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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Live Recap: Episode 4

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Today’s episode introduces two new guests, a halmoni and halabog. I’m interested to see how they will affect the show. Also, just a note that we won’t be able to do the live recap of Bride of the Water God this Monday and Tuesday for episodes 5&6. We are packing/cleaning/unplugging/moving/etc this week. We are also not sure when we will have the internet back (and fast enough for live streaming), but hopefully we will be able to have it soon.

HOW THIS WORKS: We start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We update scene-by-scene around every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 9:00 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: H – Hyori | O – Oppa (Sang-soon) | IU – Ji-un

——– = 10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


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They go through a review of what happened in the last episode with everything IU did in the house. It’s showing all her chores and the captions are saying that her ability is not meeting her desire (joking). It shows the Busan young ladies having a fun time with IU and then leaving and the new people came.

Now we are all caught back up. Okay, the halmoni and halabogi are in at the airport and asking for a ride. Hyori says they don’t pick up, but the guests could rent a car. But the seniors are like, “Huh, rent?” I don’t think they know too much about renting cars or anything. They still have a flip phone. So Hyori said they can pick the up and O went to go get them.

The halmoni and halabogi are so happy to be picked up, it is so cute. Now they start talking. The old people live in Gyangsando, next to Masan. But it doesn’t look like O knows what to say to them. He is trying hard to think of something to say.
O – That is Halla Mountain, you should go
Halabogi – my knees arent so good, do you have fishing
O – ah, that is good.

IU and Hyori get a call and there are some new customers at the gate, but they don’t have a car. They came 2 hours ago and called the house. O picked up and gave them their address. They are two girls and a boy, ah, they are siblings and are from Gimbo, near Seoul. They are all wearing straw hats like they are farmers, but they are actually from just outside Seoul.

Hyori starts to talk to them, the age differences are 34, 21, and 15 with the siblings. Hyori told them that they older couple is upstairs so the younger couple can sleep in the courtain area downstairs.

H – no rental?
G1 – we rented but parked outside
G2 – we have cats at home

The cats are approaching them and sense that they love cats. They said they are going to do some Jeju diving like the women of Jeju who dive for fish and Hyori makes a joke that they will try to do that and then buy some fish from the store. Then they play with one of the dogs and play a chick chick pang game where they shoot and they dog fell asleep like he got shot. It was pretty cute.


The boy is the youngest and all the animals like him. It looks like people recognize the brown dog because that dog has been in a lot of pictorals with Hyori. They picked up this dog from the shelter and her name is Soonshim. Soonshim is always with Hyori and O wherever they go.

Hyori asks what they want to eat and they say octopus so Hyori said if they don’t catch octopus then don’t come home. Fighting. The siblings leave and Hyori says the youngest is very cute.

O comes back with the Halmoni and Halabogi. and the dogs run to say hello. Hyori and IU come out and the Halmoni says Hyroi looks familiar, but it looks like Halabogi doesn’t know who they are, lol. They sit on the couch and drink some Lets Be. And we find out that their daughter signed them up for the show. They introduce IU and the Mom says she looks familiar as well, lol.

Hyori goes into the kitchen and IU helps her make some morning Ojino (octopus) Kimbap. They go through all the steps.

THe old man says that cat is expensive and calls it over so they can pet ip. Halbae is 78 and Halamoni is 69. O takes Halabogi and Halmoni upstairs and shows them the room. Halmoni tells O that they brought their own food, A LOT OF FOOD, lol. Even their own coffee. They brought so much food. They even brought fungus for making mackogi (rice wine). O takes all the food downstairs and Halmoni said for them to think like their own mother brought a lot of food and to eat happily.

halmoni starts to tell Hyori what all the food is and that she needs sticky rice to make mackgoli. Hyori says thank you so much, even her mom doesn’t bring that much food. The food is ready and Halmoni and Halabogi start to eat, then the owners take a break as well.

Hyori says O and IU look like couple T-shirts because their pink looks so similar and Hyori’s pink is so dark. Then they go outside for a company meeting, but they are pretty quiet, lol. Then they start to talk about how they can help the older guests get around. O said he can help drop them off and pick them up. Then O gets on the phone and their is a montage about O helping the older couple do everything. He calls a fishing boat and a taxi and everything for them. Back to the present and O is thinking that he can do it.

Then they start to talk about the three kids and we see the kids at the fisherwoman diving school. It looks like so much fun. The kids are trying hard and caught some little things. They said thank you octopus and leave with all the things they caught (mostly clams maybe?)

Halabogi is enjoying nature and Sangsoon is right next to thim, lol. This show is all about the awkward moments. Inside the house the Halmoni is helping Hyori in the kitchen, but then she goes outside to find her husband. She sees that he is outside looking at trees with O. She joins them and Halabogi becomes lively after his wife shows up. He walks around looking for some Mindilae (dandelion?) with his wife and O says they can enjoy and he will leave them to enjoy. Then he runs away, lol.

It shows a little montage of IU, O, and Hyori harvesting some food in their farm and picking flowers in their garden.

Back tot he older couple. Halabogi is super excited about the dandelions. Here Here Here Here Here Here. He is showing his wife where they all are. But then halabogi gets tired and rests on the side and halmoni keeps getting dandelion.

Halabogi tells Halabogi that IU is a singer that their granddaughter likes. She is super famous! Halabogi is like “Ooooh.” Lol. Halmoni said to not call IU emo (aunt or kitchen aunt) because she is super famous. Then they sit and enjoy nature.

IU was helping Hyori a lot, but then Hyori tells IU to take a break and finishes up. But then Hyori also takes a break with her dogs and in less than 5 minutes eeryone is passed out. IU is also sleeping outside in the lawn chairs with a huge straw hat on. O tells IU that she found a nice hat and he tells her that she can take a nap next to Hyori. He then pulls a mattress into the room and they all take a nap together. They show shots of everyone sleeping, even the animals. They play IUs song and repeat the part that says “stay awake” lol because Sangsoon stays awake doing little things around the house.

the older guests come back and halmoni starts to make the rice wine. SHe says the rice should be aldente (not to hard). Then they go through the steps for making the rice wine. You have to cool it down and spread it out and add a little bit of soju and mix a lot and then put everything in a sterilized container and your done. Sang-soon puts it under the sun. It takes 5 days and it will make some boogle boogle boogle sound soon.

Hyori wakes up into a yoga pose and leaves. The sun comes in which wakes up IU, but Hyori tells IU that she can sleep longer. She collapses onto the couch, lol. It looks awkward.

Hyori goes outside and talkes to Halabogi who is still sitting and looking at nature on the pyongsang.

Finally IU cam out and O asks her if she slept well. SHe says she did and O tells her that she looks like she slept very well. He goes inside and they fold underpants and Hyori asks if he really has to fold it with the cameras around. O says there is no spot without cameras around, lol.

Cut to the explorers going around Jeju. They are still looking around at the volcano spots. They said it is the best place to study volcano rocks on the island. The caption shows a countdown to when the best sightseeing starts and when they arrive to the best spot the countdown ends and they show a panoramic view of the view. The explorers even go swimming. It looks really gorgeous.

It is still a lazy day, but Hyori says they should go out for a walk. As soon as she says that all the dogs wake up, lol. Ji-un says she also wants to go outside and puts on her straw hat. Hyori tells her she looks very cute in that hat and asks her where she got it. O waves byebye to them as they drive off. Mocha is with them.

They talk about how the old couple watches TV on Jeju island and how Hyori’s parents also like watching TV on Jeju. IU says she really likes the wind and everything there.
(sorry, forgot to update in awhile! This show is so relaxing.)

They drove about 10-15 minutes to a spot where they can see the sunset and the see at the same time. Hyori says a lot of people don’t know about this spot so it is very empty. It looks like there is only 1-2 other people there. IU takes mocha and Hyori takes the two white dogs, but IU is being dragged by her dog so she walks way ahead. Hyori tells her that she can relax because dogs like to smell everything, not walk and then IU sees that the dogs are smelling everything.

They keep walking and we see some more people. Hyori mocks IU playfully about how IU walks. Hyori says IU doesn’t walk, she runs, but she runs slowly. There is a sign on a door that says “Come back Hyori noona, I didn’t ring your bell.” Hyori thought that was really cute so she takes a picture by it.

IU says this place is beautiful and Hyori says Jeju has a lot of beautiful places that people don’t know about. They find a lovely spot on a rock and talk. Hyori tells her there is a cafe over there and infront of the stairs, sometimes when the water is gone, there is a little island. So she went to the island with O before they were married. O’s arms was broken so Hyori puts his socks on him and that is where their love started. Hyorisaid she was worried about getting married an having an affair, so she was hesitant about marriage, but she met the right person so she doesn’t worry about that at all. SHe said she tried to be a nice person and a nice person came to her, so if IU become a nice person and relaxes, then a nice person will come to her, she just has to spot them. They take a phot oand say they will show it to O later.

Cut to O watching TV with Halbae. It looks adorable.

IU and Hyori are enjoying the view of the ocean and Hyori tells IU that they should tell their customers to go there.

The siblings are driving back and they see the sunset so they say it is so pretty and get out to look at it. The explorers also see the sunset and stop to watch it. They said it is their first time to see this sunset. The caption says they have 3 locations of people looking at the sun together. While looking at the sunset the siblings wanted to send a video to their father. The boy says “Appa, we are at Jeju island, I love you.” His voice is still cracking because he is the youngest at 15. He is actually pretty adorable. The explorers also talk about the sun and how it will come up on the other side of the globe. the song they play is also about the sunset.

Hyori said it is enjoyable to come there and drink tea, those are the fun things to do in Jeju. IU said she gets hungry easily. Hyori said IU didn’t even work that much and IU was like, right, why am I so hungry? Hyori said maybe it is a sign that she is getting healthier.

O is helping halmoni make food and waiting for everyone to come back.

Hyori and IU are still enjoying the sunset/twilight hours. The sky is pink and blue now and they moved to a different location on a pier area. IU says maybe they should go back? The customers are waiting….So Hyori said okay, lets go and come back later to come to the sashimi store.


Sang-soon calls and tells them that food is ready. Hyori tells them that they will be back soon. Hyori calls Pilsoon eunni (who sang the sunset song) and calls to say hi. She shows IU to Pilsoon because IU was talking about Pilsoon a lot. IU is really happy that Pilsoon is coming so Hyori said she will buy 1-2 more bottle of soju. Hyori said she didn’t know anyone at jeju and before when she participated in all the variety shows she didn’t have anyone to call for help, but Pilsoon was a good friend she could call up. They drive quietly again and we hear a song from IU playing. It is an “I love you” song. Hyori says she likes this song, especially at night. They then show the nightime scene at Jeju while the song plays. Hyori asks Iu what she thought about while playing this song.

Halabogi is watching TV and then the cat comes up to say hello. He says “Ah, hi long time no see.” then he starts to play with the cat and pet her. It is the super chubby cat and halabogi says, “Ah, you are pregnant.” but she is just really fat. So the caption says that they became friends.

The kids come back at 8pm and show everything that they caught. The boy is shivering so Hyori asks if he is cold and he says yes so Hyori told them to put on some warm clothes and turns up the heater.

They already have dinner ready, dwen-jang-chigae (it looks so good). Plus a few sides. The older people start to eat and Hyori says the younger people will eat later with the things they caught today. They also have fish and dandelion salad which everyone says is good. They talk about tomorrow and Halmoni says she will make breakfast and she can make what Hyori wants (dwenjang chigae again). halmoni said younger people don’t know how to cook because they don’t take the time to learn, they just buy something. Their son is like that. Hyori says it is the same in their house. O likes his mothers food the most.

Halabogi heads back upstairs to watch the baseball game.

Everyone is downstairs and making sea food ramen with all the food the kids caught. The halmoni is helping them out, it looks like the kids are clueless, lol. Halmoni is telling them everything. the boy is asking if he can do something “Noona, should I do that?” he looks very cute. So he sits at the table with Sang-soon and peels something for dinner. He tells O that it is their first time to Jeju. O gets a call about the fishing boat and tells them to drop the older couple back off at the house when they are done please. He then gets another phone call and gives it to Hyori. It looks like it is Pilsoon, maybe? Sangsoon is running to the gate to let her in.

Hyori tells IU that a visitor came so IU starts to run to the gate as well. They go straight to the studio with the guest and it looks like it is Jang Pilsoon, the singer? I think it is her. IU looks starstruck.

The food is ready but the boy says he has to wait for his older sisters to eat first. Hyori said she is the oldest so she will eat first. then the older sisters come in and they says they were a little sad because Hyori was eating earlier with the other guests so they wouldn’t have a chance to eat with her, so they are happy to eat with her. HYori asks the boy if it is her or IU, tell her honestly, but she is joking. The boy says that he will never tell becuase he is not an easy man. They all laugh.

IU and Pilsoon are talking. It has been 30 years since Pilsoon debuts. Hyori said her and O got married because they were visiting Pilsoon in Jeju. Hyori goes in to hang out with IU and Pilsoon. Pilsoon might be in her 40’s so the ages are 40s, 30s, and 20s.

The older couple is upstairs and playing with the chubby cat. Halbae gave the chubby cat his own name and they are just hanging out with the cat. They turn off the light, but it is still bright. Halbae says the mattress is great. Sang-soon comes up and closes the window for them and tries to make everything comfortable for them. Halmae thought bubble says that Sangsoon is a kind person. They go to sleep.

Hyori says she will make a campfire outside and everyone goes outside for it. Pilsoon, IU, O, Hyori, and the kids are outside.
Hyori asks how the little boy likes Jeju and he says it is nice because it is the first time all three of them traveled together and Jeju is super cool like Hawaii or Maldives. The explorers come back and join them and talk to them about being explorers. they explain all the exploring things they do like finidng dinosaur fossils and everything.

The night passes with them still talking. Slowly, everyone starts leaving one by one. Ji-un goes back to her place and Pilsoon walks her out and goes home. Ji-un writes in her diary. The three siblings go to sleep together. The explorers sleep outside. The older couple is sleeping. And finally Hyori and O go to sleep, but all their dogs are sleeping on one of the mattresses so Hyori says she will sleep on the couch (where she took a nap earlier). O turns off the lap but then Hyori sais, lets talk. So they turn off the light and talk. Hyori said she is sorry about giving Oppa a hard time, but O says it is okay. Then he says “Yobo, aren’t you coming down here? Gwana is gone so you should come here. We are a married couple.” They then talk about if the cameras can see them and if it is okay to kiss? Sang-soon says they are married so it is okay to kiss.
They decide to Popo good night and have a playful moment about them saying, Do you like me? I like you. Then O pretends like he is asleep and Hyori keeps talking. She says husband, you worked hard today. And O says, so long as you know, that is good.

Another customer comes with a convertible. 4 more guys come, the B&B team talks, IU does some yoga stretches, then they said if IU goes home early the other customers will be sad. Hyori said she is still there and Sang-soon said Hyori is married so it is different. Oh, no, it looks like one of the guests in injured? They have to go to the hospital, but we don’t know which guest is hurt.

So sorry about not updating every 10 minutes! This show is so relaxing so I was also relaxed and just writing. Then I looked up and over 20 minutes passed! I feel like that might happen a lot with this show because it is such an easy going show. I feel so peaceful watching it. Thank you for visiting. See you next week ^_^

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