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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 8

This is the recap for the Korean variety show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2, episode 8.
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All the guests leave in this episode and two more guests arrive. One of them is super adorable, too. Plus, BG gets a chance to talk to the Judo player that wanted to see him. However, she had a hard time making a coherent thought. See you on Sunday for the next episode!

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Recap of the previous episodes. Yoona and Bogum basically took care of everything because Hyori was sick and SS went to Seoul.

10:20 PM
Time to wrap up the outside tub. BG is still outside with the guests having fun and everyone says he is a good staff member. They hope he will be an actor for a long time. BG says everyone can go inside comfortably and he will wipe off everything and clean up the area. He drains the water and cleans the tub. Then he tiptoes back inside.

BG lets Yoona know that they are inside so Yoona cleans up the trail of water on the inside. BG changes and grabs the mop, Yoona tells him he can leave since it is his first day, but he wants to finish up the mopping. Yoona keeps letting him know he can leave but he is happy to clean up a little more.

10:55 PM
Happy birthday party for Young-hoon from the surfer team. His birthday was a few days ago so they are celebrating today. They even have a fingertip candle. They tell Yoona she can sit, but she is scatterbrained because BG is still cleaning and won’t go to the studio hotel. She goes to find him.

BG was upstairs cleaning some more and quickly tells Yoona he is leaving now, leaving! But before leaving he wants to take a photo with everyone as they all surround the table. He tells everyone good night and Yoona lets him know that he can come tomorrow at 8:30am.

BG finally leaves the meenbak and texts Yoona.

BG: Noona, the door opened well, thank you so much for today. You were a big help, goodnight.

Yoona: If I helped you a little bit then I am happy, Goodnight.

It is harsh for the backpackers as they have on their nightlight headlamps and try to set up their tent under high wind. But they get it set up and go inside for some pasta that they are making over the fire. It looks really good, actually. They all try it and someone asks for some kimchi, lol. Maybe it looks better than it tastes. They all laugh as the chef asks if it tastes okay, it’s okay, right?

Meanwhile, BG unpacks everything as he prepares for his first night in Jeju. He takes a shower and sings along to the music. Then he pops out wearing couple sleeping pants and writes in his journal before bed. Then he goes to sleep. Goodnight, Bogum.

Everyone checks out tomorrow, accept the backpacker team, which is why no one wants to go to bed. They sit around and talk at the table. They ask if they can call her Yoona eunnie and she says they can and smiles. The Daejun FINKL group are all smiles. But Yoona looks so tired, she is trying to make it, though. I feel like this is the longest she has stayed awake the entire time she has been there.

Sang-soon is working the DJ thing all night long. He is at a club and it is popping.

Back at the Meenbak, everyone goes to sleep and Yoona meets with Hyori. She will sleep next to Hyori tonight and wake up early. Hyori thanks Yoona for working so hard and they get ready to sleep. Hyori is coughing and blowing her nose, poor thing. She tells Yoona that she wants to see Oppa, things feel more stable when he is there. Then she says she is a little sick, she always gets sick during winter. She worried about Yoona because she is so skinny, but now she doesn’t worry about Yoona at all. She worked well by herself.

They keep talking into the night about never thinking they would have this type of relationship with each other. Then Hyori asks her if she would like to listen to a song she wrote when she was in her 20’s (Pretty – Lee Hyori). She plays it for Yoona and the production team shows us a montage of Yoona coming to the meenbak from the first day onward.

The song ends and Yoona says it is a really good song, the lyrics are so pretty. Then they are quiet for a moment. The caption says that Hyori’s heart reached Yoona’s heart. But then Hyori asks Yoona if she would like to see the sea tomorrow and Yoona says she would like it.

The backpackers wake up on the beach. Their bodies hurt, but they woke up early to see the sun rise and have coffee. They just missed the sunrise, but it is still the perfect time for coffee. They look at the horizon and say that travel is fun, even if it doesn’t go by the plan.

8:20 AM
At the meenbak, everyone is still awake. Yoona’s alarm rings but she turns it off. Then Gyoshil’s head (Midal’s head?) Pops up. The stirring of the dogs wakes up Hyori so she tells Yoona that they can wake up and make breakfast.

BG woke up an hour ago and immediately says OMG. He quickly gets ready and asks himself why he fell asleep again. He makes up his bed before leaving and turns out the light, then he ruuuuuuuuuuns to the meenbak. He runs all the way up the drive and doesn’t stop until he gets to the front door. He gets there 10 minutes before Hyori and Yoona wake up and quietly goes inside.

The guests are already awake and BG apologizes for coming so late. They tell him he came early. BG runs to the kitchen and washes his hands. Then he starts preparing breakfast for everyone. He opens the packaged gomtang and uses it as a soup base, then he soaks the dduk. But Mimi is hungry too and just meows as she watches BG cooking.

Yoona shows up and BG apologizes to again to Yoona for waking up so late. He says he was the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up. All the guests rummage around as they roll up their beds and prepare for the day.

Hyori slowly walks in and prepares food for Mimi and Sam-sik. Hyori talks to Yoona about picking up SS which will allow her to say goodbye to the guests. Hyori then goes to the guests and tells them that she will do all the cleaning, they can just enjoy themselves and play since this is their last day.

Meanwhile, Yoona makes fried eggs for the dduk guk. She fries them and cuts them into slices for the dduk guk. Bogum garnishes the individual soup bowls with the sliced eggs and gives it to the guests. He tells them that he can give them water if it is too salty or kimchi if it is too bland. But it looks like it is perfect as all the guests eat well.

Back in the kitchen, Yoona and Bogum have a cute moment where they tell each other that the other is basically the best thing ever (no YOU….no YOU…no You) and they laugh about it. Then they go to the table and eat with the guests.

The surgeon team prepared an all in one emergency medicine kit. One of the nurses wraps Hyori’s finger with it and Hyori says it feels different when they do it, wow! Then she looks at her finger.

Bogum goes outside to warm up the car for Yoona and input the navigation. Yoona gets in and BG tells her safe driving. She takes off to get Sam-soon.

BG watches her drive away and then tells the dogs, let’s go, let’s go. And he playfully tells them that he is going inside.

The surgeons sit for tea and tell Hyori that they have surgery tomorrow and the day after. He said his hand was hurting, but now it doesn’t hurt anymore. Hyori goes to talk to BG and asks him if he cleaned the cat restroom and he says he did. Byt Hyori is all like “!!!!!” She is surprised because it is so dirty. She asks him if he has a cat and he says he was just interested in it. She gives him a hug because he helped out so much.

One of the girls washes her dish along with Bogum and he asks her if she is washing it with cold water. She thought there wasn’t any hot water. BG hurries and runs somewhere, ah, to the washing machine area. Hyori tells him he can just walk, he doesn’t have to run around, lol.

While sipping her tea, Hyori tells the Daejun FINKL group that they should go for a hike and ask Oppa to take you. The girls are nervous to ask him, but he overhears and says that he can do it! He is happy to do it. So Bogum will drop them off and they can take a taxi back. The surgeon team says goodbye to Daejun FINKL and Bogum taxi drives them to a hiking area.

BG asks them what they will do in Daejun, they say that they will go to college. He asks what they want to do, and they say mechanical engineering (not DJ’ing as BG said, lol). He thinks that is cool. They will all be in different fields, so they can all help each other later. He tells them that they are good friends, so it is lucky for them, having good friends is difficult so that is really good. Don’t’ change and keep your friendship forever.

They get to the mountain and prepare for their 30 minutes hike. BG takes a photo of them alone and then together. Then we see the student video that they made of their trip to Jeju.

SS comes home. He gets off the airplane all bundled up and Yoona goes to pick him up. She basically shows up right when he comes out and they drive back right away. He asks her how yesterday was and she says Bogum was a big help. He sat in the outside tub with all the guys and went to bed late. She also told him that Hyori said she wanted to see Oppa all day and SS says that he wants to see Hyori too. Yoona smiles cutely and says she envy’s them.

SS thinks the snow never melts at their place. Yoona tells him that it was enough for a bobsled, but it did melt a little bit. The dogs all great SS and they go inside. Hyori is at the table with all the guests and gets ready to check out. She is so happy to see SS and does a little dance with Suk-sam in the living room. BG is still out dropping the kids off.

One of the surfers leaves the microphone with Hyori and says he is very thankful for this visit. The surfers and surgeons all pack up and they head out. SS thinks a lot of people are leaving so a lot of new people should be coming also.

The surgeons drive out and are a little bummed that they didn’t say bye to Bogum. But then they pass him on their way out and Bogum gets out of his car to give them hugs and wish them a good trip.

11:00 AM
Bogum comes back and smiles like a little child as he parks. He hops out and gives SS a big hug. Hyori says they look like father and sun as she watches through the window. The surfers leave as well as BG and Yoona wave at them as Midal (?) chases the car.

The meenbak is quiet so the employees decide to clean everything. But then they get a call from a new guest. It is a middle-aged man who tells SS that there are two guests. The man gets off the phone and talks to his son who is like 7 years old maybe? OMG, he is so cute.

They grab a map and try to find their way to Hyori’s with the son helping the father with the navigation. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER. The appa talks to his sone the entire way and says the son should take care of appa and be the navigator. I love them.

At the meenbak, Yoona and Hyori clean the floor, Bogum recycles, and SS also helps out with recycling. BG takes the recycling out but he doesn’t know where to put it. He asks the hidden camera where to put it, lol. The camera didn’t answer. Then BG goes inside and cleans the bathrooms.

Lots and lots of cleaning.

Finally, the owners tell BG to take a real break. All the employees sit around the table and they decide to call the Judo girl who liked BG a lot. Yoona calls her and is collected with Skype. BG fixes his hair and they tell her that she can talk to BG now. But then they give it to SS, lol. Hyori says they look similar right? Why are you sad? LOL.

Then the real BG gets on the phone. I think she is so shocked because she stops talking. But she tells her (or her friend tells her?) That she likes BG so much. He tells her to do well at Judo. Hyori tells her to say something, this might be the last time she talks to BG. She finally says, I like you and they say their goodbyes and hang up. It was very short, but I’m sure it was very enjoyable for the Judo girl.

It looks like they might have hung up quickly because they got another phone call?

But then the new guests show up. The son is so happy to see all the dogs and to be inside the meenbak. It is like Christmas morning for him, he is so happy. They go inside and the boy is so nervous. He sits and the father lets them know that they are father and son. Hyori tells them that they are their first father-son couple. The son is 11 and the father says that they are doing a father-son trip. They came there to explore, they want to watch birds.

The father is a middle school science teacher so they came there to see the birds. Hyori asks the son if he is nervous to see entertainers for the first time, which one makes him the most uncomfortable? The son smiles and looks around, then he points to BG.

Yoona gives the duo a tour of the grounds and then they go back inside. They will go out to look at the birds right away so they say their goodbyes. The son says that is a Daebak place and tells his father that he couldn’t talk, he was so nervous. But he likes it there. The father says he felt comfortable.

Inside, the employees eat pasta and talk about how BG and Yoona look like deer. So the people online look forward to them having deer chemistry. Hyori asks if they were famous in high school. BG says he was popular, people knew his name. Yoona says the same. Hyori says she is the same as well. SS as well, he was heavy metal king.

Did BG want to be an actor when he was little? BG says he wanted to be a singer, he did a drama soundtrack. They play the song at the table and Hyori looks shocked as she says he is pretty good. Half air and half singing….you have a good voice.

While they listen to the music, we see some more guests coming. It is a man and woman couple this time. They call the meenbak and Hyori picks up. The woman tells Hyori that there are two of them, a man and a woman. Hyori tells the group and also tells them that they should take a break. They do leg rock paper scissors to see who will clean. Yoona loses and has to clean.

BG goes outside and plays around the yard. He wants to run with Midal, but Midal is chilling. So BG gets the laundry and lays it out to dry. But in the middle of drying, he goes inside and tells them that it is already dry. They tell him that the washer and dryer has an all in one washer-dryer capability. So BG picks up all the clothes and takes them back inside.

Then we see the young couple come in. BG goes outside and helps them in with their luggage. SS asks if they are married and they say that they are a couple, but not married. They are from Seoul and will be there for 3 nights. They are 29 and 30, the woman is older. They dated for 6 years. The woman tells them that they came to Jeju to take wedding photos. They don’t have their wedding clothing though, they will do more informal wedding shots.

The woman majored in art and works at a color research institute and the man is a designer of media arts. Hyori thinks they should be on the second floor so they can have some private time. But they don’t stay long, they head out right away.

The father and son go to the birdwatching place and get their camera’s out. The father tells his son that they need to be very careful so they don’t scare the birds. Then they start to observe all of them. The son likes ducks, so they look at the ducks and talk about all the different birds.

Lots of bird watching. They even see an endangered bird.

Back at the meenbak, the employees are relaxing. SS says Yoona can go back to her place to rest if she wants and BG can take a nap there. SS shows BG the makeshift room off the living room where BG could take a nap if he wanted.

So Yoona goes to the hotel with an orange and takes a photo of the blue sky on her way.

BG watches her all the way to gate and lets her out. Hyori asks SS if he is sad that he doesn’t have to escort Yoona home, SS playfully says he is, that was the most fun part of his day.

At the hotel, Yoona rests and sings some songs. Perhaps she is thinking of the lyrics she is supposed to write with Hyori. We see an image of snowy Jeju and the captions wonder how she is going to capture that in the lyrics.

BG takes his first break. He picks out a book to read from the meenbak library and simultaneously blocks his face from the camera. The camera turns away from him momentarily so he can grab the book he wants. Then he goes to sit outside the studio to read.

He reads for a moment and it is all quiet around the meenbak.

But then he gets sleepy and tries to endure.

Stages of enduring sleep
1. Pulling hair
2. Trying not to yawn

But sleep overtakes him so he pulls his hoodie over his head and takes a nap outside in the sun. Gorgeous music starts playing as the camera spans to everyone at the meenbak sleeping.

The campers call and let SS know that they are going back, which wakes them up momentarily. But they manage to get back to sleep.

BG wakes up and does some stretches outside for a moment, then goes back inside to a very quiet house. It looks like he is still sleepy because he goes to the makeshift room and takes a nap.

So now it’s SS’s turn to go to the studio seats and read a book. He sits outside and sits with a tea in one hand and his book in the other. But he decides to do some work. Chuno music plays as SS gets all the washed clothes and lays them in the sun. He is a Ph.D. Homemaker.

Hyori wakes up and tells the men that she will take Yoona to see the ocean and shop.

This is a super lazy evening, y’all. They even make a scene about BG eating some chips and Sam-shik watching him. This scene is like a full minute long. BG doesn’t share the human snacks because it isn’t good for a cat, so he goes into the makeshift room and eats. Go-soony follows him. BG pets Go-soony and the caption says they should be good friends. BG even takes a selfie with her.

SS sees the selfie and laughs so BG asks what this cats name is. SS tells him it is Go-soony.

Hyori goes and picks up Yoona at the hotel. Yoona asks to drive and says she can drive if she has the directions, so she hops behind the wheel. Hyori is still sniffling and says she hasn’t been outside of the house for a while. They see Halla mountain and comment on how the top of the mountain is so snowy. It looks like no meenbak guests have been to Halla mountain yet. It is the highest mountain in Korea.

They get to the sea and they both exclaim how gorgeous it looks.

Fade Out

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  1. dyN
    March 31, 2018 / 11:49 pm

    Today’s episode was so peaceful and relaxing. I dont know how they can give such a chill vibe in their everyday lives especially when cleaning! BG is reaching their pace 😀 thanks for the recap. I look forward to seeing more of the father-son pair. The son is so cute!

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 1:19 am

      They do have such a chill vibe! Even when cleaning. I love the father pair, too! They are just so adorable. I’m looking forward to the sons interactions with everyone at breakfast. He looked so nervous!

  2. Berandini
    April 8, 2018 / 9:47 am

    What is the song playing when Yoona is driving Hyori at the end. It’s amazing I Love It!

  3. I
    July 28, 2020 / 2:43 am

    What’s the song when Yoona is walking to the hotel with her orange while taking a photo of the sky?

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      • V
        August 9, 2020 / 11:36 am

        Thank you!

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