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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 5

Live Recap for episode 5 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye
I think we might be getting a lot of outdoor time today. So Ji-sub actually gets good weather for the first time of his stay so he goes outside to work out. Park Shin-hye goes out as well, but her biggest problem might come in giving up her cell phone in the evenings.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: May 4th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

They have nice weather and one of their tasks today is to work out until their heart breaks? Mystery boxes come and no cell phone.

2 hours passed after turning off the cell phone
pSH – I have better focus. When the cell phone ring, it distracts me. So it was pretty good.

She says she feels something missing, but it wasn’t too bad. She watches a movie on her computer and eats something. It looks like she is watching a thriller or a horror movie possibly. Her eyes get big every now and again. Ah, she is watching Sherlock.

She decides to pop popcorn so she puts in butter and heats it up. But she thinks it is supposed to put oil insitead of butter. The butter is all burnt. She isn’t upset though, she just adds teh corn and waits for it to pop. It’s done, not too long after, but it is all burnt and she says the house is polluted not. Her popcorn failed. She will try one more time though.

She adds oil this time and prinkles on the corn. This time she shakes the corn as it pops and tries to control the fire. Success! She adds it to another bowl and adds salt. She says she should have made a smaller amount.

PSH – If I saw the recipe, I could have made it once. I was thinking about how to make not burnt and soft popcorn. I added oil and more oil and moved the pan more. Then it became soft popcorn. It was good.

PSH is finishing up watching Sherlock. She says it was scary and time went by so fast. I should prepare to go to bed. She takes her flashlight and hops into her loft bed. 6 hours and 10 minutes passed.

The experiement ended so she turns on her cell phone. She has a lot of texts so she replies.

PSH – It was comfortable without my cell phone except I couldn’t listen to music. I went to bed earlier since I didn’t surf the internet or social media. I just listened to my breathing and fell asleep super quickly. I didn’t check the time. I just saw that it was morning.

PSH – (do you reccomend turning it off) I think it is worth trying. It is not 8 oclock, you still have to go home from work. In the subway, it would be boring. But it would be nice to turn it off while at home.

SJS washes his face outside. He says, it is cold. His hair is actually out, so he washes it. He says it is the first day with fine weather. The forest is nice and clear today.

He takes his comforter and pillow outside and dusts them off. Then he lays them on his outdoor table. But he says things are weird with the sun. he actually smiles. He is trying to lay his bedsheets out in the sunshine because it is really nice.
This is the first time SJS could see the clouds.

The first mission of the day is to exercise until your heart burst.

VO – When was the last time you worked out until your heart burst? The scientists say that more than 75 mintues of working out is good. It makes your days short, but your life long. What if you work out until your heart burst?

PSH says she will do jumping rope.

VO – Jump rope is a nice full body exercise.

PSH – I was thinking about it, I had this jump rope, I did it a lot in high school, it is good for losing weight. Jump rope on a flat surface, it is a good exercies.

She has to do it for 30 minutes. She hasn’t done it in a while so she is not sure if she can do it. She also didn’t think she would exercies there, only that she would eat nice things. She says she has to listen to music, exercising music.

Caption: Little Gym in the Forest.

PSH stretches out first and rolls her ankles and wrist a little. She says, if you do a lot of jump rope than your core will hurt a little bit. For safety, stretching is a must have item.

She starts jumping rope with two feet together, then she does one foot at a time steps. But when the rope catches your feet, then you don’t want to continue. (She is pretty good).

SJS sees the mission, exercise until your heart burst. he sighs, exercise here? he goes outside and says that he will walk a little bit. He jogs a little bit to warm up his body.

SJS – I don’t do these kinds of hard exercising after getting older.
Caption: SJS used to be an athlete.

VO – One minute bicycling fast and then slow, that is also heat training.

SJS – 20 seconds excercise and 10 seconds break. You can make your heart pump like crazy…..I haven’t done these excercisies, but now I am starting it again.

SJS starts running in place with high knees for 20 seconds and then takes a 10 second break and goes to ground knee to chest in a pushup position for 20 seconds. then a 10 second break. That was the first set, his goal is to do 4 sets.

Still jumping rope like a boxer.

SJS is still doing his workout. He kicks up his ground due to the rain and snow. His is a simple workout, but it is very active. SJS is out, he says his heart is about to burst. He rolls over and just breathes for a moment while laying in the grass. then he gets up and talks to teh camera.

SJS – This is not easy, it is a difficult exercise, but anyone can do this. It only took me 4 minutes but I can get the benefit of 30 mintues running.

SJS – I have to do more exercise for the parts that I am not good at. I do that when I have more time. When I was younger, I exercised for my looks, but now I exercise for health.

Meanwhile, PSH is jumping rope like crazy. She is out of her mind and says for everyone to get healthy, increase , intensity, when does this end.

It finally ends, she accomplished her goal of 30 mintues. She looks wiped out. She decides to finish with stretching.

PSH – When I come here I am lazy and don’t exercise, but it feels good to get sweaty. After jumping rope, my face got smaller, it was a really nice exercise for me.

SJS – I exercised until my heart almost burst, it felt good.

PSH – I feel lighter. My leg hurts a little bit, but it is nice.

SJS drinks cold water as he sits outside at his table.

PSH decides to prepare lunch after working out. She has to use hot water, so she waits until the water boils. She has sesame dumpling powder so it looks like she is making sesame dumpling soup? She makes the dumplings first and seasons it with salt. We see her pat the dumplings into shape, pinch them a little, then put them in a clean bag and leave it alone for 30 mintues under ice.

After that she starts to make her soup base with seafood.
She boils the soup base. While it boils she cuts her vegetables. After the soup boils, she adds parilla powder(?). Then she pulls out the dumpling batter and punches off small pieces for the soup. It all starts boiling together. But she says she put in too much water, too much water, oh no oh no!

Maybe she lowered the heat because the water level goes down. She adds some other seasonings and stirs, then tastes it. She nods, it’s tasty. She scoops out a good amount for her bowl.

PSH – My late lunch is done, I will enjoy it. Parilla dumpings.

She starts eating, it looks really hot, but she eats it without cooling it off and says, Oh, so hot! She eats some more and says, I want to eat it with rice. She keeps eating and saying how hot it is, until it is finished. She hits her chest a few times, she is so full.

He is very hungry after working out too, but his lunch is only a banana. He sits at his desk by the window and finishes it quickly. Then he sits by the fire and says, time to take a nap.

SJS tries to settle into his nap, but a dog barks outside.

Caption: friend visited…a tiny dog in the forest comes by.

This is the same dog that visits SJS once in awhile. he tries to feed him oranges the first time they met. But the dog was not interested in the least. Now the dog visits again. SJS quickly goes to his food area. He brought a snack for the dog this time, just in case he saw him again!

He goes outside and tries to get the dog to come to him. the dog comes slowly and sniffs his way all the way up to SJS. He actually eats the food that SJS gives him this time. It looks like SJS is thinking about something as he feeds the dog. he asks the dog to sit, but he says okay, stand up and eat. But then he sits. SJS tells him that he only brought one and you already ate half of it. He will give the rest of it to you.

He goes inside to get the other half, but the dog is gone when he comes back out. He wonders if he will come back again, he will wait for him. then he exclaims that good weather is like this, wow. I want to wear my sunglasses. Wow. When the sun is bright, I will dry my blanket again.

He goes inside and pulls out his blanket. he goes through the same motions of ringing it out and laying it on his table.

SJS – This is the first time I had the sun, I wanted to enjoy it even though it was a small amount. I just wanted to enjoy it.

Montage of all he bad weather SJS experienced.
He sits at his table and sees something int he distance. Deer! He laughs and says, dogs, bi~ (But he says dog bird is not good so he changes the order to bird, dog, deer because dog bird sounds like a curse word). The dog comes back and SJS asks him to sit. He does it once so SJS says that is good enough. he gives him his treat and the dog walks off to wherever he goes. SJS tells him bye-bye, see you later. Then he comments that it will be warm when the dog comes back.

PSH is chopping wood. it looks like a workout by itself. She chops several logs and takes them all inside and puts them by the fire. then she sits by her door. One week ago she says she didn’t like her shoes outside and unorganized. So she wanted to make a shoe storage area.

She gets out her notepad and draws out the shoe storage, then she starts cutting wood for it. She cuts a shelf and uses an old wooden crate to make her shoes storage. But it comes out crooked at first. She straightens it out and puts her shoes in. But then she doesnt’ like it so she takes the back out. Then she thinks it would be easy to have a handle on rainy days, so she adds a handle to it that she braids. She puts in her shelf and adds her rain boots. Then she tests out her handle. it is all done. She says it is all done, fixing my she case is all done.
SJS is amazingly hungry because his lunch was only a banana. He starts prepping his stove and wonders how to coot barbecue sticks. He puts the meat on a a metal stick (I forgot what that is called!) and also puts some veggies on it too. (is it called a skewer?). he turns cooks it all outside after taking some wood from the fire. he turns it several times and hopes that it is all well done. he cuts the samgyupsal and takes a mouth watering bite. His eyes close at the deliciousness.

He thinks it would be better if he had sesame oil jang to eat with it, but he is happy regardless. he makes several ssam with the samgyupsal and samjang. But then he eats a spicy piece and closes his eyes for a moment.

PSH goes outside. She wants to make a mini hammock for fruit. She needs

PSH – I was thinking of how to spend my time. I have fruit, but I have limited space in my fridge, so I wanted to put it freshly.

She puts her fruit in places around the house and someone sat on them. She had to make jam out of it.

PSH – It didn’t look too hard when I search it on the internet, I thought I could do it super easily, but now I am trapped. (laughs)

She goes into the woods to find a branch of the right size. She finds some contenders and cuts them to equal size, but one of them breaks so she has to find another one. She says, okay, I will find another one. I have to find a better one.

She goes back into the wilderness…..not this….not this…this is not the one I want….(video of a man breaking a ceramic bowl)…..not this…should I pick this one…..ah, no…..my nose becomes a little red again….not this, this is not the branch I want….

She goes back to her cutting area and cuts her branches to the right side. But outside is getting too cold so she wants to make it inside. She will make a hammock for her avocado and banana and oranges and those kinds of fruits. She wants to keep them fresh for a long time.

She pulls out some thread and starts to tie it to one of the wooden pieces. She says she will make it tight, just in case it slips out. Then she starts to slowly and carefully knot them all together.

PSH makes her first row of knots and comments that it isn’t that easy. She thinks she needs to hang somewhere and do it. She decides to hang it up on the hanger she made. Then she gets back to work and we see a countdown clock of time passing. It takes her around 30 seconds to do one knot. She finally finished one line.

SJS is outside and wonders if he can see the sunset, what time is the sunset?

Gorgeous images of the sky over head.

SJS pulls out his camera and says that , if he is lucky, he will try to see the sunset. He sits outside and is in a good spot to see the sun go down over the mountain. Lots of images of the sun setting amidst the deer and birds and trees. A lovely song starts playing.

SJS – Ah, it is pretty,

Caption : the sun is pretty, the cloud is pretty

SJS – I haven’t had this moment in awhile. I wanted to see this for a long time, how the sun changes and dissapears. It dissapears in front of his house. He feels like it worked hard and is going home to rest. It is taking a break and leaving…..ah, it finally disapeared. I think this is the first time I watched the entire sunset. It is better to see the sunset than the sunrise. If I had a warm americano, then it would be really cool.

PSH is still working hard making knots one by one. She dances to teh music and complains a little bit about how hard it is. Then she says the line is a little shorter so she is looking for a way to make them longer on the internet.

PSH – At first I thought I wouldn’t need too many long lines, but because I make intercrossed knots, it should be a lot longer. I thought I would finish it quickly, but it takes a long time. I have to extend each line.

In the house PSH says it is difficult, I am in trouble and I am super hungry. I should eat first and then continue.

She starts cooking. Yesterday it was beef, today it is salmon. She will cook the veggies first because the salmon cooks quickly. She adds the salmon and then parsley. Then she takes out the veggies and cooks the salmon a little bit more. She wants to eat it well done.

Dinner for today is ready, salmon steak. She happily digs into the salmon and smiles as she eats it. She says it tastes good. She didn’t season it too much, but it tastes like it is well seasoned….It tastes good…..tastes good…..tastes good with parsley….mmm, fish…..I want to eat it slowly and enjoy it, but I have to finish that quickly…..

She eats it all and eats the last bite super slowly. She is really savoring this last bite of food. Then she stares at her project and wonders when she will finish it.

SJS says he doens’t have any hobbies. He watches tv, reads books, or dosnt’ do anything.

VO – what is your hobby? It is an easy question, but it is difficult to answer. 43% watch movies and then it goes down from there music, tv, games, books. 92.5% say that they really want to have a real hobby. If I have a hobby then my quality of life will increase. There is a service were a hobby can be randomly delivered. Find your perfect hobby among many hobbies. What kid of hobby with B have?

SJS hears a mission ding. He reads it. There are 5 hobby boxes on his door step. Take one and enjoy your time. This is your hobby box that will eleviate your stress.

SJS peeks outside his window and sees 5 boxes. One is a rubber engine plane. Another is a pinhole camera. Another are worry dolls. The last is making flower bouquet/florist. But we don’t know what are inside these boxes.

SJS quickly picks on and goes back inside. He says he just wanted to pick the first one, if he worried about it then it wouldn’t change anything. He takes out a box that is inside the box. Then he starts to read it. Inside is a clear plastic hard sheet. You would carve the image out of the lexan/acrylic and then you would have a cool bedroom light.

SJS’s image is a crab or a dear with stars around it. maybe it is a deer. He starts working on it, but he says it isn’t that easy. He continues working on it very slowly and shakes out his hands every few minutes. He says it is tiny and he has to focus so he couldn’t think of anything else. He finishes with all the dots and has to finish it by drawing all the lines.

He starts doing that, but he stops and holds his neck, aigo my neck!

A’s hobby is making the hammock. She says, fighting! Then she gets back to work. She talks to herself, ah…agasshi, you tied it so tightly…..okay……good, good.

She gets back to tying the strings in order to make them longer.

PSH – It took a lot of time to make the string longer…….Wow, my back muscle, arms, this is good excercise.

The music changes to several other songs as she continues working on this little hammock. She says it is a little fat in the middle, because she extended it. the song says, “today, your day is long…” and PSH agrees with him “A lot of things happened…” yes a lot of things (laughs).

She finally finishes it and says, all done! Then she gets up and stretches. But she goes back to it because she doens’t know how to attach it to the wood so she consults with the internet and then gets back to work on attaching it to the wood. She starts laughing to herself as she keeps working on it. This has taken her 4 hours to do.

She holds it up to the camera and says it is 90% done. She will attach it tomorrow, but today she will just quit because it was so hard.

PSH – I finished it, but I needed a hangar, I was thinking about it but just fell asleep. I was thinking about it so much, I feel like I became a master of it. (laughs).

She studies her hammock a lot before going to bed, but then she just gives up and says she will look at it some more tomorrow. Bedtime.

SJS is continuing with his hobby of making this constellation on the lexan glass. he finally finishes and reads the instructions. It says his neck and fingers might hurt so you should stretch. He agrees.

He goes to clean his creation and then dries it in front of the fire. But to see if it works, he has to turn off all of the lights. He sees that he made a few mistakes, but he did everything in the picture. He thinks it should be a deer, why does it look like a cow?

SJS – I did my best, I liked it. It took 2.5 hours. If I ruin one thing then I would ruin everything so I just focused on it without thinking about anything. I should have stretched every once in awhile, I didn’t read the instructions right.

In the house, SJS says he will go stretch some more. He goes outside and goes through a few stretches. Then he folds out his bed and sleeps downstairs. He says he didn’t do much, but time went by so fast, see you tomorrow.

PSH finishes up her fruit hammock and hangs it really high so no one will sit on it.
It looks like PSH and SJS are going to meet each other and eat lunch together. They are both so nervous!
PSH finishes her hammock, she also paints something on the ohsue for homework.
SJS digs something in the ground.
PSH hears so many frogs outside, it alarms her, lol
Cows show up at SJS’s house.

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    Thank you so much! For sure not everyone would take to this show but for me this is like going on a weekend break to the forest myself. With just the sound of that gurgling brook, those leaves rustling in the breeze at the start of the show I can already feel the muscles at the back of my neck loosening. Too bad it does not have the same effect on everybody. Again thank you for recapping, and, you finished the recap so fast too!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I wanted to comment much earlier but I was gushing and it was kind of embarrassing, lol, so I waited. And edited! Do forgive me for being effusive in my gratitude. I couldn’t help it!

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