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Let’s Eat 3 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 1

Poster for kdrama Let's Eat 3 showing the main characters eating Korean dishes
We are picking up Let’s Eat 3 to live recap and we love it so far! The first episode was playful, delightful, and had a wonderful touch of nostalgia that was fun to sink into. It also had ah-mazing looking food that basically made us both want samgyupsal once the episode finished airing. I expect big things.

Posting without editing in order to post it right away. The preview and character chart are at the bottom!

Our criteria for dropping shows is at the bottom of this post. Check it out if you get a chance.

We open with a montage of a lovely meal cooking in the kitchen. It is a TV commercial so the camera scans out from the TV and shows our main character laying on the couch looking sad and contemplative.

“Easy like Sunday Morning” is playing as he just relaxes. His landlord rings the bell aso he lets her in. She wonders when he will move out because a person came yesterday and liked the house. Did you find a place to move to? He says that he will let her know. But seh is a bit annoyed and tells himt hat she will let the new tenants in at the end of his contract. She leaves and he goes back to his very clean and empty place.

He lays his head back on teh couch and we cut to him looking for a new place while at work. His is in a cubicle so someone looks over his shoulder and asks him fi he is doing his own work. He heard he is the insurance king, but he is he last for getting new customers.

A little kid comes in and talks to Dae-young about the day. He says that he just stopped by. Dae-young tells him that he looks like a college kid now. His dong-sang tells him that he is hungry, does he know of any good restaurant? Dae-young tells him that of course he knows of one.

They go to a palce that the dong-sang says is so far only for fish, food is similar everywerhe. But Dae-young just lights into him and says that why do you wash your hair? You look the same. This fish is not just fish that you can eat. it is famous fish from Korean history. This time is the best season to eat it because they lay eggs in July, so you have nothing to waste. you can even use the bones for the stock.

Montage of teh fish getting prepared.

Why does he put it in the refrigerator? Shouldn’t you eat it fresh?
No, for this fish you have tomature it a little bit so the amino acids are spread to the flesh and make it chewy.

Theyr food gets to teh table so DY tells his dong-sang to eat the fatty part first, you will forget all your hardships about life. they start to eat the sushi slowly, savoring every bite and nodding their heads at the lvoely taste that explodes on their tongue.

They share soju as they eat and then sip the soup. The soup is burning hot and boiling. DY tells him to eat the sushi with all the kimchi, it tastes really good. Be ready to be surprised.

The dong-sang tryies the food and is very surprised, he wonders if DY eats this food often. DY does not answer, he jsut digs in again and takes a bit of the soup that has the fish eggs inside. He picks up a piece of the fish skin and lays it on the fish meat then dips it in the spicy sauce.

The dong-sang tries the exact same thing and enjoys it. He says that it is really good.

DY takes another bite and tells his dong-ng that the buouy of the fish is the best part. The kid thinks this looks gross. But DY tells him it is the best thing for men! His dong-sang eats it right away. But he has a question, when did you start to talk about food so seriously? You did not do it when YOu were born.

DY – Well, I started it…

But then there is a car accident outside so everyone goes out to help. This sends DY into a flashback about trauma from an accident that he had once. He is pulled from the flashback as his dong-sang tells him that they should go outside and check out the accident.

JW walks by with a dog and sees teh accident also. She ties her dog up and runs to the scene to see if seh can help. She helps one of the older men walk to the side and tells him that seh will stop the bleeding first.

Then seh goes to the other car and gets the injured person out. This man has a pacemaker and might need CPR, so JW starts giving him CPR. The ambulance shows up so JW explains that he has a pace maker so you shuld take this person first. She tells them that she is a nurse.

The ambulance listens to her and gets all the people in the ambulance and off. But JW goes with them and leaves her dog tied up.

The dong-sang asks his hyung if he still has that trouble? It looks like he is not doing well at the company. But then the dog charges DY and hops at him. The dong-sng thinks this dog might be attacking him, but he is actually just licking him. They find out that the nurse left her dog.

The nurse, JW, realizes this and runs off to get her dog after everything is all well at the hospital. Back at the reataurant, DY tries to find the nurse, but seh is not findable. Then the dog takes off running and pulls DY right into JW.

DY recognizes her and tells her that he recognizes her as Ji-woo, wow, it has been a long time. Is this your dog? She recognizes him too and says that it is. He tells her that seh does not have saturi anymore and is likea Seoul woman. She tells him that he changed a lot too, he is not in training pants anymore and is in a suit.

he thinks he was not ever in training pants all the time, but she says he was. they decide to go to an outside cafe to talk some more.


They go to the outside cafe. DY gets the tea and JW fixes her hair and clothes as he does. he comes back so they start to talk. She lives in that cafe building. he tells her that he remembers she was training to be a nurse but did not know that she would make it due to her temper.

he was a mechanical engineer, but he is doing insurance now, she wonders why and he also wonders the same. She asks if they are married and if he is dating someone, he says that he is kind of dating someone. This spoils the mood so she drinks her drink and tells him that she has the night shift so she has to leave.

They part with him waving at her and telling her that he will call her. The dog barks at him but JW tells him to stop, he doesn’t even recognize you, don’t you have any pride?

DY drives off and sees the legendary Korean soccer player on an ad. This takes him back to his memory in March 2004. he is eating in his room and comments on how Ahn Jung-hwang is so great. But then he sees that he is late and runs off.

DY walks around the college, I think he is a college freshman? he looks at all the sights and then looks at his phone. he got a text message for a mechanical engineering welcome party.

Cut to the welcome party which is at a bar. The freshman all introduce themselves and everyone claps. DY introduces himself and they ask him if he has a sister, he says he does not. The next person introduces himself, Bae Byung-sam, he wants to be the best in engineering! Sunbae tells him to shup up and asks if he has a sister. He says no so they are all like, sit down. Kim Jin-seok stands up and is about to introduce himself but the sunbaes just cut him off and ask if he has a sister. He says he has a brother, he was born in a male house and went to male schools, so please pity me!

The next person stands up he is Lee Sung-joo. He does not have an older sister, but he ahs a lot of noona friends. He pulls out his phone and shows everyone pictures he has taken with his girl-friends. All the sunbae’s crowd around him and chant his name. He is the winner of the world.

The other freshman ask DY if he has his own place. He says he does and he can invite them later. Cut to the morning. Everyone is sleeping at DY’s place and one of them even put his foot in DY’s face. DY hops up and asks why everyone is there!

They all slowly get up and say that they will see him at school. But the freshman stay behind, Sung-joo, is naked. DY asks SJ why he is naked. SJ says it is because he has a lot of heat on his body.

DY comes back from school expecting an empty room, but the freshman are still there. They all eat together and have the unfortunate luck to see their neighbor peeing on his trash.

They all sit later and watch Mnet. Kim Tae Hee is on, everyone thinks she is the best, all women should be like that. It starts raining which everyone thinks it pee at first, but they see that it is rain and thinks that they should drink soju, it’s a good excuse. They drink into the night and leave their window open.

In the morning, the place is all flooded! They all passed out ont eh floor and woke up to a very flooded apartment complex. They all hop on the bed and yell at DY fo saving his soccer ball before them. But DY just yells that this ball was signed by Park Ji-sung!

Later on, they all find an octapang to more into. they like it and think that it is cool, they could have some nice parties there. DY tells them that htis will be his place, not their place. He also has some chickens that his aunt brought him from their farm, so they can eat it later.

But then a little while later, it is wayyyyyy too hot on the octapang. They are all burning up on the floor with a fan blowing on them.

The all think this is hell, the half basement was a lot better. They area ll so sticky and gross and want to survive. SJ sits up and puts his entire body in front of the fan. They are all like, why did you block the fan! (He stopped it from rotating).

Cue super big fight over the fan and of course it breaks. But then they hear chicken sounds. The eggs hatched and all the chickens came out. Next to the chickens, the ball is expanding and is about to blow up! DY has to grab it and run out.

The scene changes to school. DY and SJ get a drink from the vending machine, but they wonder why they are getting the drink from there when they have one next to their building. DY says that the coffee is better there. JS thinks vending maching coffee is just coffee. But DY goes off and says that it is not the same! He also says that there are a lot of women there.

JS mentions that too many women is not good. SJ says that he is being pressured. They feel like this, but how does DS feel? They all look at DS, his hands shake a lot so they tell him to just look at the board.

DY is moving again from the octapang. This time he is going to live on a second floor in a villa for the same price. SJ is shocked, how can he pay the same amount? He says it is Young Jin villa, the friends tellhim that building is haunted! It is cheap because it is haunted, it has ghosts.

DY tells them that they are stupid and strange.

Cut to DY moving in to the place. The owners tell him that they can put in new wallpaper. DY asks them if they have a jimjilbang becaue they are wearing a jimjilbang clothes? They say that they don’t own a jimjilbang.

They go outside and run into the new student Ji-woo. they are the same age, both freshman. The owners introduce them. DY extends his hand for a handshake, but JW just looks at it like a confused puppy.


DY moves all his things in with his friends. He stops outside and talks to a halmoni who says that he should have more boxes, when he moves, just give me your boxes. DY is all like, okay. They walk in and see that the halabogi is putting all the wall paper up himself.

DY tries to ask him about it, are you doing all this yourself? halabogi says that he can’t hear and then starts to complain about his body. DY tells him that they can take care of it. Halabogi hears this right away and tells them that they can do it.

The friends are all like, this is why this place is cheap.

Later on, DY laughs at the TV. His neighbor is watching the same thing and laughing as well. But then he goes outside and sees JW, she was not at home. He tells her that someone was laughing and he thought it was her, is someone in her room. She says she does not have a roommate. Perhaps you have a problem with your hearing.

But he says that he heard something, was it from a different room?

he goes back inside and trie to cook dinner, but then he hears someone crying. He wonders what is going on. All of a sudden he is not hungry. he goes to lay down and pull the blankets waaaaaay over his head while looking around.

Later on, there is a strange beep beep sound as if someone is trying to break into his place. Then the door starts jingling. DY yells, WHO IS THERE. But then everything stops right away. He wonders what is going on? And says a lot of prayers and whimpers for his Umma.

The next day, he sees a woman outside his place who is a shaman. She asks him if he had a nightmare? He says that he heard something last night, did she hear is also? Did someone try to press the door? She tells him that when you move in, there is always a fight with the ghost that lives in the house. You should not lose or there will be problems.

If you need I can write you a talisman, don’t you know? This is a fortune telling place, it will be noisy when I do the ceremony tonight….excuse me, lala. She walks away.

that night, DY goes to meet his friends and asks if they came to his place to meet with him? They tell him that everyone in the engineering school knows his password, they would just go inside. DY tells them that his place is haunter, a lot of things happened last night and a shaman lives next door.

They all joke with him about it but he says that he is not jocking! Sj has a date and tells them that if he is scared then tell the kids to sleep with him.

DY walks home, drunk, and in the rain. But then he sees a black cat and is jumped into sobriety. he runs away from the black cat and gets to his place while looking back over his shoulder ever step upstairs.

Then the lights turn off suddenly, he wonders, why did the light turn off all of a sudden? He goes inside and immediately hears the noise of the shaman ceremony. It scares him, but he tries to go upstairs. However, he thinks about everything and gets a fright, he can’t go upstairs and just whimpers in the stairwell.

Finally, he gathers his strength and makes it up stairs, but while upstairs he sees a vision of a woman and passes out.

He wakes up with this same ghost vision in his face. He yells in a whimper but JW just hits her away and tells her to remove her head. Then JW introduces her as her little sister.

Then JW asks him if he remembers? Flashback to the sisters removing their clothing from hanging int he sun due to all the rain. They gather it all up and walk down stairs. But then they get scared and hide because they are keeping it a secret that they live together.

The sister peaks around teh corner and sees DY all the way on the other end. he passes out right away (LOL).

JW and SY asks DY to keep it a secret that they live together, they can’t afford an increase in rent. DY wants to know how long they can keep this a secret. SY says he needs to keep it a secret otherwise she will tell everyone that he peed in his pants. He said that he did not but she tells him that the truth does not matter. Then seh laughs in the same way that he remembered.

he asks her if she was laughing last night? he thinks back to JW telling him that no one lives with her. JW runs upstairs and tells SY to stop being so loud! If halmoni finds out then we will be kicked out! Keep quiet! We will ahve to pay more money! Do you have money to pay?

SY says she has no money and actually she does not look that concerned about it. She works part time and pays for college. JW tells her to work hard for a scholarship otherwise she will call appa.

SY stands up then and begs eunnie to not tell appa that she was kicked out from the dorm! She starts whining and begging her eunnie (which is the crying sound that DY heard). JW tells her that she is great at acting, why don’t you major in that? SY just shrugs and says she has a lot of places to go to. DOn’t tlel appa.

She leaves and comes back, but she goes to the wrong room and tries to put int he password and then open the door. JW has to drag her away.

Back to the present, DY wants to know how they can be sisters in the same year. They say that one is appa’s daughter and one is Umma’s daughter, they got married in their second marriage.


The group of friends meet at the same coffee place and slyly look at the girls walking around. They talk about the ghost but then they start to talk about dating. They want DY to have a house warming. That is why they drink in front of the music school. But DY says he is there because the coffee tastes good.

They all leave but DY remembers that he left his soccer shoes, so he runs back to get them. He runs into JW when he does and asks her if she is taking care of the vending machine? She says yes, it is her work study, is there a problem with the vending machine?

He says no, quite the opposite, he wonders why this coffee machine is so delicious, he wanted to see the person taking care of it, what is the secret? She tells him that it is not a secret, just the combination of coffee, cream, and sugar. It is her own combination. He tells her to tell him the secret balance.

She asks if he wants to know for free? He tells her that he will buy her lunch. So they go to lunch. But before eating she tells him that there is one mroe step….she puts soju over the meat and then lights it on fire. This way all the smell will dissapear and you will only have taste.

He asks her how she knows this. She says that her mother is a super famous banchan owner, he learned it from her. Try it.

he tries it and says it is good, it is like the taste of fire. She tells him that her mother says that if you eat one thing then you shuold eat it properly. then she tells him that you hae to drink it with soju and beer.

She pops open all the soju bottle in a unique way as if all she does is drink and then opens the beer. SHe mixes their drinks and gives it to him. One shot for the first one and then she will make it again. While she is making it, the intestines will burn, so lets drink. Gambae!

They drink it all in onse shot and she starts to eat. She also eats her food in one shot. He think she is super cool. he puts the side dish on her mouht with one hand and then puts the meat in her mouth with the other and she does it all at the same time. So it is like she is making an automatic ssam in her mouth.

he tries it as they keep eating. But then he returns to his normal eating style of eating everything one by one and enjoying it all. he thinks the taste of the fire is really good. (I should mention that she speaks in a big saturi).

They keep eating, her with her way and him with his way. Then she starts eating ssam the regular way as they start to slow down as their bellies get full. But I guess they aren’t that full because she orders another plate of fried rice and cuts the meat over it. She tells him that it tastes better to eat it this way.

They try a spoonful of it and nod their heads at the deliciousness. Mmm, tastes good….

The food starts dissapearing as they keep enjoying their meal.

Afterward, he tells her that he enjoyed eating with her, thank yo. She tells him that he paid for it so thank you. Then she brings out some indegestion medicine, but he tells her to give him her hand. He massages the fatty part of her hand between her thumb and pointer finger, she burps right away. This makes her a little bit embarrased so she says that they can leave.

They start to walk away but then DY’s freinds drive up. They tell her that they can give her a ride back. She is all like, maybe not. But they say that they can.

She hops into the back seat, all the friends are okay except BS who cannot talk with her sitting next to him. The driver asks DY if they can park in front of his place. DY says he thinks there isn’t a problem.

He parks, but he owners yell at them that they can’t park there, that is their cart parking spot! The neighborhs have all these boxes in side the cart and are trying to put it up the high hill.

The boys try to push the car out of this spot with SY laughing at them. JS wondres who this beautifyl woman is but DY tells him that this is not the time. Then DY tells the ladies that they should help them carry it, maybe 6 people can carry it.

The girls go to the car and they all are able to lift it up. (This is a famous question for young Korean people: Can 4 men carry a Tico car?). They struggle to move it any further though.


Back to the present. DY smiles at the memory, but goes back to his dark empty house.

The next day, JW is at her night shift working. She gives an order to the next shift nurse and then changes in the locker room.

But while changing, she sees DY’s insurance card and stops to look at it for a moment. One of the nurses sees it and asks her if she is getting insurance? JW says that she isn’t. Then seh starts to think back to DY massaging her hand to help her burp. He said a little bad saturi to her and told her that his mother did it to him when he was like that that.

Sh thinks about this memory. The nurse asks her if she is having “some,” did she go on a blind date? When?

But JW says it is not like that, it is just that she met her first love that she had in college. But she has a girlfriend. The nurse is so excited and wants to call him, she thinks he only has a girlfriend, they are not married.

She is about to call, but he calls her first. The nurse is so excited that JW already saved his number and lets hr anwer it.

DY – hello, I forgot to ask you, how is your sister?

SY – I don’t know. (upset)

DY – How can’t you know, you are sisters

SY – We are not sisters anymore! If you want to talk about her then don’t call me.

DY – You fought again? Why did you fight?

SY – Just stop, we haven’t seen each other for 10 years, we are strangers!

She hangs up and tells her friend that he talks about things that she does not want to remember. Later on, she goes home and makes her self a soju-beer and still uses that fancy way that she does to make it mix like tornado. She drinks it all in one shot and then goes to bed with the sun still out.

She sleeps and does not wake up until the dog barks for her so she runs outside and sees that DY is there. He is across the balcony and says that he moved there next to her place. Lets have a good relationship as neighbors. He extends his hand to her to shake just like he did when they were young.

Cut to SY running own the street like she is in a thriller. She does not wait for cars to stop and just runs as fast as she can in her high heels while looking over her back as someone or something.

Fade Out


DY – Did you eat? If you have rice, then lets eat together.
DY – The soft skin of Galchi makes the meat soft and warm which is good for someone like you that is cold inside.
DY – Do you know why I moved here? After I saw you and thought about our college life, I thought I could get some energy.
JW – Do you have a secret that you don’t want to tell or cant tell others?
DY – Something I don’t want to tell anyone? Everyone has those things.
DY – From now on I will buy all the delicious restaurant food. I will bring your tongue that left home back.
JW – Koo Dae-young, would you like to eat dinner together?
DY – Next time
JW – Maybe he is meeting his girlfriend?
Dy – Next weekend I will go to the countryside.
Girlfriend – I will find a good restaurant (She is from lets eat 2)
JW – He has a girlfriend so if I tell him to eat together then it is kind of awkward.


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  1. heavenforbid
    July 16, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Thanks for the recap! Been looking for something light after My Mister — I hope this is much better than About Time haha. I liked Baek Jin Here in Jugglers & I’ve been a long-time Beast/Highlight fan so I’m looking forward to enjoying this drama!

    • V
      July 16, 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Oh my goodness, nothing has been able to compete with My Ajusshi yet and I can relate to wanting something light and airy afterwards. This one does look wonderfully light, so hopefully it stays in the vein! 🙂

  2. Oliveea
    July 16, 2018 / 6:23 pm

    YES YES YES!!! I was hoping you would pick this up! I hope that this lives up to the delight that the first one was!

    • V
      July 16, 2018 / 10:42 pm

      I haven’t seen any of the others so I am looking forward to watching this one! 🙂

      • Oliveea
        July 17, 2018 / 1:55 am

        The first Let’s Eat is the one drama that I can rewatch over and over (and I have!). The food was amazing but so was the cast. I always recommend it to people just getting into K Dramas. It’s not flashy but it has lots of heart.

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