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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 6

Live Recap for episode 6 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye.
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I think So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye might meet up today for a meal. I’m not sure if this meeting will happen at the beginning of this episode or the end, so it might actual run into next weeks episode. I’m all for this, but I wonder, who will do all the cooking? It looks like this first meeting is happening at Park Shin-hye’s little house, so maybe she is posing as hostess for So Ji-sub this time around. Maybe he will return the favor at a later occasion.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: May 11th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: SOON …updates on twitter

Brief recap of the previous episode.

Cut to late at night or early morning. SJS is trying to sleep with his face mask on. He tosses and turns a little bit and then wakes up. It’s 6 am when he wakes up and it is chilly. His house is normally very chilly in the morning so he does a little jig as he tries to warm up. He starts the fire and goes through some stretches.

He says today is the 8th day, morning, fine weather, some wind, I am hungry. I have to eat something. He said it really staccato like. Then he hops up and starts to make himself oatmeal.

The caption says that oatmeal is difficult to eat, but it is good for your diet because it has a lot of fiber. There are many different ways to eat it.

So Ji-sub decides to eat his oatmeal with hot water, powdered green tea and nuts. he thinks it might not be enough for breakfast though so he fries an egg sunny side up. But it didn’t come out in one piece so he ends up having scrambled eggs. he also adds a banana to his breakfast plate. (This breakfast is very western style.)

SJS digs in while everything is hot. He doesn’t’ want to eat it when it gets cold.
While eating the banana, he says the wind is cold again.

A’s morning is usually warm. We see her already awake and cleaning up her little house. She still has on her pajamas and goes through her morning routine of cleaning the dishes.

PSH – Good morning, it is a very fine fine day. I am going to eat my breakfast. Yogurt and an apple.

She starts peeling the skin off of the apple and chops it into large pieces. She is doing all of this without any music on. She is also chewing the apple slices slowly while preparing her meal.

PSH – Just cut the apples small and eat them. Yogurt, apple, granola, honey also, the probiotics are important for women so I eat them intentionally.

She finishes it all and says “Kkeut” which, in this case, means all done or all gone.

Back to SJS, he is sitting to read. He says he just reads books a little bit in his interview and we cut back to him taking a morning nap, lol. He hears the ding for the experiment and hops up to the computer.

SJS – Good morning, the first experiment is living with nature. Find all the seven colors of the rainbow and capture them.

Voive Over – The forest has many colors. Sometimes it is boring, sometimes it is fabulous, it changes every hour. How many colors are in the forest? The theme of forest exploration is the rainbow. Find all the rainbow colors in the forest.

SJS goes out to find all the colors. Previously, the 1st experiment was a stream sound. The 2nd experiment was to take a photo of the forest with rain dripping from it. The 3rd one was bird sounds.

The first color SJS finds is yellow in a Dandelion flower. He says the colors are similar so he will go to the stream, he saw red over there.
He sees a deer, but the deer left. He keeps walking and then sees the color orange in a leafy plant. He gets to the forest and tries to find his way through, but he has to walk around.

He finds purple in a pansy flower.

SJS – Some were difficult, some were easy. Only one flower stuck on a branch while all the other ones fell.

This flower is red and it is called a Camellia flower.

Then he walks to the rocks. He is a bit attracted to the rocks and starts looking around there. He thought perhaps the rocks have all the colors. I think he took a picture of the rocks and then went back home.

While sitting on his table, he sys that the sky has blue and the trees have green.

SJS – Red, orange, yellow, everything is green, then a blue sky. I didn’t find navy.

He says he likes to just walk around.

SJS – I never knew the sound of wind was this cool, it is really cool to listen to the wind sound.

he thinks he failed the mission and says as much into the camera. But then he said the sky is kind of navy.

The camera cuts to all the different colors in the forest including bugs and the sun.

PSH is starting her project which the hammock again.

PSH – I was a little obsessed, I wanted to make it nicely, I wanted to finish it before I went back to Seoul.

At night, she says it is so difficult and she can’t continue today. But now it is morning so she has her music on and is rejuvenated. But she says that she is working so stupidly. She thinks this is the result of long hobby work. She finishes and says that it isn’t tidy but ~. Then she starts to find a good spot to hang it.

She finishes it, whoo hoo! She says it isn’t perfect, but it hangs. She tested it out with beer and avocado. She says she really likes it, during her interview. So now she will bring more fruits next time.
Both PSH and SJS get the same mission. They ate alone during this entire time, but maybe their food will be more delicious if they eat with a friend.

They both think they don’t have any friends around.

VO – Because of your busy schedule, you like enjoying eating a lot. With a busy schedule, it is common to eat alone, what if you eat with other people and not alone? A and B eat alone a lot, for the first time they will eat together.

PSH laughs and immediately starts running her hands through her hair. SJS sits back as he takes this in.

PSH – What is this…..!

A: How are you doing
B: Hello
A: We have to eat together
B: Yes, yes, I got the mission
A: Where should we meet, it is cold and windy here, do you
B: Maybe I will go there if you have a lot of things.
A: It is warm over here
B: One hour later?
A: it is always cold here
B: I will be there
A: See you in one hour.

PSH hops up with a quickness and starts cleaning everything very quickly.

PSH – It was a lot of pressure, I was all messed up, someone is coming to visit me, I have nothing to make, I have to make something for him…..I worried about it a lot.

She says she needs to find some recipes. She quickly look on her cell phone for recipes and starts making kimchi jun (Kimchi pancakes).
But of course her gas doesn’t work so she has to put on another one. That one works. PSH is running around thinking and trying to make the food. She says, oh, what should I do! She goes back to her pancake and thinks that she failed because it is burnt. She pours another one and this one comes out much better. Then she makes another one. She makes three total kimchi jun’s.

PSH – We are going to meet in front of the house so I am super quickly cooking whatever I have.

She makes a dipping sauce with gochujang, oil, sugar, garlic… but she thinks she shouldn’t have put in the garlic. But then she says it should be good. She also adds pepper powder.

Meanwhile, SJS is slow to get up. He wonders if he has anything to eat. he stands and thinks for a moment then he starts to make a small amount of rice. But what should he do with it? He thinks he can’t bring anything with him. She should have fire so~.

SJS – I am visiting someone so I am going to bring some firewood, I don’t want to go there without anything.

SJS goes outside and chops a lot of firewood as a gift. he is winded and wonders how he should carry it. It seems like enough. He puts all the firewood in a box and struggles to pick it up. It looks like he almost throws his back out doing it.

Next, he goes inside and checks his rice. He also chops up some veggies with a lot more effort than before and he starts to cook some meat. But it is really windy so he has to sit on the floor to cook the rice.

SJS – I spent a lot more time making the rice than when I eat alone. I dont’ care if it isn’t perfect, but I don’t want to give someone else food that is not good.

B: I will leave after 5 minutes.
A: (He’s leaving 5 mintues later!!!!!)

WAIT A MINUTE! PSH starts running around the kitchen like a chicken with her head chopped off. She chops up some mroe veggies, reheats the kimchi jun, cuts it nicely, plates it nicely, breaks an egg…

SJS checks his rice for the 4th time. He thinks it is all done. he walks out and carries all his food with him. He is carrying more than 10kg with him. (Wow, that looks heavy).

he decides to take a break for a moment then keeps walking. But then he takes another break.

PSH is so nervous, she peeks out the window and sees SJS walking up. She says, oh, he is here! She grabs her coat and goes outside.

PSH laughs a lot as she greets SJS. She smiles so much and shows SJS were to set the items. SJS is so tired. PSH asks if he would like something to drink, he says, yes please. She brings him something.

SJS tells her that this is his present to her.

PSH – in the forest, this is the most important present, I am going to use it well. This is the best present, really!

She asks SJS to wait a minute, please, then she goes inside and prepares the food. She asks him if he likes fully cooked eggs or half cooked boiled eggs. SJS sits but he talks to her as she cooks. he brings her some of the things he has, like his food. he brings it to the window. She laughs and says it is a little embarrassed to come in, they both laugh. She says she is in chaos right now.

She starts to make pasta as well while SJS waits at the table. He tells her to let him know when she is done, then he can cook the rest of his food outside. She gives him the burner so he cooks it at the table.

Inside, PSH thinks she put too much sauce which is a big problem. SJS tells her that he is okay, he can eat anything. She comes out and SJS tells her that the meat is almost done. She says she added too much sauce, he says it is okay. They talk about what they have done this time. SJS says the weather was so bad last time, this is the only time the weather is good for me.

PSH says their meal will be Korean and western. they both says “Chalmokesumnida (thank you for the meal)” and start eating. He asks her if she eats like this all the time. She lists some of the things she cooks often. He tells her that it tastes good, it tastes really good. She asks him if he eats mostly meat. He says when he is on a diet, not too much, but he usually eats a lot of meat. he will try it first to see if it tastes good. He likes it.

PSH eats it as well. They both talk about eating with someone. PSH says she eats alone a lot while at home. he asks if he likes cooking. He says it isn’t that he enjoys cooking, it is just that he cooks. He doesn’t eat out that much. It is difficult to buy one serving (a little spider web is on his head). PSH says sometimes she eats out but sometimes she makes a lot of food and freezes it all.

SJS asks her if she would like to have some rice? If she is full then she doesnt have to eat it. PSH asks how SJS can make it and not burn it, she always burns it. He says he uses low heat and cooks it for a long time. They laugh about rice and how the rice cooker does it at home.

PSH says the funnest time is adding the fire. SJS says in Seoul they look at their watch a lot, but here they don’t have to look at their watch at all.

VO – A & B had an unexpected expiremnt eating their meal together. It was a little hard and needed some effort. They had to spend time to do it, but they ate togehter and maybe they are a little more happier than before.

PSH – Yeah, I liked it, I wasn’t bored. Eating together, the food tastes better. Even though I made it in a hurry, you can enjoy it more.

SJS – She is a good cook, I enjoyed it. If we meet again then I would like to have a cup of tea outside.
PSH comes back to the little house. She says it is so pretty. She says “Wow” a lot as she drives to her little house and comments on how the grass wasn’t that tall before. The camera cuts to a variety of colors in the forest, especially the plants. Spring is in full bloom.

PSH walks to her place. Her hair is darker, maybe she dyed it? She picks up a dandelion (mindulae) and blows it. She says she sees a lot of dandelion seeds here and there. She says, Wow the edible plants grew a lot! Lots of butterflies….where are you going? Wow, it is pretty.

She says that the forest changed a little bit. She wonders what is going on. It looks like the pine tree seeds are coming out.

Finally, she gets to her little house. The first thing she does is put all her fruit in her hammock that she made. She grabs her camera and says that she put her fruit in the hammock that she made, Jan! (tada!). She thinks it looks really good. Then she sits down and tries to peel an orange that looks pretty hard to peel. She finally gets it open and eats peel after peel.

It is a relaxing moment.
SJS is back as well. He sees his house and smiles so brightly. he says he is back and the sun is up but it is a little embarrassing. There are cows in front of me. So Ji-sub and cows (His last name So also means cow).

This is the place that cows come to eat, so it is a natural sight. SJS has to get out of his car at that spot and walk the rest of the way to his little house so he won’t disturb the cows. He says the weather is so nice, it is almost embarrassing.

He gets to his picnic table and sits for a moment before going inside. he thinks it is so strange and wonders if it will rain again. he gets to his door and says he hasn’t been here in a while. First he wants to open up the windows and have some air circulation. he thinks the sun is very nice so he takes his comforter and pillow outside and puts it on the picnic table.

SJS – I am kind of embarrassing, the weather is so nice, I feel strange.

He sits at his picnic table and closes his eyes as he feels the sun and wind and listens to the noises around. He says he enjoys the wind, it feels good.


SJS – I really enjoy the wind, I feel good.

We sit and relax with SJS as we all see scenes of nature and hear the wind rustling and the birds chirping to each other.

SJS thinks the trees are more vibrant. He feels good just enjoying the sun. He hasn’t seen the sun in awhile so he enjoys it.

PSH also enjoy sit. She falls alseep. She wakes up and says that she feels listless, she doesn’t want to cook. But she gets up and starts to cook curry. She chops up all her veggies and munches on the carrots as she eats. She tells us that this is her mothers recipe and then she goes through all the ingredients that you add to it.

First you boil the veggies and then you add teh curry. Curry is one of her favorite things to eat. She used to eat it everyday. She loves it because it tasted different with each bowl.

She adds the curry brick to the water and waits for it to boil again. When it boils, then you lower the heat slowly. She tastes it and smiles. It is so gooooood. She keeps tasting it and saying that it tastes good.

Adults/Elders say that you will finish it while tasting it. I am like that now, it is so good.

She sets her plate and settles into eating. Her first meal is curry rice.

While eating, she says you should eat curry with kimchi, it tastes better that way and is the best combination. She keeps eating and ladles even more curry into her bowl. She doesn’t mix the curry with the rice, the curry is around the rice and her plate is actually a large bowl.

PSH – When people say curry, they want it sticky, but I like a little watery curry.

She finishes and says that this was a happy happy lunch.

SJS is still enjoying the weather and not doing anything. He decides to take a walk. he takes the camera with him.
he walks all around the file and to the trees that line the forest area. he looks around and picks up a stick. He brings this stick all the way back to his house.

SJS – I saw a stick, so ~. With the good weather, I just didnt’ want to do anything. I just want to enjoy this weather a little more.

But he gets up to finish what he was doing. he goes inside and makes a kitchen towel hanger for his kitchen towel. He says the kitchen towel was hard for him so he makes a hanger for it, quickly. Then he takes a another break outside with his banana.

He picked the biggest banana. He is just so happy outside and can’t really believe that he is wearing sunglasses outside. He says he was a little crazy the first time he was in this nice weather. he goes to the forest and checks one of the trees. Then he goes back to his house. It looks like he might be making a hammock for himself. He wonders what will happen if it falls.

he also tells us that he will not explain what he is doing to us. he hangs his hammock, but he thinks it is a little insecure. he makes adjustments then he sits on it. But it looks like it is unraveling.

he says he was not encouraged (laughs). He wanted to have a nice space outside so he tried to make a hammock, but he gave up. He tries to look for a solution though. He calculated the situation quickly, and removes it. Then he adds a ring tie to it and hangs it again. It looks like it is secure this time, but it is too low. But then he makes it too high.

However, when he made it too high, he noticed that the hook didn’t support his weight. He decides to add three hooks. he says he likes it there, he can remove it when it rains. He relaxes on his hammock and says that it is good. He likes it. He actually smiles too.

SJS – When the wind blows, it moves a little bit, I felt good. Like a rocking chair when the mother puts the child to sleep. If I read a book, I would be super happy.

But then it gets cold all of a sudden. His ten minute happy hammock time is over.

SJS – i have to tie my hair. The cows are coming, I feel like I have to great them!

VO – In this forest, we have a gentle friend governing the field, So (Cows).

SJS looks at the cows.

VO – cows group together and eat together and rest together. They sleep while eating and move together. They go the same way. This time, where are they going?

SJS goes to meet the cows.

SJS – The first cow is the boss cow, when he moves, they all move, when he stops, they all stop. The cows drink water over there. they line up together. The boss cow drinks first. if I go too close, they will run away, so I will sit down and look at them from here.

SJS sits and watches the cows from not that far away.

He says he dosnt’ want to scare them….maybe he can go a little closer…..not threatening them……eye contact…..

But then they start to run away. He thinks that he should have just let them drink. he feels sorry that he blocked them from drinking. (he looks really sorry about it too). he says that he will see them if they come back. he just learned a new thing, the cows follow the boss cows.

It is very misty
SJS’s cows come back
ASMR mission is cow eating grass
PSH meets the dog that visits SJS around
They have to make a 10 minute planner
They have to share their talent with a lot of people
SJS has a blackout and has to use his flashlight and hand crank
PSH starts laughing and sings to an old cartoon song.

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