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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 10 Final

Live Recap for episode 10 of Little House in the Forest Starring So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye
We have arrived at the last episode of Little House, which is technically bonus footage, but I can dig that. We’ve had a fun time live recapping this variety show and learning a lot more about Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub. I’m looking forward to seeing them both in a drama soon.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH | VO – Voice Over

Airing Time: June 8th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
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We open with a bubbling brook, the camera scrolls over this brook and we hear the water washing over the rocks, the birds chirping, the wind through the leaves, and the sound of rain on the pasture.

Then the camera takes to the sky to give us an aerial view of the Jeju countryside. Cute little animals are coming out of their homes for the day.

Finally we settle on the little house in the forest.

Two people came for happiness: Subject A – Park Shin-hye, Subject B – So Ji-sub. They finished their happiness experiment in their own ways. Are they a little happier now?

SJS – (last interview, you finished your secluded life, what did you think?) I spent 12 nights but it took 2 months so a lot of things happened. It was my first time sleeping in a quiet alone place and eating new things and hearing birds, everything was new to me.

PSH – Personally, I liked it a lot. No one bothered me, I could do anything I want. It was an experiment but I had a lot of my own time. I could relax and walk around and watch a movie, I had a lot of happy times. I did not want it to end.

In the middle of the forest, a little house was there.

Cut to the production team showing us the first day that PSH arrived to her little house. She is amazed as she looks around at everything. It is off grid living with no public utilities.

PSH – (how did you like it?) The good thing is I can check how much electricity I use. Whenever I use it, I can check it.

It looks like PSH’s energy was half gone when she charged her phone which freaked her out. SJS also saw the importance of electricity when his lights went out.

Next, they discuss water. PSH said there was not enough water to do anything. She says she spent more of her water for cleaning food and washing dishes. Her tip to use less water is to pre-clean it with baking soda and coffee grinds. She learned those skills.

She also learned different ways of making pasta. For instance she only used one pan to cook everything because she didn’t want to wash a lot. So she used one pan and one dish.

SJS – (First time recording for 24 hours?) Yes, it is the first time. (Did you find anything new about yourself?) not much (Did you even watch our TV show?) *laughs*

Cut to a lot of hashtags as SJS sleeps in the little house. They ask him if he worried a lot, but he said that he did not worry much. He could chop wood and harvest plants well. He is a minimalist. they show him looking for eggs in Jeju or maybe Seoul. He spent a lot of time looking for eggs and is so happy to find 2 eggs. He fist pumps the air when one of the stores has two eggs and looks at them like they are made of gold.

He goes home and puts several things in ziplock packages. This is unseen footage. It looks like this is all trash. He tried to take all his trash back with him because he did not want to leave anything in the forest. So he put them all in ziplock bags and put them in his backpack.

He did not use his cell phone in the house. Actually, in the challenege where he had to turn off his cell phone after 6, his cell phone was already off. So that was actually not on TV. But PSH always had her cell phone on listening to music or something so the cell phone challenge was so hard for her.

She actually has this really cool microphone speaker that plays songs for her (I want it!) and sings songs outside the house. We also see her chilling inside and outside the house as she starts to spend more time with the forest and not her cell phone. Finally, she became one with the forest and didn’t have to listen to music at all. ON her last day she said she should have enjoyed it more.

During her interview she says she liked the entrace to their little house where they pass a little forest.
The camera scrolls through the forest to show us the sunlight peeking through the trees. PSH says this is her favorite scenery as she drove through the little forest. She lvoes the river sound as well.

PSH – So foresty and so pretty, especially when there is a lot of sunshine. I felt it everyday.

After driving through the forest road, the field starts. Bong welcomes them as well as Pheasants and deers. On the other side of the field is SJS’s house which is surrounded by cows. The cows are interested in the camera and the dog is interested in the cows.

When you go in deeper, you see SJS’s house with birds all around.

SJS – (What was your first impression of the forest) It was all misty.

The first time they saw the forest, it was during a cold winter.

PSH – Back then they had skinny trees and the ground was all dead. The grass changed colors and snow accumulated here and there.

In March there was snow and rain. But then little sprouts grow and all of a sudden it became April blossoms and May’s forest. All the skinny trees become full of leaves.

PSh – (The most memorable sound?) Bird sound. It is really different from Seol, I really like the sound of nature.

the caption says that ASMR sounds make people calm. Then they go through several ASMR sounds like rain, fire place, bubbling water, and birds. Birds are PSH’s favorite ASMR sound.

PSH – The sound is preculiar…..oh, this sound is like a trainstation sound…..oh, so many different bird sounds, I want to take a nap but it is so precious. The sound of birds are precious and the sky and green trees. I feel like I am missing them, they are so precious to me. Not that long, but just going out once in awhile and seeing the change in nature is very nice.

SJS – (Most memorable sound?) Wind, wind, rain *laughs* there was a lot.

Poor SJS had so much rain from the first day to the last day. It’s easier to count the sunny days.

He walked in the rain and ate lunch outside in the rain, did his interviews in the snow and rain, looked out his door to the rain, walked the street and played in the rain, saw the sunrise in the rain. Poor guy. It’s great that he likes the rain.

He had 10 days of rain out of 13.

SJS – It would be better if the rain was good. I like rain a lot, but now I dont’ want to see that much rain.

They had several experiments/missions. Waking with the sun, finding ASMR sounds, looking at the sun set, getting their heart rate up, making crafts, finding different birds…They had 34 happiness experiments.

Caption: Maybe they are a little close to happiness.

PSH – Do one thing at a time, finding birds, one thing at a time, and one side dish….there are a lot.

SJS – 3 hour meal time…you shouldn’t do it *laughs*

PSH – One meal with side dish, I did not waste food. I am not focused so doing one thing at a time was great. It was the most efficient.

SJS – Doing something for your own house, like painting or anything. If you make something for yourself then you willlove it more. (You said you weren’t good at making anything but you made a lot) I just made it really fast.

SJS made a hanger, curtains, shoe rack, and a little chair. SJS said he watned to make a rocking chair, but it rained so much so he couldnt’ use it.

Cut to SJS trying to make a rocking chair. He made a chair, but not a rocking chair so he says he will do the rest next time. But it actually became a nice table for him. The next thing he made was a bug net for the windows that he installed himself. But it was too short so it only fit on one side, but it still looked okay. But it fell off the next day.

PSH – The happiest experiment….what did we do? (she checks the list they give her). For her she liked making a side dish and drinking alone. They didn’t show it on TV, but they all sat together and shared all the food. So it was an alone drink, but it was not an alone drink.

Cut to PSH gathering things for the fire and going inside to see this mission. She reads the mission on her phone. It is to spend her night with her favorite drink and side dish. So she makes chicken skewers. She liked it because she prepared it slowly. She also cut bell peppers for the skewers. But she decided to make shrimp skewers as well. She says it took her some time, but she liked it better than being in a hurry.
She made sauce and starts to think that she might have made too much food, but she says that they decided to do it so she will do it. She cooks it all outside in the cold and finally drinks some beer. She asks the fire to please not burn her food and starts to put the sauce on it. Then she tries it after letting it cook a bit more.

It looks good.

She says it’s good too as she takes a bite of a mushroom. She is a little embarrased because she says that it is minimalist life but she made so much. She also says that when she enjoys the food that means it is zero calories.

Suddenly the people in the forest show up and want to try some meat. They caption calls it “crow food” it’s when you leave food for crows, but PSH ended up feeding all the crew members. You can see there shadows coming in and out. They eat it and talk to her for a little bit then tell her that her sauce is so good. She tells them that she plans on making wings and legs.

Slowly so many more crew members slowly come up and ask for more food until she is surrounded by all the crew members and they have a big barbecue.

PSH – First I made too much food and shared it nd they enjoyed it so much. So next time I thought that I could make more food and anyone could enjoy some food. So I told them to try the food. They always tried the food and said that they enjoyed it. It made me happy. I was happy to eat the food by myself but I was also happy to share it with everyone.

Cut to the production showing all the food that PSH shareed with all the camera and crew people. PSH made 28 dishes. SJS also made 28 dishes but they were so different.

PSH thinks SJS’s food was very minimalistic. His steak really looked good so I also made it.

SJS says that he eats meat as soon as he wakes up. Lunch is meat and veggies and dinner is meat and veggies as well. He loves meat a lot and only eats meat and veggies. 16 of his meals were meat. Hisnickname is “So Monk” because he looked like a monk that ate meat with his grey clothing (grey is a monk color).

He also chewed his food a lot, one count was 86 times.

He loves meat and he also loves banana’s, 9 meals was only with banana’s. He also ate bananas at night.

SJS – People asked me if I was advertising banana’s but I wasn’t, I just eat them all the time.
SJS think he ate the most rice ever. PSH thinks cooking was great. Doing dishes was bothersome but cooking was wonderful.

PSH – I couldn’t do some missions.

They did so many experiments and did not show them all on TV.

For instance, they both had a picnic in the forest. SJS picked the little water fall area at Jeju because he loved the sound.

PSH says that she liked stepping on the ground because she hadn’t experience that in a while. She even found a 4 leaf clover and points at it in excitement. She decides to camp out in an open field.

PSH tries to cook with Jumok and makes jumokbap and makes her own rice sushi balls with it.

SJS picks shrimp and decides to steam it in a pot. it is done after ten minutes. He decides to eat it outside with butter.

SJS watched 50 First Kisses because he liked romantic comedies. He actually smiles while watching it.

SJS – I am happy whenever I watch it and see new things.

He listens to India Arie from begining to end on a very cute CD player. he says he hasn’t listened to this album in a long time. he thinks LP is the best, CD’s sound different. He likes listening to CD’s becasue of memories though so he likes listening to them.

SJS – The first experience makes him happy, but going somewhere else makes a second or third memory.

What if you died suddenly in 6 months. What do you want to do before you die even if it is not realized? Just thinking about it makes you happy so think about your bucket list.

SJS has a difficult time thinking about it. He thinks it is the most difficult experiment.

PSH gets the same question. She sys it is a very scary mission, they can say not dying and just say that she has 6 months free time. It is scary.

They show us their first meeting interview and if they are happy now. SJS says he tries hard to be happy. PSH says she is thankful, she is not sure if she is happy because she does not know what the standard is so she can’t answer it. She starts crying a little bit all of a sudden and says she feel ssorry saying her hardships to others because everyone has hardships.

SJS also says he tries to be happy. PSH says that when they called her for the TV show she was so happy she could do whatever she wanted to do so she was so happy and said yes right away. She starts tearing up a little bit more but they are happy tears.

Now it is the end of the experiment so they asked them about happiness again.

PSH – It doesn’t have to be one thing? For me, I am always happy with my father and my brother and mother on one team. First maybe a world trip for 6 months. is that too easy? maybe I can be a florist and then visit all the famous restaraunt in korea. Of course my bucket list will be all eating and playing and sleeping. I will go to the wilderness and watch all the big sports leagues, ah, there is so much. I will jsut say everything. Live in a country house. Well….this is a country house so I did one. yeah that is it.

SJS – before I die, what do I want to do? I have nothing in particular. When I decide to do something, I usually do it. So I dont really have a bucket list. In the future, just like right now, I will just live and do something. I like this moment a lot.

SJS always does not wich for things a lot. He is an introvert that doesn’t talk much or harm others, he hates that. So that is it.

When SJS has a hard time, he laughs first. So the one thing he couldn’t answer, thinking about happiness, is something he said he would do while living. That is a mission that he failed.

SJS – I think happiness is easy and difficult. Until now, happiness is something that you cannot hve by forcing someone to do something. It is also not something you find somewhere else. Happiness is just being thankful to everything and living happily, that is happiness. That is what I think. happiness is not far way.

PSH – I want to do a new interior and go on a family trip and dye my hair blond and go surfing….

SJS says this will be a fun thing to sthink about when he is tired, he will want to come back.

PSH says this trip helped her a lot, she was happy there and she enjoyed it a lot. She strongly recommends this if you have a headache.

SJS says the thing that will make him happy, do it right now. SJS says he will start packing! he packs everything up and goes walking to his favorite spot. All the camera people follow him in the rain. He says he feels like it israining because of him. he keeps walking. They meet a road block and just keep walking.

So it looks like they are all going to find jajangmyun. it is a jajangmyun journey team. They finally get to the restaraunt. SJS tells them all that you have to eat it quickly. He digs in with a childlike smile and finishes everything.

Now it is PSH’s turn. She gets the mission to do anything that makes her happy. She says she is doing it now, just looking through the window and not thinking. She likes doing this a lot. This space by the window is the biggest space where she feels happiness. So she turns on her music and watches the scene outside her window. The camera cuts to all the moments that she looked out the window and also the last moments that she got to relax and look out the window.

PSH bows to the camera and tells us that she was happy. Bye-bye.


Thank you for recapping this show with us. I wish everyone lots of happiness ^_^

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