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Lee Hyori’s bed and Breakfast Recap: Episode 7

This is the episode were the siblings leave. Sad face. I love those siblings, they are so adorable. Some really cute things happen in this episode like the siblings putting on a little performance for the Hosts. I won’t give it away, but it was cute.

I must have walked through a cloud or something to think that we could finish all our previous episodes by Sunday. Wishful thinking on my part. Now that I have been hit back into reality, I think we should be able to do 2 episodes a week but maybe we can push that to 3 episodes a week? We’ll see. We also have two more interview’s we are preparing in the pipeline which we can hopefully get out this week or next week.

As usual, this is stream of thought so there are very short/long sentences and typos (we try to fix glaring typos though). The episode is below, enjoy!

RECAP: Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Episode 7

They recap the previous episode. Fourteen people (4 groups) are staying there.

Caption – It’s morning in Sogil with birds singing.
Sam-soon wakes up first and opens the door for the dogs. The caption says it is an especially quiet day today. Sang-soon is enjoying his alone time that he has not had in a long time. But why is he yawning so much? maybe it is the tiredness from yesterdays campfire.

She wakes up and is yawning with Goana. Hyori goes outside and straightens up the shoes. There are as many shoes as they have customers. She then cleans the deck and Sang-soon whispers at her to do it later and enjoy some tea with him now.

Hyori and Sang-soon are as adorable as ever and talk about how they slept. Sang-soon said his skin is tight, from the cucumber, and Hyori said it doesn’t work, they need something more expensive. He asks if they need more expensive cucumbers and Hyori says they need expensive facial products, lol.

The guests start to wake up and come in to eat at the table one-by-one. Sang-soon tells them he had a cucumber mask and they show it to all the guests that area wake now. It cracks everyone up. Sang-soon said that photo was actually a very handsome angle.

Oldest Sister – Did y’all get matching tattoos?

They said they got their ring tattoo together and shoulder tattoo. Hyori said she thinks she was a Native/Aboriginal person who got a lot of tattoos on the body in a past life. The sister said Hyori might have a wild feeling of a Native woman and Hyori said it is a man, not a woman, lol.

The girl said that maybe Sang-soon was a woman in a past life and Sang-soon looked like he might agree with that maybe. One of the explorers thinks Sang-soon was a fighter/soldier/body-guard (hard to translate) in a past life. Hyori said maybe not because Sang-soon can’t fight. Sang-soon said he was a 2nd-degree black belt Taekwondo when he was in middle school and Hyori said everyone did that in middle school.

IU 7:25AM
IU wakes up but it looks like she is waking from the dead. They must have drunk a lot last night. IU tells everyone she’s back, but then she says, no no, good morning. It looks like she feels very at home now. They all great her and then go out to yoga class while IU is inside making sweet pumpkin suit. She is struggling to cute the pumpkin. The female guests told her that maybe the pumpkin soup will be red today, they are pretty worried about IU. Everyone tells IU to be careful of her fingers. Caption: the employee makes everyone worried and protective.

They lay out 9 yoga mats and get started on the class. While inside Sang-soon helps IU cut the pumpkin. Sang-soon’s tip is to skin it after cutting it, it’s easier that way.

How to make sweet pumpkin soup
1. Cut and peel pumpkins
2. Heat pumpkins to make it easier to cut and mix
3. Mix pumpkin with milk
4. Grind it
5. Fry onions

They start talking about yoga while making the food and Sang-soon said he practiced it. IU asks him if he can do some hard move Hyori showed her and Sang-soon did it easily. Then he brags on the lo and says Hyori’s teacher called him Yogi Sam-soon.

Outside all the mats are filled with guests and they are following along with Hyori. Some guests are pretty good and others are definitely beginners. They finished up yoga and now it is time for breakfast.

Hyori asks the girls if they folded up stuff (blankets) and they didn’t so Hyori told them that folding up their own stuff is yoga. Sang-soon asked her if she did it and Hyori said no and hurried to the studio to fold up her blankets.

To Do list for sick friend
1. Play with Mimi
2. Shake Mimi’s front legs
Caption: the cat has already possessed his soul

Hyori makes a strawberry smoothie and Sang-soon and Ji-un keep making soup. Hyori tastes Ji-uns soup and Hyori says it is really good. They then get started making the fillings for an egg sandwich. The 5 Seoul sisters chow on down on the food. IU was looking at Hyori’s back and Hyori must have sensed it because she said IU can eat breakfast (in a side note/useless fact, people said they like the way IU eats because she never opens up her mouth while chewing).

IU makes a coffee for one of the explorers and then goes to look for the three siblings. She went to their room and the young boy was drawing IU and the young boy is super embarrassed. Poor thing. He tells his older sister that IU saw it! It looks like it might be a secret present from the siblings to IU.

OMG, it is! They are super busy making Hyori, Sang-soon, and IU something. They moved their secret plan to the studio to finish up and the middle kid tried to sneak back in but she was busted by Hyori! Lol. This is hilarious. She is trying to crawl under the window so Hyori won’t see her but Hyori is outside watching her.

Hyori – What are you doing?
Middle sister – I don’t know (falls on the ground).
Hyori – Go eat breakfast
Middle sister – What are you doing Eunnie?
Hyori – I will go sit over there (by the studio)

But then Hyori opens the door to get a pillow for Mocha and the little brother thinks she saw everything again! he is having the worst luck. But actually Hyori didn’t see anything, she wasn’t even paying attention.

One group finished eating (the women) and another group joined (the men). IU and Hyori eat with them as well. Hyori tells them that they will go to a big market tomorrow. They all said the siblings are missing and Hyori said she thinks they are preparing something. Everyone knows the three siblings are up to something even though they do it secretly, lol.

IU goes upstairs and prepares all the items to be washed, the only thing is, she doesn’t know what to use to wash the clothes. So, she asks Hyori and doesn’t know, lol. Sang-soon says he can help her so they both go back to the back and Sang-soon shows IU how to operate everything.

The plan is to clean the house when everyone leaves so everyone is sitting outside. Then the oldest sibling peaks her head out and everyone sees her, lol. they ask Hyori to come in. Oh, actually they ask everyone to come into the studio. Aw, they prepared something really cute. They made a book with lyrics and photos of Hyori and IU and started singing their song as they flipped through the book. It’s like a do it yourself music video. Aw, they added photos of themselves too. At the end, they said that the last pages have to be ripped open to read the letter. Then they presented IU with her gift that the youngest drew and it is actually really good. Kind of abstract.

It looks like Sang-soon and Hyori prepared a gift for them. OMG, they are going to give the guitar that Hyori’s friend gave her. The one that she had when she was having a hard time. It is the middle sisters first guitar and it was also Hyori’s first guitar. Hyori said she has to leave because the moment is so gooshy (like emotional and she can’t handle it). IU said she will talk to them in jongdaemal when it is time to leave at 11 am.

Hyori, Sang-soon, and IU go to the kitchen and talk about the gift and all the cute photos and talk about being in love and all those things. Like show-window love like they are in a department store window like a mannequin.

The three siblings finally sit to eat with the explorers and Sang-soon plays them a song that is almost like a go-to Jeju-island advertisement song. It is really pretty, but Sang-soon said people who live in Jeju actually don’t listen to that song that much. All the guests love it though.

The younger brother said when he grows up he will come to see her concert and IU said he can come now because her concert is for all age groups, lol. Then the 3 siblings spend the rest of their morning taking photos with everyone.

Hyori and Sang-soon – Last photoshoot
Explorers – Jump shot, we took a good shot (or something like that)
4 friends – Camping Car Over Flowers // Camper Over Flowers
5 Friends – Give all the look to one (like give all the beauty to them because the 5 girls made a crazy face so the 3 siblings will look even better in the photo)

They all have a good time saying bye-bye to everyone. Ji-un is sitting by herself and reading the letters. They wrote a lot. The oldest sister asks Hyori for some advice for a woman in her 30’s and says after raising her siblings she doesn’t know what her future will be and Hyori says she already raised her siblings for 10 years so she is already a much stronger woman than she things. Hyori tells her to be confident and smile if you smile you will attract more luck. It doesn’t matter if you live in Jeju or Seoul, some people in Jeju have hell in their mind and some people in Seoul live very happily so it doesn’t matter. What matters is to be happy with what you have and enjoy your life.

The three siblings leave and wave at everyone. Aw, I miss them already and they are still driving away. They said they already developed some big attachments even though they didn’t stay long.

Hyori said the house feels empty and puts up the sibling’s polaroids. Then she says it is a good time to clean and they lace up to do some cleaning of the house. Sang-soon doesn’t know what is going on and is gearing up for a break, but when he goes inside they inform him that they are cleaning now, lol. he wanted to take a ten-minute break.

This cleaning montage is like a superhero scene with the music they are playing.


The toilet is clogged again and Sang-soon (or the production) is wondering who the culprit is. They show everyone using the restroom so we are not sure. The important thing is Sang-soon has to make it work! Hyori said itis backed up because they have low pressure upstairs. Or maybe they ate a lot of meat last night. He fixes it, his superhero job is done.

Halla Mountain. I think this is one of the biggest tourist attractions at Jeju. The explorers get to the top and think that maybe it is it. A bird says, “Now it is time to leave leave leave leave” or “Go, go, go, go, go” lol. The birds keep saying that and the captions keep showing it. But the explorers get a second breath and keep exploring.

They are having a fun time zip-lining and sleep on their way to the next location…go-carts!

Break-time, IU takes a break outside and Hyori and Sang-soon keep cleaning and preparing food inside. Hyori tries to connect her cell-phone to the speakers, but she is clueless as for how to do it. Sang-soon says she has done it so many times and is still clueless about it. He wonders how she will survive without him there. Sang-soon figures it out for her and they turn on the music. (artist: Jaurim, song: Wi-ro (Solace)

When someone is crying
Someone is smiling
When someone is coming
Someone is leaving

Sang-soon – The lyrics match well

I want to comfort you
but I can’t think of what to say
la la la la la

Hyori – The oldest sister wanted to get some comfort and advice from me but I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Caption – life is like that.

Ji-un – I like this song a lot, eunnie, what is the title?
Hyori – Wi-ro, do you have a request for the next song?
Ji-un – Don’t think too hard
Hyori – Actually Sang-soon is great at not thinking too deeply

Don’t think too hard
time doesn’t come back

Hyori – It’s weird for a young girl like you to like this song. It’s for 30’s and 40s right

Don’t think too hard even now when loneliness became your best friend
A beautiful song is still there

{Some more lyrics play, but we didn’t catch them}

Hyori kills a lot of bugs inside and they call her the fly hunter (emphasis on fly*), then they prepare a very nice lunch for the three of them with Korean-Italian style pasta and wine. They all say the food is really good and enjoy it while casually drinking their wine like they are taste testing. IU said the food at Hyori’s house is better than restaurant food because it is made with love. Then they all laugh when Hyori said maybe the cooks put all their love into the food. They keep talking about this difference in food from home and food in restaurants.

Then Hyori said she has some business things and Sang-soon said to go to Seoul and Hyori said she didn’t trust them to run everything. Then they start to talk about the Seoul Sisters doing makeup as if it is their entire life and she says she was that way as well. She asks IU if she (Hyori) wore a lot of make-up and IU said yes. Sang-soon said he liked it because Hyori was so bold. Then Sang-soon gets R rated for a moment as he says he always wanted her to come home wearing those clothes but she always came home wearing sweats. Hyori said those clothes don’t fit Jeju island at all. Then they left and IU keeps eating her food. IU is definitely in the slow food movement.

Sang-soon – Do you want to have a drink with Oppa, Do you want to get drunk tonight.
Hyori – I hate you.

Then Hyori said when she was young she would pretend like she was drunk if she liked someone and she asked Sang-soon if he was like that. Sang-soon said he was not like that but a lot of girls pretended like they were drunk when they were around him.

Sang-soon – Ah, those girls are hitting on me again…

IU laughs while eating and listening to them. Hyori said she remembers that after they had their first drink together.

Sang-soon asked Hyori to watch a movie together – Sunny
After the movie, Hyori said it was too early to say bye so do you want to drink soju?
Sang-soon – Okay
So they drank 2 bottles of soju and Hyori said Sang-soon’s heart was pumping a lot so Hyori thought Sang-soon was a wallflower who never dated before. But actually, whenever Sang-soon drinks anything his heart pumps a lot. However, at that time she thought he was really cute. Sang-soon said his heart was pumping because she was leaning against him.

Hyori – Did we hold hands while watching the movie?
Sang-soon – No, I was too nervous
Hyori – Did you even want to hold my hand?
Sang-soon – Oh, of course, my heart was pumping
Hyori – Shut up, if that movie was a little romantic then we could have held hands
Sang-soon – It’s kind of funny that we watched Sunny.
Hyori – We laughed a lot.

IU finishes her meal and starts to do the dishes. Sang-soon said she can take a nap or relax after she finishes either at her place or at their place. Then they go to see about their fluffy cat Mimi who is so relaxed that it looks like she has crossed over into another world.

IU turns on some music, usually old songs (Writing a letter to the cloudy sky, the same guy she requested). His music kind of makes people slowly depressed, but maybe this is good music to listen to after a breakup. IU goes to sleep to this music.

It looks like Hyori’s agent came to talk to her about something. Hyori has a request to be a guest on a variety TV show. It doesn’t look like Hyori decided anything yet and the agent left. Hyori goes to their bedroom upstairs and turns on some variety TV shows while Sang-soon sleeps on the bed. The captions show her wondering if she could do well in those TV shows because everyone is young and she is older. She tries to take a nap, but she can’t sleep. She practices yoga instead to remove all her thoughts. She debuted 20 years ago and is 39 now. OMG, she spent 15 minutes doing a yoga headstand. She is my hero.

Sang-soon wakes up and makes Hyori some tea with their glorious tea setup that I will be purchasing as soon as I can.

Sang-soon and Bul tea
1. 1st batch cleans the tea
2. Then you throw away the first batch and use it to warm up the teapot and teacup
3. The tea water goes down to the liquid collector
4. The 2nd batch tastes better and deeper

Hyori drinks with him and said that when she thought about appearing on those variety shows it makes her heart pump and she wonders how she did it when she was young. She thinks people remembered her when she was a bad girl image but she has changed a lot since then, a lot of time passed, so what if people are disappointed because she has changed and is not the Hyori they liked before? She is worried about these things and thinks that she shouldn’t worry about wanting to be liked by everyone. Sang-soon says something about a book called “The courage to be hated” or something like that. They think she should talk to Ji-un about it.

Then they have a nice little jam session about pretending to be like Ji-un. Sang-soon said he wanted to text IU but Hyori was calling him Oppa Oppa Oppa and Sang-soon couldn’t text Ji-un. Sang-soon said Hyori spent all her Oppa allowance that day. (She can say Oppa 7 times a day).

They are driving in their convertible instead of doing a vigorous activity. They drive all day and just enjoy driving. Then they go to a beach and sit on the rocks. “Almost Paradise” starts playing from Boys Over Flowers, lol.

Then they go to a jajangmyung place, it looks like they will buy some jajangmyung for Sang-soon. In a flashback, Sang-soon said no delivery is the most inconvenient thing about Jeju and that he always wants jajangmyung. The 4 friends buy some jajangmyun and put their top up so the food doesn’t get cold. They are Sang-soon’s delivery service!

Everyone goes outside and they all eat jajangmyun outside. IU even shows up and eats it with everyone. It’s a jajangmyun party!

Hyori tells the friend who got sick to eat slowly so he doesn’t get sick again. The friends said they feel Jahn when they see him because he is so pitiful. Hyori said she also felt Jahn when she saw him doing yoga. Then they start talking about weak men and how some girls like weak men and that weak men live long. Someone even says his toothbrush even looks pitiful. But at the end, they say they are just fooling with him.

They start to plan the menu for tomorrow, they will eat a lot of fish.

4:30 PM
Time to go for a walk. Hyori asks Mocha if he wants to go and Mocha gets super excited. IU and Hyori leave with all the dogs and Sang-soon goes to the market.

Now Hyori asks IU all her questions about variety shows. IU says she completely understands all Hyori’s fears about it. Hyori said yoga and tea keeps her strong……and Sang-soon, lol. She adds Sang-soon at the end. Hyori said she wanted to finish at the top which is when she left 4 years ago. She said a more difficult thing is slowly descending. She said it would be difficult to accept being pushed out by younger stars. But she still wants to do her own music and be close to her fans.

IU said she thought Hyori would never think about those things. But Hyori said it is normal to think about those things. She also told Ji-un to have a plan B when she is not a top star anymore. IU said she is always thinking of a plan B. She wants to enjoy her success, but it is hard to because she is always thinking about the next album. Hyori said she is the opposite, she always enjoyed her success and thought she was the queen and no one could challenge her. They have a laugh about that.

Then they get out of the car and have another laugh about the pitiful looking friend wearing shorts and if he will be okay. They all leave for the walk and it looks like a peaceful walk. Someone asks Hyori how she knows about this trail and she says she goes there all the time because it is near their home. Hyori tells them to inhale a lot of Phytoncide** but they don’t know what it means so she had to explain it to them. It seems like it is something that is good for your health.

Hyori said when IU walks her dog she looks like she is in a movie. Later on, IU tells Hyori that she is hungry again and she says Jeju is a strange place, Hyori agrees, you sleep well and eat well in Jeju. they come upon a clearing and it looks like they are in Montana or the hills of Oregon. It is very hilly and green and gorgeous. After taking in the view they all sit for an enjoyable coffee time with some coffee they brought with them. (song: San-heng //Mountain Hike, artist: Veranda project)

Hyori tells them to look at the sunset and get energy when they go back to Seoul. Hyori said the sunset looks like a pathway or gate to another place. Then she videos Sang-soon Oppa, Oppa, but it looks like there is no signal.

He is busy shopping at the market for all their fish for tomorrow. He also gets some other things like sweets for IU. IU is like their kid.

IU tells Hyori that just like Sang-soon and Yoga and tea keeps Hyori standing, work keeps her standing on her feet but Hyori said work shouldn’t be apart of it and IU said now she doesn’t think that way. IU said after her album was released she felt so destroyed and lonely and had nothing to enjoy, but then she came to Jeju at that moment. Hyori tells her that was her destiny. IU said every day is so precious. She wants Hyori to understand how much IU loves that life. Hyori says she feels it, she knows.

They are home and it smells good. Everyone else is arriving home as well. Ji-un takes all the towels in from drying and sings a little song while doing it. They all start to eat a tiny mango and everyone reacts like it is super good.

The explorers said they felt weird coming back today, almost like Alice in Wonderland. Hyori is like some magician/witch and IU is like Alice. Hyori said she was like a witch who quickly captured men’s minds, but maybe now it takes longer, like an hour, lol.

The 4 friends come back and the production plays all this sad music because they start to ask Hwang-hae (the sickly guy) how his day went. They are really milking this for all they can. Hwang-hae is a good sport about it though.

They start to talk about zodiac and Hyori finds out that she is 12 years older than the 4 friends and 24 years older than that young boy from the sibling group. Hyori said she is super old and regrets bringing it up, lol. They switch the subject because Hwang-hae is playing with the cats again. he loves cats, but he had to give them away because he has a cat allergy! Aw, they are playing this music that is basically like “If I love someone I will get over my pain.” Hyori said she also had an allergy, but after one year she became immune to it.

Outside it looks like the B&B is running like a well-oiled machine with the guests doing all the work. They make the bonfire and someone else brings some fruit. Everyone has a task that they just naturally fall into. They all sit around the campfire and relax.

They talk about their white dog Gwana and how he is like a Lonely Planet dog who likes her alone time. her full name is Lee Gwana kind of lie (Iguana). They go into a montage about Gwana and her backstory about being abandoned. Sang-soon adopted Gwana through Hyori and then Sang-soon started getting interested in animal rights and he and Hyori made an album about animal rights. So Gwana actually helped Hyori and Sang-soon get together. I really like Gwana, he is happy to be chill.

They say the 4 friends can sleep in the house tonight since the siblings left and Ji-un can sleep in the camper. Ji-un is all like “Ha ha ha ha – no.” But you know, she doesn’t say that.

Hyori asks them what they didn’t like and what they can do to improve and one of the friends raises his hands and says the water pressure is too low. Maybe HE’S the one who clogged the toilet. Sang-soon said today the entire neighborhood had low pressure.

The came back and they brought chicken. Gwana shows up for the chicken, lol. Some of the girls are leaving early so they say their goodbyes to Ji-un and Sang-soon takes their Polaroid pictures. But he can’t rest because he has to get a taxi for the 5 girls, they forgot to reserve one for themselves.

Everyone is checking out the next day and Sang-soon and everyone prepared a huge breakfast for everyone. They don’t have any bookings either so they don’t have any more guests. Hyori said their business failed, lol. They enjoy their day and eat out and relax. So maybe there are no guests for the next episode?

*Fly can also mean stylish, sexy, cool, worldly, bad-ass (when referring to a woman), so that was my little joke ^_^
**Phytoncide is the essence that plants emit, it looks like it is like the aroma of the forest. It protects the plant and keeps it healthy. You’ll have to google it to read more about it though

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