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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 3

Live Recap for episode 3 of the variety show Little House in the Forest starring So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye
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Today’s episode is all about how happiness is different for everyone. It looks like the Happiness team is going to have Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub leave their little homes in order to find something. In the preview Park Shin-hye commented that it is the first time she went that far away from the little house. I think So Ji-sub has gone very far away from his little house though, I just hope it isn’t raining for him. The poor man is always stuck at the little house on a rainy day. Meanwhile, the sun seems to follow Park Shin-hye on all her little house excursions, so hopefully it stays that way.

We will have to stop the recap early and run over to our Pretty Noona recaps a little before 23:00. But we will be back throughout the week to fill in the last 30 minutes.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH

Airing Time: April 20th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

In the prevous episode PSH sees the mission and busts out laughing. It was the 3 hour dinner time. SJS sees the mission and just looks at it and thinks. PSH is super expression with how confused she is. They both had to make their food extra slowly and enjoy the process.

PSH made her food but had 2 ours left. She thinks that she needs a 5 course meal in order to spend 3 hours cooking and eating.

SJS didn’t think it would be a hard task. He quietly sets about doing it. His goal was to make the goguma as an appetizer.

SJS – A little more than half cooked, but it is pretty chewy so I like it. I cleaned everthing so I eat the skin also

2:51 minutes left
SJS is still eating and chewing the goguma. He finishes his appetizer.

SJS – He said he finished his appetizer and it isn’t raining right now.

So now his goal is to go outside and chop some wood for dinner. He chops a few logs of wood very easily as if he has done this a lot.

SJS – Ow, my back, I need to watch some mountains far away…

He watches the mountains and straightens his back, then gets back to work.

2:28 Minutes left
He finishes that much and goes back inside. Now he took the charcoal out and goes back outside. He says he isn’t sure it will fire though.

Meanwhile PSH spent one hour preparing her dinner so now she has 2 hours to eat it. How can I spend 2 hours eating? That is my question. She thinks it is impossible to spend 3 hours eating dinner.

PSH – I will give a failure to the production team and I will just enjoy it.

She giggles and then eats her food. She has 1:46 minutes to go.

2:14 minutes left for SJS
SJS thinks he needs a chair if he eats outside, so he goes and grabs a log to sit on.

SJS – One potato, three bananas, 2 oranges, some rice and some meat and some veggies, tubu and, ramen. When it is all burning well. The wood is all wet. It takes time to make charcoal….It shouldn’t rain, I see some clouds over there…..ah, it’s raining….don’t do this to me.

SJS – If I waited a little bit….

SJS still sits outside in the rain and 2 dogs show up. SJS thinks they are wild dogs, but it looks like they are wearing a collar. SJS calls them to him.

Caption: little dog in the forest

SJS – They don’t look like wild dogs….come over here…so sleepy

SJS is interested in the little dog, but the dog isn’t that interested in SJS.

SJS – COme over here, come by…sorry, but I have nothing to give to you….come over.

SJS looks at the dog and the dog looks at SJS. SJS goes inside and peels an orange. then he goes outside and offers some orange to the dog. The dog slowly goes up to SJS, but he doesn’t want to take the food. SJS throws it near the dog, but he just sniffs it and leaves. SJS asks him, dont you like oranges? You should eat. I oppened this because of you.

The dog goes and plays in the field with the other dog. they play with some ravens/magpies. SJS films the dogs playing happily.

SJS wraps up the camera and sets the oranges on a tree stump. But then he sees a lot of birds and starts filming them as well.

SJS – They are having fun….oh, when did you guys come?

Caption says that there is no name or age, and they live next door. Note: doesn’t like oranges.

SJS tries to feed the dogs oranges again, but they don’t like it. SJS thinks that his dog at home likes oranges.

PSH – I figured out while looking outside while eating, it is very cloudy but the sky is very blue inbetween the clouds. Clouds are different from what I saw in Seoul. It kind of goes up…different.

Caption: Top is round, the bottom is flat of the clouds. You see feathered clouds and misty clouds and shift clouds and scale couds and curtain like clouds and rolled clouds, rain clouds…

SJS is under a shower cloud at the moment
SJS goes inside and gets out the potato that he cooked in the oven for a long time. He says it tastes good. He goes outside and cooks the potato over the fire outside, but he accidentally adds too much salt. He adds some more oils and his meat (steak). He adds a little bit more salt and pepper and a dribble more oil. Then he lets it cook while moving it around with chopsticks.

SJS still cooks and flips the potatoes, he thinks the potatoes look good.

SJS – I made steak after thinking for awhile. I fried the potato, it sounds so good….It is almost done, this is the last step. For visual purpose. He puts a slice of cheese on the steak and says that it needs to melt.

But he cuts into it before the cheese melts and says that he will enjoy the meal. (He always says Chal-mot-ke-sum-nida before eating.)

Then it starts snowing! Lol. SJS smiles and keeps eating. He adds another fire to his pit and sits among the snow as he eats. the weather looks so miserable.

SJS – It is a little cold, but it is so pretty.

(It is the April forest and it is snowing there, that is insane. they must be on a mountain.)

PSH is still eating very slowly. She takes a bite, then looks out the window. She chews her food a lot.

PSH – It is difficult to eat slowly for a long time…it is ASMR….I failed, I can’t eat this too slowly, I am too full…1 hour preparation and 30 minutes eating. (she gets a ding telling her to let them know when she is done)…I am done…I am full.

SJS – I am done with my main meal, I will eat my desert

SJS – I am done with my main meal, I wil eat my desert, my favorite..banana.

SJS goes inside adn poors himself some tea. He makes green tea and then goes outside to enjoy it.

SJS definitely succeeded in his mission.

PSH – (do you reccomend 3 hour eating) No no no, I just want to eat the way I want

SJS – It can take 3 hours inculding preparation time, but eating for 3 horus is impossible

PSH -…..usually I overeat but today it wasn’t like that,….it was just enough (missed some)

SJS – I usually just eat to kill my hunger and not think ttoo much, but I could think about what I eat so it was good.

PSH -If I don’t eat with someone then I can spend lees time, If I eat with someone, especially my Umma then I can spend more

SJS – It was fun…I think thi will be my memory for the future

SJS – The weather was raining, snowing, but after eating there is no rain or snow.

Bull blossoms on the plum blossoms. A car drives up to the little house. This is subject A.

PSH – this is a lot greener then whne I came before…I will inhale the nice air…the weather is really nice.

She hops out of the suv and says that she likes it a lot. She came back home….I haven’t been home in a while.

PSH – The water tank I haven’t seen for awhile…ah, I like it. I am glad the weather is nice. I really enjoyed it, it is a lot more comfortable now becaues I have a hanger, i like it a lot. I am going to carry my food…..ah the weather is really good!…I am going to take my food.

She runs to the car and grabs it and walks back.

PSH – This time they won’t take my food again. Last time I prepared a lot, but this time it is very simple, I left a good amount of food so I ddint’ prepare too much this time….what should I do….I forgot

Then she goes outside and chips wood. But it doesn’t go too well. Ah, but she figures it out and chops a lot.

PSH – Now a small….oooooo! (she cut one in one shot).

She keeps chopping a big one, but it is a difficult one so she has the hardest time breaking it. She tries to break one with her hands as well.

She plays some music and puts all the logs away. She says she feels good.
Poor SJS, it is raining/snowing again so he is inside looking at it all. It looks really beautiful from inside his place.

SJS – Maybe I will go outside and enjoy the snow.

He goes outside with his camera and walks around. It looks like he walks pretty far away from the house. He goes to the edge of the forest and video tapes the snow. We also see slow motion images of snow.

Caption: There is a lot more snow than we expected

SJS – I feel like it will turn into rain soon, so I need to go back…ah, it is a good day.

It is so sunny and gorgeous at PSH’s house.

PSH – last time, i brought liquid monster, but I couldn’t’ make it, today I will make a liquid monster.

Caption: it is not solid and it is not liquid, it is easy to make.

We see PSH playing with the liquid monster and then making it. It has water, glue, lens cleaner and something else (bling bling?). She mixes it together and asks us if we see it.

PSH – It’s amazing…

She keeps playing with it and stretching it

PSH – I am done….it feels strange. The bling bling is coming off, but it feels good.

She plays with it on her desk a little bit and makes little holes in it with her fingers.

PSH – I feel like it is potato starch.

She squishes it and pulls it in her hands, then she blows bubbles in it with a straw.

PSH – Don’t blow up!

She blows a bubble inside a bubble?

PSH – Ah, I don’t know…

PSH – It is lunchtime, I will make a simple noodle…..

Experiment: little happiness that you can definitely do, like cleaning your underpants and putting it int he drawer, is the happiest thing (Haruki Murakami)

VO – make clean fried eggs…the elevator opens on time…shredding new bread…delivery box at home…first sip of cold beer…relaxing in the afternoon…what is your tiny happiness that you can definitely do?

PSH starts writing something down. She thinks for a moment adn then continues writing.
PSH – I could come up with it quickly, first family, bowling with my family, next…fishing with my family, just floating on a dam and fishing, time goes by so fast. Spending time with family is very good…precious. I don’t know what to say, it is dream like moment when I am with m family members. We had a hard time together and overcame things together and have happiness. We have a place we all go to togehter and talk together with friends. Sometime I am not comforted, you get a lot of energy from your dogs and cats, I like with cats so when I sleep I do “mansey” and touch my cats fur and my cats greet me at home, I feel so happy. Playing sports, nice weather, bycicling….those moments, sometimes it is easy to forget about those moments because I am busy and shooting overnight so I can’t think about them.

(images of PSH’s busy life modeling and photo shoots and commercials and driving from one place to another, then radio programs and back to the car)

PSH – Sometimes I acummulate complaints and lower myself esteem, but my mom says I have to be thankful for tiny things and not just to big things because if the big things go away then you feel miserable. But if I am angry and not happy then i sometimes think, what should I be thankful for? Opening my eyes in the morning, whatever I eat, eating is always a happy thing whenever, is eating to important for me? I think everyone is the same.

Cut to PSH cutting cucumbers and eating the slices. She says, it tastes good and smiles.

PSH – Just eating is a happy moment while cooking.

She starts making gochujang sauce for cold noodles (Bibimnangmyung). She boils the noodles.

PSH – Are you all done?

She eats it.

She tries to put it prettily on the plate but she thinks she failed. She adds the toppings and kimshi and finally gochujang sauce as the final topper. She says she hopes it tastes good and thinks that there are a lot of noodles.

PSH – Mmm! It tastes good.

She nods and smiles and eats her food. In summer, Mom used to make Bibimguksu and we made it in a big pot. We shared it together. We would make a big batch in one big pot. This noodle tastes good when you eat together….as soon as I came here, I cut some wood so it actually tastes better after cutting all the wood. The kimchi tastes really good. I am going to make something with this kimchi. I am thinking about what to eat while eating…that’s funny, but everyone is the same, with friends, while eating we also talk about what we have eaten before, I think it is a common thing.
Ding Dong.

SJS says that he has a mission. What is his tiny and happy moment?

SJS thinks for a long time. He sits like the thinking man and just thinks.

SJS – This is the most difficult mission ever.

Caption: B didn’t have any trouble with any mission until now.

Montage of all the missions B has done. He does them all so very easily. But this one question gives him a lot to think about.

SJS – One thing that gives me definite happiness is my bed. And rest…when I think about them…not happiness but they are enjoyable things but i don’t feel like a lot of things make me happy (I am not that type of person to get happiness from a lot of things) I am thankful for a lot but sometimes I think a lot, do ai deserves this happiness? It is a difficult question for me. But not only me, maybe a lot of people are like me. But this doens tmean that I feel unfortunate.

SJS – The tiny little definite happiness, it is difficult for me to think small ways. Perhaps I need to give some time to think about those things. It should be different, not everyone is the same.

Montage of SJS in his everyday life in the city and doing all his promotions and behind the scenes and playing with little kids.

SJS – We live everyday, then we finish our day, when I lay down expecting tomorrow, then I feel happy expecting the new day for tomorrow.

SJS – This is my homework that I need to solve. I will think about it continuously.

SJS drinks his tea and says that he will think about it while living continuously. He goes to the corner and puts his orange on his little table. Then he opens his window and sees that it is snowing again. He picks up the camera and shows the snow up close. Then we cut to images of artifacts outside, like smoke blowing in the wind, the lamp, the ax and wood chopping area, the steps with rain falling on them. And then we are back inside with SJS as he watches all this from his window.

SJS – Here, if I had some nice music, it would be the next side dish for my drink.

SJS – For me, I drink with my loved ones, but I want to enjoy drinking by myself without drinking of others. When you meet, you have to care about those people. Sometimes I drink at home and focus on myself.

SJS’s little house looks like a winter wonderland. Perhaps it snowed a lot over night. SJS wakes up with his face mask on.

SJS – last night it was so windy, I thought my house would blow away. I thought the window would break and the door would fly away because it was so loud. It would be funny if the house flew away. (laughs).

SJS goes outside and washes his face for 13 seconds. Then he puts on lotion for 5 seconds. 3 minutes for brushing his teeth with salt.

It is also morning with PSH. She pokes her head out of her bed and then goes downstairs. She immediately starts to finish up washing the dishes. She doesn’t play any music during this time, so it is pretty quiet. She drinks some water slowly and then starts to prepare breakfast.

The strawberries are mushy.

SJS – She wanted to eat strawberries but while she was doing the interview, the strawberries died.

Cut to the interview with a lot of camera people. An arrow points to the strawberries. The director comes in and sat on her strawberries. Oh, my strawberries…..!

PSH asks what she should do with that, should she make some jam? She decides to make strawberry jam. She chops it up and boils it, then she adds sugar. She eats yogurt and graola for breakfast as she waits for the water to boil. No music is playing.

SJS is also waiting for water to boil. It looks like he is making soup for breakfast. he adds soy sauce and boils it some more. He isn’t listening to any music or anything either. He pours it all into a big white bowl and chops up a few slices of spring onions to put on top. Then he cleans everything up. All done.

He said he made mesangi soup. (Misaengi is a type of seaweed that is very fine)

SJS – Tubu and misaengi is filling. I bought this misaengi on the home shopping channel. He was first introduced to it on home shopping.

It is his 5th day there. He says he hasn’t had a good day. he also says it is spring, just to let us know. He keeps eating and drinking the soup until it is completely gone. He does everything except lick the bowl. Then he shows us the empty bowl and says that he finished it all.

SJS says it is easy to make misaengi soup and it is perfect for camping.

Now PSH has turned on the music and is dancing and singing along as she makes the jam. This is the first time she has made jam in her life, but she thinks it looks good.

Ding dong.

SJS – The first mission of the day came. Let’s see. Find nature sounds. Listen to bird sound. Three different birds singing.

Caption: how many bird songs do you know?

VO – Do you think the sound of bird is the real sound of birds? A & B try to listen to bird sounds, what kind of sound will you hear?

Record in your camera 3 different bird sounds

PSH – Oh, it is a big bonus if you take a picture with a big bird (a pheasant).

PSH looks so excited/stunned about that.

PSH – A crow is easy, pheasant…pheasant…pheasant…pheasant….I am going to catch a pheasant!

PSH goes outside right away to catch her pheasant. She says it is a very fine day, she woke up early today and wanted to walk outside. But she has a walking mission so it is good. She says she hears some bird sound over here. Oh, oh! The sky! Ah, the sky.

There are crows in the sky. The caption explains all about crows. Crows live in groups and near subject A. PSH always wakes up with crow sounds.

PSH – I will go there with chumsae (sparrow) sound. Oh, two sparrows!

The caption explains all about Sparrows.

PSH – It is a woodpecker. Where are the pheasants?

SJS tries to get the attention of the doggie he saw yesterday. He apologizes for having nothing to eat, but he asks the dog to come over there. The dog is all like, nope. SJS says he wants to give him something, but he doesn’t have anything. He also doesn’t have anything to eat also.

SJS – can you hear this sound? Oh, over there.

B’s first sound is also a crow. SJS says he will go somewhere wider and look for birds there. he walks through a wide field. The camera goes panoramic as it shows us a birds view image of the scenery.

SJS – I can hear better over here, I think there are some birds around.

SJS shows us a bird in his camera, he found a Gachi sae (magpie) bird. He keeps walking with his camera ready. he sets it up on the ground to capture his third bird, Bagul sae (Goldfinch).

Then he finds another one and is excited about it. It is pheasant! But it disappears as soon as he sees he. He says, ah, I just missed it! But he isn’t giving up, he finds it again! he says, let’s go, let’s go, I saw it, I saw it!

He sneaks around to look for it. He thought it went over there.

PSH also gets super excited after seeing a pheasant. But there is a wire fence so she an’t follow it. She runs after it and says that it is so fast. Oh, pheasant, I didn’t take the picture!

PSH keeps walking and says that this is the first time she has walked this far. She hears the sound over there. She walks into the forest and disappears for a moment. then we see the image from her camera.

PSH – Look at the moss, there is a lot of them, here here.

Slow motion video of the trees in the forest. PSH stands among them and looks up at them. She says that they are super cool.

PSH – Definitely, when I come into the forest, I hear more bird sounds and a lot more variety of birds…..I think this is the same bird…here, here….hello….your back is pretty….(she finds a bird)….eating some food…..wow, eating well.

this bird is a ChikBakGuri (Brown-eared Bulbul). PSH delicately walks up to this bird to get a shot of it. She tiptoes to it and whispers…here here here….here here….can you see it?…..there is a bird called a Norangtokmolsae (Yellow-throated bunting). She is capturing this one right now.

SJS also sees a good amount of birds. He says that he saw a pretty singing bird. It is the same one that A also found called Chikbakgulri (brown-eared bulbul)

SJS – When I first came here, I just heard one sound, but when i try to hear, I hear 5 or 6 different sounds. I hear more crows but should hear a lot.

PSH – This is my first time being in the forest. I feel really good. I just wanted to lay down. I like the sound, it sounds so healthy.

The camera shows us a lot of different birds around their area and gives us the name to all of them.

SJS has a snow storm in April (lol for days)
PSH – with your own plants, make a spring meal
SJS – what spring?
What is your happy memory of a meal that makes you happy
SJS – Ramen
PSH – umma
What if you turn ff your cell phone after 6pm?
What if you listen to the entire album?
SJS – Ah, I feel stupid (laughs)
PSH – That is funny (laughs and drinks a tea)

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