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Life Kdrama Recap Episode 3

Suits and Doctors in Kdrama Life Episode 3 transcript style recap
The situation Jin-woo has found himself in deepens. All the doctors are trying to figure this out and bring up “Going on strike” as an option. But there is a mole inside their team that is giving all their information to SH. JW is soon on the hunt for that mole.

Plus, evil black suits are walking around taking all sorts of things from the hospital, which is a very stark contrast from the innocent white coats that all the doctors walk around in. Coincidence? I think not.

Posting without edits. Be wary of typos.

We open in the hospital. Nothing much is happening in the hallway, but KM and JW are off in a back room, staring at each other intensely. KM asks how/if he found the password. JW nods slightly and responds that BH was a slow typer so he used to post things for him.

KM – I understand how you feel, but don’t you know how that method looks to use the dead person. You gave us a weapon, a reason that we can protest, but it should not have any tricks attached to it. Tricks give them a reason to attack us. It is not the first time you saw people break because of a tiny thing.

JW just scoffs, the right way? They stay quiet for another moment. KM straightens/touches KM’s badge and then heads out. he tells him that he should eat, you are on the way back right? Whenever you have a chance, you should eat. But JW says he is fine.

KM sighs and leves.

In the eating area, a lot of the doctors are eating in the hospital cafeteria. JH and WC talk to each other. JH thinks they are so hypocritical, they talked about women dying giving birth and not think about ourselves, but this is all about money this entire time.

KM runs into JH and WC, she tells him that they should talk about it while they have a surgery meeting. She agrees, but she smirks that JW is a good guy while leaving. But then WC looks at her walk away and mutters that she forgot when she ostracized him.

Meanwhile, the father that tried to kill himself and his daughter is awake. JW asks what the problem is? The young doctor asks JW if he wants to check him. JW just says that he can be released so the young doctor tells that to the police.

In the cafeteria, Km talks to someone about the doctor in the ER room making plans.

Cut to a doctor looking at a baby that has first degree burns. He talks to the camera about how these kinds of patients will die if there is no Peds and no ER. If they become a money making hospital only then this will happen all the time.

Another doctor talks to us while washing his hands. He says that ER only needs the minimal amount of people? What are you doing, I signed it, just leave. he flicks his wet hands and they hit the person he is talking to with water – WC.

WC wipes his brow.

Elsewhere, another doctor talks to WC about signing for organ donations because they will not have an ER anymore. They are in a conundrum. If there is no ER, then they will have less trouble. It all goes down to being selfish. It is big trouble, they need those departments. If they are all kicked out due to capitalism, then our department is in big trouble. (This guy is the organ transplantation chief). If we don’t have ER then there will be no brain dead people. We need ER. But don’t worry too much, it should not happen.

The chief pats WC on the shoulder and leaves. But WC wipes that pat off of him.

Cut to the doctors going to another meeting.

Mockaebi sent another text to SH about the meeting and the transfer. But we do not know who Mockaebi is.

All the doctors sit down. WC is there as well. On the powerpoint there are the three departments that are moving. They are being moved due to capitalism.

OH starts the meeting. She says that her pride was hurt a lot his morning, she was so furious so she about to cry.

KM walks down the hall (to the meeting?), but his nurse or resident says that they have a shock, the blood pressure has gone down suddenly. They run to the patient.

In the meeting a doctor says his roommate lost two fingers but came back to the hospital with only one finger attached. He did not have enough money for both. One was 15k but 2 was 60k (the other finger is the middle finger so a doctor is like, um, can you lower that?). The doctor continues talking about how getting cancer in America makes you into a criminal.

OH tells them that they are doctors that save peoples lives. You cannot measure how much their hands cost because they save lives. OH says they should strike. But another doctor thinks they should not.

SH listens to this meeting from his office, due to Mockaebi who is in the meeting.

VO – Young doctor, you don’t know what will happen when the doctors go on strike. Everyone in the country will make us robbers. All the rich doctors want to make a little more money. Don’t you remember what happened?

Inside the room they keep talking about this. There are laws to it. But OH keeps talking about her point, the law won’t protect them, why do cheabols buy colleges? It is all money. The hospital is the only money making department of the University, not the tuition. A strike is the only way to stop this.

SH listens carefully from his office. He scratches his head as if he is thinking deeply about it. Then he picks up the phone.

VO – Who said that?

JW – The CEO has a reason. The public reason to support the country regional hospitals.

OMG, WC is mockaebi! He holds his phone closer to JW

JW – We lose money and in the countryside, more people lose money adn need us. the CEO will push this point more and we will become selfish people who do not want to go to the country side. We don’t have a public reason, but then we are going to protest, don’t you think that is what the CEO will want?

SH – Who is this guy…Ye Jin-woo?

He starts recording the conversation on his phone and then looks at the CCTV footage again. He thinks about all that he remembered with JW about his resume and no special notes. He sees JW leaving the dorm.

SH – Ye Jin-woo…

He tells his secretary that he will go on foot.

Inside the meeting, OH asks what the solution is. JW says that he thought they were there to discuss the solution. The VP stands and says that they have evidence, so lets vote on it. If 80% of our department agrees for us to go on strike, then we will go on strike.

They need to set up a time for the vote. JW leaves, I don’t think this is the result that he wanted.

WC looks at JW leave.

JW walks down the hallway in his own thoughts, but then looks up and sees that SH is literally right in front of him, but he continues to walk on by. SH smiles and asks him why he just didn’t make copies and spread that information everywhere.

JW asks him what he is talking about. SH tells him that he thought about how to save himself and stay in Seoul. You used your brain like that, but I already found you out, how embarrassing is that?

If you are talking to yourself, then excuse me.

he turns to leave. but SH tells him that BH taught him good things. JW turns around and tells SH that he is a new CEO that is trying to show himself. You don’t have to get embarrassed, I know that you are in a hurry. My president taught me a lot of good things. It would be better if you had some common ground with him.

He turns to walk away again.

But SH tells him, congratulations, you achieved your goal, you will not go to the country side.

It is SH’s turn to turn around and leave, the smile leaves his face as he does.

JW walks away as well, but has to rest in another hallway. he looks at his hands and the camera spans away to see his brother standing there. It looks like JW might be suspecting KM? His brother asks him what it means to not go to Naksan? (the countryside)

Back in his office, KA tells SH that the CEO does not want to pay them 1500 for the patient information. She gives him the phone. SH tells him that he is giving him the information so he can prevent insurance claims early. The other guy says they are not robbers. Their customers paid them so they should give them money when they need it.

SH asks…is that so…so you want to give your money anytime? then why did you put the funds to your company? You will have to give all your money back. It is not your money.

The person on the line tells him he is not professional, the past is the past.

But SH tells him that little kids even know that the insurance company does not want to give money. You are talking about customer satisfaction? I am not selling it to you. CLICK.

SH – How dare they talk about the past. I already forgot about it. If I looked down on them like they did to me then they would die already. And fire JW.

KA – What! the handsome guy!

SH – Just fire him now.

KA tells him that they will get a report this evening. The VP rings at that moment and comes in. KA leaves. The VP slowly walks inside as SH wonders what he wants. The VP tells him that they had a doctors meeting, they are going to vote.

SH mutters that that is the biggest weapon. Companies always talk about being on strike. But VP says that doctors opinion and factory workers are different. But don’t worry too much, I will lead it to the positive side.

There is an awkward moment between them as the VP lingers, but he finally gets the hint and leaves.

SH starts listening to the recording again.

JW – I thought we were here to talk about what to do…..

Blood is everywhere in the thoracic surgery room. Only KM is in the room looking at all the blood on all the surgical garments. he also has blood on his face. he cleans himself and goes out. Another doctor tells the wife that his husband had cardiac arrest due to anesthesia shock. The wife is stunned, they told her that this was a simple surgery. She falls to the ground and cries.

Fast forward to Km in his office with his everyday clothing on. His nurse says that it would not have changed if he did the surgery, it was just unlucky. KM says okay….okay….you can leave. She starts to walk out and KM lays on his make-shift bed behind his desk to sleep. The nurse looks back at him concerned, but shuts the door.

JW goes into the office and asks KM how he knew it was him that posted. KM is still in his make-shift bed and tells him that BH pretended like he did not know you personally and kept distance from you.

JW – Was he sad about it?

KM sits up and runs his hands through his hair. He tells him – he was sad about it. JW asks how he know, but KM just asks him why he kept distance from him, he is not a guy that favors you just because he knows you personally. He is not like that. Why aren’t you nicer to him?

Is that why you told the president but pretended like you didn’t?

KM wonders if he is there because he wondered if he will tell the CEO? Can you just leave?

You told me not to have any tricks, I saw a lot of cases were people were crushed using the proper channels.

Just leave. KM says as he plops back in his bed.

JW tells him that he will leave forever.

KM repeats that – i will leave forever? – and then looks up. But he lays back down.

KM and BH drink together in a cafe. KM gets a buzz on his phone, BH asks if it is a call, but KM says it is spam. BH asks how it is, but KM says that they have to see the result first. They start to talk about a woman that is super famous (or someones mother that is super famous?). Everyone in their school wondered how a disabled son could go to medical school, she was alone and she was great. There was no father.)

Is that why Doctor Ye is like that….well, singe parent is one thing but….Dr. Ye does not have manners. Maybe he will not look at you as an elder too much.

BH is about to hit him.

I am just telling you, he might not have a good relationship with his father which is why he does not have manners.

But BH tells him not to say those things in front of him, he will be angry! KM tells him that it was just a joke. You favor him so much, is he your hidden son? BH tells him to stop drinking cola, it is bad for you. They laugh about Ye and BH and speaking nonsense. But BH smiles to himself.

KM wonders, Dr. Ye’s mother is really pretty right? BH nods, she was pretty. When JW was 10, she was alone. A lot of men wanted her, but JW hated all the men around her. It should have been difficult for Dr. Ye even with his disabled brother. So be nice to him okay?

He falls asleep on the spot as he is about to drink his drink again. KM nods and removes his drink. he looks at his friend warmly.

KM wakes up in his office in the present. he thinks back to JW telling him, that is why you told the CEO that the president and JW were close? I hear a lot today that I should leave, so I will leave forever.

JW talks to another doctor about doctor things like directing people well is half the battle. He gives her practical advice in the ER room. She asks if they will really go to Naksan. Will we really be separated?

he tells her that she will be a good doctor, but she does not think it matters, they want to separate us. She worried about the other kids. We are ruining them before they even start their practice. We should not give an idea of money to them. I spend all my time here, it is like my home.

JW tells her that she is all grown up, she was like a tiny little girl when she came there.

But then JW sees that KM had a hard case yesterday, that is the reason he was sleeping in his office. So perhaps he is not the informer.

DS walks up to them both and tells them that they will not be in the protest (because they are in the ER), but they should participate in the vote. JW walks away and tells the girl doctor to prepare what the chief said for the vote. DC asks him if he is running away. JW says he is running home.

DS grumbles but then tells the woman doctor to prepare. the woman doctor calls someone else and tells them that she has a mission for them.

JW puts his clothes on to go home.

VO – You said it is more than a 2000 year old debate of which is the holder of being, brain or heart. i want to say it is the blood, because it connects the brain and the heart. it circulates everywhere in our body and is the core of our being. I saw blood pouring out. To save the brain, should I cut all the limbs? Is this really my school? With the blood, I did not want to taint our house with all the blood from the cut parts (limbs), I thought I should protect it. President….was I right?

KM tells SH that he does not want to know if it was right or wrong. he uploaded the chart. I am okay if you fire me. SH says that he acts fast. Then post it and say that you released it.

KM is about to do it.

…..But not with your ID, use the dead person’s ID.

KM pauses….

It is not difficult right? Did you forget the password already?

KM stands up and tells SH that it does not matter if you believe it or not. I told you want I wanted to tell you.

KM tells him that he wants to go back to his hometown, just fire me (?). But SH tells him he is like an old fashioned movie. DO you really think I am going to be moved by that? i cannot stand that. But in really life, it’s worse.

KM – What are you talking about?

A phone call comes in. It is the head of the reform. SH tells him that if there are two rebels, then two will be fired. KM tells him, if he likes it, then do it.

KM leaves and another man comes in. But he asks if he should come back later. SH tells KA – about firing Ye jin-woo…

KA – Tomorrow?

SH – Stop it.

The man that came in sits to talk to SH. he says that he will get started tomorrow. SH asks about the chairman. They talk about steel and the environment and stock dropping. There is a lot of money on the line. there is also a fine. SH tells him to prepare his work and they adjourn.

KA asks the chairman if she can put her desk in that other office, this office is…..

But SH tells her to see her tomorrow – in here. He leaves.

KA thinks this is the worse, every day like this? Can she just have blinders? Argh!

A lot of supplies come into the office. It looks like a doctor snuck in some food and gives it to a male doctor. But then they have to hide when suits come in to take things out of that room. The suits tell them that they are from the reform center.

The two doctors tell DS that the suits said they were for reform. DS is all like, why do they have to do that with our medical room? That is our secret food storage! The young guy is all like, you knew that?

Meanwhile, JW and NE drive away. JW asks her why she does not say anything even though she knows the relationship between JW’s family and BH and that he often posted information for BH. She just smiles it off.

But she mentions that they have the wrong method. Not with uploading the file, but with something else.

SW waits for NE and JW to get home, he is to happy to see NE and basically waited for her at the door like a puppy. It looks like they are all good friends since they were little.

NE goes to wash her hands. SW and JW talk to each other about if SW found the money. SW tells him that the hospital already gave it back. All the higher up people are trying to cover it up.

NE comes back out so they change the conversation to chicken and food. SW is really nice to NE, he definitely looks like he has the biggest crush on her. She asks him what he did today so he says he cleaned and did laundry and that stuff.

JW walks out (maybe to give them time alone). NE asks how his mother is. She says she went to Europe with her husband. NE thinks they might have a good relationship.

Meanwhile, JW walks the streets outside and thinks about his past. His father and little brother went to see a soccer game. JW could not go to the soccer game with them because his mother told him to study for an exam.

JW starts running down the street in the present.

In the past, little JW tries to grab appa’s shoes but they are too high in the shelf. His little brother is in his bed sleeping. But he is disabled now so he has to assist himself getting up with a rope that is above his bed.

JW stops running.

Back in the room, NE looks around at all the disabled things that help NE get around. She grabs a blanket and puts them on NE’s legs so he wont be cold. But NE tells her that he is really okay. he smiles at her.

JW gets home, he tells SW that he should support him from now on. They talk a little bit about this back and forth. But then NE gets up to leave and tells them she will see them tomorrow.

NE tells her goodbye like a love sick puppy. He then watches JW walk her out.

NE and JW walk down the street, she asks him if he would like to open a tiny clinic in a sea town? The three of us? Why don’t you guys go there? JW says that SW wants to go there, but he does not want to go to the sea with him because it will ruin his vacation. A lot of people ask why a disabled person came all the way to the sea, just stay home.

Same to little kids. They ask a burnt patient, why are you burnt? They share this for a moment, then he sends her off across the street. He tells her that Sun-woo is all grown up now. DOn’t treat him like a kid.

VO – You doing that will be harder for Sun-woo than other people talking about him.

Cut back to Sun-woo at home. He did not eat all the chicken and starts to clean the plates.

Meanwhile, SH drives through the countryside and looks at everything around. He asks his driver if this is really the place? The driver says it is. But this place does not look that special and is kind of derelict.

A man is working inside a farm building trying to take about wooden boards. SH steps on one and tells him that he will help him. he starts to help him, but the man asks him who he is. SH introduces himself to him and says that he called him once before. Then he starts to undo the wood again.

But the man wants him to leave and grabs his guard dog. SH is all like…wait a second…abonim….abonim…

Abonim puts the dog back on the leash and goes into the house.

SH bows to him as the man goes inside. But then he looks around at the surroundings.

SH – Minister of environment? He should make sure his parents environment is okay.

He tries to pet the dog, but it looks like he barks at him. But then he is able to pet the dog and tells him goodnight. While walking away, he looks at the wooden boards and takes off his jacket to go inside the building. But he signals to his driver to come help.

It looks like they continue working on separating all the wooden planks.

A new message goes out to all the doctors. The message is about participating in hospital reform. Their participation will be evaluated also. They will be able to make a better hospital after this.

None of the doctors like this, all of them think it is BS. DS meets with the ER doctors and tells them to tell him what is going on that day with the patients. One of the doctors starts to talk about a baby patient, but then the suits come in.

The suits need mortality data and the schedule of all the doctors, interns, and residents.

DS is all like, WHAT!

JW softly holds DS’s arm back so he won’t do anything stupid.

Elsewhere, the VP walks hurriedly down the hall.

SH is still in the countryside or perhaps he came back early the n ext morning. It is super early. SH is friends with this dog now and easily pets it. the owner comes out to a smiling SH and music starts to play which suddenly makes this TV show look like it turned into an impromptu romance between SH and this farmer.

Fade Out

Okay, this episode was good, but there is a big Kdrama trope that irks me that I want to get off my chest. It is basically the “Pull tears from you” trope. In this episode we got a little history as to how the little brother ended up in a wheel chair which was the typical type of tragic thing that Kdramas milk: the loving father and happy little brother go to a soccer game that the oldest misses out on because he has to study.

I appreciate that they left out the actual accident considering knowing it is coming is tragic enough. But, they try to pull on our heart strings by making NE notice ALLLLLLLLL the disabled things around the brothers room AND they have JW comment on how SW wants to go to the sea but people will point at him or something similar.

I know that part should be touching, but it really made me roll my eyes because I could feel what the writer was trying to do: bring tears.

Also, his brother had his accident when he was in elementary school. So that means him being in a wheel chair should not be a big deal anymore. NE seems like she has known JW’s family since grade school as well, so she shouldn’t have this pitiful look on her face when dealing with SW. It should not even be a thought, right? They have literally had like 20-30 years to get used to it. So instead of looking around the room pitifully at all the handicap accessible things, it should really be like she does not notice them at all because she has seen them so much.

If his brother had his accident like 2 or 3 or even 5 years ago then that would have made sense. But like 20 or 30 years ago? If the writer is trying to say something about disabled people in society, then I think they are going about it the wrong way by highlighting the disability (in an unbelievable way to me) instead of just treating the brother like an everyday normal working living citizen of Korea.

So the pulling tears for the sake of pulling tears thing is a little pet peeve of mine which relates to all Kdrama’s, not just this one. But when I see it so overtly displayed, it just irks me. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll just leave it right here.

The rest of this episode was amazing though.

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  1. oppafangirl
    August 4, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Comment on comment: I agree completely, I was not liking this feel since Ep1 and in Ep 2 the scene in which the girl replaces the tissues for his brother was a bit uncomfortable to see, you don’t need to do that, he can do that himself. Let him be. His being disabled doesn’t mean he is lazy or helpless. If they wanted to show caring and nice colleagues, you could how that they have not kept the tissues on the top rack and have things in the office accessible to him. Btw, I love the moving down cabinet in Dr. Ye’s house-Kitchen.
    *Off to watch ep 3. *

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:27 am

      So glad you noticed it too! I was starting to think that it was just me and I was being to sensitive about it and needed to calm it down a bit.

  2. oppafangirl
    August 4, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    Ah, no show don’t go there!
    I already have big issues lurking with the show, pretty big ones:
    1. Why does no one want to go to rural areas? Is it obvious to everyone other than me? Other than staying for 10 years at a same hospital (Wow, can they do that, isn’t it bad? That means they never have learning experience with other doctors? Really, they don’t believe that they are the only best, right?)

    2. We saw our CEO boy learning the know-how of medicine (ok instruments, I don’t know how that was helpful, other than if he wants to cut out the budget on instruments and he needs to know what too get rid off??) but did he learn or understand anything useful? Like for example could he understand if the ER / OB_GYN/ PEDIATRICS are not necessary for their hospital or why is it really profitable for them to cut out these departments or why they are working in loss. They had this screaming battle (or discussion if you call that) with the previous director, that the problem was people can’t pay for the emergency treatment but why is OB-GYN (I thought this should be one of the most profitable ones, in many countries it is actually, does it have something to do with birth rates?) and Pediatrics in loss? And why can’t their losses worked out by improving facilities? (Btw, do homeless people not have unemployment benefits which covers their hospital costs?) I would be more happy if we understood how he reached this conclusion of lay off. It’s not clear to me.

    3. Is it legal to work for 36 hours continuously? I would’nt want my doctor to do that. I can never tell if he can even concentrate. No! Absolutely no!.

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:40 am

      1. I asked O about this once because it seems like staying somewhere is a common thing in Korea. For instance, if you go to Seoul University, then you go there for undergrad, masters, PHD, law school and medical school. You don’t leave that school. That is very frowned upon in the US because it means someone only thinks like one school. So it is actually encouraged to go to different schools and places.

      But in Korea, you most likely will be ostracized if you went to Korea University and then go to a Seoul University hospital to work. I hope that changes with the times. It looks like the writer is trying to highlight that issue with the doctor KM who was ostracized at the hospital and is the only doctor to not go to the same school as everyone else.

      2. I am kind of starting to feel like the CEO is actually not a bad person, he is just a person who is a thorough and meticulous employee that is trying to do the best for his company. I kind of thought that he was going through all the surgical equipment to understand if it is needed or not and just to have a better understanding of how doctors operate. He also noticed KM sleeping on the floor which brought the “notes” part of his resume to life right in front of his eyes. I think he was the one that covered him with the surgical blankets as well. So he seems like a considerate person who is really just playing with the numbers to get this hospital out of the red.

      3. Doctors are notorious for working that long. In the US there are laws against it, but those laws are often ignored. I am with you, I want every doctor to have some serious shut eye before surgery.

      • oppafangirl
        August 5, 2018 / 1:51 pm

        Here, I found something even more ridiculous:
        Korean Medical Act Article 3-3 (1) (3)
        A general hospital with more than 300 patient beds shall have at least nine specialized departments including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, diagnostic radiology, anesthesia and pain medicine, diagnostic laboratory medicine or pathology, neuropsychiatry, and dental surgery, and shall have medical specialists exclusively dedicated to each and every specialized department.

        They have a law against it. I will assume the hospital has atleast 300 beds, its a big university hospital. (Seoul Uni Hospital has ~1600 beds).

        Is this lazy writing or did they change the law recently:

        If they did not change the law, I am dropping the show. It would make no sense to me.

        • V
          August 6, 2018 / 7:50 am

          That would definitely be a big plot hole.

      • oppafangirl
        August 5, 2018 / 2:36 pm

        Also, I want to already note that there is no research happening in their hospital (its surprising for a University hospital to not be doing research) otherwise it would make no sense to move the doctors, what about their research?

        Remind me if the show ever mentions research done by doctors, I will be pissed off (if I can be more but who knows) at the lazy writing. And also at the CEO.

  3. RZF
    August 7, 2018 / 12:22 am

    Hey V, thanks for the recaps!

    I was reading your comment and I kinda of agree but not fully. My mother by the age of three started to “develop” muscular dystrophy and she used for a long time crutches to walk but at the age of 30 she started to use wheelchair (have several types of MD as you may know, but anyways, we don’t know hers type yet but she can’t hold things with her hands (but she can pic them with both) and ofc she can’t walk… but leaving this things behind, she was always an independent person).
    So my perspetive of things was always very natural, after all, she gave life to me when she was already using wheelchair and so I never saw her as different person (I often forget her disability)…
    BUT sometimes, when I’m doing something for her like picking up a blanket just like NE did, and I go to her room – this happends not very often tho – I look to her room and I see her things and I just stay there for seconds thinking… thinking that she is an awesome person that deserves an easier life, nowadays she is using some equipment to improve her quality of life and I just think: so many… how we came to this? And so on… anyways.

    So I actually can’t judge NE for staring at SW’s room like that even after all these years.

    • V
      August 7, 2018 / 1:35 am

      @RZF thank you for sharing that. I can see it hitting someone in rare moments. I just know that it was used to pull emotions and feeeelings in this case to it made me roll my eyes.

      My aunt has a disability that is super noticeable and yet I always forget about it due to being around her my entire life. Sometimes I look at her and I’m like, um….how in the world do you raise kids, somehow drive a car, and still manage to bake Thanksgiving dinner for everyone, this is cray…pass me the hot sauce.

      • RZF
        August 7, 2018 / 10:54 am

        Haha I understand your pov… and yes I know what they wanted to do xD

        btw, “this is cray…pass me the hot sauce.” is so accurate lol

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