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Let’s Eat 3 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 2

Yoon Doo-joon drinking from a coffee machine in Lets Eat 3
Loved the episode long flashback yesterday. I wonder if they will have any more of that or if we will stay firmly in the present? Also, I need to eat something before watching this show.

We are live recapping this one a little late, but our plan is to move it to right after Are You Human, too next week!

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Airing Time: July 17th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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JW is sleeping but wakes up from her dog barking, she goes outside and sees him barking at DY from her balcony. He is on his balcony. He greets her and asks her if he bothered her sleep. She asks him what he is doing over there? He informs her that he moved in next door.

She is all like, huh? He smiles and tells her that they should be nice neighbors. He wanted to find a new place to move too. Your next door place was available so I signed the contract. It is fate! Did you eat? Let’s eat together. i will buy since it is our moving date. Where is a good plae in this neighborhood.

I don’t know.

You lived here for several years but you don’t know? Ah, you eat at home with your mothers banchan? Your mothers banchan was good.

I don’t eat at home, I eat at the hospital.

Lets go out.
They go out to a neighborhood spot.

She tells him that she thought he would eat jajangmyun. He tells her that it is biased to eat jajanggmyun during moving day. You changed, before you did not have any prejudice about food.

The jagalchi comes out. She asks him if he came all the way out here to eat this? Just to eat this entire fish?

he is all like, what? You have to eat the entire thing so you can enjoy the jagalchi taste! When it is long, you should eat it and praise our ancestors who named our fish jalgalchi because it looks likea long sword. You have to fry it with coarse salt, that is another sense of our ancestors! When you have all the smell and eat it then you keep all the juices inside and don’t break the nutrients when you cook it whole.

For the stew, you have to cut it so all the juice and seasoning will be inside. It will make it taste nice, right?

Um….why are you asking me that?

You alway thought about what the meaning of even a tiny bean was when you ate it and the best way to eat it nicely. You made me think like that. You are my reason and mentor for how I talk about food.

Was I?

Lets just stop talking and eat. I will take the meat out for you.

He talkes all the meat out for her, she comments on how good he is. They start to eat the fish Happily (this fish is famous in Busan, it is eaten all the time for breakfast). DY tells her to eat it with wasabi soy sauce and gim. he tells her to eat with a mouthful. Eat a lot, eat more! Enjoy.

They enjoy what they are eating slowly and easily.
After eating for awhile, DY comments that the soup is spicy! It is good, enjoy. JW enjoys it. She makes her own gim wraps and happily stuffs it in her mouth while nodding at the taste.

DY beaks off a piece of fish meat and puts it on JW’s bowl. He tells her that this galchi is soft so it is good for someone like her with bad indigestion. She smiles, you still remember that? He nods and then starts eating again.

Afterward, they walk around to let their food digest. JW rubs her belly and says that this food tastes really good. it has been awhile since she ate like this.

DY comments that sh used to cook a lot, her sister used to complain about the food smell on her clothing right?

JW gets a little awkward so DY asks if he should not mention her sister. JW tells him that everyone has something that they don’t want to talk about. For her, it is her sister. She hopes he will not talk about her anymore.

DY apologizes and agrees with her. Then he tells her that he moved to that neighborhood because he was a little down recently. He did not want to work. It was like those veggies that go back in the fridge. When I saw you, it reminded me of my energetic self in college. That is why I moved next to you so I could have more nergy like before.

She tells him that it is the same for her. She just works mechanically and goes to work then home and work then home. He says that might be why she does not eat out anymore and lost her cooking charisma. But he gets a call at that moment and answers. Someone saw his blog.
Cut to DY going to a meeting with WS at a restaurant. WS stands up to greet him. he said that he thought it might be too much to have a meal together since they are seeing each other for the first time, so they are only having simple side dishes.

WS hands over his card. He is team leader at developing new menus at Shiku foods. he saw his blog on accident. Your idea for putting an empty dish was a good idea. So can you guess what I ate when you see these empty dishes?

DY looks at the empty dishes and guesses what was in each due to the remnants of food. WS is amazed, how does he know everything only looking at the dishes. DY sys he has eaten the same thing before, that is the most popular thing in this restaurant.

WS is amazed and says that is why he is there, to scout him. DY is a little bit taken aback, is this normal in the food industry? WS apologizes, if it is uncomfortable then he is sorry. It is an important project.

DY says he is an insurance person, how can he help in this important projet?

The man says that he is looking for the him from the blog, not an insurance person. he wants someone that is good with food.

DY tells him that he needs to think about it. WS understands, he says he will email him a file and hopes that he will think about it. Dy is left pretty confused. Why did he call him out there and behave like that?

Meanwhile, JW is at home. She has the smell of fish on her and thinks back to DY telling her that she used to cook fish at home and her sister would get angry with her. You two were always fighting.
JW sits at home and looks at Full House playing on the TV. Her sister is spraying fargrance around and smelling her clothes. She tells her sister that she told her not to cook fish at home! My clothes smell like fish! JW tells her to walk around a little bit and it will disappear (big saturi).

the sister is upset that even her shoes smell like fish. JW is unconcerned.

SY leaves but then JW realizes something. SHe gets up and sees that her sister took her new shoes still int he box! She runs after her and they get into a fight on the street. A serious fight y’all. They are pulling hair and hitting and rolling ont eh ground and everything.

DY walks up to all this and is stunned, he tries to run up to break it up, but he gets hit as well and falls to the ground. JW is able to wrangle the shoes off of her sister in dramatic fashion. Then she walks off. SY yells at her, how are you a big sister! You B!

She walks away. DY is left bleeding on the ground. He rubs his busted lip.

Later on, DY and his friends see their other friend drive off with a woman. They think he is so lucky, how can he have that many girls? The rest of the three friends start to talk about them dating and seducing women as guys do.

Meanwhile, JW is listening to music from an iRiver MP3 player. her sister comes back in with new shoes. JW is all like, what’s up with those shoes? You said you didn’t have money. SY tells her that it was pocket money.

JW gets up in a age but SY tells her that they can not attack her! i will yell! They will hear me! JW tells her that the owners left to change boxes. She then throws the new sheoes out.

This cues a throwing war where the sisters each throw one thing after another out of their apartment. DY comes to his house with BS and JS. They wonder whatt is going on. JS thinks this is his chance to calm them down and seduce them. He goes to the door to do that, but he gets hit int he head with something else that is thrown out.

the fight gores outside into the hallway as JW pushes Sy out and SY ties to force hrself back in. But she is finally pushed to the ground and locked out. The boys ask her if she is okay. SY starts crying and says that he ha no money, she is living there because she is broke. She doesn’t even have money to take the bus.

DY is not played by her, but his friends are and give her all their money. She sniffs and takes their money as she walks away.
The friends go into DY’s apartment. BS says that he never knew that women fights were that scary. JS talks about boiling noodles, but DY says he is going to go to Germany in the 2006 World Cup, he is going to watch it live. So he has a part-time job to go to Germany.

The friends ask what his part-time job is. He tells them that it is the most famous parttime job. Cut to the camera scrolling to a family restaurant. DY is a waiter at this place.

Meanwhile, JW rolls around in her house. She is so happy to be alone in her place. But the news starts to talk about all the females in Seoul getting murdered and assaulted. JW starts to think about her sister. It is 9pm, where could she be?

She starts pacing her room and calls her. But no one picks up, her phone is off. JW wonders why the phone is off all of a sudden, did someone turn it off! She runs out and takes her umbrella with her.

Outside, she waits for the bus. DY gets off the bus and asks her what she is doingw ith her umbrealla in this eather, are you waiting for your sister? You guys were fighting a lot.

JW says it is not like that, she is just taking a walk. But then her sister drives up from a mans car and gets out with a lot of gifts. JW points the umbrealla at her and asks where she was! Why is your phone off!

They walk back to the apartment slowly. SY asks her if she was worried. JW basically says yes. SY tells her that she needs to use pepper spray on guys. Just shake it and spray. DY watches this and thinks it is faster to hit the guy. The sisters walk back happily talking about sisterly things.

Later on, SY is at home taking photos of herself. JW is all like, stop that. But SY says she has a lot of people on her CyWorld that want to be freinds with her. You might only have 10 people on yours, but I have 10,000 people.

JW tells her she has 10,000 people visiting her CyWorld page, but in reality she lives in her house. SY is all like, shut up.

Just then, the doorbell rings. SY hides immediately, but they see that it is just their mother. SY is so happy to see her mom. JW does not look as happy but she is also not sad about it.

Umma goes to the kitchen with all the things she brought. Umma actually does not know that SY lives there so SY has to tell her that she is there because the water was cut in her dorm, so she came to wash her things.

Umma looks at all the kimchi in their plae, it all went bad (old). She tells JW that she should not live like that. SY asks her to make her kimchi dumplings. Umma came there to make her seaweed soup, but she says that she can make her kimchi dumplings with the old kimchi.

Montage of Umma lovingly making the kimchi dumpling soup. The two girls help her but they start to comment that they made too much dumplings. perhaps they can share it with their next door neighbor. he helps her with her vending machine duties.

Umma tells her to bring him over, it is nice to have a guest.

JW goes to get him, but she sees his head sticking out of his door. He is happily smelling the food. JW asks him what he is doing. He says it smells so good so he had to smell it. JW tells him that her mom came so they are eating. She asks if he doesnt want to eat there?

DY comments that he has to say hi to Seo-yeon who is visiting her! Seo-yeon ah!
Umma made a lot of food and says that it might not be enough food. But DY says that if it isn’t enough food then they are in North Korea and he is a woman. Umma laughs and says he is a funny student.

They all start eating.

SY is so happy to eat it and does a little dance. This is he taste that she wanted! She smiles at her mother. Everyone eats and comments on how delicious it tastes. They don’t talk much, they just eat happily as they take in all the flavors and aroma.

They keep eating, then Umma breaks off a bit of Korean kimchi pancakes (Kimchi jun) and gives it to DY. he thanks her and eats it. But this time he says that this particular dish is really good, it is the first time he has eaten a crispy one. Umma says that Ji-woo made it.

DY tells her that she is good with fire, you did that performance last time and now you made this. But JW says the shape is the most important. And the batter is different, you must use frying flower, not just baking flour, that make it crispy. And when you make it donut shaped then wherever you eat is crispy.

DY tells her that she has now how for this kimchi, he will try it. Umma comments that she was worried about JW when she said he had a guy, but she feels better when she hears them talking. Umma is thankful and tells DY to help her daughters when they have a difficult time.

SY is all like, help who? He thought I was a ghost, his liver is the size of this pea. Umma looks at him, but DY just laughs. Umma says that they should have a cake and candle since it is SY’s birthday, even though it is day early.

DY says it is your birthday? I should not just eat dinner and do nothing. Come to the restaurant that I work at, I will buy you dinner. SY says, really! Okay.
Later on, DY comes back home with some food from JW’s house. His friends are still at his place playing a soccer video game. The friends are all like, it is her birthday the day after tomorrow?

Cut to DY’s restaurant, Benigans. JW and SY show up and look around, JW thinks this place looks expensive. DY shows up and tells them that he is there server David Beckham. He even made his name tag as handsome Beckham. He tells them it is not because he is handsome but because he likes to play soccer.

he also talks to them in jongdaemal which makes them think this is weird. But they all realx and start to order. SY knows everything about this place. JW wonders how she knows all these things, it looks like she is the one that works here. SY tells her that she had a lot of blind dates in this family restaurant.

DY takes they order and leaves to prepare it.

Outside, DY’s friends show up. But SJ thinks they are not that friendly with them to crash the birthday party. JS thinks this is their chance to get closer. BS is yelled at because his hands are dirty, so he is not allowed to touch anything.

Inside, SY takes a selfie and sees the other guys in her image. She turns around and asks what they are doing there? They say that they are there to celebrate her birthday with her.

SY wants to leave, this is so embarrassing. They give her a huge stuffed animal but SY just puts it away and says that it is so embarrassing. Then the birthday singers come out to sing and cheer for her. DY is a little embarrassed himself. His friends video tape it on their phone and SY video tapes it with her camera as well.

SY walks into Seoul airport on her birthday. She still takes a lot of selfies and writes that she is back to Korea after 12 years. She confidently walks out of the airport. But we cut to her struggling to drag her suitcase up a huge flight of outdoor stairs. he looks at her phone and says, I will kill you.

She knocks on the door of a person that should be Jung Yun-ah. But another man comes up and says that that person does not live there. He pushes SY out of the way and goes inside.

Her stomach growls, so she thinks maybe she can eat kimchi dumplings again. Night falls by the time she finds a place that might have good Kimchi dumplings due to all the people waiting outside. She takes a selfie and writes that she loves Kimchi dumplings.

Elsewhere, DY and JW run into each other in front of their place. DY is walking her dog. He said the dog was nagging him so he just took him out to walk around. He asks if he can do that more often. JW says that if he does it she is thankful.

DY mentions that he is hungry due to the dog dragging him around, so lets eat. they go to a local place to have maekju and fried chicken. JW downs the beer in one shot and says that this is her medicine. It helps clear her mind.

he drinks the rest of his drink and tells her that he was scouted. She tells him that he does insurance, so is another company scouting him? He says that it is a food company that is interested in his blog, Let’s Eat.

JW thinks out loud, so you went to mechanical engineering and sell insurance now, I thought you were so into soccer, but now you are blogging about food. You are so unexpected. She asks his blog name and looks at the photos. All the photos are empty plates of food. that is what makes his blog different.

She laughs and says that might be popular. He tells her that it is all because of her. One day he will buy all the good restaurant food and bring her tastebuds back. Let’s cheer to that. Gambae!

he gets a text and smiles. JW looks a bit jealous and tells him that she will go to the restroom. She gets up but looks back and thinks that he must be texting his girlfriend.
SY eats the kimchi dumpling soup, but it is not the taste she remembers so she leaves. While leaving, she runs into WS. He asks her if she knows someone…you borrowed money from him in America.

JW throws her bag at him and takes off running (the scene from yesterday). Hoever she gets her heel trapped in a drain which allows WS to catch up. He tells her that it must be true that she didn’t pay it back. That girl is my cousin that lent you the money. After you ran away to Korea and my cousin showed me your SNS, I told her that someone running away and showing were they are in SNS is nonsense.

SY tells him that she is the victim. Her co-investor ran away with her money, so she is back in Korea to catch that person. But she still did not catcht that person so that is why she ran away. If I really did not want to pay it back then why would I do SNS, as you said.

WS – Then talk to my cousin, she told me to catch you.

He tells his noona that he caught Lee Seo-yeon.

The sister is pregnant and tells him that the baby is coming out now, just keep her until after I give birth! Click!

SY says, she is giving birth now? Well, she was pregnant last time.

WS asks ehr wher she is staying? SY says she was in too much of a hurry to find a place. Then seh picks a place nearby. But she doe snot have enough money to stay. the owner grumbles that the man should pay, but WS says that they are not in this kind of relationship.

SY asks him for some money, she was barely able to buy the plane ticket. WS reluctantly pays for it and takes her luggage. SY thinks he is a gentleman for paying and taking her luggage. But he says he is literally taking it becuase he is trying to keep her from running away.

He mentions that she is annoying but his cousin is twice more bothersome. he goes home.

SY waits a moment and then sneaks out and hops in a taxi. Seh tells the taxi guy that she does not have money, but she can give him money later, I am sorry. the taxi driver is all like, um, no.

SY gets out and goes back to the hotel room. She plops on the bed and mutters that she came back to Korea with out a plan.

Elsewhere, WS talks to his cousin. The cousin tells him that he needs to keep her. My husband does not know about that money. WS is all like, how can you give her that money without telling your husband? But then the cousin has another contraction and hangs up.

JW eats cereal and thinks abck to DY telling her that he will buy food from all these restaurants and bring her tastebuds back to her. JW thinks that he has a girlfriend, she should not eat with him., but she also thinks that they ae just eating. So she texts him to eat.

he reads it, but he does not answer back. But then she hears a noise outside. He is on his balcony and tells her that they should go eat now, how about in 10 mintues? JW happily agrees.
Meanwhile, WS talks to his cousin who wants him to stick to SY.

SY actually gets in the car with WS later and tells him that he took her passport. he is all like, I did not take your passport, woman. But SY is adamant, he took her passport! Look, it is not here!

They go back to his place where SY proceeds to flip the cushions as seh looks for his passport. She finds it nd happily stands up only to realize what a nice place she is in right now.

He tells her to leave now that seh found it, but she just asks him if he lives in this big place alone? She tears up and says that she can’t leave like this, to show my honesty until your cousin comes, can I stay here and catch my co-investor.

WS tells her that is nonsense just like her tears. She says that she is not talking about that!

WS gets a call from his cousin. The baby is there so seh happily looks at the baby. But she also tells WS that he should not want his cousin to raise this new born baby as a single mom!

SY peeks her head in and greets the sister. She tells her that her cousin is surveilancing her well. The cousin tells WS to keep her for 10 days! Until she can get to Korea!

WS hangs up, thoroughly annoyed.

JW looks for another place to eat at and find a good one. She runs out to ask DY if he has a place to go to, would he like to eat with her?

He is dressed well and has flowers, so he tells her that he cannot make it today, but they can eat later. He gets in the car and leaves. JW thinks he must be seeing his girlfriend. She hugs her dog and pets him as she says that they can eat later, she knows he has a girlfriend.

She goes back inside and starts to eat cereal but has a bit of indeestion. She also gets an alarming call and says that she will be there right away.

She gets to a kitchen that is burnt. JW apologizes. One of the men says that if this happens again then they won’t be able to keep her in this place. JW asks if they can do something (not sure what). The owner says that she is a nurse but seh is asking this of her?

JW apologizes and asks if her mother got hurt?

Cut to JW going to her mothers room. Her mother is in the room looking at nothing and has food stains on her clothing. But her mother is happy to see her daughter. JW smiles at her mother as well and tells her that tomorrow is her daughters picnic day so she tried to make Kimbap. I told you I have a daughter that has the same name as you.

JW asks how old her daughter is. Umma says she is in 2nd grade, she will make her a proper lunch box so people won’t say that seh does not have a father. JW says that seh will prepare everything for her, so just rest. But Umma says she will make it herself, she will go to the kitchen when they are not watching her.

JW gets upset and tells her that she should not want to go to a kitchen, she worked in a kitchen her entire life! Umma wonders why she is so mad at her? Just leave then.

J apologizes and asks her Umma if she wants to take a walk?
They walk outside and find a nice bench to sit on. Umma asks JW shi if she dates anyone? Umma calls her mom Mishook shi (Ms. Ji-woo and Ms. Mishook). JW asks her mom if she can just spend time there.

Umm says they are the sae age, but Umma already has a daughter that is in primary school. Umma wants JW to get married and have a kid. JW asks her if she liked it, she always worked hard. Umma says that work is hard, but she loves seeing her daughter, that is the only things that seh did well.

JW hugs her warmly and they share this long warm hug.

Cut to DY going to a resting building for cremation.

Flashback to DY walking his former girlfriend to a bus stop. She leaves happily. They talk to each other on the phone as he drives and she rides in the car. (brace yourselves season 2 fans, it’s coming).

DY has a much better car and happily tells his old girlfriend, Suzi, to call him. But then he almost gets into a car accident and has to swerve his car. He calls to his girlfriend, Suzi to see if hse is okay.

But her bus is flipped over and she was thrown from it along with several other people. (okay, I think I will never watch season 2 now).

Back to the present, he puts his flowers on Suzi’s memorial and leaves quickly.

He gets back home and is stunned to see SY there. SY is there to see DY for some reason.

JW walks up right away and looks at DY and SY talking to each other. The mood grows icy.

The ending for Suzi kind of stinks for all the Let’s Eat 2 fans out there. But maybe some people will think that dying is better since it shows that they never stopped loving each other???

I am on the break up train and kind of think that Suzi (or Su-ji) should have been the ex-girlfriend in the background as a person who is still a very good friend of Dae-youngs. This season could have even ended with an open ending as to if Dae-woo will get back together with Suzy or decide to be with Ji-woo.

That’s all water under the bridge now though. I hope Season 2 fans are not that upset…


JW – Why did she visit after 12 years?
DY – Why did you want to see me?
SY – You had a scouting offer, but you refused it right?
SY – What about this, what if I can scout Koo Dae-young?
SY – You worked for 10 years, it is a good time to think about 10 years into the future.
WS – This is the contract
JW – Hey Koo Dae-young, don’t think about those things, just come over and lets drink.
DY – Those adventures are only for kids from rich families.
JW – It does not matter if you are from a rich family or not. Dont you remember? You made a soccer club before because we did not have one.
DY – Lets join a soccer club
SJ – Do we have a soccer club?
DY – If we don’t have one, then lets make one.
BS – Just put some alcohol in your mouth.
JW – Soccer club? Yes I will!
JW – If you liked something then you just did it. Rather than regretting by not doing something, let’s do it and regret it.
DY – Yeah, I should just enjoy it.
DY – Maybe I will not be able to do what you expect from me.

Top Photo by tvN

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  1. george
    July 20, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    the mom looks like an older version of the girl from the first series of lets eat.

    • V
      July 20, 2018 / 11:38 pm

      You made me want to google this. 🙂

  2. E
    July 25, 2018 / 4:08 am

    a little sad that you are dropping this from your recap list..

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