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Lee Sung-kyung Grazia magazine interview: Spring in Switzerland

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
Color Block Print one-piece dress and scarf all from & Other Stories. Shoes from Landrover. Both earrings and rings are from Lovcat Bijoux. Pink Tote Bag from Lovcat.

I was first introduced to Lee Sung-kyung (이성경) through the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju (역도요정 김복주). Though it wasn’t doing stellar ratings in Korea (it was up against some serious competition with Legend of the Blue Sea taking all the ratings), all the international fans were raving about it, so I checked it out. Let me tell you something, all those people knew what they were talking about. Y’all this show. THIS SHOW. This TV show is something precious. It was such a warm-hearted and lovely coming of age story. I loved all the sound effects that depicted what Bok-ju was feeling or thinking. It was such an innovative way to show emotions. I would love to write a book like that, but I’m not sure if it would translate the same.

I loved Bok-ju in this drama (played by Lee Sung-kyung). She made the drama what it was. All the side characters were icing on the cake. I loved how she did her own thing. I loved how she had something to love in this world, but then she fell in love with a person and questioned what she wanted for her life. I love how she came back around to sticking with the thing she loved in the world and realizing that the right person for her will love her anyway. I loved her family and best friends and coaches who all had lives of their own while still being integral parts of Bok-ju’s life. I loved the very adorable romance. I mean, it was a really good drama. Well written, well acted, amazingly directed, superbly produced. In fact, who is the sound/music person because they deserve a raise.

Honestly, I still haven’t seen the last episode because I just don’t want it to end (I know! What am I thinking?). But I need to sit my butt down and finish it so I can have some lovely closure to this wonderful story that made my heart so full and happy.

Below is an interview the lead actress, Lee Sung-kyung, participated in with Grazia magazine in Switzerland. It looks like the pictoral was travel and fashion based (which I’m not complaining about), but the interview also adds a few little tidbits into her acting life and how she develops her characters. It looks like she follows the Method Acting lifestyle. If you have some time take a look.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
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숨 가쁘게 달려온 날들을 뒤로한 채 오로지 쉼을 위해 스위스로 떠난 이성경. 그곳에서 보낸 치유의 시간들.
Lee Sung-kyun left for Switzerland to rest after her breathless days. She was able to heal herself there.

“귀엽고 아기자기한 베른의 풍경이 마음에 들어요. 베른을 가로지르는 아레강에서 수영도 할 수 있다는 여름에 꼭 한번 다시 오고 싶어요.”
“I like the scenery of the cute and charming city of Berne, I want to come back in the summertime and swim in the Areg River across Bern.”

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
A magnificent view of the Parliament Building.
A fountain decorated with splendid Renaissance style.

시간이 멈춘 도시, 베른
도시 전체가 유네스코 세계 유산으로 지정되었을 만큼 고풍스러운 아름다움을 간직한 베른은 스위스의 수도이자 역사가 살아 숨쉬는 도시. 정신없이 지나다니는 트램 사이를 걷노라면 베른의 랜드마크인 시계탑과 함께 아름다운 조각상으로 꾸며진 16세기풍 분수를 곳곳에서 마주하게 된다. 15세기에 형성된 아케이드도 이곳 베른에서만 만날 수 있는 독특한 건축 양식. 이곳에서만큼은 조금 느리게 걸어보면 어떨까?

Berne is the capital city of Switzerland and a place where history is alive, the entire city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you walk between trams that pass by, you will face the 16th century fountain, which is decorated with beautiful sculptures, along with Bern’s landmark clock tower. The 15th-century arcade has the unique architectural style of Berne. How about walking a little slower here?

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
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“구시가지에서 15분 정도 오르면 생갈렌의 로맨틱한 오렌지 빛 지붕이 내려다보이는 고지대 능선을 따라 세 개의 연못, 드라이 바이에렌(Drei Weieren)이 나타나요. 이곳에서 바라보는 뷰가 참 아름답죠.”
“If you climb for about 15 minutes from the old town, along the highland ridge, overlooking the romantic orange roof of St. Gallen, you will see Three Ponds (Drei Weieren). The view from here is beautiful.”

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
At night, Stadt lounge with its gentle lighting.
Bay window decoration, which is a symbol of wealth and magnificence.

아기자기한 동화 속 마을, 생갈렌
새빨간 레드카펫이 깔린 슈타트 라운지(Stadt Lounge)는 생갈렌을 여행하는 이들이 꼭 한번 들르게 되는 랜드마크. 이곳은 ‘리빙룸’이라고 표현할 만큼 오다가다 쉬어가는 공간이자 만남의 장소이기도 하다. 구시가지를 거닐다 보면 생갈렌만의 건축 양식 중 하나인 퇴창을 심심치 않게 발견할 수 있는데 그 모양에 따라 가지각색 이름이 붙어 다양한 볼거리를 선사한다

Stadt Lounge with red carpets is a landmark for travelers to St. Gallen. This is a place to go to relax as well as a meeting place for travelers, it has the nickname of ‘living room’. If you walk around the old town, you will be able to find many bay windows, one of the architectural styles of St. Gallen, people gave them a different name based on their shape, which attracts a lot of attention.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
Tropical print dress, flower necklace all Marni (Marni). Sunglasses Kivuli. Swatch watch.

스위스는 처음이라고 들었어요. 어때요, 와보니까?
워낙 짧은 일정이라서 제대로 보지 못한 것 같아 아쉬워요. 다음에는 가족과 함께 와서 여유롭게 즐기려고요.
I heard it is your first time in Switzerland. How do you like it here?
I have a limited schedule, so I do not think I saw Switzerland properly. Next time I will come here with my family and enjoy it more cotch (cotch is a new Korean word that means she wants to casually enjoy Switzerland “American style” without hurrying to take photos or go to tourist attractions)
이번엔 베른과 생갈렌, 두 도시를 여행했어요.
어디가 더 마음에 들어요?

개인적으론 아기자기한 베른이 좋았어요. 여름이면 강에서 수영도 한다는데 그 광경을 떠올리니 엄청 예쁠 것 같더라고요. 기회가 된다면 베른에 또 오고 싶어요.
This time you traveled to two cities, Berne and St. Gallen.
Where do you like more? (Which one do you like more?)

Personally, I liked the cute city of Bern. In the summertime, I heard people swim in the river, I imagine that it makes the city even cuter. I would like to come to Bern again if I have a chance.

그러고 보니 평소에도 여행을 즐기는 편이죠.
최근엔 LA에도 다녀왔잖아요.

혼자 보내는 시간을 좋아해서 컨디션이 따라주는 한 여행을 떠나요. 사실 한국에 있으면 어떻게든 일거리가 생기고 집안일을 하다 보면 쉬어도 쉬는 것 같지 않아서요.
So you usually enjoy traveling.
You recently went to LA.

I like to spend time alone, whether or not I travel depends on my condition (how I feel). In fact, if I am in Korea, I try to rest, but I somehow always have work to do and house chores, so taking a break and resting is not actually resting.

막상 여행을 가도 쉬는 건 아니잖아요.
사실 막 돌아다니는 편이 아니에요. 그냥 자고 싶을 때 자고 카페에 가서 하루 종일 앉아 있기도 하고…. 그냥 하고 싶은 대로 할 수 있어서 떠나는 거죠, 온전히 쉬고 싶어서. 한국에선 휴일이 그저 촬영 없는 날일 뿐이거든요.
But traveling is not resting, right?
Actually, I’m not just walking around all day. Sleeping when I want to stay in bed, going to a cafe and sitting there all day …. I travel because I can do whatever I want to do, so I can take a real break. In Korea, a holiday is just a day without photography/film work.

마치 현지인처럼 여행하는 스타일이네요.
물론 보는 것도 중요하지만 제겐 현지인처럼 사는 듯한 여행이 맞는 것 같아요. 평생에 딱 한 번만 오는 거라면 다 보고 가는 게 맞겠지만, 또 올 생각을 하면 확실히 여유가 생기거든요. 그런 여유를 즐기는 여행이 좋아요.
So, you are traveling like the locals.
Of course, it is important to look around like a tourist, but it seems to me to live like a local suits me better. If you come only once in your life, you should go see it all, but if you think about coming again, you can afford to be relaxed. I like to enjoy the leisure time.

그럼 여행 갈 때 꼭 챙기는 아이템은 뭐예요?
늘 음악과 함께하는 편이라 휴대용 스피커를 꼭 챙기죠. 그리고 그 순간을 기록해 줄 필름 카메라도 빼놓지 않고요.
So what are must have items when you travel?
I always have music and I always take a portable speaker with me. I also have a film camera to record each moment.

요즘 드라마 <역도요정 김복주>를 끝내고 처음으로 여유로운 시간을 보내고 있죠.
연달아 작품을 계속 하다 보니 몸이 안 좋아지는 게 느껴지더라고요. 사실 스위스 오기 전에 많이 아팠는데, 막상 와서 좋은 공기를 마시니까 꽤 괜찮아졌어요. 한국에 돌아가서도 최선을 다해 쉬며 체력을 회복하려고요.
You are able to relax for the first time after finishing the drama < Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo>.
As I continued to work in succession, I felt that my health was getting worse. In fact, I was sick a lot before coming to Switzerland, I feel a lot better with the fresh air here. I will do my best to rest and regain my strength when I go back to Korea.

지난 인터뷰에서 <치즈인더트랩>의 백인하 이미지가 강해 뭘 해도 백인하처럼 보인다는 말을 종종 듣는다고 했던 말, 기억해요? 이제는 백인하를 벗고 김복주 같아요(웃음).
그렇지 않아도 오랜만에 만난 지인이 왜 팔자걸음이 됐냐고 하더라고요(웃음). <역도요정 김복주>를 하면서 걸음걸이도 성격도 바뀐 것 같아요, 복주처럼.
In the last interview, you said that Baek In-ha’s image from “Cheese in the Trap” was so strong, and you often heard that whatever you did it looked like Baek In-ha, do you remember? Now you are like Kim Bok-joo, after taking off the image of Back In-ha (laughs).
As a matter of fact, a friend of mine who I had not met in a long time said, “Why do you walk splay-footed?” It seems like my gait and personality have become just like Bok-ju after < Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo>.

꽤나 털털해진 모습이에요.
원래 이런 모습도 제 모습의 일부였는데, <역도요정 김복주> 이후로 좀 더 맘 놓고 드러내다 보니 더 그렇게 보는 것 같더라고요. 하하.
You’ve become pretty easy-going now.
This was originally part of my personality, but since < Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo>, I have been more open to behave in this way, people look at me more like this. haha.

이제야 진짜 이성경을 보는 것 같아요. 사실 전작들에선 깍쟁이 같고 새침한 모습을 주로 보여줬잖아요.
이게 진짜 제 모습이죠. 그래서 인식이 무서운 것 같아요.
I feel like I’m seeing the real Lee Sung-kyung. In fact, in your previous works, you looked more straight-laced and prim and proper.
This is what I really look like. So I think the perception is scary.

아무래도 첫인상이 화려해서 더 그렇게 보는 점도 있겠죠.
전 제가 화려하게 생겼다고 생각하지 않거든요. 제가 맨날 보며 기억하는 제 얼굴은 복주 같은 얼굴에 복주 같은 이미지예요. 그런데 사람들은 아니더라고요. 그래도 이번 작품을 통해 제 새로운 면모를 봐줘서 정말 좋았어요.
Maybe it is because you have a gorgeous first impression.
I do not think I look gorgeous. My face that I always look at in the mirror and remember is a fuzzy image like Bok-ju (she means she is like a girl who doesn’t wear make-up and her hair is all over the place) and a face like Bok-ju. But people did not perceive me like that. But it was really nice to show a different side of myself through this work.

실제 자신과 닮은 만큼 연기도 좀 수월했겠어요.
일단 대본이 너무 편했어요. 게다가 정말 복주가 사는,
그 드라마 속 세상처럼 감독님은 물론이고 모든 스태프가 촬영 현장을 편하게 만들어줬죠.
Actually, Bok-ju could have been a bit easier to play since she is so much like yourself.
First of all, the script was so comfortable. Besides that, the environment was nice, the director and the staff made it easy to shoot the drama.

또 상대역인 남주혁과는 오래 알고 지낸 사이잖아요.
워낙 편한 사이니까 집중하고 몰입할 수밖에 없었죠. 그야말로 최상의 조건을 모두 갖춘 작품이었어요.
You have also known your co-actor, Nam Ju-hyuk for a long time.
He is so comfortable (to be around) so I can easily concentrate and get into character. This job really had all the best conditions.

가만 보면 본인에게 맞는 작품을 잘 고르는 것 같아요. 특별한 기준이 있나요?
일단 대본이 재미있게 잘 읽혀야 돼요. 저도 모르게 자연스럽게 대사를 익히고 기억하는 경우가 있거든요.
딱 한 번 읽었는데도 그걸 다 외우는 식으로요. 진짜 그런 작품이 있더라고요.
I think you pick the best projects for yourself. Do you have any special criteria?
First of all, the script should be fun and read well. Sometimes I remember the entire script so naturally. I only read it once, but I remember it all. Scripts like that really exist.

마치 처음부터 내 작품이었던 것처럼 말이죠?
맞아요. 그냥 바로 ‘딱!’이란 기분이 들죠. 사실 복주를 할 때도 복주가 너무 사랑스러운 거예요. 지금까지 이렇게 짧게 머리를 잘라본 적도, 그리고 꾸미지 않은 적도 없어서 이미지는 잘 안 그려졌어요. 그럼에도 불구하고 복주가 너무 사랑스럽고 복주가 될 수 있겠다는 마음이 생겼죠.
As if it was a project made for you from the beginning, right?
Right. It just felt like “This is it!” In fact, Bok-ju was so lovely, even when I played her. I had never cut my hair so short, and I had never not dressed up (not made myself up) like it before, so I couldn’t imagine her too well. Nevertheless, I felt that Bok-ju was so lovely and that I could become her.

시청자 입장에서도 굉장히 잘 맞는 옷을 입은 느낌이었어요. 그래서 더 이번 작품이 의미 있었을 테고.
아무래도 그렇죠. 복주를 하기로 결정하고 메이크업도 거의 하지 않았어요. 숍에 갈 필요도 없이 그냥 차에서 10분 만에 끝냈죠. 머리도 일부러 더 부스스하게 흐트러뜨리고.
As for the audience, it felt like you were well suited to your character. Because of that, it must have meant a lot to you.
As a matter of fact, it is. As soon as I decided to become Bok-ju, I did not put on make-up much. I did not have to go to the salon, I would just spend 10 minutes putting on make-up in the car. I intentionally made my hair ruffled.

모델에서 배우로 전향한 뒤로 5개의 작품을 거쳤어요. 단숨에 주연급으로 성장했고, 많은 사랑을 받았죠. 이만하면 성공적으로 자리 잡았다고 생각하는데, 어때요?
아직 멀었죠. 여전히 이제 막 시작한 기분이에요. 제가 잘했다기보다는 좋은 작품을 만난 덕분이죠. 모두 함께 울고 웃을 수 있었던 작품이라 많이들 공감한 것 같고요.
After transitioning from modeling to acting, you have done five projects. You became a leading actress right away and received a lot of love. I think you have been successful as an actress, what do you think?
Success is still far away. I still feel like I just started. My success stems from finding good work rather than doing it all on my own. It seems like everyone can easily relate to my previous projects because we can all cry and laugh together.

스스로 이건 좀 부족하다고 생각하는 부분이 있나요?
너무 많아서 하나만 꼽을 수도 없어요. 그래도 항상 고민하는 부분은 진심으로 연기하는 것. 대사만 미리 외우면 그 대사에만 꽂혀서 상황에 몰입하기 힘들어요. 그냥 대사를 외운 배우밖에 안 되죠. 그래서 저는 그 캐릭터 자체가 되기 위해 최대한 몰입하고 집중하려고 해요. 이번에도 역시 집중력이 정말 중요함을 깨달았죠.
Do you have anything that needs improvement?
There are so many things I need to improve on that I can not just count them all. Still, instead of acting, I always think about how I can become the character herself. If I only memorize the script, it is difficult to immerse myself in the character because I am only focused on the script. I’m the only actor who memorized the script. So I try to concentrate as much as I can to become the character. For this work I was reminded yet again that concentration is really important.

차기작은 정했어요? 다음엔 어떤 모습일까요?
여러 작품을 보고 있는데 일단은 좀 쉬려고요. 당분간은 작품 생각하지 않으려고 해요.
Did you decide on your next project? What will it look like?
I am looking at several works, but I want to take a break. For the time being, I do not want to think about work.

특별히 하고 싶은 캐릭터가 있어요?
제 나이에 맞는 밝은 캐릭터는 안 해본 것 같아요. 저와 비슷하면서 평범한 캐릭터를 하고 싶어요. 사극도 재밌을 것 같은데, 그건 좀 나중으로 미뤄두려고요. 일단은 지금 할 수 있는 역할을 여러 개 해보고 싶어요.
Do you have a specific character you want to try?
I guess I have never acted like a bright character that fits my age. I want to be a normal girl, similar to myself. A historical drama sounds fun, but I’ll do one later. I want to do several roles that I can do now.

개인적으로는 <라라랜드> 같은 뮤지컬 영화에서도 만나고 싶어요. 노래 실력이 출중하잖아요.
진짜 하게 된다면 정말 재미있을 것 같긴 해요. 그런데 국내에서 그런 작품이 제작될까요? 영화를 보는 관객들이 엄청 오그라들 것 같은데. 하하하.
Personally, I want to see you in a musical like Lala Land. You have a good singing voice.
It would be really fun if that become real. But will something like that ever be made in Korea? I think the people watching the movie will cringe. Hahaha.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
Color block off the shoulder top Club Monaco (Club Monaco). Both earrings and rings are Lovcat Bijoux. Swatch Watch.
Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
Cut out white shirt one piece, belt all from & Other Stories. Shoes Landrover. Earrings, necklaces, rings all from Lovcat Bijoux.
Cut out white shirt one piece, belt all from & Other Stories. Earrings, necklace all Lovcat Bijoux.

세계에서 가장 오래된 도서관
들어서는 순간 탄성이 쏟아지는 생갈렌 수도원의 부속 도서관. 가장 초기의 것으로 알려진, 양피지에 그린 건축 설계도를 비롯해 귀중한 옛 필사본들이 소장되어 있다. 인상적인 것은 이집트에서 가져온 미라도 도서관 한 편에 전시되어 있다는 것. 마치 이곳만 시간이 멈춘 듯 오래전 그 모습 그대로 남아 있다.
세계에서 가장 오래된 도서관

The attached library of the Saint Gallen monastery. It contains precious and old manuscripts, including very old architectural plans on parchment paper. The impressive thing is that the mummy from Egypt is also displayed on one side of the library. It is as if time has stopped here.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
See-through off shoulder top, color block wide pants, shoes all Fendi (Fendi).

“도시 가까이에 이렇게나 아름다운 자연이 있다니, 스위스 사람들은 참 행복할 것 같아요.며칠간 여행하면서 바쁜 스케줄 탓에 지친 제 몸도 많이 좋아진 걸 느껴요.”
“I think Swiss people are so happy because there is such a beautiful nature near the city. The few days of this trip made me feel a lot healthier, I feel recovered from the tiredness of my busy schedule.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
A textile museum where you can meet the past and present of Saint Galen where textile art developed.
An old-fashioned look with charming appeal.

영혼의 약국, 생갈렌 수도원
천장에 거대한 프레스코화가 있는 성당도 훌륭하지만 유네스코 세계 유산으로 선정된 도서관 이야말로 생갈렌 수도원의 하이라이트, 중세시대 수사 들이 정성스레 손으로 뜬 필사본이 있는, 세계에서 가장 오래되고 풍부한 장서를 갖춘 공간이기도 하다. 화려한 벽화와 빼곡한 고서 사이에서 신비로운 빛이 이는 곳.

The cathedral with the huge fresco on the ceiling is great, but the Library that is designated as UNESCO World Heritage is the highlight of the St. Gallen Monastery, it has handwritten manuscripts from the Middle Ages, it is also the oldest and has the richest collection of books in the world. A place where mysterious light shines between colorful wall paintings and scrolls.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview
A panoramic view of the monastery in the old town of St. Gallen.

Lee Sung Kyung Grazia Interview


I love the look and feel of this interview, and I love the clothes. {I especially love that off the shoulder Club Monaco top though I know it’s probably insanely expensive}. It was also fun to learn a little bit more about Lee Sung-kyung. She was a wonderful actress in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, it really did feel like she was Bok-ju. Now, to find out that she is a Method actress, it makes perfect sense. She was actually immersed in the character and literally became Bok-ju. She doesn’t have any other drama lined up right now, but I am looking forward to checking out her next drama as soon as she picks one.

EDITOR: Jang Jeon-Jin PHOTOGRAPHER: Ahn Joo-Young HAIR: Lee Hye-Young MAKEUP: Kang Yae-Yon STYLIST: Park Hoo-Ji LOCATION: Switzerland (www.myswitzerland.com)

Source Grazia

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