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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 7

Live Recap for episode 7 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye
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We should be in for a lot of laughs this episode because it looks like they have some head scratching tasks to cover that might include a talent of sorts? With Subject B, So Ji-sub’s cows come back and his lights go out, which makes him bring out his hand crank. With Subject A, Park Shin-hye meets the dog that has visited SJS a couple times and laughs at something as she sings a children’s song? Yeah, I’m thoroughly confused, but I’m looking forward to seeing what actually happens this episode in Little House in the Forest.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: May 18th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

Today’s story is about colors, the cows coming back, and making a plan for your day.

So Ji-sub gets a ding that says that he should make a colorful house for himself. The voice over says that they should change the house to their own place with their own personality. Perhaps they can paint a corner of their house or paint something in their house with their favorite color.

SJS wonders if he should do this. He says he should see and he goes outside to look at the house. He sits at his outside table and thinks that he like the way it looks right now. It feels like rain so he runs over to his hammock and removes it. Then he looks at the house some more.

PSH thinks she is in big trouble because she is realy bad at art. It is a minus, so she is in big trouble. But she thinks, once I try it, I will see.

There is already a lot of paint in front of the house that they can use. PSH goes over to it and picks it all up, it is all the paint colors and equipment that she could possibly need. She puts everythig on the deck and puts on her apron, then she thinks far a small moment. But it looks like she is the kind of person that acts first so she goes right over to her paint and picks a green hue. She paints a little bit of the house above the window in a zig zag paterns with no blueprint.

B is very different though, he thinks a lot and is still standing in front of his little house and staring at it.

A is going to town painting her house in every which way.

PSH – I never learned how to paint and I am also not good at painting. I am not good at it anyway so I just decided to paint like a kid in whatever way.

Cut to her painting the wood in any way possible, she lets her hands go free and just moves the brush over the wood.

PSH – Why do I make matters so big?

She sits on the deck and gets out another color, this color is orange. She gets a small paint brush and puts it in the orange paint.

SJS – (Why did you think about it for so long) I didnt’ want it to be too strong becasue it would disturb the harmony of the area. I was thinking about those things.

SJS picks Yellow and starts to paint the logs in front of the house. He paints the face of the log and comments that this color is yellow-yellow. He paint both sides of the log and then steps back to look at it. He calculates something on his palm and then goes to the dirt and does a similar calculation. But then he wonders what he is doing overe there and goes back to the logs. His finger keeps dancing in the air though, as he thinks something over. He goes back to the dirt and draws something else.

SJS – This is nothing but I am thinking about it a lot, it is nothing.

He goes back to the log and starts to air trace what he wants on the log, then he gets his paint and starts to paint something on the log. He says it is nothing, but he is nervous about it. It looks like he is making a smiley face. He paints ^ ^ on the log and says that this is for fun, so smile big, smile big! He ads teh mouth to the image and then says it looks good.

He turns the log around paints an angry face on the other side.
He says it looks good. He is happy with it and he can show his emotions with it to the production team and tell them not to bother him. He laughs about that. But he says he is happy now so he puts the happy side facing us.

PSH – When you watch a movie called My Love, Sally Hopkins is a little disabled so there is a scene where she draws everything that she wants around the house. (We see the movie and the character drawing everything in the house. She draws flowers all around teh house, her house is covered in flowers, she is a Canadian artist.)

PSH says that she just wanted to draw something that she liked. Something that matched the forest so it is a flower garden.

She continues drawing the tiny flowers with different colors. She has orange colored flowers and yellow colored flowers. She wants to do all the colors that are found in nature including mindulae (dandelion). these flowers are around her window.

Her painting looks whimsical from a distance, it looks good.

PSH says her house looks colorful, it came out better than she expected. She says she is really bad at painting so she just painted it whatever way she wanted to. It is not like an already made painting, it is her own thing so when she sees it, she feels happy. She didn’t want to think about forms, she just wanted to draw.

SJS says he liked his also. He didn’t want to change too much of the house. He wanted it to be like him. If he didnt’ like it then he can move it.

PSH – (Is this all done?) No, if I put more flowers than it will be better. More flowers and bigger.

SJS is still outside his place and then sees his little dog friend running up. He tells him to wait a second because he bought something for him.

SJS gave the name Bong to the dog which is similar to Jeju orange. He tells Bong to come to him and he gives him a treat.

SJS – (Why does Bong come to you all the time?) Maybe because of food, he knows if he comes there then he will have food, but that guy is poor, there is nothing to eat. Haha.

Montage of SJS giving Bong all his food and Bong leaving immediately. But this time Bong doesn’t leave. He sits on the lawn.

Meanwhile, PSH says she is going to pass out for 30 minutes (she really says “pass out,” lol). She crawls into her loft and takes a nap.

Bong stays with SJS for a little bit but then leaves when he hears his other friends barking.

SJS goes inside, his neck is red which means that the sun was very sunny on him today. He gets out a tomato and starts to make his food. He fries the tomatoes a little bit, seasons them with salt, then scrambles eggs in the pot as well. But he comments that he got too waters tomatoes because there is a lot of juice. The tomatoes became more like juice.

We see how it should look in a picture, but then we see how SJS’s looks which is more like tomato and egg soup. He still says he will enjoy it and he starts eating it with a spoon. It looks like he likes it although it doesn’t look that appetizing.

While eating, he sees the cows passing by. There is a live cam of the cows going to drink from their troff, which looks really cute. The cows all get something to drink and then leave. A caption shows a crow wondering where they are went.

The cows keep wandering and move closer and closer to B’s house. He wonders if he should go there. He looks pretty excited about it but wonders if they will run away. he decides to get his camera and go over close to the cows. he picks one location to watch them but it is too far away so he goes a little closer. He doesnt’ want to go too close though because he scared them the last time. So he just picks a rock and sits there. The cows come to him.

SJS – Cows…this is the first time I have heard the sound of cows eating grass. It is strange because it was the first time I heard it and it was fresh. They wound the grass with their tongue and picked it up. It made a baduk baduk sound. Thye ate a lot. So long as I didn’t approach too quickly, they didn’t run away. I think I will see them often. hey cows, I have a lot of yummy grass in front of my place. Let’s be good friends.

SJS didn’t realize so much time was passing by as he watched the cows. he starts walking back to his place at sunset and films the sun setting. He says it is so beautiful, it is hard to capture it in the camera. SJS’s camera doesn’t capture the sunset well, but the production teams camera does.

SJS – I just want to say my wish. Everyone be healthy and happy. In Seoul, the sunset is all surrounded by buildings, but here, sunset is together with nature so it is so pretty…..Oh! It just disappeared, like shoom.
PSH ends up sleeping for 3 hours. She is amazed that she took that long of a nap. In Seoul she drinks a lot of coffee and stays awake, but here it is so easy to sleep, it is strange.

PSH is awake at just before sunset and goes fora walk. She finds a rabbit grass and makes a flower ring from it. She says she played like that when she was little ,but young kids now don’t know things like this. The next thing she finds is the moon. She says that she personally likes the moon she sees with her father when they go on their fishing trips together.

PSH – The mountains changed to green, I saw the tree and one tree was white.

It is an Acasia tree.

PSH – Some special day and special season, the smell brings your memory out. This season, Halabogi used to walk around and harvest acacaia honey, this is the time. My grandfather passed away 3 years ago. He was a beekeeper, this is the busiest time for him because this is the time that bees wake up from their winter nap and harvest honey. i always had to help him and my grandmother. At night we would play Go-stop. I miss those times because I can’t do that anymore.

She gets home and starts to make her dinner tonight which is hobak (pumpkin). She ate curry for lunch so she wants to eat a low salt dinner. She sprayed a little salt to help bring the water to a boil, but that is it. Next, she cut just enough broccoli to eat tonight.
#5The ingredients are all prepared, but the wait is long. She says it will take some time. She waits and looks at the fire and comments on how the wood is low. She checks her food again, pokes it, then waits some more. She plays with her hammock and starts to listen to music.

Finally, her hobak is ready. She takes the hobak out and adds the broccoli and herb chicken breast to steam. She eats a little hobak as she waits for the other food to steam. She waits patiently.

She removes the chicken breast first and slices it. Then she removes the brocoli.

She tells us that her dinner is done, it looks healthy, she will enjoy it. She says the food is softer if you boil it in water (she steamed it). But she still says that it tastes good.

Her eyes get huge all of a sudden as she hears so many frog sounds. Her eyes are so huge. She says there are so many of them! She can’t even eat as she listens to the sound of frogs, then she looks concerned.

PSH – The sound resonated at night. I was really surprised. i never expeced any frog sounds. the last time I came here, there were no frogs, but in ten days they all woke up from their winter naps, it is kind of scary….don’t talk to much, it is scary….are they going to talk all night?
SJS is also getting ready to sleep. he goes outside to the outhouse restroom, but when he comes out, there are cows all in front of his house at night. He says they eat grass, but it doesn’t look like they poop too much.

The cows go all the way to him! He is surrounded. He whispers to them, hey, hey, what are you guys doing? He is pushed all the way back to his door. He is really surrounded by all the cows.

SJS – I want to have a bit of distance, but they came too close so it was a little scary.

The cows walk away a little bit so SJS can breath again. Then they walk to another place.

he makes a comment that he thinks he will see cows often. He goes inside, but then it looks like the cows come back, they are all in front of his house.

PSH – Ten minute planner from tomorrow morning until noon, make a detailed plan and follow it. Dont’ think about the stress of deciding. Just make a planner.

VO – the kinds of clothes we wear and what to eat, we have to decide many many things a day. Those moments are stressful. What if we make plans for everything, how would those plans change us? Our subject tried to put her scheduled down very detailed.

PSH – this is the first time I have tried to make a planner since primary school. Everything in detail….everything in detail…..

She thinks about it and then starts writing.

7:50 Wake up and stay in bed for awhile

VO – I was thinking about what to do during all the empty times.
SJS also thinks about this a lot.

SJS – It seems like making a planner is mostly calculating time. How long will it take me to do these things?

They show us his planner, he is done.

PSH is done with her planner as well. She thinks it is a good idea and a good starting point She puts it on the wall and says this is her 10 minute planner, she wonders if she will be able to keep it well.

Will the subjects day go according to their plans?

SJS wakes up and checks the computer. He folds his sheets. The alarm rings after he wakes up. He makes his bed at 7:40 am.

PSH wakes up at 7:50, but she stays in bed for a minute and falls asleep again. She failed with waking up. At 8am she is to go to the restroom. She gets up whent he alarm goes off again. She goes to the bathroom and comes back.

7:50 B also goes to the restroom at the exact time he should. he comes back and checks the time. He waits for the time to wash his face and stretches to pass the time. Then he washes his face at the right time.

The angry face is turned on the log. SJS has to spend a longer time than usual in washing his face.



8:27 PSH boils water and brushes her teeth.

8:30 Ten minutes stretch, neck and back, arms and legs. She has to do it for ten munites.

8:40 Prepare breakfast, apple and yogurt

8:50 listen to music and eat breakfast

PSH – Until eating breakfast, everything was easy because I always do it.

9:20 Cleaning

PSH – I didn’t clean last night for this, last night we had a lot of pollen so I wrote to clean the house in my schedule

9:30 Play with cell phone.

PSH – I heard Korean leaders are meeting, so I want to watch it.


8:10 Cook

SJS follows his plan well. He starts to make his food and soaks dduk for dduk guk. He prepares it in a pot.

SJS – I wondered what to eat and thought dduk guk, it is easy to make.

He adds the soy sauce and minced garlic and an egg. Then he waits on it to boil and adds the eggs and spring onions. Then he waits for a second. He says you can make anchovy sauce, but this time he used meat and oil so it took less time.

8:20 Breakfast time

He starts eating and comments on how it is a chilly day. He i done by *:37.

8:40 Clean up, it only takes 5 mintues.

8:50 – 9:10 walk around teh house for 30 mintues.

But it isn’t 8:50 yet so he waits until it reaches 8:50. When it hits 8:50, he leaves right away to walk around.


9:30 PSH is trying to play the North and South Korea meeting, but her signal is on and off. She says she wants to watch it….. But then we cut to her going outside. She sees Bong and plays with him a sittle bit.

PSH – It was my relaxing time, but seeing the screwed it up a little bit.

She plays with the dog and we see the clock ticking on the screen. She gives him some pumpkin and Bong runs away, but then he loses it so PSH goes up to the dog and talks to him about N&S Korea and the unification as she feeds him more pumpkin. He leaves again. She tries to approach him again. She says are you really going to leave? I cancelled my free time to play with you. Wait for me.

10:06 She goes inside and makes Bong some snack food.

PSH – She is so cute, fluffy, white and nice eyes. Nothing happens if I dont’ keep the schedule so I took it easy.

PSH cooked Bong some leftover meat from the curry. She goes out and feed him some meat. Bong eats it all. It must have been good because he keeps coming back for more, but PSH says there is no more, you ate it all.

She spent 50 mintues with the dog.


SJS kept his schedule and continues to walk around. It starts to rain but he is not deterred, he keeps walking and listening to the birds singing.

He gets back to his house at 9:16. He says this is how he feels….and he shows the angry face on the wood block.

9:20 Chopping Wood

The next on the list is 20 minutes of chopping wood. SJS stares at the pouring rain for a long moment and then puts on all his rain clothes to chop the wood. he says it is hard to see due to the rain, but he is able to chop very well.

He picks it up and goes unside, but he needs 9 more minutes, he finished too early so he rests for the remaining time.

10:10 Read a book for 30 minutes, The technique of Swaying Mishaps (A German book?)

he reads the book.

A wonderful memory doesnt’ mean you are happier or have a better life
Because happiness and fullfilment is a condition of now
So focus on experiencing things now.

It looks like SJS agrees with that passage. he keeps reading and thinking and reading.


PSH finished playing with the dog but she didn’t do 5 things on her list in the ten minute planner.

10:20 Check the firewood and harvest suk for 30 minutes

10:50 Clean and trim the suk

PSH says she has to go out and harvest the suk. She says the suk she harvested last time was so delicious so she wants to eat it one more time before it gets to hard.

10:31 she goes out to harvest suk.

PSH – Ah, it is a little bigger than before, I like it.

She keeps harvesting. But she says he legs (are stiff) so she stretches them. She tries to harvest a lot, but she thinks she only harvested a little. Time is up though so she has to go back in. She is about to go back in, but then she sees more suk.

11:00 drinking water and coloring X

She is still harvesting suk.

PSH – This is the place! There are big suks around here…..I have to go but….

She gets up and finally goes home. She tells us that she harvested a lot, it is a lot more than before, but it grew a lot so it might be too tough.

PSH – I didn’t even realize time passed. If I didnt’ have the plan then I might have harvested suk all day. Not followed by time, if I just enjoy the moment, if things are delayed a little bit, then I think it is okay.

SJS sits outside, he says he wants to look at the scenery but it is cloudy and rainy. It is also misty. But he has to look at it for 20 minutes. he says he likes this weather. he turns his little log to a happy face. He says he doesn’t see much, but the sound is good and there is good wind. With the fog, he feels a little calm. he feels like it is good. But then the wind kicks up so SJS tells the production that they can mix this with his first day there.

he continues sitting outside. he checks the clock and only has 4 minutes left.

11:00 nap time for one hour.

11:00 Drink water and color for 30 minutes X
11:30 Listen to music and relax X
11:40 listen to music and read the news X

She didnt’ accomplish any of this because she spent all her time harvesting suk. She says as much and then says that she will color in her coloring book when she relaxes.

She starts working in the sticker coloring book. She has to match the sticker with the number so it is lick color by number but it is sticker by number. She says it is easier with tweezers and she comments on how she has to be precise and put them close together or you will see white gaps en between them.

12:00 prepare for lunch, shrimp alio olio pasta
She thinks she will ahve to wash too much if she uses a pot to boil the noodles, so she decides to use a pan to boil the noodles.

She collects some of the boiled water and then starts to cook quickly because she only has 30 mintues to cook and eat. She says seh liked spicy things so she adds a lot of red pepper in the pot and starts to cook the shrimp along with the pasta. garlic, and peppers.

She finishes making it in 15 minutes and sits to eat it. While eating she notices a sticker on her arm and goes back to her crafting to put it in the right number spot. Then she goes back to her meal.

She says she finished too quickly, the problem with pasta is she doenst’ chew the noodles enough.

11:00 Nap time

SJS prepares his palate for a nap. He says he wants to have a deep sleep even though it is a nap, so he sets his alarm and goes to sleep. But there is a fly buzzing around that bothers him. He isn’t able to sleep at all.

When the alarm goes off he thinks he has to catch this fly. First it was bird and then dog and then cows and now fly, he has to say bye bye to this friend.

PSH starts cleaning up her dishes and starts to make herself drip coffee. Perhaps she cleans her dishes with the coffee grounds as well?

PSH – coffee eats the oil. It is really strange, it is not oily at all. I thought today I wouldn’t have that much to wash, but there was a lot over time.

12:40 Tea X

She decides to eat an orange because she needs to boil an orange for flower tea.

PSH – being on a schedule in public is different than this. I did this relaxingly, if it was a public thing then I would pay a lot of attention to it.

12:50 end of the experiment.

PSH – (How was the ten minute planner?) It was divided so I had to do something different every time.

SJS – It wasn’t so difficult because I did a lot of planned things. I followed the plan. I heard that people can’t make decisions, maybe this is good for them. The day before, you think, but on the next day, you don’t think.

PSH – You suffer while making the plan, but doing the plan is fine. I had unexpected moments meeting Bong, I think there is happiness among coincidence in your plans.

All SJS’s electricity is gone so they gave him his plan in the mail
Physical happiness is happiness, follow the yoga
SJS – Just boil it (B’s special recipe for health)
Bong-i visits PSH
Release your stress with hot food.
SJS – If I eat everything then I will die, little by little
the dogs and the cows meet SJS
SJS – I have dogs behind me and cows in front of me, it is like an animal farm.

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