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Little House in the Forest Live Recap Episode 2

Live Recap for episode 2 of the variety show Little House in the Forest starring So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye
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Okay, so I was way off with thinking I would be describing scenery with this variety show. The scenery is gorgeous, but I feel like this show is mostly translating what either the main cast members or the voice over is saying. They talk a lot! I enjoyed the first episode, but I am confused about something. Does So Ji-sub and Park Shin-hye show up on the weekend on and off for several weeks? Or is the entire show just on their 3 days in the little house? Perhaps we will find out today.

We will have to stop early and run over to our Pretty Noona recaps a little before 23:00. But we will be back throughout the week to fill in the last 30 minutes.

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So Ji Sub – SJS or JS | Park Shin Hye – PSH or SH

Airing Time: April 13th, 21:50 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Countdown: AIRING! …updates on twitter

We open with scenes of what will happen today.

VO – the city is a convenient place to live, but sometimes the city doesn’t wait for you.Day and night, always bsusy. What if we live in a forest leaving the city. Will we be closer to our happiness?

Lots of scenes of chaotic city living on fast forward.

But everything goes quiet as we cut to the creek in the forest.

Weather – cloudy after rain and some fog

The birds are chirping and the bugs are out. SJS is on the move. This time he will be there for 2 nights and 3 days. He is carrying his camera and things as he walks to the little house.

SJS – I came back for a new experiment, this time it isn’t raining, but it doesn’t look too good. I am excited but also a little worried….unpack and I have to take something out.

(Music – Totoro soundtrack)

It starts to rain again and we hear all the sounds of the rain as it falls on the grass and stones around the house.

Inside, SJS takes off his coat and looks around. he lays his coat on a side table and we cut to Subject A.

Subject A hangs her coat on the ladder.

PSH – It bothered me that I have to hang my clothes on the stairs.


PSH – This wont fit in….

She is outside looking for firewood. She has her camera with her and looks around for firewood that will fit her pit. She walks around and arouns as she looks for it. Finally she finds one she likes.

PSH – Oh, I like it, so long as it fits in, I am okay…..I wanted to make a hanger between the shelfs.

Ah, she is looking for something to make a hanger out of, not for firewood!

VO – have you made anything by yourself? It is easy to buy anything that you need. Easy to buy and easy to throw away. What if you make one thing you need. The Swedish word is Lagom – not too much, not too little, just right. Maybe you can have something that is just for you.

Cut to PSH using the saw to make her hanger. She is going to town cutting this piece of wood.

SJS is also thinking of hangers. he created his hanger easily using a hook and some thread.

SJS – Hanger? How can I make it better? (they ask him why he didn’t put a lot of time on it).

Then we see PSH working so hard to cut the branch.

PSH – So hard.


Finally, she cuts it.

PSH – Ah, I did it! I did it! I did it! It should fit.

She goes inside and puts the wood in her hanging spot and hangs her coat. She is so excited it works that she yells and jumps up and down. She is so thrilled, it is fun to see.

PSH – I will hang my bag……Oh, I like it so much! And….Jan!

Caption: The hanger PSH made gave her a lot of joy and she could hang a lot of thing.
Caption: She is making a second one without stopping.

She starts making the next one. She goes outside and sands a branch down until it is just as she likes.

Caption: Different sounds for different wood surfaces

When she finishes, she brings it inside and sets it near the kitchen sink. This will be her towel hanger.

PSH – One of the pieces of wood I picked up for the hanger looked like it was good for hanging something…what is this (wiped dirt on her face)…I sanded it just in case it had some dirt on it.

She looks at it several times as she walks around the house.

PSH – Making something by myself that fits, I shouldn’t take it for granted. It was fun and I also think I have a talent for it. It was good. i see my mark in the house. It is the feeling that I made by myself. I picked my own tree, it was a nice and perfect size. I felt good after making it.

SJS starts to make another thing as well. This time he makes a key hanger. Then he sits by the fire and thinks with his hand on his chin. But he gets a ding from the computer.

SJS – Let’s see, maybe I have a new mission for today.

Happiness Center – Are you happy today?
SJS – asking me if I am happy….yes.

Another bing

HC – This happiness experiment is to do one thing at a time. Multitasking is multitasking. Cooking, eating, talking at the same time. If you do two things at once then you have 70% brain occupation. Multitasking is great for a busy world, but what if we just do one thing at a time? An American guy suggested to do one thing at a time and talk about it. When you do that then you can prevent multitasking.

So this experiment is to do one thing at a time.

SJS gets up and looks at something. He thinks. But it seems like he is the type that does one thing at a time anyway. However, A is not that type at all. She takes a break and does 6 things at the same time, she never stops working.

PSH – I used milk to remove the milk taste. I will use the rest of the veggies I used before.

PSH – (reading happiness center) Good job today, our last experiment is to do one thing at a time, multitasking is not good for your body. Listening and cell phone, no, just listen.

Her goal is to focus on cutting radish and to do a good job with it.


SJS looks around his house and finds something to use for a floor mat to put his shoes on. he goes outside and finds something and then gets his tools. But he says that he needs to focus on the camera and the floor mat, which one should he focus on?

He makes the mat and thinks that he made it so quickly. But he is pretty happy that he can put two pairs of shoes on it and that it is so sturdy. He hops on it and says it is the perfect size. he actually smiles too.

PSH tries to do one thing at a time. She boils the radish and looks so bored as it boils. Once it boiled, she puts all the other ingredients and covers it again. Then she focuses on the food boiling again. She wants to wash her towel, but she is only allowed to do one thing at a time so she focuses on the boiling.

PSH – I can’t wait…I try to wait. The bad thing about boiling down sauce is that it makes a big mess. I shouldn’t clean but cooking and cleaning goes together. I am making reasons for myself. No music made me bored, but it was good that I could focus on one thing….I had a little break time between jobs.

SJS gets back inside and stokes the fire.

SJS – In a broad aspect, I am focusing on making a fire to cook dinner. I am checking if the pan is hot. 2-3 minutes maybe? I am waiting hard.

All he is doing is waiting and looking at the stove.

SJS – flipping sweet potato….ah, embarrassing….sorry I don’t usually talk to myself…..steak….I have different meat, maybe I will eat this today.

SJS washes the meat and then goes back to the stove. He ads butter and helps it melt on the stove. then he adds the veggies, but only half. Then he adds the meat and sits. There is no special seasoning, just salt and pepper. He adds a good amount of salt and an even heftier amount of pepper. he mixes the veggies but he thinks that he has to cook it on high heat. What should he do?

He thinks about that for a moment.

The caption shows us that the heat goes to the back. But SJS says that this isn’t working. So he decides to use direct fire. He opens up the pit and puts the skillet directly on the fire. It precariously sits there.



The food cooked well with this method so we just enjoy the sounds of the meat cooking in all its oils and juices. SJS flips it over and says, Ah, it’s cooking! and puts it back inside. Then he says that he will find out where to eat. His skillet will be hot, so he needs to find something to put on the table.

The meat finishes cooking so he sits and eats it directly from the skillet. He says that it is good as he takes a little bite. It looks so dangerous to eat it like that though! He blows on it and eats it, nodding his head as he chews eat bite. he says it is similar to what he eats everyday.

We just watch him eating and chewing his food. This is his one thing that he is doing. he says that this food tastes a lot better than what he eats at home. he isn’t listening to any music or anything, he is just eating and reiterating how good it tastes.

PSH’s food is all done as well. She tastes a little bit of it and says, Its all done, all done, all done.

PSH – i will open the table and set it down carefully. My dinner is done! Rice and fish and kimchi. I will enjoy this meal.

She starts eating and says that the radish tastes good. She uses chapsticks to take the meat out and says that part tastes good as well. She talks about each thing she eats before she eats it. Eat rice…eat kimchi….tastes good….tastes good….onions…..

We basically just watch her eat from various angles.

PSH – It is so quiet when i only eat a meal, I want to play some music….but I am fully focused on eating….I feel sleepy while eating….I feel sleepy, but I will eat it all because it tastes good……Now I am not thinking anything because I am not thinking anything.

She stratches a great big streatch.

SJS – Experiment, i am just telling you the truth. I don’t know about focusing on one thing at a time, or multitasking. But when I focus, I feel better, but when I say something while doing it, I feel strange.

SJS stokes the fire again. He thinks it is chillier than he expected. He blows in the fire several times to heat it up then he tells the camera that he feels a little hungry so he will eat a banana. he sets the camera on the table next to him and starts eating the banana.


PSH – I wanted to make my hair pretty before the interview, so I used a roller.

That night
the electricity went off so PSH couldnt use it to do her hair.

While brushing her teeth, she talked to the camera.
PSH – Since this morning I chopped wood, sawed wood.

She massages her face and washes it. The water automatically gives one serving.

PSH goes up to her room to sleep. Good night.

Then we cut to the next morning. She says he is a little poofy today. She goes about brushing her teeth and preparing for the day.

It is raining again. SJS changes his clothing and prepares his breakfast.


SJS thinks about what to make. he has to think very closely about the order of cooking. In the city you don’t have to do this, so it is a little bit difficult with the rice making. You never know, this style of cooking might make your meal taste better.

SJS – I don’t eat something like this at home.

SJS chews the food and sits quietly as he eats. he stares out the window as he chews and just relaxes. While he eats, the camera cuts away to the scenery and shows us various images of jeju. The weather is cloudy with no sun. The weather is cold.

PSH – No clouds, no clouds…

Because of clouds, the electricity is low.

So she goes outside to pick up pinecones to help with a firestarter. She says that they burn for a long time and are better than she expected. She collects a lot of them and brings them all inside.


She starts the fire and gets it going with the pine cones. She says she will put one more in, just in case. then she says its done, it is properly burning.

She sits next to the warm fire and tries to read and listen to music. So i guess the one thing a day task is over. The book is “An Apartment in Paris” But She can’t find the right song, so he plays something else entirely and starts reading. Then she hears the ding dong.

PSH – Are you enjoying reading? To focus on reading, do it one at a time again. One hour not doing anything but reading books, no cell phone or music.

VO – How do you enjoy reading?….maybe we spen our relaxing time as too busy. Just spend one hour only focusing on reading books without any other noise.

PSH – I like to listen to music and ready books!…Okay, one hour. It is 9:53…so until 10:53.

She turns off her music and starts reading for an hour.

her Book is “An apartment in paris” it is a new book and is about a last painting that a genius painter left. The main person tries to track it down and faes a shocking truth.

A lot of words came off from the book int he dark
Julian is alive
Julian is alive
Julian is alive
This is well done caligraphy

PSH – (is Julian still alive?) I haven’t read that far yet.

PSH starts reading the book out loud. She stops and thinks about it and then underlines a passage.

PSH – I read the book very fast. It wa difficult to pronounce somethings, I will read them again and bookmark the good lines.

Ding Dong. One hour has passed. She says that one hour passed by so quickly. She wonders how much she read.

She lays on the floor and reads 40 pages per hour with multitasking, but 95 pages per hour without multitasking.

PSH – Sometimes I read the book without music, but it has been awhile. (what do you remember) Loneliness, I only focus on myself, you don’t have to care about others. i am alone ina way so this was a good sentence that described myself, so while reading I felt a little ironic about it, I found a line that fit where I am right now.

SJS also reads a book and props his feet up. But he gets sleepy and decides to take a nap.


The camera cuts to the rain falling and the noises of the rain as well as the warm fireplace. It is a little break that the rain sound and the book created.

SJS – I think I took a brief nap for 30 mintues, I was super happy. I like to fall asleep while reading books, but it is hard to do that in Seoul. But here is is easy to do that.

Cut back to SJS napping. He wakes up and rubs his eyes a little bit. he drinks something for a moment, checks the fired, and the alarm rings.

HC – Hello B, it is time for the happiness experiment.
SJS – How many?

He goes outside but we don’t know what experiment he has.

SJS – Take a walk in the rain. Take pictures of nature with raindrops.

VO – It is a good day, because it is a bad weather day, because it is okay weather.

The camera spans to scenes of the forest.

VO – Any hiking trail has it’s own bright spot.

SJS walks around as he tries to find good photos.

SJS – Wild flowers with rain water and water on the grass. I will try to take a picture of green water. This is my 4th day experiment. It is day 4, but it is still raining.

VO – What kind of scene does nature give us as we walk outside under the showers?

SJS stops and takes a photo of grass with rain on the blades.

Caption: the raindrops sitting on the blades of grass.

SJS keeps walking around among the rain. He holds the camera and keeps looking left and right for something to take a photo of. he thinks he sees deer in the distance and turns his camera toward them. it is deer. he also thinks it is deer. he walks toward them a little bit. It is an unexpected rainy day sighting of deer eating wet grass. SJS says, hello, to the deer as he continues walking around and taking photos.

H walks over stones and over the creek. He takes photos of water droplets on green moss and shrubery. There are also images of newlu sprouted flowers with water droplets on them. SJS gets to a particular area and wonders if this flower is a flower or moss. He takes a picture of it just in case and says that he wants to take a good picture of it. the camera zooms into the flower and shows the little water droplets on it. SJS leaves, he hopes that was a flower, but he is not sure.

He starts his percarious journey back to the house.

SJS – I felt good just smelling and feeling and everything. I felt so happy walking aorund. The first thing I noticed was the smell, maybe because of the rain? How can I explain it, it was wet and clean. And the grass smell…

More images of him recording video

SJS – …to me it was a nice smell. And I heard a clean sound without noise.

he walked to a creek and listened to the bubbling brook as the water cascaes off and around the rocks. then we see all the images of what SJS took in a montage.

A gets A mission as well. She goes to the computer to check. Then she starts laughing.

At subject B’s house, he gets another mission. He goes over to look at it and tells the sceen that he thinks a new mission comes.

PSH – Don’t we live too much in a hurry, how long does it take to eat your meal? I hope you enjoy preparing your meal slowly and eating slowly.

VO – You spend less than 15 minutes enjoying your meal. Did you know that while your meal time gets slower, you increas your rate of stomach cancer and getting fat. So what if our meal time is longer? Not just something to kill the hunger, but a meal time for yourself. A relaxing eating time in your house. Your meal time is 3 hours.

PSH hangs her head, she looks so confused.

So the task is to prepare a meal that will take 3 hours to make and to eat. It starts right now.

SJS also looks so confused, how can he make something that takes 3 hours to make and eat? he thinks for a moment and thinks that this shoudn’t be too difficult.

Meanwhile, PSH moves as slowly as possible. She slowly pours the rice and slowly washes it. But she wants to listen to fun music while doing it. She decides to soak the rice to make it taste more delicious. So while it soaks, she cuts the onions. She takes her time cutting the onions as she dances to the music.

She gets out the kimchi and starts cutting it along side the onions. Then she waits for the rice to cook and dances to her music. Only 30 minutes has past. She eats some kimchi and comments on how sour it is. Then she also says that she might be able to make food for 3 hours.

PSH – My menu is so easy so i am not confident that I can use up all the time. Appetizer…first dish…second dish…main….dessert….then I can spend 3 hours.

She eats a little bit of the rice and sets it on the table. Then she starts to cook the onions and meat. She stir fries those a little bit and then adds the kimchi.

PSH – Yeah, I have big hands…I make a lot.

She adds some gochugaru and tops it. Then she adds some soy sauce and possibly some salt? It could be sugar though. She tastes it and nods her head as she keeps dancing. After that, she adds the rice. it looks like she might be making kimchi bokumbap? But she thinks it might not be enough rice. It looks like it is enough though. She tastes it, adds a little bit more changgirum and then tastes it again. It must taste perfect after adding the changirum because that is when she adds it to her bowl.

She turns the bowl upside down to make a nice round presentation on her dish. Then she fries and egg to add as a topping and sprinkles sesame seeds on top. She finishes everything with two hours to go.

VO – finally, A’s food is ready
PSH – I am in big trouble, it is great that I spent one hour to make it, but how can I spend one hour eating it? With chapsticks?

VO – small but sure happiness, what is yours?

PSH – In the water, touching cats, that makes me happy.

On the other hand, SJS says that there aren’t that many things that make him happy.


VO – what is your drink and side dish to make you happy when you are alone? (?)

We see scenes of SJS and PSH out with their camera as they look around their home. It looks like SJS is looking for a bird. PSH comments that it is the first time she went that far away from home.

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