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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap Episode 9

효리 Hyori Hostel B&B Recap 9
If you read our 2017 wrap up post then you know that we love the variety show Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast (or Hyori’s Hostel, but we may as well call it Hyori’s Meenback). Well they are going to have a season 2!!!! That kick started us into finishing all these recaps for season one which we will be trying to post this coming week before season 2 airs.

These recaps are in our usual format of not including a lot of images, we are minimalists in that way (mostly because images take soooo much time to add. I have so much respect for everyone who adds gorgeous images to their recaps all the time). We do like to include some when we have the time to format them and when that happens we try to include those at the end of the recap.

The new season of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast starts Sunday, February 4th at 21:00 Seoul. The old season is below!


We open with a recap as to what happened (and we need it because we haven’t seen this show is forever).

We see that IU and everyone went to the Buddhist temple, took selfies, dressed up and went out to their friend’s restaurant. They tried to eat some breakfast and cleaned the house.

Then we see their new customers coming in. It’s a couple, a young couple. Hyori gets their phone call and then they get another Kakao Talk and Sang-soon also gets some strange message. Something is strange and we hear the Katalk Katalk message go off again. Ah, they find out that the person they talked to isn’t the Katalk person. The Katalk person is a solo traveler, a young woman. She is supposed to call to check in, but she is only sending texts.

Ah! She is deaf so that is why she is sending texts. She texts that she will take a bus and we see her getting on the bus. While on the bus she sends another message. Hyori and Sang-soon are concerned because the bus doesn’t go to their house, so they tell her that Sang-soon will pick her up at the bus stop.

Sang-soon tells IU that he will go pick up one of the customers and he leaves to pick her up. The other couple is driving in and they see the house. The girl is so excited, “We’re here yobo!” and they call the house. Hyori lets them in.

Hyori then tells IU that the married couple is there and Ji-un thinks she will be so lonely because she is the only one who isn’t in a couple. IU runs out to great them, they are very shy and happy to see her and when they get to the house they are also shy and happy to see Hyori. They have a little bit of small talk about where they are from and what they would like to drink. They look soo young and all those things.

IU and Hyori sit on the floor and the couple sits on the couch. They have a little baby that the husbands family is watching. This is their first vacation after a long time since they had the baby so they are very happy about that.

She is patiently waiting outside and we see Sang-soon pick her up. Her name is Jeong Dam and she is 25 years old. They also have a little bit of small talk because she can read lips. She tells him if it is really complicated or too fast then it is hard to read lips. She also says that she became deaf about two years ago after being sick.

Sang-soon asks her if she is hungry and she says she is super hungry because she planned on eating, but she didn’t end up having any time. SHe is super happy to be there though because her middle school friend lives there and she is very happy to see her.

They arrive at the house and Jeong-dam is happy to see all the dogs. She also has dogs. then IU comes out and Sang-soon fills her in on speaking slowly so Jeong-dam can read her lips easier. Then they go inside and meet Hyori and Sang-soon fills Hyori in and all those things. the new couple also comes out and everyone meets each other. They will all be there for 3 days and two nights. Jeong-dam says that she saw them at the airport, the couple sat right in front of her.

Everyone sits and relaxes and starts to talk about how many times they have been to Jeju and all those things. Hyori tells them that they should have a room to themselves since they are a young married couple. They joke about that for a while and Sang-soon says they have a lot of private areas around the house. Everyone laughs. IU and Jeong Dam-i are the same age so IU is happy she is there. She is also happy that Jeong-dam is a solo traveler. Everyone jokes about that as well.

Mimi comes out and loves Jeong-dam. Jeong-dam sits on the floor and pets Mimi and the couple holds hands and starts to look around the property. I love their property so much.

Everyone is hungry so it is time to cook! IU and Hyori go to the kitchen to prepare the food. We see a little montage of IU and Hyori shopping the Jeju market and then we cut back to the kitchen. The food for the day is Ramen. Jeong-dam helps out in the kitchen and the couple come back in and sit at the table.

They start to talk about what they do and the husband says that he is a stylist. Hyroi and Sang-soon want to have a haircut, maybe they can do that later. Hyroi and SS ask why they got married so young and they say that they had a baby so………but the husband says that they loved each other so it was natural.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, IU and Jeong Dam-I play a game to use banmal to each other and get along very well. They cook and play together and work well together in the kitchen. jeong Dam-i tells IU how to say her name and then they get back to cooking.

But oh no’s, they put the shrimp in too late so they will either have bloated ramen or undercooked shrimp. They decide that they should have bloated ramen and make sure that the shrimp is cooked all the way through.

Okay, so the food is all done and everyone sits to eat. They start to talk about relationships and who initiates fights and all those things. Hyori says that everyone thinks that she initiates a lot of fights but actually Sang-soon is good at it. They talk about vintage earrings and how to buy them. Everyone laughs and Sang-soon tells Dam-i that if she doesn’t want to be alone then she can join them all the time.

Then we have a funny moment of the young married couple feeding each other. We see Sang-soon about to remove the shrimp and maybe feed Hyori…..but no, he feeds himself, lol. They get on conversations about what they eat and Hyori says that they eat fish, but they don’t eat meat. They eat seafood and dairy.

Then Dam-i asks IU if she wants her to take the shell off and IU says “Oh” which is surprising because you only say “Oh” to really close friends. They start to talk about Dam-i and Hyori’s earings. They look so similar so they compare them. Hyori says that she likes India style clothing and hey ask Dam-i if she likes that too. She says that she does and IU says that India style clothing is big now. It isn’t that common.

Afterward, IU and Dam-i go to do the dishes and Sang-soon says that he can do them, a little laughter ensues as they fight over who will do the dishes. But everyone looks outside and it looks like it is about to rain, so they all start to take everything inside.

While inside Dam-i is still cleaning the dishes and IU asks her if she can drive. Dam-i says that she can’t drive even though she has a drivers license and IU says that she doesn’t’ even have a drivers license. They said that if one of them could drive then they can go out. Dam-i asks if they should take the subway and everyone laughs because there isn’t a subway in Jeju island.

IU shows Dam-i her hidden chocolate and they go sit down at the table to have some. Meanwhile, Sang-soon grabs all the clothing and starts to fold it on the couch. Hyori comes out and folds them with him. Then they talk about taking baths together and Hyori says that it was her first time taking a bath together with someone. The bathtime was her first time….but that implies that she might have shared a shower with someone else or something like that. Snag-soon is all like me too…….They laugh about it a little and Hyori says that they shouldn’t talk about their past. Sang-soon says that the past is past. Hyori says that she also saw something on the internet about Sang-soon’s past on the internet…..they keep laughing about all those things.

Hyori and Sang-soon finish up and then go to sit at the table with IU. they wonder if all the chocolate is for IU and she says that it isn’t, it is for Dam-i as well. But then IU starts to act weird and we find out that she bit her tongue, lol. She says it hurts so much.

They trying to plan their next meal and go back and forth with what they should eat. Hyori and Sang-soon disagree on what is considered a meal or not, but then they decide on a proper meal to eat. But should they drink? They think that they shouldn’t drink otherwise they won’t work. They settle on Hamelpajang for tonight. The woman will go shopping and Dam-i will meet her friend. IU then asks Dam-i if she can buy her some more chocolates. It is so cute, it is like a secret deal between the two of them.

Dam-i and Hyori leave for the store and Dam-i tells Hyori that she is going to buy IU’s chocolate, lol. But that was supposed to be a secret. They go to the grocery store and we have a montage of shopping and buying IU’s chocolate. Dam-i bought a lot of chocolate for herself and IU and Hyori tells her not to buy too much because Ji-un is eating too many sweets.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Sang-soon is taking all the dogs out for a walk and leaves IU at the house by herself.

Ji-un is all alone and not doing anything. It is her empty mind time. She sings and hums and eats chocolate. She reads her Dostoevsky book. She goes outside near the studio and has her chocolate and Dostoevsky book and underlines all the passages that she wants to remember.

The married couple goes to the sea and to the sea woman divers fresh seafood market. it looks so good. It is all the fresh seafood by the female divers. They buy some fresh food and eat it as they sit on the rocks.

They finish eating and start to drive back to the house. And while they drive back they get a Skype call from their mother and child and talk to them for a little bit.

The couple goes to this unsearchable place and touches a statue. They are told that if they touch the nose then they will have a boy and if they touch both cheeks then they will have twins. The wife jokes that she doesn’t want to have any more kids right now.

They start to talk about Dam-i’s hearing. When Dam-i was little she got a headache and started to lose her hearing. The doctor told her that she would get it back, but after several months she couldn’t get it back.

It looks like Hyori is looking for the right words to say, but she can’t think of anything. Dam-i speaks first and says that she tried to find the advantages of being deaf. At first, she thought there weren’t any, but then she thought that there are some advantages because she doesn’t hear things that she doesn’t want to hear. But of course, there are some things that she wants to hear, like her boyfriend’s voice. She tries hard, but she thinks that she can guess someone voice based on how they look and their tone. She guesses that Sang-soon has a lower voice. People with lower voices move slower and all those things. Then we then decide to go to G Dragon cafe on the coast.

They go into the cafe and it looks really nice. It is Big Bang G-Dragons cafe. Dam-i really likes it. They get their drinks and go to the lava rocks next to the beach to drink it. They take selfies and talk about their day. Hyori feels awkward though and laughs a lot with the selfie, she says that she is too old for those things and they laugh.

They continue talking about the sea. Dam-i says that she doesn’t remember the sea sound, only the feeling. The production mutes the ocean sound part. Hyori wants to try and explain the ocean sound to Dam-i. She tells her that the ocean sounds different every time, so it is okay that you don’t hear it, it is important to feel it. If you feel it then you can imagine how it is and enjoy it more.

They sit and look at the ocean.

Sang-soon has come back home with all the doggies. he sits with IU and gets a Kakao Talk with a photo of Hyori and Dam-i. Sang-soon thinks that Hyori finally got to go to GD cafe and he starts to laugh.

IU asks SS if he wants to open a cafe like that and SS says that he wants to open a music cafe with all the instruments and everything. IU thinks that must be expensive and SS says, yeah, that’s why he isn’t opening it. They smile and they turn the conversation too heavy metal music. Sang-soon pulls out his phone and starts to play a lot of heavy metal songs. IU thinks that she can’t believe that SS liked heavy metal and SS says that everyone liked heavy metal back in the day.

it looks like SS is having a great time as he is remembering all his love of heavy metal as they listen to the heavy metal.

Hyori calls and tells them that it is raining and she is driving back now. Dam-i isn’t with her, she is with her friend. SS says that it is raining there too and then they start to talk about enjoying their time. Hyori also mentions that Dam-i was going to buy two chocolates, but Hyori told her to buy one.

They get off the phone and SS tells IU that Hyori blocked the chocolate purchase and gives her some other chocolates that she can hide from Hyori, lol.

5:30 PM, 8TH DAY
Hyori gets home and IU and SS help her carry all the food in. Hyori brought IU a little cake from GD cafe and makes a joke that she tries to stop her from eating sweets, but she ended up bringing her some.

They start to talk about the rain and getting a good shot without looking embarrassed. Hyori tells her to open the window and look at the sky and put her arm out. it would be an amazing commercial. IU practices and then goes and does the shot. A cute song plays and they all say that this is the feeling of girls and they all laugh.

Into the kitchen, they go as they start to make hamelpajang. It looks strange, but they think it will taste good. Hyori’s turn, she makes her hamelpajang and it is a little bigger than Ji-un’s. Hyori also made hers crunchier. They sit at the table and eat the hamelpajang and drink the homemade makguli that the older couple made a few days ago.

The couple comes back and says hi. Then they go to the bedroom upstairs and see the chubby cat. Of course, they think she is pregnant because everyone thinks that cat must be pregnant.

Back in the kitchen, Sang-soon makes one of the Hamelpajangs and Hyori starts to squeeze Sang-soon’s belly and lots of cute things. Then IU spots them and Hyori gets a little embarrassed. She says she wanted to hide that from IU and laughs.

The couple opened a two-person shop for hairdressing and the husband says that his family had a haircutting business. Then they start to talk about haircutting shops and SS says that he doesn’t like them because they use too much jongdaemal. he feels more comfortable when the customer and service provider are equal, not that the customer is king. Both are kings. then IU says, what about staff members? And Hyori says that she is the queen!

Dam-i comes back and IU runs to great her. They look like really good friends as they walk back to the house together. Dam-i says she had some more chocolate for IU but Hyori wanted her to buy less and they joke about that. Then Dam-i sits at the table and they all start to eat and relax again.

Hyori tells the couple that they can take a romantic bath together but the couple says that if they are in the mood they won’t be able to connect. Everyone laughs and Hyori says they can connect in the camper, lol. Everyone wants them to take a bath together so they start to find something that the couple can use to have a romantic bath together and Sang-soon, Hyori, and Ji-un start to set up the bathroom area for them.

But of course they break something and Sang-soon comes up to try and fix it. Hyori tells Sang-soon to hold IU and take her to the bed and IU laughs. But Sang-soon fixes it all and starts to help them put it all together. Then they joke that the couple HAS to take a bath together now and if they don’t then they will strip them and throw them in there together.

Everything is done and SS goes downstairs to tell the couple that they have a romantic bath set up for them together. The couple is surprised and follow Sang-soon upstairs. it looks so pretty with the lights and IU and Hyori even adds lavender scent. Sang-soon brings some flowers in and IU says that she didn’t think of that! They cover the partition and turn off the lights. The camera then shows us the semi-private romantic bathtub.

Hyori asks them if they are taking a bath and they say yes and everyone decides that they will give them some privacy and go to the studio. IU says that she will go home and relax and they joke as to whether IU is taking sweets home or not.

The couple finishes their bath and walks outside to look for everyone. the girl goes to the studio and Sang-soon and the husband goes back to the bathroom to help clean up everything. But it didn’t take too long so they come back to the studio to talk to everyone.

they say that the bathroom in the studio doesn’t have a door because they wanted to talk to each other while pooping. they didn’t realize they would have a B&B back then. They laugh about that and then start to talk about the couple’s baby. The mom wants the baby to take after the dad. they keep talking and laughing and then they all start to get ready for bed.

SS and Hyori say that it isn’t crowded and they say they kind of miss the crowded feeling a little bit.

It is still raining. the dogs want to go out so they wake up Hyori and she lets them out. But the dogs see that it is raining and stay inside. SS wakes up and leaves to the main house. His job is to prepare some food for the cats and dogs, but he steps on a wet spot. he wonders what that is. he inspects it and it looks like they have some water leaking from the floor. he wipes it out, but it still leaks. It drives him crazy.

He thinks back to what it could be and he thinks that it might be the low water pressure that one of the guests mentioned. Hyori also sees that the utility room is all wet as well so Sang-soon goes out and calls a maintenance man. Hyori goes into the kitchen and sees all the water on the floor. She wonders what is going on and goes to Sang-soon and he tells her that one of the pipes burst. Hyori is very concerned about it and thinks that they shouldn’t use water right now. Will the have to remove their floor? Sam-soon turns off the water outside and they sit at their table and start to brainstorm how this happened.

Perhaps it all started a while ago when the city cut off the water. Maybe there was too high water pressure for a while and a pipe burst. SS tells the husband that they won’t be able to use the bathroom, but they will let them know of a good sauna nearby. The husband sees the water in the kitchen too and thinks that they might have to take the floor out.

IU comes happily to work (her nickname is dishwashing fairy). She thinks that Hyori might be doing yoga but SS tells her that they have a pipe burst. they have a meeting in the kitchen and they think that they might have to close their meenback. Perhaps they could have an outside shower? But they need to eat breakfast and they don’t have water. They think they might be okay, they have bread and coffee.

A little montage happens of SS and IU preparing food with limited water. IU washed some fruit and SS prepares some bread. They have a nice Western style simple breakfast and we cut to Dam-i who is still sleeping.

While at the breakfast table they joke about what the couple did last night and the couple says that they just held hands. They all laugh. Then Hyori tells them that they can wash their hair outside and takes the wife outside. Hyori starts to wash her hair and then the husband comes out and starts to wash her hair. All of a sudden this meenback turned into 1960s meenback and Hyori laughs as she goes back inside.

While inside they continue with their company meeting. How can they solve this problem? Perhaps they can have a tent? maybe they can have a huge tent-like for construction workers. SHe says that she will ask her friend about it.

But now it is time for tea and Sang-soon prepares some for them all. The conversation turns to the voice of men and what type of voice IU likes. Hyori says that they used to have dates based on phone calls and Hyori says that she got a lot of phone calls. SS says that he used to get phone calls a lot and maybe she was one of those people that called him. They all laugh.

IU slips out and goes to Dam-i’s room. She quietly wakes Dam-i up and says that Dam-i can come to her place to clean up and she should eat something. Dam-i goes to the kitchen to eat and says that she didn’t realize that it was this late. Her face is all swollen so she jokes about that for a little bit and the couple comes back in and says hi to them.

Hyori has to poop though and she wonders if her poop will come up through the floor. SS says she should be okay, but she should text him after she finishes. We see a flashback of Hyori joking that they have shown everything to all the people accept pooping. But not anymore, lol.

Hyori picks her own song to play while pooping (a Korean song that is so lovely). SS comes in a little later and asks if she is done. She says yes and then SS runs outside and turns the water one. he tells her to flush! Dun dun dun. She does and she says it all went out. Thank the Lord. It’s the little things…

Dam-i and IU go to Hyori’s room to have a personal yoga session. Hyori walks them both through all the steps. IU is great at yoga and can do all the moves. the caption says that she is a naturally born yoga practitioner. Dam-i looks pretty good as well.

Meanwhile, SS is outside calling the water people and explaining the problem. they home is having water issues and other people nearby are also having them as well. he goes inside and waits for the water heroes to arrive. They show up! They are here to solve this problem!

They go to the kitchen and check on everything. The kitchen looks fine, but there is a lot of water in the basement. The plumber thinks that maybe the problem is from the sink. They clear everything and the plumber inspects it. He thinks the problem might be behind the sink and asks SS to turn on the water. SS does, but they don’t hear any water leaking sound. Hmm, perhaps the problem is high pressure?

They tune on the water from the sink and we watch with baited breath to see if it will work…it works! They think the problem is not the sink, it might just be the high pressure regionally. But everything is fine for now.

End of episode.

Shopping and haircuts!
Also, 4 more women show up and 5 more guys!
It’s going to be crowded again, whoo hoo!

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