. She has a genuineness about her that I don’t see in others. You’re right in your opinion about her being fearless about failing. She reminds me as a symbol of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fearless_Girl in whatever she does.Love it as well that her co workers love her and have always good words about her.
        Would love to see her in more variety shows,if Yoon’s kitchen is from Na PD, maybe she’ll do it. I love that PSH shares her family dynamics and it’s believable that she really can do these things by the way she handles chores in the house.

  3. Flowerme
    May 26, 2018 / 5:15 am

    Thanks for the recap. LOVE this show and subject A and B.. both so honest and sincere. Just wondering how far apart are their little houses cos the weather so very different…one so very cold and the other so sunny. Yet he can walked over

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