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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 9

This is the recap for the Korean variety show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2, episode 9
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They don’t have that many guests (considering the numbers they have been having) so Hyori and crew get to enjoy some relaxing time and hang out with the guests they have. Bogum even got to hang out in the studio and jam with SS and the team. At the end of the night everyone ends up playing this game called Mafia that is basically like a cops and robbers game where you have to pick who the Mafia members are. It looks like a lot of fun, especially around a campfire. You need a good amount of people though. The next episode is Bogum’s last day where they do all the things he wants. See you then!

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Review of the last couple episodes.

Yoon and Hyori drive to the beach. They comment on how gorgeous the sky is as they drive off. The sun is about to set which gives them heightened expectations of how the sea will look. In addition, the sun shines down through the clouds and onto the sea as if it is showing the way.

They get there and talk about how it is so pretty and so quiet. There aren’t any waves and it isn’t cold. The go somewhere to buy something. The barista sees Yoona and smiles a lot. Hyori says this is her expensive part-timer.

Sang-soon goes on a walk with Bo-gum and the dogs. They talk about raising dogs and those kinds of things. BG says this is his first time walking a dog, so SS lets him know that you can pull leash a little harder but be sure to stop and let them smell things. BG is really gentle with the dogs.

They walk along their usual path and BG takes pictures of everything. He takes a lot of pictures of SS walking, of the sky, of SS again, lol. They look at the sky and S mentions that this is the only place where cold and warm plants live (in Korea? In the world?). They hike and SS talks, BG lets him talk. They talk about night hiking. BG asks if you can see a lot of stars in Jeju, SS says you can and maybe tonight we will see a lot of stars. BG takes another picture of SS and then they take some selfies together. It is a really good picture actually. SS says he doesn’t take too many photos, but he wanted to take a photo with BG. He is happy for the show since he got to meet him.

They talk about FINKL and how long BG likes Hyori. BG was only 6 though so SS says he shouldn’t like them when he was 6. BG says he listens to the music all the time.

Hyori and Yoona go to the beach and look at the sea right off of the waves. They stand there and listen to the waves. The camera cuts to slow motion as they are walking. Somehow, they got stranded on a dry spot of beach. Hyori gives Yoona piggyback ride as she walks across the little creek. They shot turns high and we see a lot of the camera crew following them around on the beach. There are like 5 people. It is so amazing that they have to ignore these people as they walk around.

Hyori pulls out her microphone and stars singing across the runoff water. Yoona stands and listens to her. Hyori sings the entire song as Yoona watches. The production inserts the man portion of this song into the sound and we hear Hyori and the original singing along momentarily until she ends.

Hyori yells that Yoona did a good job today and Yoona says that eunnie did as well.

BG and SS get back to the meenbak. BG gets a call from the backpackers, they would like to use the sauna when they get back if possible. BG says that he will prepare the outside tub and SS will wash the dog’s feet off. But the dogs just watch inside as SS goes inside to get their paw washing things. They don’t leave at all, they just look through the window. SS pulls one dog in at a time and cleans their feet. All of the dogs don’t want their feet cleaned though.

At the sauna, BG tries to remember all the stops to preparing it. He rolls up the cover and uses the broom to clean it out.

Meanwhile, Midal doesn’t want to get his paws cleaned. SS says he can stay there. But Midal scratches the window and finally gets his paws cleaned.

The backpackers get back and hope that they don’t smell bad. They wonder if they came back too soon. BG says he is filling up the water. He goes outside and looks at the sauna, he tells the water to come out, come out now. But SS suggests that the backpackers can eat first and then go to the sauna.

Elsewhere, the couple walks around the artsy district of Jeju. They go into several shops and see all the interesting things that are being sold. The girl hopes she sees a flower shop like magic. But then she sees it! It was like magic. They go inside right before the shop closes and buy several flowers.

Back at the meenbak, SS and BG prepare the food. Then Make Dwenjangchigae for the guests and the employees. They work well together as they cut all the vegetables. BG cleans as they cook; they have a flawless dinner preparation.

In the living room, Midal provokes Gwana. BG says that Gwana is under a lot of stress because of Midal, their peace is disturbed.

The backpackers bought sushi and shared it with SS and BG.

6:30 PM
Yoona and Hyori get back, Hyori tells Yoona to hide the microphone well so SS doesn’t see it or he will be upset. So, she hides it well. Inside, Yoona and Hyori small talk a little with everyone and start cooking. Since the other two are back, Bogum goes back outside and starts to prepare the medicine bags for the tub.

The camera literally just watches him doing this. All he is doing is putting dried plants in a bag, but soft music plays so it looks like this is a really caring task that Bogum is undertaking. It is amazing how music adds to a scene. Hyori comes out and helps him out a little. She tells him he did a good job and the sauna is at a good temperature. It smells good.

BG goes inside and tells them to enjoy the hot tub, it is really good.

Yoona tells one of them that they enjoy Jeju island the most out of all of their customers. He says that they try to enjoy Jeju with their entire bodies.

After all the guests are settled, the employees all sit to eat. BG gives everyone their silverware and they all start to eat and talk about what they all did this afternoon. BG and SS brag about the sky and show them their selfies. Then Hyori and SS show off the sky at the beach. They think their sky is better, but they didn’t take a lot of pictures of it. They wonder if the backpackers are really leaving tomorrow. SS says that they enjoyed their stay.

The group of famous people starts to talk about hiding their phone numbers. They used to do it before, but now they don’t have to hide it anymore. Back in the day, there was no caller ID. BG is all like, was that a setting on the phone? He was born in 93 and they are talking about 98 stuff. Hyori says it was romantic because you could call and say hello and then hang up. When you didn’t’ have a cell phone, you would just wait.

Have you seen the Bungee Jump movie? That is a good movie, one of the best Korean movies….Bunjee Jump. (maybe this movie)

BG says it is good to talk like this. Today is relaxing.

They do rock paper scissors for who will do the dishes. But Hyori thinks they should make it longer. Bai bai bow hana bae gi. In this game you can put two hands out and then they can retract one depending on what the other one has. Then they laugh at BG because he always adds “yo” to Bai bai bo. (Bai bai bow yo hana bae gi)

They play for a while.

Yoona says that she will do the dishes since BG worked hard.

Yoona gets to work and BG gets some more food for the cats. The guests outside also wonder what they should do when they get out. They are concerned about dripping all over the floor. Someone helps them with that. But the camera only shows up BG trying to feed the cats and playing with them. It is a pretty cute affair.

Hyori makes herself a tea and goes back to the studio. She talks with SS about living with a person who makes their heart go pitter patter all the time. This is the best. She rubs his soft belly. SS says he does it on purpose, so her heart doesn’t beat fast. He hides his King (Wang = Chinese character that looks like a 6 pack).

They send a KaTalk to BG. BG checks it and asks Yoona if she would like to go there. They both walk to it and BG marvels at the sky. Then he marvels at the inside of the studio. He thinks this space is the best. It is a musician’s space. SS asks BG if he can play the guitar, he says that he practiced a little bit before.

SS pulls out his guitar and tunes it for BG. It is a 1952 guitar. SS says BG plays the piano, so he should know music. Hyori comments that BG knows everything.

SS thinks maybe they can sing a simple song with only three chords. He starts to play it and sings along. He tells them that this is a good song to practice the guitar too. SS starts doing some guitar tricks and everyone is impressed. They say that the shoulders are important.

Now it is BG’s turn. He starts to sing it and Hyori says that BG likes this song because “yo” is at the end of the song. They all laugh. She says it is a very polite song. BG gives the guitar back to SS and he starts to sing as SS plays. Everyone listens to him singing. His voice is quiet, but it is nice. He hits all the notes.

Now he hops on the piano, but he says that his heart was pumping so much because of the guitar sound. He asks them what they want to listen to and they say Silent Night. So, he starts to play silent night on the piano and SS starts to play along on the guitar. It talks a moment, but they get their notes together as the dogs fall asleep.

SS tells BG that he should sing and play the piano. But he doesn’t remember anything. Hyori starts singing and BG tries to play the piano in accompaniment to her. It looks like he doesn’t know the song, so he just starts to play something that sounds good with it. Maybe he figures it out later though because his song starts to match well. Afterward, Hyori says she never thought she would sing with BG’s music.

A little bit later, the little boy and father get back. Everyone goes back to the main house and Hyori gives everyone some Tiramisu. But it is orange tiramisu. Outside, BG makes the sauna ready for the father and son. Inside, everyone starts having a fun time playing with an appa that makes their voice sound like a child. It is super adorable.

Yoona and SS do it too, but they do the Fight for My Way Aegyo. (“Aera hate it”). Everyone laughs. They are all satisfied with this app. Outside, the Father and son have a fun time in the sauna outside.

Inside, the couple comes back and starts to make their bouquets with all the flowers they purchased.

The other guests and employees play the game “Mafia.” Yoona teaches everyone how to play. Mafia person needs to hide their ID and the civilians need to find out who the mafia person is. Hyori thinks…is this fun? It doesn’t sound like fun.

Hyori is going crazy about how fun this game it, lol. Complete reversal. She suspects Yoona, but she also suspects BG. Actually, she suspects everyone. The caption even says her husband of 6 years looks different to her today.

BG is also saying that they have to kill, they have to kill! The caption basically says that the little Lamb lost its way.

Flashback to the start of the Mafia Game.
They do a practice game first and everyone sits.

Step 1: the moderator picks the Mafia member, they raise their head and check each other. Morning comes and they have to raise their heads. Mafia has to kill all the civilians and the civilians have to kill the Mafia. You have to pick a suspicious person and kill them. (They start to play. SS picks Hyori which means that they have to kill her now, she is all like, huh? Just kill me now?)
Step 2: Players have to pick who the Mafia members are.
Step 3: After the discussion, they vote on the Mafia suspect
Step 4: whoever gets the most votes goes to the guillotine board
Step 5: Accept the suspect, all the players decide whether to kill them or not kill them.T hey vote with a thumbs up or down.
Step 6: Then if they kill them then they have to reveal their identity.
Step 7: Night comes again when the Mafia works. The Mafia can kill the player without the civilians knowing about it. (They pick Hyori, lol.)
Step 8: Morning comes and they reveal who died last night and steps 2-8 start again.

Hyori is all like, huh? I didn’t do anything, but I am dead? The couple joins, and they already know the Mafia game. The little boy comes in as well. Ah, with this game it is better with more people.

Now it gets serious. Hyori says, let’s start.

SS – Godfather
Yoona and BG – actors
Backpackers – backpackers
Policeman – policeman
Father and son – family
Couple – married couple

There are 7 civilians and 3 Mafia’s. We also don’t know who the mafia members are because they hid the screen from us. Hyori asks Yoona is she is Mafia, is Bogum? Ah, I can’t read actors faces.

They all vote for who the Mafia person is. They all point to the cop because he looks suspicious. All voted for him to die except for the family. But he was really a civilian. The father says that he was a teacher for a long time, so he thinks he knows who the Mafia person is. His son says that the woman couple is a Mafia member because her lips are shaking. But the husband says that the teacher said that he is a civilian and he swallowed (like he is lying). The moderator says that he is good.

They all point at the wife. She defends herself and says that she is really a civilian. But 5/9 vote for her to die. She says that she is a civilian. The appa holds his head, lol!

They go again. It’s night but everyone jokes about some people being happy that they civilians are dead. All heads go down. Mafia raises their heads and it is the backpacker and Hyori and SS. They pick to kill Yoona.

Yoona is all like, I know who the Mafia is!!!!

BG feels something is strange. He thinks for a while and then he has it! He says, what a minute, Sang-soon is the mafia. I felt it. The husband also suspects SS. They say that they are sure. 4/2 point that SS is the Mafia member.

The song is “I can’t resist anymore…”

They vote and it is tied 4/2. They all discuss, and they vote to have him live. But BG says it is SS, they have to vote him out. But he lives. So, they vote for the husband and they vote to be the next on the guillotine. They vote him out. That means that the Mafia won because there are equal civilian and Mafia, then the Mafia wins.

They play again and pick a new Mafia team.

It’s morning and they raise their heads.

Everyone suspects the little boy and he says he is really not a civilian, lol. But they vote that he is, and he is out. But he is a civilian.

The boy is super happy to see who the civilians are though. Also, the purple guy is dead overnight again, lol.

Everyone thinks the father is in the Mafia because he voted for his own son to die. And the son’s reaction was really bright when he found out. But not enough people pointed their fingers at him. But then they think one of the backpackers is the Mafia. He is out and he was Mafia.

Night comes again and the viewers find out who the Mafia members are. It is SS, BG, and Appa. Morning comes and they kill one of the camping guys. Hyori suspects SS and says who is a civilian! Everyone raises their hand.

Hyori says 100% SS is a Mafia member. Dad says he is civilian too, but it is so awkward so Bogum starts to laugh because his acting was so bad. Hyori says that she is really a civilian, if she dies then it is the end of the game. BG tries to save SS and Hyori says, Hey Mafia, to him, lol.

Yoona thinks Bogum is a Mafia and Hyori thinks Yoona is Mafia. Yoona is all like, I am a civilian! #%#$#%! They all laugh and Hyori says Yoona is good at cursing.

They all suspect everyone.

Yoona is adamant that it is Bogum.

They vote on Yoona. Yoona is out and the Mafia wins.

They all laugh at the game and talk about how actors are actors and are great at this game. It is already 11 pm so Hyori is going to bed, she thanks everyone for the game and the employees start to straighten up.

The guests say that they will clean the dishes, the staff can relax. They thank the guests and Yoona and BG drive out together.

BG leaves tomorrow so they talk about that a little bit. He drops Yoona off at her place and then drives somewhere. BG picks Yoona’s song “When the wind blows” and drives home.

At the meenbak, everyone settles in for the night. Three people sleep in the living room and the father and son sleep in the little side room with the curtain. But they don’t go to sleep right now, the guests stay up and talk a little bit more.

SS and Hyori go back to their studio and talk about the Mafia game. SS jokes, why are you so bad at Mafia, I was so good at it. Hyori says playing games is the best way to get close easily. SS says that when Bogum was playing the piano, Hyori didn’t leave the check on the guests. She says that she loved it so much. They joke about how the owner should look out for both guests and employees.

Then they start to talk in their own language. Bong…bong bong bong…..booooong….bong bong…booong.

They go to sleep and text Bo-gum.

SS: Did you get home okay?
BG: Yes, just got here, thank you so much for today, have a good rest.
SS: You also worked hard, go to bed quickly and see you tomorrow morning.
BG: Yes, good night.
SS: *Smiley*

Bo-gum circulates the air around, takes a shower, a then lays in bed. But he pops up and writes in his journal for a little bit. He falls asleep like that.

Yoona eats a bit of cereal and then lays on the bed and listens to music while she sings and writes.

All the guests clean up and go to sleep. Lights out all around.

7TH DAY, 7:30 AM
It is a clear day at the meenbak. Everyone is sleeping happily, but some guests start to wake up.

Hyori wakes up and the Radio Romance soundtrack starts to play. Hyori kisses all her dogs and talks to them. She starts the morning with stretches and meditation. SS wakes up and wonders why Hyori didn’t go to Yoga. She says she didn’t hear the alarm, she thinks SS turned it off. But a flashback shows that Hyori did it. Godfather music starts to play as they cuddle. They wonder if the guests are awake.

Except for the little boy, everyone at the meenbak is awake

Split screen of the both of them. They both hop up with the alarm. But Yoona is quicker to get ready than Bogum. Bogum is slow to start, but once he is up he is up. He says hello to the cameras and drives to pick up Yoona.

They both drive to the Meenbak together.

Fade Out.

The employees and owners have a fun time together without any guests around. They play games in the yard and basically run all over the place. Then they go about the city and do whatever Bo-gum wants to do. He wants to take pictures, so they go everywhere to take photos.

I really want Yoona and Bo-gum to get their own variety show where they run a B&B or just hang out together.

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