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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Live Recap: Episode 3

Lee Hyori Hostel
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This recap is early man, but we are ready to get it popping. Let’s see how IU shakes up this house!

HOW THIS WORKS: We start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We update scene-by-scene around every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 9:00 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: H – Hyori | O – Oppa (Sang-soon) | U – IU

——– = 10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


[Finished airing…slowly editing]


Review from the past episode when the Busan ladies came and they were having a fun time talking and putting on makeup. They also did a review of the two men who came, the explorers. And now they are showing IU.

IU is outside with her luggage and ringing the gate bell. This is a tiny rewind from the end of the last episode. O answers the bell and looks out the window…who is this? He gets Hyori and everyone is excited and also shocked, lol.

H runs outside but Hyori was so excited to open the gate. SHe tried to close it, but it didn’t close. H talks to IU in banmal because she is seonbae. All the guests run outside to greet IU and help with her bags. They even came out without their shoes on. They are all shocked, lol.

H – maybe the guests won’t leave because you are there.



IU is walking around and sitting at the dinner table. She said it is a really pecular house. O is telling everyone to behave naturally lik ebefore because they are sitting so high and are so tense. O is a fan of IU’s tv show. They are all talking but then it becomes quiet, no one is saying anything! The room is crazy awkward, but then O gets up and says he will make some carrot juice for everyone.

Now H is trying to talk and she said she knew she would have a staff member, but they didn’t say who it would be. O said he will need to do all the work because there are two superstars here. O said her grandma is there, but O and H said she is here to work so she won’t be able to see her, but it was a joke.

They keep talking and the guests said they will not leave, lol. They are staying to see IU and clean, OMG. H and O said they can leave and do what they wanted to do today. IU brought a present for them! Cat food and dog food and a little letter. H is thankful that she can and IU starts to walk around and get familiar with the dogs.

Gwana and Soonshim. Soonshim eats everything but Gwana is very picky about the food she eats. Now Mocha showed up to get some food but Gwana is still picky. Then Gwana decided to eat and opened her mind to IU. IU and H sit down to play with the dogs inside and Gwana showed her stomach to IU which means that she likes IU.

After that, O gives IU a tour of the house. IU looks pretty impressed, especially with O’s workplace. He tells IU that she can use his guitars whenever she wants. Then he tells her to be there at 6am everyday. It looks like IU is staying somewhere else and will be going back and forth each day.

So now they are having an interview with IU with H and O on the couch and IU on a little stool. It looks like a pressure interview, but they are all smiling. They are interviewing her to find out what she can do. She will need to make 10 servings of food and give H and O shoulder massages at night, but the last part is a joke. H said O’s head area is so big for a massage. SHe also said IU will have to play they music and sing for them until they fall asleep, but they are all jokes.

The interview is over and H and O said theya re going out so IU will have the house to herself. They go through a montage of all of IU’s happenings during the show. IU is slow, but works hard, she is slow but tries her best, she eats very slowly…H said IU looks beautiful even when she does the dishes.

Back to the present and H and O tell IU that she can eat whatever she wants and they go to teach her how to make coffee in the machine. IU doens’ t drink coffee, but she wants to learn how to make it for the guests. It looks like O is making an expresso from an expresso machine. Next IU asks how to make an iced coffee but O said that is pretty difficult.

IU goes outside to give the guests one coffee and they are super shocked. OMG, they smile and run to get the coffee from them. IU tells them that it is her 1st time making coffee. Now she is going back inside to make the other guy the coffee, but it looks like she is a little confused as to the next steps. She figures it out though. She was able to grind the coffee well. But she is having a hard time remembering everything else, lol. She is working really hard to figure it out, the caption says IU makes mistakes very carefully.

She figures out how to make it and sticks her eyes to it. She even makes an ice coffee for the man! O came back into the room and is impressed that IU was able to make it. H comes into the room as well and gives IU some organic honey to give to the men for their coffee.

She oes outside and gives her 1st ever coffee to the man and explains all about what Hyori told her. She explained it word for word. The men are really funny. They look so excited to thave the coffee and take photos of it after IU goes back inside, lol.

H and O tell IU that they will leave for about an hour and to make herself comfortable. They don’t give her anything to do so she tries to think of something to do. She arranges their shoes and looks around the house and looks in all the nooks and crannies and pictures. he sits on the couch and is very quiet. The explorers tell her that they are leaving and IU very politely waits for them to leave while standing. the guests tell her she can sit politely and she smiles. The caption says “Home Alone.”


O and H drive to their destination and say it would be nice to have a daughter like Ji-un (IU). H said even if they had a daughter it would be difficult tohave a daughter like Ji-un.

Back at the house, Ji-un is very quiet and then takes a nap on the couch. They caption says that she was probably under some stress because it was her first day and she flew there and everything.

H and O get to the grocery store.

Back at the house IU wakes up and it looks like she forgot where she was for a moment.

2ND DAY 3:30PM
IU is having a stare down with Mocha. Mocha looks like he is really interested in IU but is kind of scared of IU. They don’t talk or anything, but IU pts Mocha and gets closer to Mocha little by little. The house is sooooo quiet.

H and O are back in the car and H says he is not oppa with IU, he is ajushi, lol. But it’s true. They get back to the house and IU goes out to great them. They want to know what she did and she said she didn’t do anything, she just had an open mind.

They all gather in the kitched and O tells IU that he will use banmal to her so she can also use banmal to him, but they are laughing about it and awkward. H and O start to prepare the food and IU goes upstairs to bring the blanket back inside from drying. O leaves H to it and goes outside to try and find something to do. He settle on chopping wood ( to show off his manly skills) but he fails, lol. He tries again and succeeds. the music playing is an American song, “You give me fever.”

IU wants to know if she can help him and O tells her she can help him set up some chairs for a BBQ so they both start to do that. H comes out as well and they all start to set up the BBQ and figure out when everyone will be coming back. The ladies went to Baek Yak Orrum Orrum which is a small mountain that has very nice scenery. they are having a blast as they normally do, these woman ares so happy and playful.

Back at the house H tells Ji-un to take a break and drink some tea. IU is outside with the dogs and looks so peaceful. Her wntire presence is peaceful. H brings the tea outside and they have tea on the floor of the deck with a little table. O comes out as well and they watch the sunset while they are drinking their teas.

O – have you ever stayed in a strangers house
IU – 1st time, I started work at 16
H – I started work at 20
O – do you know who I am?
IU – I know your songs (laughing)
O – when you dont think, you have inspiration
IU – I have it while taking a shower
H – I have inspiration while driving
O – I have inspiration right before sleeping

But O said he doesn’t remember anything when he wakes up, lol. But if he did then he would be like Steview Wonder. O gets a ring from someone and it is the explorers, they came back super early. H said they are coming back early because IU is there, lol. they asked Iu if she could make them another coffee, lol, they were probably thinking about asking her that all day.

IU says yes, of course and tries to make it again, but she doesn’t remember what is going on. O comes back in and helps and they laugh a little bit about IU making coffee. It looks like she needed to use a different type of coffee bean possibly?

H goes into the kitchen to make the food and they go through all the steps of making the food. H starts to make homemade noodles. She says it looks like you are making pizza at first, because you make he dough really big like a pizza, but then in the end, after cutting the pasta, it ends up looking like noodles. H said her mom told O that Hyori only knows how to work and doesn’t know how to cook so she is sorry about that, lol. They start laughing. H said she is a strong woman, but O helped her find her soft side (she fought a lot with her old boyfriends, but not with O).

Meanwhile O is outside getting the fire going. The caption says Fire Man! and the music is hot while it shows him making the fire.

The ladies are back and H said that if IU greats them then they will be super shocked. They see IU and they FREAK OUT. H is laughing so much while making the food. Wow, this is the best vacation for them. H tells them that they can relax and the staff can go to work, lol. IU runs back inside to help H and all the guests are outside having fun. IU is watching them like a statue, but when H says something, IU gets to work. The captin says that IU needs a comand and then she gets to work! The caption says that it looks like she doesn’t know what to do but she works hard.

IU takes some soju outside but it looks like it might have IU’s face on it! They don’t show the bottle, but the ladies are all like, “You are an IU model!” and IU looks embarrassed, yet happy, she smiles.

They all settle down to eat and talk and O asks the ladies if they know who the men are. He tells them they are explorers and the woman are all like, WOW you should know how to BBQ then, and they give the explorers all the BBQ stuff so they can cook.

IU stays outside with the girls for a little bit. It looks like Hyori wants IU to hang out with the girls so she can know how girls of a similar age act. But then they call her inside to eat with them. The meal ended up being eafood noodle soup and it looks really good.

IU said it is hard to make friends but she has 2 friends from middle school but they are not super duper friends like the girls outside because she is too busy. To them she is a celebrity. H said she wanted a friend who would call and pick her up if they friend was drunk. But O said H didn’t have that type of friend because she was that friend, LOL. H must have drunken a lot in the past.

OMG IU eats so slowly. She eats sooooooo slooooooowlyyyyyyy. H and O stay with her for a little bit, but then they tells her to eat comfortably and they go outside to check on the guests. IU continues to eat slowly and the cat is there to keep her company.

H takes a shot from the ladies, she puts it away so easily, lol. The girls are super impressed and the caption says “Girl Crush.”

IU finally finishes and puts her dishes away. The girls go inside and say they will make some more food and IU wants to help, but the woman don’t want her to help, lol. They are super loud and kind of push IU to the side, but not in a mean way, they just don’t want IU to do any hard labor. they leave pretty quickly after they make their food, only one woman remains and IU tells them to call her Ji-un. They are all the same age, but the girls are a little awkward calling IU Ji-un, but they call her Ji-un. IU also asks them their names. The two girls tells her their name. IU also wants them to speak banmal to them but they have a difficult time speaking banmal to Ji-un. But after they try to cut some melons, they speak banmal to Ji-un, it look slike they bonded over cutting the melon because they are laughing a lot and Ji-un isn’t very good cutting it, they also fed each other so they got closer.

IU said she wants to stay longer so she can hang out with them because she is envious of their friendship and talking to everyone. She said she thought it would be awkward, but it isn’t. The girl said they like to talk to strangers so they alway talk to everyone. Oop, but IU broke something and wants to clean it up right away so the dogs don’t get hurt. IU and the girl both clean it up. then another girl comes in and wants to help IU and be her friend too. IU goes outside with them and they all talk and have a fun time drinking and having fun as friends. H looks pretty happy that they are all having fun.

Back inside and and H, O, and IU are talking about what IU should do. They tell her that she can go home for now and come early in the morning. IU says byebye to everyone and good look on your interview and all those things. Then O walks her to the gate and IU walks next door. Its only a 30 second walk to her hotel. They show IU’s room that she will stay in for two weeks. They show her montage in her place, she gets the room ready, stretches, diary, reads, relaxes, sleeps, it is her resting place.

Back at the house and H and O are still outside enjoying their time. They put out the fire and look at all the stars in the sky. They talk about looking at the stars and H said if you look at the stars more then you will see more stars and if you look at her more than you will see more Hyori too (like she will be shinier to him).

The explorers hatch from their tent. The girls sleep more. O wakes up but H stays sleeping. O turns on the heater and closes the door for the dogs. he then starts to prepare the dog food. The explorers come insid and O greats them then makes them coffee. After that he makes gets out the toppings for toast with different tupes of jam and butter. He then puts cereal and toast and milk and everything you would need for a continental breakfast.

The super fat cat hops up on the chard to bother them and the explorers think this cat is sooooo fat, like she belongs in a cartoon. Theyshow a montage with the guests and the super fat piggy like cat. Everyone thinks he’s pregnant or something. They are spending so much time talking about the cat, lol.

Back to the present and Hyori isn’t feeling good. She has a stomach ache and her head hurts. It looks like she might have a hangover. Perhaps she hasn’t had a hangover in a long time? She asks him to massage her belly, so she does. Eventually she starts to feel better. He makes his hands hot like Mr. Miyagi in karate kid and puts them on her belly, lol.

IU wakes up to the sound of birds chirping and start to get everything ready for the day. She does her hair and puts on some makeup and then runs to work. She only has 3 minutes to get their in time. She was supposed to get there at 8am! But she makes it! She makes it just in time to help the girls take photos. One of the girls leaves for her interview. None of the friends have a job yet so the friends tell thir other friend that she willbe the first! They are so sweet to each other.

The exploreres leave as well and the production play the Indiana Jones music as they drive away, lol.

H, O, and IU are alone eating breakfast and talk about the new guests coming and what if a couple comes……they said they will put them in the music studio. H said she will buy something good for Iu to eat, then H leaves to go to yoga.

IU hangs out with the girls and tells them that they were so comfortable as her 1st customers and she is sad that they are leaving. They take a lot of selfies together and the ladies leave. O has no friends so he just works, lol. The ladies leave and drive off.

They get a message that the 1st girl passed her interview to be an intern (yay). They text H that they had good energy because IU hugged them.

IU relaxes that morning (O tells her to take a break) so she goes outside and sits on the deck in Hyori’s seat. It looks like she might be taking a nap inthe chair? But then she wakes up and O goes out to sit with them. Lol, it looks like they are wearing couples shirts. They both just sit there and relax. Iu goes back to sleep but then wakes up and asks if they spend everyday like that. O says he does it often.

O – what do you do when you don’t work
IU – I stay at home, but I think of work. But when I come to this house, I don’t think of anything, (laughs)
O – that is the problem of this house, you empty your mind (laughs)
IU – the sound of nature is nice, even though it is loud it doens’t bother my ears.

They cut to the explorers having a fun time on an island. WOW, this island looks amazing. It looks like a volcano island with a crater. it is super pretty.

The exploreres meet with a volcano doctor/scientist and he mayor of the island. the island has an active volcano! with lava and eerything. Wow.

O and IU are still relaxing outside but IU is super hungry so she goes inside to eat a banana or something.

H comes back and all the dogs are super happy once again. IU is wating as well ans looks super hungry as she eats her banana and watched H drive up the driveway.

H talks about how her yoga was hard because she hadn’t gone for 3 days. Then they start to eat ddukbogi outside. H tells IU that she can make whatever she likes and to give them some when she makes it, lol. If you make mandu then you will have a pretty daughter. IU asks if they will have kids and H said they are still thinking about it. They are trying, but no baby yet. But H said they arent doing anything right now because they are best friends (like no sleeping together, but I think it was a joke.)

Some older people call them and want to know how to find it and if they have a bus, lol. H tells them that they can get a rental and the old man is like, huh, whats a rental? O said he can come pick them up. O talks to them on the phone and tells them that he will be there in 30 minutes.

The older people are Grandparents age, maybe great grandparents age, and they are just waiting.

O picks up the older couple and tours them around the island. Montage of the older people at the B&B. It looks like the Grandmother is taking over the cooking for everyone and said to just treat her like their mother. Ji-un cleans and hangs out with H. H said to bring any man she like to Jeju.

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