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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap Episode 2

Hyori's Hostel season 2 recap variety show
In this episode we get to know the Judo players a bit more. We find out that they can really put food away, take amazing care of their skin, and one of them wants to see Park Bo-gum before she dies (maybe she will get her chance!). We also get a nice little taste of their outdoor sauna-like jacuzzi and we see just how Yoona is fitting in with everyone.

If you want to watch along then you can at On Demand Korea! They don’t have subs for ep 2 yet, but they always get their episodes up really quickly (like within an hour or two of the airing) and you don’t have to worry about all the pop ups or anything from sketchy sites.


Recap of the first episode

The judo players drive into the place and freak out. They can’t believe that they are there and they can’t believe that Sang-soon is there to greet them. They all huddle together as they get out of their car.

They freak out once again when they see Im Yoon-ah, but they try not to scream inside the house. Everyone introduced themselves from the couch. They are all friends and Judo players and they are all college seniors. They say their names and they all have very pretty names. They say they come here every December for their competitions, but this time they are here for vacation.

Hyori explains the sauna and the outside tent because the guests are already familiar with the house. They just need a two-hour advance notice with the sauna. Yoon-ah starts to work at making the guests something to drink. Only one of them wants something warm and the others say that citron tea is good for them. Meanwhile, SS makes a reservation at a pork cutlet place for the guests. They drink their citron drink and start to head out, but SS tells them that if it starts to snow then they need to come home right away.

The young women leave and talk about how beautiful Hyori looks. Her face is so small and light like their forearms.

4 PM
Sang-soon and Yoon-ah will go grocery shopping and the chairman will write them a list and then take the dogs out. They need clams and rice and some other things. But when Hyori sees SS and YA she tells them that they have a Baduk concept because one is dressed in all black and the other is dressed in all white. They leave and talk about Gyoshil-i who likes it outside and inside and everywhere.

But it is awkward in the car because SS and YA aren’t talking. SS tries to say something, but it falls flat. Yoon-ah just agrees and then they are left without anything to say again. Meanwhile, Hyori tries to take the dogs out by herself. She has three of the dogs with her out of 6 dogs. She takes them to the same place her and SS went to last summer. Now it is all snowy. IU wrote the lyrics of the song that is playing. it is a song about snowmen. Hyori relaxes with the dogs but says that she will come there with Oppa next time. Then she takes off running with the doggies.

SS and YA are at the grocery store, shopping. YA wants to get a hairpin for Eunnie because she uses tape to pin her hair back. They also get some slippers for the guests. they wonder if they should buy some kimbap or not. SS thinks they should ask Hyori. Godfather music starts to play as he calls Hyori and Hyori says that they should just come home, she is super busy, she can’t talk. We see that Hyori is super cold and tells her dogs that they shouldn’t go outside on cold days. Meanwhile, SS and YA get home without kimbap.

MEENBAK 4:30 pm
Hyori gets home as SS and YA start to unpack everything. They get busy unpacking all the slippers and blankets and everything they bought for the guests. The waterproof slippers are for outside and the warm cotton ones are for inside. They busy themselves putting the slippers in all the appropriate places. Yoona does a most of the work and SS and H think that YA is really good at working. SS says, “You Pass!” again. YA also gives Hyori her hairpins. Hyori thinks her forehead is getting bigger, but she thinks that she can’t do anything about it because it’s just aging.

Cut to the Judo players enjoying their meal. After they finish eating, they go to the planetarium to see all the winter flowers. There is a Camelia flower there that is very pretty. The guests take a lot of photos there and have a wonderful time walking around and joking. But then it starts to hail and they take cover and take more photos.

SS plays retro music and starts to dance like people from Germany who go to the club. SS thinks that all the people in Germany dance with their hands in fists and pump the air with their arms and body. He walks around the house like that. They relax after SS gets it all out and shows YA all her paintings of her animals. Hyori doesn’t try to draw well or not draw well, she just likes to draw. She thinks drawing like a primary school kid is okay.

SS picks a song called “Beautiful Thing” by Kang Tae-gu and they sit at the table and relax. Hyori draws and YA and SS drink some tea. Hyori says that she took art in school but it wasn’t fun. If she could draw what she wanted to then that would be fun. Drawing animals is fun, but she doesn’t like drawing anything else. Hyori tells YA to draw something as well and YA starts to draw too. YA decided to draw the cup and Hyori thinks that it looks good. Hyori tells her that she doesn’t have to draw it exactly like object, she could take a photo, so it is okay to draw whatever way she wants to.

SS tells them that he will practice DJing a little bit and he goes to his studio. Hyori tells YA that SS is comfortable with her which is why he went to the grocery store. They write something on their drawings and YA covers it beause she is embarrassed to write it. But when she is done, she reads it:

Cold Air,
Warm tea
This winter in a cozy house
Hyori-nae Meenbak season two

They both squeal at how corny it is. Meanwhile, SS is having a good time DJing with his cold air, warm tea, and solitude. The caption reads: The only thing that keeps my heart beating is this beat.

Back at the house, Hyori has the hardest time reaching things that are so high. Yoon-ah gets it for her easily. They start to talk about cooking a lot. Hyori says that they don’t have any places to go to or order from, so they cook a lot. They start to make Mille-feuille nabe which is meat wrapped in lettuce and then cooked in a pot like a flower. Hyori and SS only put vegetables in theirs though. It looks really good. They add three huge mushrooms and pour water in the pot and start to cook it.

They move the pot to the table and wait for it to cook. Hyori tells SS not to touch it! Because he wants to open it and look at it. All SS thinks about it food even though YA and Hyori try to talk about other things. Finally, they can open it. The food looks amazingly good and it was surprisingly easy to make. They eat a lot and drink soju with their meal. YA does a very cute aegyo move “The first cup should be one shot,” Hyori thinks that YA can do it, but maybe not her. She does it anyway to SS though, but it doesn’t come across as well. Hyori says that she needs to clean her teeth and they all start to laugh. They wonder what the Judo players are doing now.

Cut to the Judo players at a bottomless pit pig barbecue place. This is a pig that is common to Jeju, the Jeju black pig. They think that they ate all day, but they are still eating. They think that they forgot all about all the other food that they ate once they saw this, but they shouldn’t eat it yet, they have to cook it more. They let it cook a little more and then start to eat. The caption says that the meal was refilled for a long time after this and the owner of the BBQ place asked them if they like meat this much or if they are just eating a lot just because? They actually didn’t realize that they ate that much, it was more just like a normal meal.

The Judo players send a KaTalk to the Meenbak and SS wonders if that restaurant is okay. then they get to work lighting the fire in the living room. It looks gorgeous once it is lit and then they sit to eat an apple pie on the floor. But SS just looks at the portions and thinks that they are all eating a similar amount (but he is way bigger than them). They don’t think about it though and then they just start to put the mattresses together in the bedroom, for the Judo players.

YA pushes the luggage against the other luggage, but it falls and lands on SS’s toe. SS tattletales on YA to Hyori and YA laughs and apologizes about it. Hyori tells him that she will give him “hoo hoo” and SS pulls his foot up to her face and Hyori runs off.

Then the Judo players come back and talk about their sightseeing. They think it is super cold outside so SS increases the heat. Hyori tells them that they can all take a bath outside in the sauna tomorrow morning and just wash off tonight. They agree and go upstairs.

9:30 PM
SS walks YA to the gate and the judo players get ready for bed with their facial regime. Hyori goes upstairs and watches them get ready. She says that she has never seen someone with a facial pack and glasses. She asks them how much they work out. 2 hours in the early morning, 2 in the morning, and 2 after dinner. So 6 hours total. Then they will join a pro team so they can get paid to practice. Hyori wants to know what you do if you don’t make it to pro and they say that they will become a coach.

The super skinny Judo player is the same weight as Hyori and she wants to know if they should fight, but it’s a joke. They all say goodnight and SS does a funny magic trick with the curtains where he makes his head look like it is floating. Hyori thinks it is scary and he will be in her dreams. He laughs and settles in for bed. SS searches his name and sees that the photos of him and YA at the grocery store are already on the internet. Then they go to sleep.

Overnight there is a large amount of snowfall. The dogs bark about it overnight. Or maybe just Gwana barks about it?

3:30 AM
Hyori wakes up and goes to the kitchen. She tries to sit down and meditate but then she sees her yard and can’t help but watch all the snow accumulating. She goes back inside and drinks her tea with the snow as her friend.

But then the snow becomes hail and thunder. Hyori thinks, what is going on and looks outside. She looks a little nervous and worried. But the judo players are sleeping well in the bedroom. No one is waking up amid all the noise of the storm. back at the table, Soonshimi goes to see Hyori and Hyori decides to give up morning yoga and go to bed.

7 AM
Yoona wakes up and prepares herself. She has more time to prepare herself She puts her hair in a “Poop” hairstyle, which I guess is the look nowadays, kind of like a high bun but more Chuno style. Yoona walks to the house and everyone is still sleeping. guana starts barking and happily greeting YA. All the dogs are awake and barking. In addition, Jeju has a weather warning. No outdoor activities near the sea today.

The Judo players start to wake up and everyone starts to talk about the snow. They wonder if they will have new customers today and they start to prepare breakfast. YA does everything. Then she comes out and greets all the guests by their name. She almost remembers all of them and then she goes back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. One funny thing is that all the guests watch Yoona preparing, lol.

Meanwhile, SS prepares the sauna outside and Hyori gives the guests some tea for the guests inside. Hyori tells them that they can drink tea before fighting to keep from feeling nervous. Then she asks them if they have any footage from their matches. They show Hyori some footage on their phone and Hyori is pretty blown away. But she calls the moves things like “Back hug” and “clam fighting.” Then she thinks of some more things to talk to the girls about.

One of the girls talk about how she wants to see Park Bo-gum before she dies and Hyori said that she heard that PBG said that she is her ideal type in an interview. Search it! They search it, but they can’t find it. On the screen it says, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no” and then Hyori shows them a photo of Park Bo-gum looking at her photo when he was young and all those things. The poor girl doesn’t want to believe it.

Hyori said she hasn’t had a chance to meet him though because he became well known while she wasn’t working. Montage of Park Bo-gum showing up to their meenbak and helping. On the caption, it says: “Park Bo-gum is coming…”

But now we are back in the present with YA cooking. SS thinks that YA is amazing. She brings all these things that help with cooking, like a chopping device for the veggies and a handheld grinder. She makes Jumbok juk for everyone and Hyori cuts some seaweed around one of the girls. She wants to know how the girl feels and then how she would feel if Park Bo-gum did it behind her. The girl says that she wouldn’t be able to breathe if it was Park Bo-gum.

Hyori is pretty concerned with feeding them. She wants to make sure that they eat until they are full. The judo players all enjoy their breakfast and decide to do all the cleaning. YA thinks that she can clean, but the Judo players want to do the cleaning. But YA tries to get in and the Judo players call their bigger players to block YA from cleaning.

YA decides to go to the table and help Hyori with making some baskets for the sauna. These baskets will smell good and it is also good for women. it is like a medicinal extract so they dip it in the bath for the women and then they draw some faces on the wood pile next to the sauna. The women hop in and relax. They really enjoy it.

Hyori cuts the extract drink and gives it to the women outside and to YA but she doesn’t give any to SS, lol. SS decides to provide his music service and plays something for the women to enjoy. He plays “You likey likey likey” and everyone starts to do the likey dance inside.

Hyori thinks that these girls are strange because she keeps looking at them playing as if they are her dogs, but she doesn’t mean it in a bad way. She just likes watching them. YA goes outside and takes a picture of the ladies in the hot tub and then SS takes a photo as well. Then YA brings them some towels. They all look at Yuna and they are frozen when she is around. All they do is watch her until she goes back inside then they talk about how pretty she is.

While inside the guests try to do some weightlifting moves one the counter, but only SS is able to do it. Hyori and YA both fall though.

The Judo ladies go inside one by one to take a shower and the owners take a break. But then it starts to snow a lot again. SS runs to the outdoor tent and grabs the slippers to put in the main house. They think the guests might not be able to leave today. Then Hyori tells YA that they can make a slow-motion movie outside. So they go outside and jump around. We see the video in slow motion that SS takes of them jumping around and playing outside with the dogs. Then SS gets in the video and makes a slow-motion video. Everything looks pretty in slow motion, that is the magic of slow motion. Then Hyori and SS make the slow-motion video from their first trailer. But in reality it doesn’t look so great, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is so funny. Everyone inside wonders why they are spinning around all of a sudden.

They all go back inside and watch their slow motion video while the guests continue to take turns with the shower. YA and Hyori tell SS that he looks like a Japanese actor. SS thinks he should have YA’s number. YA says she can give SS her number with Hyori’s permission, but Hyori says don’t give it to him or he will text her things in the middle of the night. Hyori tells him that he has two celebrity women’s phone numbers now. IU and Yoon-ah. Then she thinks three phone numbers if she includes herself.

Then they look at the photos of the guests that they took with Yoonas ap and Yoona wants to know if they would like to take a photo together. She takes there photo and starts laughing and then she shows it to SS and Hyori and they start laughing too. the app switched Hyori and SS’s face so they look very strange yet somehow normal? They take another picture and this one looks really ridiculous with a beard and makeup on them.

Hyori looks at the first photo and wonders, what if their daughter looks like this! She shows it to the guests and Yoona and Hyori play upstairs with the ladies for awhile. But the weather is better now so the women decide to leave and have some fun in Judo.

SS gets busy showing YA how to use the gate and the laundry. YA looks like she figures everything out quickly.

The airport has a lot of delays, but through the clouds, we see that one airplane has landed. The new guests arrive. It looks like it might be two women.

A lot of guests show up. The two woman and a lot of men.
But they get trapped inside with no water or food and Hyori gets sick.

#1: Park Bo-gum is comming. One of the girls mentions that she wants to see PBG before she dies. Hyori tells her that PBG said that she is his ideal woman and starts to find the quote online. Then we see that PBG will be arriving soon.

#2: Everything looks good in slow motion. It is gorgeous outside so Hyori thinks they should make slow motion videos using Sang-soons phone. Hyori and Yoona go outside and start jumping in the snow. then SS gets in on the fun. But the production cuts to real-time and we see that it isn’t as sexy in real time

#3. Playing with Yoona’s ap. Yoona swithes the faces of SS and Hyori on her ap and it cracks the owners up. Hyori wonders if this is how their daughter will look.

#4: “Likey Likey” dance while the guests sit in the sauna outside

#5: Hyori talks to the guests a little bit and then SS makes his head look like it is floating.

Sources hyorine_official, YouTube

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  1. elif
    February 16, 2018 / 2:37 am

    hi!which song was playing when they took slow motion video?

    • V
      February 20, 2018 / 5:45 am

      I’ll try to find that out Elif!

      • V
        February 24, 2018 / 8:02 pm

        Hi Elif, we found it!

        Drain – You are a Pretty Person

  2. Stone
    February 18, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Are you stopping with the live recaps for this show? I noticed that there’s no episode 3 recap.

    It takes about 4 days before subtitled episodes are available on ondemandkorea.com (which is then promptly stolen by other sites) so I was glad to find your site to ease the wait and satisfy my overeager curiosity. My Korean is fairly basic, which of course is better than nothing, but having your recap to clarify or explain things is pretty helpful.

    By the way, I felt bad for Yoona whenever the judo athletes would gape at her. I understand that they are starstruck in her presence, but to stare directly at her with their mouths half-open is a bit too much. She’s not a zoo animal. Yikes. I feel that the last season’s guests were better at hiding their awe and surprise when they encountered IU, which is pretty impressive since IU was the surprise twist, whereas this season’s guests at least know that Hyori and Sang-Soon will have at least once celebrity assistant even if they don’t know who it is.

    • V
      February 18, 2018 / 9:53 pm

      We’re still recapping it! We got a little behind with some other work today, but we plan on putting it out tomorrow (Monday).

      • V
        February 18, 2018 / 9:56 pm

        Also, completely agree about staring at Yoona like that, it even makes me uncomfortable. Hopefully they will get to know her a little better when they are all trapped together.

        Actually, this makes me wonder what they will do when Park Bo-gum shows up.

        • Stone
          February 19, 2018 / 11:39 pm

          They’ll keel over dead. Or their mouths will be permanently attached to the ground. That is if the judo ladies are still around when he arrives. I noticed that the subsequent guests (in episode 3) were better at hiding their surprise at seeing Yoona, or maybe they just prepared themselves mentally at anticipating a surprise celebrity (guestworker). Anyway they seemed to take it in stride when encountering her. A friend speculated it might be an age thing since the newer guests are a bit older than the judo ones. Who knows.

          Anyway thanks for the response. I noticed, of course, after the fact that you recapped season 1, although there were times when you fell behind. Considering that Dramabeans doesn’t recap reality/variety shows and Soompi doesn’t even have a thread for this show, I’m glad that you are recapping, even if you can’t do it live, and that you’ve created a space for fans (to make comments). Therefore I’m fine if you can’t do” live” recaps as long as you continue to recap when you can. I hope over time, more folks will contribute to the discussion/comments. Thanks again.

          • V
            February 20, 2018 / 5:44 am

            LOL. I really want them to still be around so the one who really likes Park Bo-gum can actually meet him. It looks like they leave the next episode though so they might not get the chance.

            I am so happy that you are reading our recaps on Hyori B&B! We almost finished the first season, but we stopped recapping that once the second season came out. We decided to just hop right into the second season. Our goal is to finished this season semi-live.

            I was thinking of making a Soompi thread for it, but I’ve never made one before so I chickened out 🙂

            Are you watching Yoon’s kitchen by chance? We really wanted to do that one too, but we just don’t have the time.

  3. Stone
    February 20, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    Maybe they’ll be snowed in so their departure is delayed until Park Bo-gum arrives.

    It’s probably a good thing that you didn’t make a Soompi thread. Their variety/reality show forum is really inactive, and as a friend noted, there’s been a noticeable decline in posts even in their drama/movie forum. I don’t know what’s going on with Soompi. No one seems to be posting, but plenty of people are lurking around. I noticed that on the Buamdong Avengers Club thread that every once in a while someone would mention that they’ve been lurking, and I did try to contribute comments to that thread but only a handful of folks were willing to participate. It’s like throwing a dinner party and trying to come up with interesting topics to discuss but, except for maybe one person, no one wants to (or can’t be bothered to) open their mouths, yet they’re all still interested in hearing what you have to say.

    The only purpose I can see for you starting a Soompi thread is to promote your site. You could provide links to your recaps , or if that’s not permitted, then cut and paste your recap with a reference to your website. (Of course, you should contribute a comment or two to the thread so that it doesn’t look like you’re only there to advertise your site.) And maybe the Soompi users would migrate to here. By the way I came to your site because one of you mentioned it on Soompi, maybe in the Return thread. I can’t remember. Anyway I’m proof that you can find a few interested parties who are willing to check you out.

    I’m not watching Yoon’s Kitchen, even though I’ve seen some of PD Na’s other reality shows with Mr. Grumpy (Dimples). I may check it out sometime in the future. Actually, I usually don’t watch reality/variety programs, partly because for a long time it was difficult to get subtitled episodes. Have you considered doing a poll to see if any of your readers is watching the show and thus would like recaps? From what I can tell, you two already have a full slate, so I wouldn’t want you to overextend yourselves when there isn’t that enough interest.

    If there’s a season 2 of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, I would look forward to your recaps…. 😉

    • V
      February 21, 2018 / 6:42 pm

      I have never heard of the show “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,” that sounds so intriguing so i’m about to google it!

      I am so happy that you mentioned the lack in posting on Soompi, I noticed it too but I thought it was only me. I feel like maybe the lack in posting has been gradual since Viki purchased Soompi and started implementing even more rules on top of the ones they already have. I got dinged on posting two comments back-to-back in a forum even though they were like 20-30 minutes apart. I don’t understand how they expect forums to survive if an active and passionate poster can’t post back-to-back.

      I have seen a few other people get dinged on posting images or quoting images or something like that. One person mentioned that they were so sorry and it was their first time posting in Soompi. I felt so bad for them so I had to tell them that the rules are confusing to everyone.

      I love being active on Soompi though and I am happy that you found your way over here from there! There are some really great people on Soompi that are so insightful when it comes to dramas. I probably won’t create a forum, but I love contributing on already created forums. 🙂

      Also, I really need to watch Buamdong Adventures Club because I heard that it is GREAT.

      • Stone
        February 23, 2018 / 10:10 pm

        “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” is on Viki. If you haven’t already looked it up, it’s about a bunch of Korean celebrities who become temporary roommates for a long weekend. It’s definitely not your standard variety show since the participants are notable awkward homebodies. The series is considered a pilot, so there were only 4 or so episodes, and it aired during the KBS/MBC strike last fall. I only learned of it from the What Are You Watching thread on Dramabeans, but thanks to those fellow beanies, I also found Hyori’s show.

        I don’t know what’s driving the decline at Soompi (I’m an intermittent visitor), and whether it’s one factor or the combined effect of multiple ones that’s causing it. I agree the rule changes likely had a dampening effect. I also wonder, if once the novelty of having a place like Soompi wore off, a fatigue might have set in for its most active users, who drove and maintained the conversation. Sometimes people lost their enthusiasm and they may not have as much free time as before. Also, there hasn’t been a consistent flow of massive hit shows to help attract hordes of people to the board. My speculation could be completely off the mark, so who really knows.

        Buamdong Club is a fun watch. I hope you enjoy it when you do see it.

        • V
          February 24, 2018 / 5:32 am

          Yep, I googled it and I saw the Viki page! I also love the watch are you watching post on Dramabeans. 🙂

          I also think your probably right about some old head Soompiers not being as active (having babies, new jobs, la la). So maybe there just needs to be a newer bunch to take over the obsession. The hits are also lacking too. I think it’s the same with Dramabeans, we have had a few months of dryness in Kdrama world.

          • Stone
            March 1, 2018 / 11:37 am

            I do think those are contributing factors, but a buddy of mine is pretty sure that the Soompi rule changes are the primary reason for the decline. My friend is likely right because many longtime Soompiers still do lurk on the boards — they haven’t entirely left and sometimes they do pop up and comment.

            Dramabeans is a somewhat different situation. Like Soompi, many of their issues appear to be self-inflicted too. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes but what its users see isn’t very pretty. It’s sloppy and nonsensical. However, they haven’t alienated folks yet, like Soompi. They’ve built a lot of goodwill over the years, so folks are less pissed off and more concerned. If they at least appear to be addressing some of the complaints, then they’ll survive.

  4. Soonja
    April 25, 2018 / 2:33 am

    What aplication use for Slow motion Video ??

    • V
      April 25, 2018 / 2:35 am

      I think Samsung phones come with the option included? Not sure about this though.

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