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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap: Episode 6

We are back with our quest to catch up with Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast recaps. This recap is in our usual live recapping format (even though this one wasn’t technically done live-live). The recap is filled with info, typos, and short sentences that I try to kind of correct. But I want to leave my first impression so I try to keep the essence (I know, that probably doesn’t make any sense). The recap is below, enjoy!

RECAP: Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Episode 6

They recap the previous episode and mention the three siblings and their story. Then they bring up the four men who arrived and how they had to rent the camper. IU reminds us that she is going to Yonsei University’s festival the next day.

When IU goes home she never looks back at the home. Her driver asks her if she had fun and IU says she did and she’s going home. The four men decide to stay in the RV and are packing up to stay there. They are happy with the camper, but I think they would be happy with whatever Hyori gives them.

The explorers come back and see the camper and then start up a conversation with one of the four young men about renting the camper and shoes him their home which is a tent. The young man tells the explorer that they also plan on building a tent. The explorers tell them to report to him and the young man jokingly tells Sang-soon that he needs to report to the explorers if they build a tent and not to Sang-soon.

They are all at a bonfire and Sang-soon says the Explorers are pretty cool and that they got stranded in a desert once. Everyone wants to hear the full story.

One of the explorers is cleaning the dishes and the youngest sibling calls him Hyung. The explorer says it makes him feel weird because his son is 10 and the youngest says he is hyung just like Hyori is noona. That is so cute.

All the guys around the campfire (the 4 friends) are all Lamb zodiac sign and the youngest sibling is also lamb but 12 years later, so they are all the same zodiac. That is pretty cool. Then the explorers start to talk about how they got stranded. Their car got stuck in a desert pond and they couldn’t get it out.

Meanwhile, we see IU relaxing and playing music with her cell phones. She has like 3 or 4 cell phones, literally. She relaxes and eats her chocolate and plays on one of her many cells phones.

Everyone is turning in for the night. The four friends talk army language to each other and one of them says they will turn off the light now in army language.

Sang-soon goes to get Hyori from their room and wants to drink with her, but Hyori says she doesn’t want to drink (she’s massaging her face) so he drinks on the couch alone and then pulls out this big book called Cosmos by Carl Sagan. He starts reading it.

What are you going to give me to eat?
What are you going to give me to drink?

I am going to give you some dried fruit moohagua and salgoo

Only dried moohagua and salgoo?
Raise me higher and let me live in-between your teeth and gums

Oh, you bug, if you really want that then Aer’s strong fist will crush you
– Carl Sagan, Cosmos (this translation might be way off)

Hyori is all like, what the F is he talking about? And Sang-soon is the same way, they are trying to find out what is cool about it? They don’t get it. Sang-soon says he is drunk so he doesn’t know either but he keeps reading.

Look at this bright point…
This is here, our house, ourself…

People we love, people we know, people we’ve heard of

Super human leaders, pastors, sinners
In our history of humanity are like dust we see under the sun
They lived in this little world
Carl Sagan, Cosmos

{This translation is probably way way way off, but the original Cosmos was written in English and there is also an accompanying TV show also with Carl Sagan. So, if you want to learn more, I suggest checking it out!}

The funny thing is that it looks like Hyori could care less about this book, lol. Sang-soon keeps talking and talks about the view from Namsun Tower and how everyone looks so tiny, the same from an airplane. Everyone is so tiny, like ants. He is waxing poetic and Hyori shuts him up by saying, why are you talking so much? I’m super-duper sleepy.

Sang-soon – I am drunk, I haven’t been drunk in a while, can you just accept me?
Hyori – Hey ant, let’s sleep.
Sang-soon – We are smaller than ants, we are dust
Hyori – Hey dust, let’s sleep, let’s sleep
Sang-soon – Hey you know what, inside of us is the universe so we are a tiny universe
Hyori – Universe, universe, let’s go to bed.
Sang-soon – Goodnight
Hyori – Goodnight

Everyone is asleep, but it looks like the camper people are awake. One of them couldn’t sleep and it looks like he might be sick? he says he hasn’t slept for 3 hours and feels like he will die. They end up going to the hospital and the production team joins them.

It turns out that it isn’t serious, he has an active ulcer and the doctor gives him some medicine. While walking one of the friends picks up some tobacco on the street, to keep the street clean.

Everyone starts to wake up slowly. No one knows what happened last night, but then Hyori checks her phone and sees a text from the production team alerting her that someone was sick and went to the hospital. She says good morning to the guests and then tells Sang-soon the news. He also didn’t know.

The siblings head out to an island early, so they don’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Breakfast is a nice spread of fruit, bread, and boiled eggs. It looks good. Surprisingly the other two friends of the young men didn’t know that their friend was sick. They said he is sleeping well now.

IU wakes up and shows up at the B&B. She greets the older couple who is eating outside and then she goes inside to greet the four friends, Hyori and Sang-soon, and the explorers. Ah, it looks like the explorers arranged for the 3 siblings to go with them to an observatory later in the day. Then Hyori and Sang-soon start to act like the youngest. They love mimicking people and they are really bad at it, lol.

The four friends clean their own dishes and then they show the older people packing up. Aw, maybe they are leaving today. I really liked them. In a funny moment of the explorers sat to take a photo of the older couple and Hyori and Sang-soon but Hyori told him that he should take the photo, lol. Hyori told the Halbae to keep doing the stretching and halbae said he did it this morning (he actually did do it) and they say bye-bye.

They finally wake up and Hyori and Sang-soon ask him all kinds of questions on what was wrong. They look pretty concerned and give him some tea that should be good for ulcers and then IU makes some juk for him.

Corn juk preparation
1. Chop up corn
2. Pour sweet rice flour in water
3. Bring to a boil while stirring

IU takes a little break to eat some chocolate, lol. Then she goes back to stirring.

Everyone around the table is type A: the sick friend, Hyori, and Sang-soon.

Sang-soon tells the friend to think of Hyori as the neighborhood thug woman and Hyori says she is not a thug anymore, lol.

They bring out IU’s juk and the sick friend is super happy that he is eating juk made by IU.

Hyori makes a pad on the floor for the friend and tells him to lay on it so she can palpate his stomach. All the friends look like they wish they had an ulcer also. Haha. She continues to do the palpations and then tells him to do some yoga moves while she touches all on him. Afterward, the sick friend doesn’t look all that sick anymore. He looks very very happy and relaxed.

They don’t really have anything to do today so Sang-soon says, if they want, they can pick all the weed from the yard, just don’t pick out the basil (which looks like a weed). The explorers wax poetic about that and then start to talk about how they learn a lot.

Yoga time for both of them. IU is actually really flexible, but IU says she is flexible because she doesn’t have any muscle. Okay, now this just looks like torture for IU as Hyori basically holds IU into a stretch until IU says, “Eunnie, I am about to die.” Then they switch poses. IU looks like she is a natural to yoga as Hyori puts her in several different poses. Hyori says that as well and IU also just looks crazy flexible. But she also looks like she is being tortured at the same time.

Hyori wants IU to do some harder muscle based yoga moves and IU makes these really funny scream/laugh noises that the entire house hears. Ah, but finally they get to something that she has done before…the plank. Hyori tells her to do it for 15 minutes and does it with her.

Meanwhile, Sang-soon is mixing techno music in his studio. It looks like he picks some Indian music that works well with yoga. The entire house can hear it.

OMG back at the yoga party, Hyori is still teaching IU moves and does everything so effortlessly. IU on the other hand struggles, but she tries everything! This is kind of funny because Hyori didn’t want IU to do any work since she is singing today, but then she puts her through this very challenging yoga workout, lol. Hyori leaves IU upstairs to stretch and breathe and take a little nap, then goes outside to dance techno style with Sang-soon who is relaxing at his studio.

After a few minutes Hyori wakes IU up to tell her it’s time to leave and IU says she feels really great and light. They say bye-bye and IU talks to her camera and wonders if IU and Sang-soon will be okay. She said she will finish her work as soon as possible and then come right back to Jeju, fighting!

Hyori decides to wear Ji-un’s hat and go outside. She tells Sang-soon that Ji-un looked cute in it, but when she (Hyori) puts it on she looks like she is in a saguk. Lol.

She goes outside to pick some green leafy veggies (namool) and then goes inside to make Namool bibimbap and she also made dwenjangguk with the dwenjang from the older couple that left and the changirum from the three siblings.

They are having fun traveling around an island call Oodo island or Cow island because the island looks like a cow. On this island, the streets are so tiny so there are a lot of electric cars and tiny shuttles. The beaches look gorgeous there! The older sibling went to Oodo with their Mom around 20 years ago so she and the middle sister start to talk about that. The oldest is playing in the water. When people ask them how old your Mom was they say 45 but it’s strange because their Mom’s age never changes and they don’t keep track so the middle sister always says the sister’s age.

The older sisters worry about the younger brother because he is still a little boy. But they are happy because he is not timid from not having a mother, he is just happy and bright.

Their mother’s last will was for the youngest one to grow up confident and brave so they are happy that is happening. The mother also wanted the middle daughter to grow up pretty which is also happening. It’s a pretty touching moment and the middle sister starts to cry a little bit, but they are still having a good time. They start laughing at their brother as he walks back to them as he complains about why they didn’t come to the water. These three are just so cute.

Hyori wants to take a long bath so she tells Sang-soon to set everything up so no one can see her. He says if they can see her to just let them see her. She’s like Ha ha ha – no.

They go off exploring a lava rock area on the coast. This area looks a little bit like Hawaii. Lol, they stumble upon a cave that they say is a biiiiig cave, but to Western audiences, it is a very tall cave but not really a big cave. It’s more like a little cavern. It is still very pretty though.

Girls this time! Sang-soon tells Hyori that 5 more people will be there and Hyori tells him that they are at the halfway point almost so they are too relaxed. They should tighten up again. Sang-soon laughs.

Hyori convinces Sang-soon to do a cucumber massage with fresh cucumbers, she goes to the kitchen to chop them all up and her and Sang-soon have a fun cucumber date where he puts cucumbers all over her face, then they take a nap. This is the life, really.

The girls show up, but there are only 4, maybe there are only 4 of them, not 5? They all sit on the couch, ah, they say their 5th friend will come later, they will pick her up. They are all middle school friends and they are 23 years old. All of them have been there before accepting one of them. Hyori tells them that they can use the upstairs bedroom and then the friends head out right away. Not sure where they are going though.

They are all surfing for the first time and we have a montage of everyone trying it out. One of them is really good. Then they drive somewhere else to go four-wheeling. Very guy stuff.

They are doing very girl things like taking adorable Instagram-able photos with cute poses.

She is relaxing and doing yoga poses that look incredibly challenging. I know I have said this before but SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL. Afterward, she takes a nap on their pyongsang.

He is having a different kind of enjoyable time shopping at the market and eating pang while driving home. He sees Hyori at the gate and gives him some blueberries-ish fruit that a friend gave to her. He tells her to hop in and they have an adorable moment where Hyori acts like his body guard and runs with him to the house.

While at the house Hyori makes a smoothie from the blueberry-ish fruit (I don’t know what fruit this is) and adds a lot of honey to it. She really likes honey.

Montage of them cleaning and Sang-soon putting out the recycling so everyone can separate their own recyclables. They clean their home a lot, but I guess they have to because of all their animals that are all around their home.

Romeo and Juliet style kiss with Hyori on the balcony and Sang-soon in the yard. The comments are old style book writing, similar to Shakespearean writing, but Korean old-style writing. Like, “My love doth beseech me…” or “Romeo, Romeo, where far out thou Romeo…” you know, that style but the Korean version.

They all meet up at the Astrology observatory. This place is no joke. One of the scientists there went to KAIST which is like MIT. OMG, the four guys also came to this place. They look so excited, they actually ran up to the building.

Now everyone is together and they all go into the CONTACT like huge telescope (like from the movie Contact). It looks amazing, but I am geeky like that. They even get to see the telescope lower for the day which looks so amazing. The caption says, “The beginning of the Hyori B&B exploration team.”

What a juxtaposition with IU at the college campus. it is super loud and exciting and IU looks very different from her image at the meenbap with Hyori and everyone. All the students want her to stay longer, but IU says she has to go back to Jeju right away, but she will sing one more song for them. The song is A Nighttime Letter or Late-Night Letter or something like that and it is also Hyori’s favorite song from IU. IU takes her exit to a huge round of applause from the crowd.

The four girlfriends come back (they brought a lot of soju) and wash up for the evening. Hyori tells them to wear warm clothes because it gets cold at night. She goes outside and texts IU (hurry and come back with some delicious food) while Sang-soon makes some coffee. They sit outside drinking the coffee and enjoying the sunset. Hyori gets a call from Ji-un and they talk about how her trip went. It looks like IU is driving back to the B&B or maybe to the airport.

Hyori tells IU that they have 4 more girls and they start talking shop with what to make for dinner and breakfast. Iu assures her that she will be there at 7 am to help out.

After they hang up Sang-soon and Hyori start talking about the 4 girls and 4 guys and that they should match them up. Hyori asks Sang-soon if he ever did that when he was young? Sang-soon looks awkward lol. Then they start to enjoy the night sky and say that the clouds look like a coral reef.

Hyori goes upstairs and talks to the new guests. She finds out that all 4 girls don’t have normal names. Their names are: Joo-song, Yoon-ji, Ji-ho, and Jul-yong. One thing different about these 4 is that all of them have jobs. Hyori brings up that the other 4 girls didn’t have jobs so how do these 4 have jobs? They all laugh and said they graduated school early.

One of the girls didn’t bring any long pants so Hyori lends her some of hers. The girl friends say their friend looks very cute in Hyori’s pants.

They are the first to notice the recycling outside. They say hi to Sang-soon and soon after they have the campfire going. Hilariously, everyone at the campsite wants to hook the 4 girls up with the 4 guys (the 4 guys aren’t back yet though).

Not long after the three siblings run up and say hi to everyone. The four guys show up too, but before they come 2 of the 4 girls leave to go pick up their 5th friend. Wow, everyone bought a lot of food and drinks, so they will have a big bar-b-q tonight.

Sang-soon leaves the campsite (so the girls and guys can talk) but one of the ajushi explorers stays, lol.

Cuteness abounds as the four guy friends try to figure out how to cut an onion and one of them plays with the fluffy kitty cat.

Hyori, the girls, and one of the explorers are all sitting and waiting for the food to be made. Hyori tells them she feels at ease with them all around cooking everything. She wants them to stay longer and keep cooking.

The adorable three siblings run outside and the youngest gives Sang-soon a very cute hug. he asks him if he can help him cook in the morning and Sang-soon says sure and wants to know if the youngest wants to do yoga with Hyori at 7:30? It looks like they will have a yoga class.

The older people play old music and sit next to the fire and the young people sit at the picnic table. The mood is so different between the older and younger people. The older people (Hyori, Sang-soon, and the explorers) are so relaxed at the campfire and the younger people are super energized at the table.

The friends come back with their 5th friend and IU shows up almost at the same time. Everyone is shocked of course. Hyori explains to the girls that IU is their employee, lol. Sang-soon said he knew IU was working hard to it made Oppa sad and Hyori said he is ajushi not Oppa. I love them. Iu tells them that after 4 days Seoul changed so much. Hyori said if IU stayed one month then Seoul would be like a foreign country.

They spend the rest of the evening relaxing and talking. They tell IU the menu for tomorrow and that they will have a yoga class at 7:30 am. IU tells them that she learned how to make pumpkin soup. Everyone looks like they are getting along really well so Hyori says they won’t enforce the 10:30 quiet time tonight. IU, Sang-soon, and Hyori will go to bed but everyone else can have a good time talking and eating. The explorers say they will take care of everything. Sang-soon says if they have to throw up then throw up outside and everyone laughs and says, yes. The cute youngest one asks Hyori noona for a wakeup call just in case they don’t wake up. He is just so cute.

IU heads out and Hyori makes a cucumber mask then her and Sang-soon chill out in the studio. They talk about a guitar Hyori has that a friend gave her when she was having a bad time. Hyori said she played it for one month straight. She also said that if someone does something good for you and doesn’t expect anything, then you should pay it forward to whoever needs it. Maybe she’ll give the guitar to one of the kids? Maybe not.

Sang-soon starts to play a little ditty on the guitar and Hyori sings to it while we see a montage of all the guests having a good time. Then they play La Bamba for a little before Hyori asks Sang-soon to make up a random song for this moment. She said she will sing like IU and starts to sing with a very whisper like voice and starts to act like IU. It’s kind of adorable. It seems like Hyori likes IU a lot.

Nighttime view of the guests cleaning all the dishes and getting along swimmingly before they all turn in for the night. One of the guy friends really like Mimi the kitty cat and gives him a very long hug before saying goodnight.

Last but not least Hyori gives Sang-soon a cucumber face mask. Sang-soon texts it to Ji-un and Ji-un busts out laughing. Ji-un writes back that the picture resolved all her tiredness from the day. Finally, Hyori gives herself a cucumber mask and they lay together and laugh about snoring and passing gas on camera. All they need to do is poop next. They start laughing a lot and then talk into the night.

Cleaning, washing clothes, Oppaaaaaaa, cleaning, stuffed up toilets, drinking wine, getting drunk, passing out, and eating jajangmyun outside with guests…

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