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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 7

This is the recap for the Korean variety show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2, episode 7
Yoona’s Instagram (@yoona__lim)
I looooooved today’s episode of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. Park Bo-gum really brought some fun life to the Meenbak as he eats and hangs out with the guests. It really made me love him more than I already love him. Well, I should say I loved him as an actor, but now I just like him as a chill person. He and IU (season 1) both showed their normal sides while at the Meenbak, which is really delightful. Yoona is still a mystery because she is a workhorse and it feels like she is “on” all the time. But maybe the other side to her personality is that she is so dependable and can figure everything out. I really enjoyed her in this episode too; she finally got a chance to hang out with the guests!

A caption shows that Hyori Meenbak has a record number of guests and that a new employee came…Park Bo-gum. Everyone thinks that is wonderful.

Bo-gum takes Daejun FINKL to the beach. He tells them he is not so familiar with Jeju so please forgive him. He asks them where they are from and they say they are from Daejun. They are all 20 years old. BG tells them congratulations. They tell him that their SAT’s ended, he is about to ask them how it went but then he says he won’t ask and everyone laughs.

Caption: The girl next to Bo-gum never looks at him and only looks to the front.

BG says nothing changes after the SAT, he says he didn’t like that student discounts end when you aren’t a student anymore. When he was little he wanted to grow up fast, but now that he is grown up, he wants to put on a school uniform again, being a student is the best. So, this is the first trip after becoming 20, I hope you make good memories.

He asks them how they will come back and they say they will take a taxi. He says to call them if they can’t make it back. The girl in the front says thank you (and the caption reads that this is the first time she looks at him). They get to the beach and comment on how gorgeous it looks. A FINKL song might be playing as BG drops them off and tells them to have a good time. Then he returns to the meenbak.

All the girls think the sea is a gorgeous emerald color and start to take all their photos and record all their videos. This is a must, to do for them! Then we see all the white waves of Jeju and the gorgeous beach. All the young ladies think they really feel like they are on vacation now and start to set up the camera to set up group pictures. Then they start to take some super adorable shots where they run and jump and some other craziness. Ah, to be 20 again…

The snow starts melting as the sun has come up. Hyori sees that the icicles are all melted away. The backpackers leave and say they are going on a backpacker’s trip. They will see them later if they don’t see Yoona again.

Then we see that BG is driving back and talking to the navigation noona as he bobs to the music and sings along. (I am waiting for him to get into a wreck since I only know of his driving from Youths Over Flowers where he got into two tiny wrecks, but he gets back safely). Hyori asks him how the street was and all those things, he apologizes for coming back late and asks where he should put his luggage. Yoona shows him the employee locker room and then all the employees drink tea together.

BG says he wanted to learn how to make tea so he pays a lot of attention to Sang-soon making the tea. He has never tried drinking tea like this, he’s only had it from a tea bag, so it looks like he really cherishes drinking it. Then a guest comes in (the one that was sick) and sits with them for some tea. He says he feels better and starts to drink.

Hyori tells BG that the judo kids wanted to see him a lot, one of their first customers liked him so much, but they just missed him. Hyori tells him that relationships with hubaes are important for them so they both have a forever membership to their house. Then they ask BG if there is any food that he wants to eat. Hyori says Yoona is good at making clam so they eat clam all the time.

BG says that he wants to learn some music from Sajangnim (SS). He wants to learn the guitar. He also wants to learn some yoga from Hyori, he did try pilates and he thinks he is okay with his flexibility. Hyori tells BG, don’t smile at me like that and SS says you can smile at him and it will make his heart flutter, everyone laughs. Short clip of BG looking at someone and everyone smiles.

1. Seafood ramen
2. Music lesson
3. Yoga lesson
4. Taking photos

Hyori says the sun came with BG and SS looks like…..yobo? But then they laugh. SS says when BG laughs he should look at Yoona and laugh. Yoona asks him what he likes to eat and he says Chinese spring rolls. Then they say that BG can drop off SS and then they can shop, so BG writes all the ingredients onto the text message. He types really fast.

Hyori asks him if he ever had a part-time job before and he says no. She says it looks like he is really good at it though.

Hyori picks out something for SS to wear for Seoul (so Seoul people won’t make fun of him) and lays it all out on the bed. But they take it playfully as SS models for Hyori…do I look like a Seoul person? Hyori adds one more item to make him look like a Seoul person, a clip.

Caption: If you find this man lost wandering around Seoul, please call us.

Downstairs, Yoona tells BG that he can mop and she will vacuum.

Caption: Sunbae aura.

Yoona (sunbae) shows BG everything and teaches him how to wash the mop. BG cleans it so well and hen takes it back out. He cleans everywhere. The sick surfer helps BG clean the sleeping area and then BG goes to the kitchen. All the cats watch him cleaning (thought bubbles: Ah, you are so handsome). BG asks Yoon what she would like to eat, dukguk? She says that is fine with her.

BG says his school is close to the Judo school so that is why they know him and Yoona is all like…everyone in Korea knows you. They laugh. Upstairs Hyori tells them that they can eat Curry tomorrow and Dukguk the following day. Meanwhile, BG is still cleaning downstairs. Right now, he is trying to do the laundry and asks them how to work everything. Yoona shows him.

Hyori is busy making something for the door in the tent because all the guests bump their heads on it. The surfer helps her out. She makes three puff ball string for the door (because only one would drive her crazy). In the kitchen, BG eats a lot of Nutella with Yoona and does not stop. Then he tries out the coffee machine but tries to clean it first. He grabs a spoon and starts eating the Nutella from the can with it, but then SS tells him that he is ready to leave so BG heads out and prepares the car.

Hyori hugs her boo and SS and BG head out. SS tells him that he is glad they are there because a lot of guests are there, SO they will have a hard time. BG tells him that he will take care of everything. SS asks him if it is awkward, but he says it is nice because he really likes the show and wanted to come here. Then they start to talk about music.

The surgeon team rides horses indoor, or maybe ponies, they are pretty tiny horses. But then they go outside so maybe the inside part was just practice. They ride the horses around in the sun and then head to the beach to meet the surfer team.

The surfers are surfing with some locals taking photos of them. The doctors show up and wave at them with one of them playfully comments that these surfers have a different DNA then them.

Back at the meenbak, Hyori cleans a bit and then takes a drink break. She calls SS and then looks at the spot SS always stands at. Then we see a montage of Hyori mentioning that she had a cold for the last few days. (Oh, no, is she going to get sick again?). Perhaps she is a little sad that SS isn’t there to take care of her.

Yoona and Hyori check some news about BG at Hyori’s, but then they run to check on the food that had boiled over. The smoke alarm even goes off. Hyori is a bit flustered, but Yoona is calm. She asks if she is okay, she is, but she wonders how to clean the induction burner. Yoona takes care of it. She gets out a toothbrush and starts scrubbing something serious, enough to break the toothbrush. Then she puts baking soda and a little water on the burner and gets back to scrubbing with the broken toothbrush. Yoona is definitely a determined person.

The toilet is blocked so Yoona says she will take care of it as well. They get the plunger out Hyori goes to the kitchen and basically tells the surfer that Yoona is superwoman. Then we see Yoona handling things in the toilet. She puts plastic all over it, (to create pressure I guess?) And then presses the top. It works. She goes downstairs and Hyori tells her she is super great. Yoona says she learned everything on TV, lol.

Cut to SS bored on the airplane and Hyori calling BG to make sure everything is going okay. She tells him to come back fast, but he hangs up. However, we see that he didn’t hang up, the car just hung up and BG is also like…hello…hello?

He goes to the grocery store and starts shopping, some people look like they notice him, but it doesn’t look like anyone approaches him. However, when he checks out everyone notices him, lol. BG smiles and bows to them all as he runs out with the cart. He sings to himself as he drives back, happily. Ah, it looks like he is singing a Hyori song.

Yoona comes out to greet him and carries a few shopping bags for him. Then we cut to the backpackers. They are in full backpacking gear and plan on spending the night in a campground somewhere. But their destination is far away so they are so tired. They make it to a sunset spot and take that in for a moment while the camera scrolls around them on the side of this cliff (Woodo’s view or Oodo’s view?). It looks so gorgeous.

Meanwhile, BG tries to pick some songs for today at SS’s DJ spot in the eating area. Hyori helps him out. But both of them are clueless so Yoona solves it. She is Sogili’s problem solver. BG is pretty happy that his playlist is finally playing and goes to the kitchen with a pep in his step and church hands. Then Yoona and BG put on matching aprons and get to work on chopping all the vegetables.

They playfully chat about how to cut the vegetable. BG asks Yoona to cut it bigger because he eats a lot. Then BG asks if he can cut it in his own style and she says that’s cool. He thinks big style is better so Yoona asks him if she should cut the carrots large as well? She will cut it in the style he likes. BG feeds Yoona and starts to eat all the vegetables as well.

Then they play with the camera. BG is amazed that the cameras can follow him around, whaaaaaaat? Daebak. They say that the PD’s are monitoring them. Then we see cute little shots of BG singing and then laughing with the surfer in the kitchen.

SS calls so Yoon goes around and shows his to everyone before she gives the phone to Hyori. Hyori wonders why it is so bright there and he says it is because it is Seoul and Seoul doesn’t have a night. Hyori laughs and feels like a country person. Then SS sneezes into the phone, lol and gross. They hang up and SS looks out the window….I will make a lot of money in this land called Seoul…wait a little bit.

Meanwhile, Hyori does some crazy yoga! Ah, I missed her yoga shots!!! She is really my yoga role model and OMG her back is so flexible and she is amazingly strong. Afterward, she does a little meditation with her doggies around and we cut to the kitchen. BG wonders where Hyori noona is and Yoona says meditating, but we see that she is actually sleeping.

Yoona asks if he happily accepted coming as a part-timer and he said that he did, immediately. He thinks that he should really help them while SS is in Seoul. Yoona thinks it’s great since they aren’t strangers (I guess they knew each other from before), they high five each other. Then the oil pops on Yoona’s arm so BG covers it for her. Yoona looks happy and tells him that she is okay with the oil popping because she doesn’t want to wash the dish, but it is a joke.

The surfer helps them set the table and BG tells the chairman that it is dinnertime. Hyori mutters, why doesn’t he call me noon? Hmm, I shouldn’t have told him to call me Owner. Then we cut to everyone eating happily at the dinner table. Everyone is pretty quiet as they eat. They ask what the surfer did today and he says he just rested. Then they comment on how much food Bogum put in his sam. BG says it is because it is so good. BG eats it and says it is good and Hyori says, did I just see a commercial? Bo-gum magic. They all laugh and ask him to do a commercial. He does it and everyone laughs again. Then they have the surfer do one as well and everyone laughs.

Then we cut to BG eating soooooo much. I knew he could put away a lot of food from Youths Over Flowers, but this is insane (or maybe it is how they edit it?). Everyone comments on how well he can eat.

Daejun FINKL comes back with carrot cake and BG makes a Vietnamese ssam (spring roll?) For one of them. Then Yoona makes another one for them. But Hyori goes to sit in front of the fire because she feels a bit cold and then decides to just lay down. Perhaps she and the surfer have the same cold virus? She goes to lay down in the studio and thinks another cold is coming so she cuddles up with her dogs and tries to sleep.

Yoona worried about Hyori and brings her some warm water. She tells her that Bo-gum is still eating and we cut to BG laughing and eating with all the guests. Yoona is going to call Sang-soon about the heater and Hyori tells Yoona not to tell SS that she is sick. Yoona says she will clean everything for her and show BG his room so she doesn’t have to worry and if she feels sick in the morning, then she can rest and Yoona and BG will take care of everything.

Cut to BG still eating at the table. Everyone else but one person has left, lols to the extreme! BG tries to get the dog’s names right, but most of them look so similar, especially the white dogs. So, they go through how to distinguish between Go-shil, Mi-dal, and Guahna.

Daejun FINKL comes in and eats with BG and the surfer. (sidenote: It is so funny that the surfer is still next to Bo-gum). The FINKL guests try to guess everyone’s ages. They guess that Yoona is 30 and BG tells them that 3 and 2 are very different, with a laugh. Yoona says she is 29. Then they start to practice their saturi (accent). Everyone tries to do a Busan accent (the surfer is from Busan) and the surfer coaches them in it. But then they say he sounds like he is from Seoul and the Busan guy is in a panic. One of the FINKL girls tries and they say she sounds like she has a North Korean accent.

While they are talking BG finds out that there are 7 shrimps for 7 people. He laughs, that is an important finding. They tell him that he should be full, so he says please eat a lot, with a Busan saturi. Bogum goes to the kitchen and laughs some more with the surfer. The surfer says he works at a hospital and he wanted to ask his patient where he was hurting, but he was asking in Busan saturi so they wanted to teach him how to ask in a Seoul accent.

This surfer is a physical therapist, so BG asks him if his job is difficult and he says he likes his job because it is what he likes doing and he guesses that it is the same for Yoona and Bo-gum. BG and the surfer say something at the same time, so BG says Chick chick bom and he says bom chick chick (like jinx – personal jinx). Then BG says something super long and then Yoona says something even longer (it is all part of this game where you have to say longer and longer things). But no one can beat was Yoona said because they don’t know what she said.

Yoona got a text message from the surfers that says they will be there soon, is it okay to have a hot tub? They are with the surgeon team. So, Yoona goes outside and prepares the hot tube. But, she is a little nervous because it will take a while to get it together. Meanwhile, BG is still hanging out with the guests. He is pretty serious and then tells the girls that he forgot their names. But then Yoona comes in to steal Bo-gum away.

She brings him outside to help out with the hot tub. She lets him know that it will take a bit of time to fill up and Hyori is a little bit sick. She needs BG’s help to clean it out so Yoona grabs a broomstick and BG grabs a pan. But then he tells one of the girls that he remembers her name, Da-un! And he continues going outside.

Yoona and BG work on cleaning the tub and then they go inside to prepare the fragrance bags, but BG’s nails are too short to open it. He tries really hard to open it though. Yoona asks to go inside and BG says no, noona, you can just watch me and I will show you a successful image. But BG just keeps working and working and working and Godfather music plays. Time passes and then….he gets it!

They finish setting up the sauna and BG puts the broomstick back, but he doesn’t know where the signboard is. He passes it and looks around some more and Godfather music plays again. BG doesn’t find the sign, so he just puts it on the side of the house. The caption says that the signboard misses his friend (the broomstick).

The meenbak is peaceful again as BG and Yoona fold the laundry. Yoon and BG start to look at the sauna clothing and she explains it to BG, they have different sizes. BG wants to try it. Yoon asks him if he has seen the tent and he says, dog? But she says “tent” and laughs a little. (The two words sounds similar, “keh rul” for the tent name and “keh” for dog). they both laugh at it for a minute.

Then, Yoona and BG go to the tent and get it ready for the guests. When they head back, BG finally sees the signboard and puts the broom next to it. Then we see a montage of getting the inside ready for the guests as well. The guests come back and BG asks them if they ate dinner. Yoona lets them know that the president went to Seoul and Hyori is a little under the weather, so she is the temporary president. The surfers come back right at that time too.

The cell phone goes off, it is SS. He asks if everything is okay and Yoona whispers to BG to not tell him that Hyori is sick. He says she is napping in the studio. SS immediately asks if she is sick and BG looks nervous as he says that she is not sick. He says he will stay a little longer tonight so don’t worry.

SS calls Hyori and asks if she is sick. She says she is taking a break and has nothing to do because the other two are taking care of everything. She asks him to come back a little earlier and he says his plane leaves at 9 am. They both say I love you and cute couple banter, then they hang up. Hyori goes to sleep right away as Midal cuddles next to her.

BG and Yoona check the hot tub and BG decides he wants to enjoy the hot tub too. He wonders if it is okay. Yoona says to do it, he usually goes home at 9pm but she will stay later today.

All the guys go outside for the hot tube and BG joins them (I love that!). It looks so crowded though, lol. The guys all drink beer and sit in the hot tub while the girls plus the sick surfer are inside playing games. Yoona brought the game but she doesn’t know how to play the game. It looks like they have a fun time though even though they are figuring it out. However, Yoona gets serious and wins the first game and the second. She is super-fast and beats them all in grabbing the middle piece. I really love that she is staying later tonight and playing with the guests.

Fade Out

BG works hard cleaning
Yoona and Hyori go to the beach
SS comes back and Yoona picks him up
Hyori dances with her dogs and hugs her boo
SS and Hyori nap in bed and BG naps outside
Two more guests show up and one of them is a little kid (I love it!)

I loved this episode. Yoona was able to hang out with the guests more which I love. I also love how BG is so at ease with everyone and just overall delightful. It makes me love him even more and wish for his success in the future. Now, can’t he come back to drama land with a project?

Surprisingly, I didn’t miss Hyori or SS in this episode once they both were off screen. I really just enjoyed watching Bo-gum and Yoona the entire time. Yoona was kind of the workhorse and Bo-gum was the people-person that you just want to chill with. Is it too much to ask for them to have their own reality show?

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  1. dyN
    March 23, 2018 / 6:56 am

    Awww so cute! Yoona was really in full boss mode haha… and BG just fitted right in. I really like this dynamic. Tbanks for recapping 🙂

  2. V
    March 23, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    I love their dynamic too, they got along easily and all the guests looked like they were having the best time ever.

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