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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap: Episode 5

We are back trying to catch up on all the Lee Hyori Bed and Breakfast episodes! This is one of our favorite variety shows on right now. We kind of want to buy some land and build a house just like Hyori and Sang-soon. Well, not exactly like their house, but you know, a house that we would like.

Episode 5’s recap was done the same way we do the live recaps. We just watch the episode and recap what is happening while watching it. The sentences are sometimes short or too long and there might be typos abound (we try to correct those though). Its a fun way to recap and we really like recapping it this way because it feels like a first reaction style recap.

The full recap is below. Have a fun time reading along with us!

RECAP: Lee Hyori Bed and Breakfast Episode 5
They quickly recap the previous episodes and show that a lot of people have come to their home. Now it is time for the President (Lee Hyori) to come out and give everyone all of their work.

Hyori takes care of the three siblings. The CEO (Sang-soon/Oppa) takes care of all of the older people. He walks them all around their home. And finally, IU does all of the housework. She makes rice, cleans, and takes naps. After work IU and Ji-un (IU) go out to the beach and have girl talk about Hyori’s love story and falling in love with Jeju. Everyone thinks the sunset is gorgeous.

Back at home, it’s bedtime and Hyori and Oppa joke and laugh before going to bed.

It’s super early in the morning and the older couple is the first to wake up. They turn on the TV right away and the kitty cat Samshik comes (the super fat one). The grandpa/Halbae is very happy to see the cat. The other cat is there also and Halbae is telling them both to come to him. The grandmother/Halmae says that the cats listen to her husband very well.

The older couple are definitely morning birds, the older man is doing a morning walk and everyone else hasn’t even woken up yet.

The alarm goes off and Hyori and Oppa look amazingly out of it. The caption says not to be surprised by their morning faces. They talk to each other and Oppa rubs Hyori’s stomach. They talk about it being a new day and if they are happy and then give each other cute kisses then get up. Hyori does not look like a morning person at all. She asks why the sun comes out every day, lol.

The explorers wake up in their tent and ask each other if they slept well.

IU’s alarm goes off but she stays asleep

Breakfast! The Halmae made this breakfast and Hyori and the guests said it was good. Hyori said that whenever she makes kimchi chigae it never tastes good on the first day, only the second day. The Halmae says that Hyori needs to boil it longer but Hyori said she has a hot temper so she can’t wait that long, lol.

Making Kimbap
Brown rice
Salted veggies
Seasoned dried anchovies
Changidum (the siblings brought this)
Then roll it up!

Hyori makes the kimbap as a lunch box for the explorers.
Hyori – Maybe you won’t have a chance to eat lunch
Explorers – Yes, we will spend our time in the mountains so this is very good
Hyori – It doesn’t look good, but it will taste good
Oldest Sister (of the 3 siblings) – Have fun.

They go back inside and clean up and Hyori says that they have a lot of dishes. Oppa says this is true every day, it looks like Oppa does the dishes in their home and does them every day but Hyori thought he only did them every 3 days or something. Haha! Oppa laughs because that is just ridiculous. They have a cute moment about that.

The older couple wears perfect clothes for fishing, like a magazine pictorial, lol and Sang-soon calls a cab for them to go fishing. He tells the cab driver to take very good care of them.

Everyone is relaxing. Hyori is drinking something and the older sister is petting one of the dogs and relaxing with Hyori. The caption says that this time is very relaxing, the kind of time you don’t experience in Seoul. But Hyori is thinking about something.

They have a flashback to the campfire from the previous episode and Hyori asks the brother how they like traveling and the brother says is very fun and it is the first time they traveled since their mother passed away.

Inside it looks like Hyori wants to talk to the sisters. She tells them that their youngest sibling is very cute. She wants to know how come he is so bright and happy even though he grew up without a mother. The sister says she is happy and grateful for that and Hyori said it is because she raised him well; that the sister tried very hard to raise him bright and happy and did a good job. Then they keep talking about the family and how the mother died quickly when the oldest sibling was 22 (20-21 in the US). But her sister was in primary school and the brother was only 5 (3-4 in the US), so the sister is more like a mother and that it was really hard to raise them but she says it in a happy way.

It looks like Hyori wants to ask the oldest sibling something. She asks her if anyone ever wanted to see her Mom, but the sister says they didn’t really talk about their mother too much and spent most of their time with their father. They said their Appa didn’t get married because he had 3 kids to raise. They are talking about this part of the oldest sibling’s life and the oldest sibling said it was very difficult because she was like umma, and had to stick around to raise the younger ones.

The younger ones wake up and the siblings have an absolutely adorable moment hugging. The littlest one looks like he doesn’t want a hug, lol. It is so very cute.

Hyori wants to know what Oppa would do if Hyori wasn’t around and Oppa is like, um, what are you talking about? Oppa said if her heart changes then he can’t do anything about that but if she dies then he will die as well. Hyori said that if he gets married again then she will basically haunt him or something, lol. She didn’t say that exactly, but it’s implied.

The youngest sibling comes outside and starts to play with the dogs. Hyori tells the youngest to say, “Your hand,” and so the boy says it the dog gives him his hand! Then she says kiss and the dog kisses and they have some other really cute moments with the dog.

Hyori tells Oppa to take a shower because they are on TV and then jokes with him that they should take a shower together while dragging his body in a hug. This scene is actually really adorable.

IU is finally waking up and walks to work. She has to be there by 8 am. She greets everyone and goes to eat breakfast but she eats a very tiny amount of food. Or maybe it just looks tiny to me. Sang-soon tells everyone that he will play a song from their employee and starts to play IU’s song. Everyone is happily nodding to the music and eating…. except IU, lol. She is just eating.

The oldest sibling asks IU what she feels when she listens to her music and IU says that when she hears her music she is all like, “Yeah, my song is playing.” It seems like she thinks it’s cool but she doesn’t feel anything special. The middle one asks how IU started with music and IU says that she started little by little. A famous person would write the songs that people pushed and marketed and she would write the other 2-3 songs on the album that no one pushed. She started to learn that way and slowly it became natural to write her own music.

The little brother says, “Noona, don’t give up your dream,” to the middle sister and IU says, “Oh yeah, you are really talented.” But the noona is really embarrassed. The caption says, “What happened last night?”

Everyone is at the campfire at Hyori tells the famous singers that were invited that the middle sibling is a song writer-composer and the middle sibling is super embarrassed. Now all the musicians are super focused on her. Poor thing, she looks so on the spot. The middle sibling says she wrote a song for them and they tell her to sing it and they will evaluate if the song is good enough to introduce to the world or to keep to themselves. So, the two siblings start to sing the song:

With you
someone who is the only one in my life
I will live with you
this way and that way

(Really rough translation, also they didn’t say “I” or anything like that)

Sang-soon said they should put a “code” to it and Hyori said they can even record it.

They are recording the song and adding “code” to it (not sure what that means, maybe its “chord”). Maybe they meant chord because Sang-soon starts playing some guitar chords.

When you wake up it doesn’t disappear
It looks like a mirage but you can touch it (it’s tangible)

Sang-soon starts writing and the middle sibling is really happy that she is getting a lesson in how a song is made. They play it again with some musical chords added and it sounds really good.

Hyori is basically killing it while doing yoga to some sick soundtrack with the yoga teachers lesson playing. OMG, she is my role model!

Hyori goes outside and does some little meditation under the sun with her tea. She hears some songs playing and goes to the music studio. It’s been a long time since she’s seen him work so hard. She asks if they are having a good time and the middle sibling says that Sang-soon is a genius. The caption says that Sang-soon went to the Netherlands to study music. Hyori says that Sang-soon is her man so don’t get too attached, lol. She says it as a joke.

Then IU comes in and Hyori says IU can do the chorus or second verse or something like that. The caption says it is a super lucky day for Yae-won (the middle sibling). They go outside to work on the lyrics and the youngest goes inside to help Hyori clean. He vacuums everywhere and basically just does whatever Hyori asks him to. The youngest sibling is just so adorable.

Hyori – You came here for a vacation, but I am making you work hard.
Youngest – Not at all, when can I do this cleaning at Hyori noona’s house?

Hyori makes him some lemonade and he happily drinks it. Then she takes some drinks to her husband who is still working hard on composing the musical chords for the song. Hyori says he looks cool and she tells him that he should carry a guitar everywhere, every day, 24/7.

IU is working hard on the second verse outside with the sisters and they all look super happy. High fives all around.

They are off exploring. It looks like they went to a World Unesco nature place that is always dry until they have a big storm/typhoon. Normal people cannot go there, you have to have an appointment with a person who works there and that person will take you to the dried-up river. Wow, it looks really hard to get to that river, you basically have to be a mini rock climber. They are all suited up in rock climbing gear in order to go into the river cavern-ish area. The place is pretty, but there isn’t a lot to see so they enjoy the river and eat Hyori’s kimbap.

Hyori is preparing the lunch menu which is bibimgooksu (flour noodles).

Radish kimchi
Regular/Traditional kimchi
Yellow and red bell peppers
Imitation crab meat
Boil eggs and noodles

1 to 4 Dwenjang to gochujang ratio
Ground sesame
ketchup or vinegar (not sure)

The kids finish up the song and IU runs out to let Hyori know that they finished and that they had a good time. She also starts to help her prepare lunch. Hyori tells Ji-un that she works hard for everything and Ji-un said she never expected that she would write songs and record them while there.

Everyone is excited to eat the bibimgooksu and the kids said that they haven’t used their cell phones since they have been here. IU is like, yeah, me too! Hyori said people ask her if it’s boring to live in the country side and Hyori said there is actually a lot to do (like cooking and those kinds of things).

The youngest asks Sang-soon if he eats this well every day and Sang-soon smiles and nods. Hyori said she won’t eat noodles that day because it makes her indigested, but everyone else enjoys the food. At the B&B right now are all the young people. Then Hyori says actually she didn’t boil enough noodles so she wanted them to eat them all (she references the GOD song, Mother). The caption said they will play the song at the end of the episode.

They wonder if anyone else is coming and then we see that some other people have arrived from the airport!

They get a phone call and find out that 4 guys are coming. IU is like “Whaaaat,” actually everyone is like “Whaaaaaaaat,” they are wondering where to put 4 men. They decided that they should rent an RV to house them all so Sang-soon calls a place to find out the price. But then they wonder if they should sleep in the camper instead and put the guests in the recording studio?

IU helps the middle sibling put in contacts at the mirror in the living room. It’s the middle kids second time to try to put them in because she bought them for this trip. Aw, that is so cute. Now the sister has come to help and Hyori came to help, it is like a girl party to try and put these contacts in. Finally, they figure it out! Now they are off to do some other things.

Hyori wants to write “Hyori-eh Minbab” or “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast” in front of their place. She finds some huge piece of wood and Oppa helps her carry it to the front where she writes Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast in chalk. Hyori puts “Sang-soon is also here” at the bottom. The board is Jeju-do style and they put it right outside their home at the front gate. Then they all start to get ready for the new guests. While getting ready they listen to an IU song that talks about remembering your first kiss so Hyori asks Oppa if he remembers their first kiss. He said it was in an attic with some moonlight shining in. She asks if he was nervous and he said it was okay. She said they didn’t even kiss properly because his arm was broken and Sang-soon said they kissed properly and Hyori said they couldn’t do the next step because his arm was broken. Lol. They are a pretty funny couple.

They are driving to the house and talking about how nervous they are to meet Hyori noona. One of them wants to tell her that he loves her and another one said that Sang-soon will hit him if he says that.

Ji-un is promoted to board of director or something cute like that and they have their company meeting outside at the picnic tables, lol. This meeting is to solve the problem, but they need to know what the problem is first.

1st problem:
Sang-soon’s teeth have too much gochugaru in them so she can’t focus (Sang-soon goes to brush his teeth — problem solved!)

Hyori has a fun time imitating Ji-un’s run and they all laugh about it. Then they get to business.

So, they go to bed too late and it is hard to wake up, so they need a black out time. They think maybe 11 pm can be the time when they turn off the lights. IU says she doesn’t have any problem coming to work on time (she works from 8-10:30 pm). They decide IU works very hard, like 14 hours a day, so they give her a break period where she can take a nap and relax during the day for like 2 hours.

Then the phone rings and IU runs off so Sang-soon has fun trying to run like IU. He looks very fragile, almost like he is frolicking. Then they get into this discussion about Hyori saying Oppa. She can only say it 7 times and expect him to answer.

The guests arrive and they are sooooooo nervous. Sang-soon says they arrived in a convertible like some orange-jok people (which is a joke and throwback term to the 80’s describing some sleazy rich people who drive a fancy car and tell women to hop in). Also, they think one of the men is a girl because he has long hair. Haha.

The guests all settle in and talk to Hyori while IU makes them coffee. It looks like she has gotten better making it.

The guests say they have been friends since middle school and this is their first time coming to Jeju. They are so happy to be there, but they are trying to play it off. IU serves them coffee and they are all like, ummmmm is this a dream? IU is serving us coffee, we can’t drink this coffee, we have to pack it up and take it back with us.

IU waits with them and they look so nervous to drink in front of IU. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. It looks like they forgot how to drink coffee, lol. And how to speak. They are super nervous. IU explains things to them and tells them that they provide breakfast and dinner but they have to eat lunch somewhere else and that they turn off the lights at 10:30 pm because the older couple sleeps early, but they can still hang out outside. However, it is quiet time after 10:30 pm. Then she shows them around the house and they follow her around like some minions or lost little puppy dogs. Seriously, they are all huddled together as they follow IU around.

The camper arrives so the production shows us (the viewers) all the things that are in the camper like a norebang machine, bed, and little kitchen and all those things. Hyori comes back in and asks the 4 gentlemen what they are doing today. They tell her that they are going scuba diving and will eat lunch out. Hyori says she will give them some bread and starts to make them egg and ham sandwiches with lettuce and tomato sauce. IU takes it out to them and runs back inside. This woman is always running. Hyori also makes a sandwich for IU that is like the size of IU’s head, lol. The 4 friends head out to scuba dive and eat the sandwich in the car. It is all quiet at the B&B again.

Naptime at the meenbap as Hyori and Sang-soon sleep in the music room. But before that Sang-soon tells IU to take a break as well. IU says she isn’t sleepy so she will just relax in the yard.

Everyone is asleep except for Ji-un who decides to go to the backyard area and read a book that she packed. (The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

Hyori wakes up and starts to play some Lauryn Hill. IU is still reading her book and hears some toke toke toke on the window. It turns out that Sang-soon is awake as well and is killing all the bugs in the house.

Hyori pulls out her tea setup and makes some tea for herself and probably for everyone else as well. Sang-soon tells IU that if she wants some tea she is welcome to it. They relax and drink the tea inside. Hyori says it feels good to relax and drink tea because they hadn’t done it in a while. Sang-soon wonders how the old people are doing so we cut to them to find out.

The older couple is basically having a really fun time fishing. Halmoni caught something and Halabogi is sneak peeking her because she caught something. Then she catches another one and another one, lol. Halabogi hasn’t caught any yet. She tells him to catch one because she is ready to go home. Halabogi says let’s just go home, aw, he didn’t catch any. That is pretty adorable that Halamoni caught everything.

Hyori wants IU to experience buying something at a market so she tells IU to buy whatever she thinks looks good at the market, Oppa will take her.

Awkward time in the car together with IU and Oppa. Sang-soon finally breaks the ice and asks if IU is comfortable with Hyori. IU says she is very comfortable with Hyori since day 1. IU talks about the last time she saw Hyori was an image of a super scary strong woman in all black with black makeup, so she was a little worried when they first met. But then when Hyori ran to her on her first day, all the worries disappeared.

Sang-soon said Hyori feels awkward and doesn’t like to meet strangers and was actually awkward meeting IU and everyone, but it looks like they got comfortable with each other quickly.

IU tries to disguise herself with a hat (I don’t think that will work) and goes into the market. Hmm, it looks like it might be working a little. IU said this hat is the most unpleasing hat she has ever worn. She gets her fish and the guy asks her if she is IU and she says yes and signs something for him. Then she buys a lot of things like snacks and sweets and chocolate and goes back outside. She looks so happy. She said with that look she fits in well with the background. Mission accomplished as they drive home.

Off exploring all the gorgeous things Jeju has to offer (like wetlands and all those beautiful things) while The Lion King music plays. It’s the cirrrrrrcle of liiiife…

The adorable older couple comes home with the fish and Halbae calls the dogs random names that he picked out, lol. Also, they are carrying these fish in the most adorable box ever. Hyori inspects the box and finds out that they are still alive and it gives her a big shock. The fish are all jumping around and stuff. But it looks like Halmoni knows how to cook them.

OMG, Halmoni looks like a super gangster with this huge knife!!! She is not just holding the knife, she has a gangster swag about her in how she holds it and in how she walks and stands. I am very curious about this Halmoni now. Halmoni cuts off all the scales and guts the fish and does all the hard work while the super fluffy cat stares at her. Montage about Mimi staring at people and food.

Halmoni makes Meyoontang (hot/spicy fish stew) and they all stare at her while she makes it. IU and Hyori eat gim while Halmoni makes the food. Halmoni looks like a super pro and I’m kind of in awe of her and scared at the same time.

Outside Sang-soon is trying to cut wood again and I have this feeling that Halmoni could do it all in less time and build a house with the leftovers while preparing dinner.

Meanwhile, Hyori gives Halbae a personal yoga lesson/massage/stretch while Sang-soon looks on.

They are eating the fish and OMG it looks so good. This fish has very tight flesh/meat since it is wild aaaaaand they cooked it outside over a fire. I want to eat that so badly. The older people all sit around the table and eat the fish with soup and some alcohol. The caption even says the fish flesh looks tight.

The conversation around the dinner table is about marriage. The older couple has been married for 40 years and Hyori and Sang-soon have been married for 4 years. the older couple says they fought a lot when they were young because Halmae would put the kids to sleep and Halbae would come home and wake them up. Halbae says he would always say he is sorry right away.

Montage with how the younger guests are spending their evening eating out at restaurants and enjoying their time.

IU said she will go to Seoul to a college festival tomorrow and Sang-soon said all those 27-year-old guys will be sad. Hyori said she is still there and Sang-soon said she is different because she is a married woman and Hyori said he is a married man or something like that. They go outside and talk and enjoy the fire with Iu is inside doing the dishes. They talk about how it will be hard without Ji-un tomorrow. Sang-soon talks about what he and IU talked about in the car and they have a fun time talking about how they never know a person until you meet them and spend time with them. Hyori also said she didn’t know IU was the time of person she is. She thought she would be prissy but IU is more relaxed like a normal neighborhood kid that you want to take care of.

IU packs up and says bye-bye to the older couple before leaving and then she says bye to Sang-soon and Hyori. Sang-soon said they don’t eat too many snacks so she can take them all and enjoy them. IU tells them that she will come in the morning to help prepare breakfast and then leave.

Aw, they play the kids song at the end of the episode. IU is in the background and Sang-soon is on the guitar. Hyori is the producer. The song name is Sang-soon’s Meen-bap. But the song is actually the theme song for Hyori’s meenbap, they are revealing it for the first time right now. While revealing it they show a montage of scenes from making the song and of the guests enjoying Jeju. They are releasing the full version on the Hyori-nae meenbap website. Aw, their theme song is so meaningful.

We will stay here without any worries
Until the end of time
For me, this is wider than the blue sea
For you, it is bluer than Jeju island
Please rent me a room
I will leave all my memories here
With you, the only one in my life
I want to live this way and that way with you

Sang-soon makes the morning coffee and Hyori makes breakfast. The caption says if they don’t eat together than it is weird now. The explorers stay there the longest so they clean weeds and stuff. Four more girls show up! They have 14 people total, wow, so many. They show IU singing at the college and then they show Sang-soon and Hyori with a mud mask on. The question is: can Sang-soon and Hyori handle all the guests?

We will find out next week! But for us, it’s more like tomorrow since we are so far behind.

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