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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 4

Live Recap for episode 4 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye
The last episode ended with So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye looking for at least three different birds and their unique sounds. They both ventured into the forest and found way more than three different types of birds. The bonus was to find a pheasant, which they both spotted, though I’m not sure if they both got a selfie with it. Today, they have several tasks (like turning off your cell phone after 6pm), but I guess they won’t fulfill them all in this episode?

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH

Airing Time: April 27th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

A brief look at what we will be seeing today. It looks like a lot of unexpected weather.

PSH sits on her deck and naps in the sun. She wakes up and dusts herself off, then goes inside for a snack. She sys she is really hungry after waking up. The message is to make soul food that will make you happy.

VO – You remember the past with smell. It is from a novel. The main person remembered their past from cooking and coffee. Food and the people with you, conversation, emotion, food is for survival, also, memory and love. Everything. You’re precious memory, which food holds it? Make food that is from your memory.

PSH starts to peel and chop potatoes.

PSH – I was wondering what I should make, the food that made me healthy. I was really thick and couldn’t swollow any food. I only ate dwenjangguk with potatoe. So I remember that, even when I was sick nd couldn’t remember anything, I remembered that.

PSH is making potato only dwenjangguk. It is a super simple dwenjangguk. She tastes the rue and then chops the spring onions to add to the top. She tastes it again and says that it tastes good. Then she serves it to herself.

PSH – This is what my mom made, but I put a little bit of mushroom and onions. It looks like nothing, but after eating it, it energized me a lot.

She sits to eat it and takes several slow mouthfuls. She is also eating it with rice and a side of kimchi as her banchan side. She says it tastes good.

PSH – My mom’s tastes much better. When I have kids and become a mom, maybe I will be similar.

SJS says that ramen is his food. He doesn’t eat it often, but after finishing up a diet it is one of the food that he looks for. Whenever he thinks about it, he feels happy. His last meal there will be ramen. It has a little meat, a little ground beef, garlic, and spring onion, and leftover potatoe. I should put all of that in ramen. I don’t want to waste food.

SJS – I try to do a lot and make it fancy by putting seafood or meat. But the result is ramen, but you hve all the taste with all of these ingredients. It gets longer and tastes good. If it doesn’t good, I still enjoy it. (the process)

SJS starts to make his ramen with a lot of ingredients. He chops up the spring onions, adds oil, red pepper flakes, and all the meat. He stir fries it all together then adds water. then he adds the soup base and stirs it. he adds the noodles. While waiting, he chops up the leftover potato and says that it looks like it is almost done. He stirs it and adds the potatoe to heat them up a little bit. He comments that it looks good and we get a super zoomed in shot of all the food. It looks really yummy.

He ads the food to his bowl then chops some garlic and clover (or something similar?) to add as a garnish on top. It is all done so he takes it outside to eat. he comments to the camera that he thought he would eat ramen so he also prepared some cold rice. He will enjoy it. he says he will enjoy the food and digs in.

Lots of slurping commences.

He says he hasn’t had that food for awhile.

SJS – For me, ramen is happiness and joy, it is the best food he has eaten. Ramen is the best, not pizza.

SJS adds the cold rice to the ramen once all the noodles are gone then all but licks his bowl clean. He thinks he should have brought two ramens.

Spring comes to the forest. A gorgeous song plays as we watch all the life of spring in the forest. Subject B drives back to the forest. it rains all while he is there and snows on the 4th day. But SJS doens’t know this yet. He is driving to his house and sees that it is cloudy. But only a little while later he will be in the middle of a full on blizzard.

SJS gets out of his car and walks to his house. He says he hasn’t been there in awhile. He hopes it doesn’t rain today. He didn’t notice because it was always raining, but these particular clouds look so close to him. Why are they so close to me?

SJS goes inside and says,….it shouldn’t be…. He grabs his camera and opens the window to record what is going on. The little house is under attack by the wind and snow/rain.

At the same time, PSHdrives to her little house. It looks so amazingly gorgeous as she drives up the lane. PSH says, hello my house, as she goes inside. She makes the fire first and looks around and the sound. her house is also so very windy. But then it becomes fine again.

VO – today’s weather changes so quickly, cloudy, nice, fine again.

Wow, the weather is changing so drastically on PSH. She has to change her clothes a lot of accommodate it.

SJS is in the middle of it. He thinks he needs to set up a fire. He adds firewood and lights the fire. But he has frost inside the house and sees his breath. he says it is cold, so cold. Then his eyes start watering, he wonders what is happening.

SJS – I tried to make the fire, but it was so windy so wind came int he house. So I opened the window and waited a little bit, but I lost.

SJS thinks hard. He opens the windows a little bit to let the smoke out. Then he waits until the smoke goes out. there is amazingly strong wind. Outside there is a wind warning and inside it is so smokey. SJS decides to show what he brought. He brought rice, a banana, veggies, meat.

SJS thinks there is a lot of wind, maybe he should go outside. He sticks his head outside and says, rescue me! He runs to the restroom. A little bit later, he comes out. It snows when he comes back out. he just stands and looks at the snow. His house is still smokey, he thinks he has to turn the fire off so he pours water on it. The smoke stops. But then it is sunny all of a sudden.

PSH gets a message.

PSH – hello, spring has come. In the forest there is a lot of edible plants, why dont’ you make your own meal with seasonal plants that you harvest by yourself. Now, this weather? I have to find all these plants?

SJS gets a message.

SJS – Spring came, enjoy. it is spring?

Spring definition is after winter when warm weather comes. Look around, there are a lot of edible plants growing. With natural plants, why don’t you eat seasonal spring food?

PSH starts to study and search for how all the plants look. She says she will drink her coffee and quickly harvest them. But she thinks her basket will fly away. So she adds a knife to it and says, lets harvest spring plants.

But SJS isn’t as confident. He doens’t know what harvestable plants look like. He studies it and then prepares a black bag and a knife. But he wonders where he should go when he left the house.

PSH says she doesn’t have to go out that far, she found one of them easily so she will take it first. But it is too small? She says she has to take it carefully, one at a time. So she carefully takes each one by one. This plant is called suk. PSH says that she remembers harvesting it a lot while younger. This reminds her of her childhood memories.
The caption shows us suk/sook (mugwort or wormwood) and explains it.

SJS is also harvesting suk. He carefully takes it out as well and puts it into his little black bag. But he has some back pain and yells about it. He says he feels finny doing this and laughs. Then he mutters that it might be one serving. he thinks he has enough. then he spots durup.

Caption Durup (edible shoots of a fatsia or aralia)

SJS collects the durup. He thought it has roots and is surprised it is on a rock. he collects several and says it is good enough.

PSH is still collecting food. She thinks she found Dalae (wild chive). But she isn’t sure if it is dalae, she wonders, what does dalae look like? I want to eat dalae….

PSH – I only saw dalae in the store so I don’t know what it looks like when it is burried in the ground. it is difficult to find….it looks similar.

The caption says dalae is difficult to find because it looks just like grass.

PSH says she didn’t find dalae, then she starts to sing a spring young woman song. She starts laughing and then crouches and digs. She says, oh, I think this is it!

PSH – OH! I found something. They are grouped together and grow here. I finally found it. it is difficult to harvest. I can’t get the root, only the leaves.

She keeps digging and tries to get the root. But then she gets it and says that she got it and shows it to the camera. She giggles at her excitement and also at the weather. the weather is pretty bad so she runs back to her house. But then she starts walking. She goes inside, breathing hard, and stokes the fire.

PSH – who says it is spring?

She starts to look at her food and says that she is going to make two dishes. Soup, salad, and tubu. She mentions that she doesn’t have to take care of the plants too much, so we see her washing them pretty vigorously. She tells the camera that she is making sukbori but she doesn’t have rice flour so she had to use flour and found a recipe for that. She says, if there is too much water then it will be like duk, so you have to add just a little bit.

But there is a problem because she can’t fit one of her straining pots inside her other pot for steaming. She decides to use a cloth instead. Then she says that her steamer didn’t go in, so she is using a cloth and will put the lid on it and wrap the cloth over it and then tie it with cotton. It should be okay like this right?

She carefully ties the cloth and says that this is rally funny. Then she mentions that it is steaming now, do you see it. i am making sukbomoori. She thinks it will take about ten more minutes.

She opens the top and gasps. It smells so good. it is a little sticky, she tastes a small piece and says it is good. Then she says that she will make dalaejang. She cuts the dalae and then a red pepper. Dalaejang is a dipping sauce. PSH adds oil and gangjang and meshil and sessame oil and a little water then a little sesame. She thinks it will taste good with tubu.

She cuts the tubu.

PSH – when you don’t put batter on tubu, you have to use a different oil to fry it,

Parilla oil. That makes tubu taste good if you don’t use eggs or four.

She fries the tubu and cuts one of the thicker ones to a smaller size. Then she takes her sukbomuri and dalaejang out and places it on her serving table. She says she will enjoy it.

She starts eating it slowly and nods to the camera. It looks like it is pretty good. Lots of mm’s as she eats.

She eats a bit and says it tastes good, but it is spicy.

While eating she looks at the snow and weather outside. Then she says her food is good, again and slowly eats it. She comments on the snow, wow, it snows so much.

She eats it all and completes her seasonal meal challenge. Gut.

SJS wonders how he can remove the thorns on the durup plant. He scrapes them off and then washes them. he boils it next while sniffing a lot. then he adds salt and waits.

He prepares the sukbomuri just like PSH did. he makes his soup base with a fish base. Then he puts a bit of dwenjang and garlic and tubu. he adds the suk to it and it making sukdwenjangguk. But he thinks something is missing. He gets out the gochujang and adds it to the durup.

His meal is nice and simple. Rice, durup with dwenjang, and sukdwenjang soup. he comments on how bitter the durup is, but it is addicting. he nods as he eats, it looks like he wishes he had more soup. he finishes eating everything, there is seriously no food left over.

SJS – (how was the seasonal food) It was really good. The smell and everything. The little bitter taste with the durup, but it was so addicting, I really enjoyed it. (do you look for seasonal food) I like to look for seasonal food, but in the grocery store, a lot of things are produced from the grocery store so i don’t know what is seasonal.

PSH – I could only make a little bit, the tubu and dalae sauce was really good. When I went out, it was a snow storm so I was embarrassed. How come it snowsed so much? I was all covered in snow, it was a good memory.

Shot of PSH in the snow. She is trying so hard to handle it.

The song is a remake of the young Spring woman song that PSH was singing.

Cut to SJS doing the dishes. He is sniffling so much. then he hears that it is snowing even more. he looks out the window, it is crazy. He thinks he can’t make a fire, there is a snow storm…..maybe I should put on more clothing.

SJS starts to put on even more clothing. He wonders what he is doing in the is house! He starts laughing. The storm lasts for 4 minutes, then the weather changes again.

SJS decides to chop wood now that the weather is nice. He starts to chop a lot of wood to warm up his body. he says, yay, really. then he takes a deep breath and gives up after chopping a bit more.

Later on that day, it becomes very clear. He sits in front of the fire and thinks that he should make it again.

Montage of SJS’s circle of disappointment with this fireplace.

He decides to make a fire again. He nurses the fire for a bit and sighs. It isn’t windy right now, so everything looks good. SJS says that he has never seen this king of weather where it is sunny and snowy. he says the clouds are so close to him.

The weather looks fine all of a sudden. But then it snows again all of a sudden. If it was the city then he would have a lot of stress, but happening here, it wasn’t boring. It was actually fun.

Montage of SJS living through this strange snow-sun-rain-sun-snow weather.

SJS – This is temporary, but I had something to do, it was good.

PSH isn’t really thinking of much as she sits in her house. She picks out a book.

PSH – This is a book about a woman’s life. I really liked a quote about happiness.

To me being happy is our right,
even if we are not human or something else,
we will be happy as that thing
– Sebastian Berry, from the book Rose

PSH reads the book and takes notes. It is snowy and wintery outside. She falls asleep and wakes up.

She gets another message.

PSH – We use out cell phone for everything, you can’t live without it. But can we live without it for a moment? After 6 o’clock, turn off your cell phone.

VO – Korea has the most smart phones in the world. !00% smart phones. You can do everything, even date, you can’t live without cell phones, but maybe we can turn it off momentarily. How will you life change without cell phones?

PSH asks about music, what if she wants to listen to it?

PSH – Wah! It is already 6!

She asks for 10 more minutes. They say they will give her 5 minutes.

PSH opens her door and tries to get a signal. She calls her mom, but she only has one bar for a signal. But it is hard to get one. Sometimes she can get a signal when she is lucky, but not today.

PSH – This was an important time and the cell phone didn’t work, why! Mom!

She calls her mother and says that she has to turn off her cell phone. She only has one more minute, bye! Then she says goodbye to her cellphone and starts laughing sarcastically? Maniacally?

PSH – i always hold my phone, go to bed with it, wake up with it, games, SNS, I spend a lot of time with my cell phone. This is big trouble.

She says it is getting darker and she doesn’t’ have much energy saved so she is afraid of turning on the lights. She is running out of wood also so she goes outside to chop wood.

She starts preparing her dinner and looks outside at the weather. It is snowing now. She gasps as she looks at it all.

PSH – What should I do!

5 minutes later, it is fine again. The sun shines.

PSH – Blue sky through the window, oh, I don’t have a watch! No watch.

PSH – After I got my cell phone, I have no watch, so I lost all sense of time without my cell phone….I saw the clouds pass, there was a pretty red sunset.

She films this sunset outside and says that everything was so very different. there was a variety of sounds like music. All different sounds. High pitched sounds. The sound of trees. It was like natures music that nature played for me.

She enjoys the sunset and all the sounds of nature as the sun sets. It is a magical hour.

PSH – I experienced super scenes, big clouds, sunsets, I spent a quiet day without a cell phone. I saw a lot, heard a lot and enjoyed the weather more.

Meanwhile, SJS starts to make his dinner of ham and sausage. he cooks the meat on the fireplace and also has something boiling on his other portable burner.

SJS – Because of that heater, I wanted to eat spam because it might taste better cooking over the fire.

Everything finishes cooking so the last thing he adds is an egg. he cracks it over the sizzling frying pan and then puts it back into the fire. he grumbles over the broken yolk, but it doesn’t make him that unhappy.

His dinner is basically like an Atkins meal. It is eggs, spam, sausage, and a side of rice. he sprinkles some ketchup on top and digs in.

SJS is is freezing. He says it is really cold while eating.

SJS – That is the taste that everyone knows, it just tastes good. But when it is warmer, it tastes better.

PSH fixes her dinner. It looks like she is having steak. Now she is preparing dinner differently. She dances and has a happy time while with music, but she is pretty cut and dry without music. (I like her with music better).

She cooks her meat on the stove top and then adds the veggies. Her dinner is beef, steak and asparagus. Her drink is a huge beer. Her meal looks so delicious.

She eats it slowly.

PSH keeps eating.

Still eating.

PSH – I am just eating rice, it is so quiet. I want to just play music.

Cut to SJS at his place. He thinks the wind will blow more so he is trying to figure out how to secure his house.

SJS – It was windy before and I heard a sound that was uncomfortable, I couldn’t’ sleep. (they play us the sound)

SJS spots where the sound was coming from.

SJS – The sound was from that spot, if I don’t’ fix it then I won’t sleep too well.

He goes to the spot where the sound comes from and tries to secure the cover to the house a little bit better. He attaches a small rope to it and then ties it around one of the posts. Then he checks it. He has to do the one on the back also, so he goes to the back to secure it. Everything works well.

Fade Out

PSH suffers through no cell phone for longer. She says she feels empty without it.
the next morning, SJS has weather for the first time, so he works out outside.
PSH works out a well, she jumps rope.
SJS counts all the animals he has seen while there.
PSH makes something from string
SJS goes outside and sees 5 boxes with questions marks on them.

I loved the part where SJS and PSH collected all the wild food from outside their place and made a seasonal meal with it. That was wonderful. It made me want to look for those plants, or other wild plants, around where we live.

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