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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 5

Live Recap for Hyori's Bed and Breakfast (Hyori's Hostel) season 2 episode 5
Hyori, Sang-soon, and Yoona are able to survive another day of this winter snow storm as they make sure the guests are all taken care off. Hyori wakes them all up with a song and then the meenbak team makes sure everyone is well fed before they head out for the day, all while nursing a runny nose herself. Several of the guests check out that morning (Judo players and sisters) and several more guests show up. It looks like they will have a house full of 10 men, but then 4 young girls come (all 20 years old). Suddenly SS is left with a problem…where will everyone sleep? At least they got the hot tub fixed.

Recap of the snow scene and everyone sledding on the hill. We see Hyori and Yoona joking with the disco light and all the problems that the Judo team had at the airport.

Then we cut to the present and see Hyori and SS as they talk alone together in the studio. Hyori wants to listen to the song that SS wrote about the sea. Did he record it with her lyrics? The song is called “Again” written by Hyori and Composed by Sang-soon.

The lyrics talk about living with someone, the scene they saw in their dream, the place with the blue wind, I want to go to that place with you, together. The tears I was withholding and the painful memory, throw away everything to the sea and I am a little lighter again.

SS and Hyori start joke as SS plays the air ukulele or something like that, lol. The song goes off, it is a kind of lonely song, but it fits well with winter.

Everyone is eating and they are all quiet. Yoona brings up how everyone is tired and quiet, it must have been a hard day. They all say it was a tiring day with all the snow. Meanwhile, SS and Hyori run outside to put the stove on in the outdoor tent. Hyori also puts on the lights and they connect it to their YouTube. They think it looks like the universe inside the tent with all the lights going on. They also connect some music and have a happy moment where they dance like adults to slow music.

SS tells Hyori that this isn’t the right music for a meenbak, he changes the music to retro dance music. Then they change the music again as Hyori has a fun time making up dances to each type of music as SS points the lights on her. They are seriously having so much fun by themselves inside the tent.

The caption says that the mirror ball woke up this former fairy’s spirit. Hyori loves this disco ball, it relieved all her stress, she thinks she should buy one herself. They go inside and talk to the guests. Hyori says she danced a lot so she is out of breath, they just need a microphone. One of the guests brought a microphone with a speaker and runs to get it.

It is a portable microphone with built-in Karaoke. Hyori is the beta tester, lol. One of the guys puts on a Fin.K.L song and Hyori start to dance and sing to the song at the dinner table. Hyori is dancing o lively and gives the phone to Yoona who also starts to sing and dance to the Fin.K.L song. They both start to swing their hair and Hyori even takes down her hair so she can swing it around, lol. Yoona tries to hit Joohyuns part which is super high, but Hyori tells them that they should lip sing it and starts to lip sing.

The song ends and Hyori and Yoona walk out. Hyori goes to the living room and sees SS in the living room and tells her that he saw everything. His face looks so sad, like he really hated it, lol. He even covers his ears.

A new guest arrives just then. SS goes out to greet them. There are supposed to be 3 guys, but only two are there. The guests say the third guy is busy with work, but he will be there tomorrow. These guests want to go to the mountains. They go inside and Hyori and SS talk to them about their plans and how their travel was today.

The guys say it took them 13 hours to get there. Hyori laughs in disbelief and goes to grab something for them to eat. She decides to make them seafood ramen and SS starts to show them around the house a little. Yoon asks them how old they are, they are the same age as Yoona. One of them is a police officer and the other one is a company man, they will be there for 5 days and 4 nights.

One of the policemen is a detective so everyone is impressed. SS tells Hyori to be careful and laughs. Then we cut to Yoona and Hyori cooking the seafood ramen. It is meat and seafood ramen with vegetables. The men gobble it up and sigh…ah, it tastes so good. While they are eating, Hyori tells Yoona that she can go back home to rest and we see the camera span to the outdoor tent where everyone is hanging out. It’s not a crazy party out there, it is a nice healthy party.

Yoona tells everyone there, goodnight, and heads home, SS walks her out. Then we see two of the guests telling the new guests that they are all eating in the outdoor tent. They can come join them when they are done eating. The guests say they are happy they got an invite because they wanted to join them, but they didn’t know if they should go join them.

Then we see SS go into the tent. He says that one person per group should come out and they can discuss where everyone should sleep. The representative walks all around the house and finds all the places where each group can sleep. It might be kind of cold in some places, but it won’t be too bad.

Then we cut to everyone going back out to the tent and enjoying goguma (sweet potatoes) and talking about what they will be doing while they are there. But then all the warnings go off about another impending snow storm.

Hyori and SS go to their studio and Hyori tells SS that Jieun got a Grand Prize, they should call her! SS is a little scared to call her, but Hyori tells him to. They call her and Jieun answers, she sounds so happy to hear from them. They tell her congratulations for getting the grand prize and ask her how the weather is in Seoul. Then they tell her that they have 12 guests this time. IU says she wants to say hi to everyone. Hyori shows IU to all the animals so she can say hi to them and then they talk about how Yoona is like a super helper. She is tall and can cook and can do everything.

IU laughs about how she is the opposite of her. But the conversation isn’t long as they tell IU to rest for her shoot schedule, bye-bye. Then Hyori tells SS to send a text message to Yoona and tell her goodnight. Are you crying?

SS sends the text message and Yoona laughs when she sees it. She sends one back. Her message back is super serious, it tells them that she isn’t sure if she is a big help since it is her first time but she wants them to sleep well and see you tomorrow.

They tell her that they are happy that she is there and they will see her tomorrow. Then we cut to the party ending at 1am in the tent. They clean up everything and everyone goes to sleep. It looks like one big cozy hostel as everyone goes to sleep anywhere they can find space.

Hyori puts on some socks and goes to work extra early. She is in good condition and goes to the main house. But the door is locked so she has to find another one. She goes to the front door and lets herself in, one of the guys is awake, but everyone else is asleep so Hyori asks for the microphone from yesterday. He goes to look for it.

Meanwhile, Hyori goes into the kitchen area and prepares some food for the animals. The man finds the microphone and brings it in, but Hyori doesn’t know how to use it so she asks the guest to explain it to her. She actually whispers it to him. He whispers back, then we see Hyori going back to the studio with the microphone. The target is her sleeping husband.

She opens the door and starts singing the song, My Prince. SS pretends like he is sleeping but Hyori is right in his face. She keeps singing and sings that she will never give up Yobo. She even moves his face with her hand and tells him to look in her eyes, but SS is just so not into it. Finally, he kind of wakes up and watches her sing to him. SS requests that she sing “Snowy Snowy Night,” by Jo Ha Moon, so she does.

The song gives SS energy, so he wakes up even more. Hyori tells SS that she should wake up all the kids with this song, but SS tells her that they will hate it, she has only seen some of them for the first time yesterday. But Hyori goes into the house and starts to sing the Snowy Night song and wakes up everyone in the house. She goes upstairs and downstairs and spreads happiness everywhere.

Everyone looks like zombies as they wake up. The caption says that they gave up on letting their guests sleep well. Hyori finishes the song outside as if she is singing to a crowd and then goes inside and asks everyone if she was too noisy, lol. Yes, you were. But of course, everyone is very polite and just happy to be there in general, so they don’t mind.

All the guests drink tea and worry about the weather. SS finally gets to the main house and settles himself in the kitchen to help Hyori make potato soup. We see everyone making their beds and cleaning their rooms. The Judo team wants to leave looking pretty, so they also apply makeup. A few of them even try to put on their makeup just like Hyori showed them.

In the kitchen, one of the sisters starts to help Hyori peel the potato and Hyori starts to find the onions to peel. But perhaps they don’t have any? Hyori starts to look for the onion but can’t find it. SS comes to help and says that they really, really don’t have any onions, but he said it playfully because he pulls out a huge bag of onions. Hyori tells him that her eyes must be going bad.

They get to cutting the potato and the onions and talking. The sister’s brother has a disability, they all wanted to come together but her brother is disabled. She says that their brother has favorites depending on when he is sad or happy or angry. Hyori says maybe the brother relies on the other sister but likes to only talk to her when he is happy. Hyori says they treat disabled people better overseas. Korea is okay as well. The sister says she wanted to ignore her brother until 5th grade. She was ashamed of him, but now she thinks back at that and is upset at herself. But she says that her brother always loves her no matter what. She thought love is exchangeable and has some give and take. But for him, he just gives love to her without wanting anything. She understood what he was saying when they were younger and had to be the translator between him and their parents. Hyori tells her that he loves her because she understands him.

Yoona looks beat, her alarm goes off, but it looks like she really doesn’t want to wake up. It looks like she is so pained to get up, but she finally hops out and is actually a little early to work.

The Judo players are all ready to go, but the weather is pretty bad. They say they have to go back today or they will have to give up Judo as a sport (as a joke). Meanwhile, Yoona is in the kitchen and Hyori is trying to operate a toaster, but she doesn’t know how to operate it. She asks Yoona if she knows how, but Yoona says she doesn’t. She pushes a lot of buttons as if she knows how to though. Hyori tells her that she looks confident even though she doesn’t know anything and Yoona wonders, is that a compliment?

While the toast is toasting, Yoona and Hyori go outside for slow-motion video fun. Then Hyori goes back inside and shows it to everyone. It makes everyone happy. Hyori says Yoona’s slow-motion video is so pretty. They watch it a lot of times and one of the guys follows Hyori around and watches it over and over again, lol.

Everyone is gathered in the kitchen as Hyori and Yoona cook. It looks like they might be making toast or waffles or something similar. Hyori is thinking about something though. It looks like she is thinking of the conversation she had with one of the sisters about talking to someone when you are happy and talking to someone else when you are sad. She wonders if Yoona is the same and starts to tell Yoona that she talks to different people with different emotions. For instance, she calls her parents when she is happy and her sister when she is sad. She says, family is a really fated relationship but getting married is an even bigger fate. That is even weirder because that person is a stranger and then becomes family.

SS shows up and an arrow points to SS. The caption basically says that the stranger SS became Hyori’s family.

All the potato soup and toast is made so everyone gathers around the table to eat. Hyori brings out some soybean jam that her mother-in-law made for the group and they all eat.

Hyori and SS start to play with their dogs. Hyori tells SS that she wants to buy that little Karaoke machine, but SS is against it. He says they have all that high-tech music stuff, but Hyori wants the cheap Norebang machine.

Then SS talks to the Judo players, he wants to know what clothes they bought, and the players said they bought all new clothes to come to Jeju island because they only have sweat suits at home. They all share their own clothes. Hyori tells them that they can have her shoes if they want them, she doesn’t wear a lot of them.

All the Judo players are like… Whaaaaaaaat???? They go to Hyori’s closet and basically have a fun shopping spree as Hyori explains all her shoes to them. But they can’t walk right in the high heels. Hyori says they will need to learn how to walk in high heels by Yoona eunnie. Yoona comes in and models the shoes for them. It is basically girl time as Yoona shows them how to do all the cute Idol type moves.

Hyori says Yoona is so long so it takes a long time for her to move her legs like that, but Hyori is so short so it takes her no time to move like that at all. Everyone starts laughing and Hyori tells Yoona to just leave, she makes her angry. Yoona sits and Hyori shows how a first-generation Idol walks in heels. She starts strutting around and it is super different from Yoona. They say that Hyori’s clothes don’t match her walk and they all laugh.

The Judo players check out again and take another photo. They say goodbye and hugs go out all around. The judo players joke with Yoona about her being so lean and then they all leave. The Judo players slowly walk to the gate and say bye-bye, they are really leaving today. We then see their plane taking off.

SS and Hyori walk inside and wish the Judo players stayed longer because they are their first guests this season. But while inside their thoughts change to what they should eat for breakfast (just Yoona, SS, and Hyori since they fed the guests already). They don’t have soy sauce for bokumbap. Hyori says they can make soybean paste soup with Yoona’s Miso (Miso also means smile). Yoona starts laughing.

The guests start to prepare to leave to do something today. Hyori tells them that they will fix the hot tub and they don’t want the guests to go too far away today since it might snow again. The guests all joke that this is super service.

Meanwhile, SS and Yoona are talking in the kitchen. SS says Yoona and Hyori work so hard, so he can at least prepare something. We then see SS making egg fried rice for the team. He also makes Miso soup with veggies. But not only that, he decorates the dish cutely as well.

The team sits to eat and watch the snow coming down. SS comments on how the snow is coming down in a spiral pattern and it looks so pretty. But then we find out that SS is going to Seoul to DJ tomorrow. Hyori looks so sad, she says she won’t be able to see her prince. SS laughs and the caption says: I should pay more attention to my princess.

The new guys leave, they say they will come back with their friend. Then we see that the sisters will be checking out today as well. But they don’t have their car, they left it at the town hall because they couldn’t drive it in the snow. The sisters take a photo with the meenbak team and give they also give all the team members a letter that they wrote for each of them (but maybe no letter for SS). The sisters start to cry as they leave. They tell everyone goodbye and to be healthy. SS drives the sisters out and everyone waves as they drive away.

Finally, the meenbak is quiet again. Hyori decides to read the letter the sisters left for her. She reads it for a moment and then looks at the pictures. It looks like Hyori is tearing a little as she looks at the images. Yes, she is definitely crying as she looks at the letter and the photos. She puts them away and tries to wipe her tears away. She quickly goes to the restroom and the camera shows us the photo. It is of the sisters with their brother at one of the sister’s graduation from Seoul University. Hyori puts the picture up on her board. Yoona asks her if she cried, but Hyori says no, she just has a runny nose.

Then Yoona reads her letter. It looks like Yoona might tear up as well! Yes, it looks like she is crying as well but she tries to hide it. Hyori asks if she is crying and Yoona tells her that she spread her cold around. Yoona goes outside and starts to soothe her mind by cleaning the car. But it is so cold, so she runs inside and grabs a jacket. Then she goes back outside and starts to clean very vigorously. The caption says: bad snow I will clean you all!

SS comes back and tells them that there is a lot of snow on the street. Hyori wants to know if the Judo players will be able to go home. SS says the planes are still flying. Then Hyori talks about how they both cried because of the letter that the sisters left them. SS goes to look at the picture that the sisters left them, and we see the gorgeous snow falling. Hyori comments on how pretty the snow looks from inside.

Three men come in and call the meenbak. When they get their rental car, they say that they are so nervous to call the meenbak. It looks like the oldest calls them and tells them that they are 4 men, one will come later. So now they will have 10 men in their home. This is the first time they will have so many men in their home at one time.

SS says that he will go take a shower and Hyori says that her nose is running so much so she will drink some Indian milk tea. But she can’t reach the top shelf and asks Yoona for help (Help by the Beatles starts to play). Hyori wishes that Yoona lived there in her home. Yoona says she would sleep well if she lived there. She can’t sleep well in Seoul.

The production shows us how to make the milk tea: lots of milk, bring it to a boil and add the tea bag, then put in the sugar and ginger extract. Hyori prepares tea and tells SS that she might have an allergy right now, her eyes are puffy.

The surfers finally get a chance to go surfing. They have all their gear and are head to toe in wetsuits. The wetsuits look really cool. It looks like the weather is great for surfing (no high wind) so they go out into the sea. They are able to catch some small waves and the caption says that the surfer team is finally able to catch some waves on their 3rd day there.

The team is busy cleaning and Hyori says she will eat her pumpkin extract because she still feels a little sick. She gives SS a little aegyo, the Kim Ji-won Fight for My Way aegyo wear you speak like a 5-year-old. “Hyori is sick” SS playfully tells her, “Is Hyori sick? When Hyori is sick then I am also sick.”

They sit at the table and SS plays their newest song to Yoona. Yoona likes it and Hyori wants to know if Yoona would like to hear her version as well? She says yes, so they play Hyori’s version. But this version sounds impromptu because her voice cracks and it doesn’t sound good at all, so everyone starts laughing. Hyori says she had her teeth fixed so she was under local anesthesia when she first sang it.

The plumbers show up to fix the tub and get started right away. Hyori stays inside due to her allergies and Yoona makes coffee for the workers. The workers drink it and then they get back to work. They found the problem! They remove a part and tell SS to put it under hot water. He does and then gives it back to the men. The men attach it and also add a bunch of other things to keep the piper warm, so the water won’t freeze again.

The meenbak jip is stable once again so the team all start to take a break without worrying about anything. Then they get a phone call. They wonder if the sisters weren’t able to go home….but no, it is a call from their new guests, 4 young girls. The girls are so happy and take a lot of selfies everywhere. They want to record everything.

The girls call the meenbak jip and let them know that they are four, 20-year-old girls. Everyone in the meenbak is all like, how can 4 girls and 10 guys live there? SS is frozen in the corner, lol. He is just kneeling in the corner. His original plan was for 4 guys to sleep upstairs and 6 guys downstairs. But now it is all messed up. His wife is sick and they have 14 guests. Even though they only show SS’s back, he really looks so concerned.

Fade Out


Yoona cleans up the outdoor tent…
So many people are there, the 20-year-olds are so bright and happy…
Hyori thinks they are burning their souls by cooking so much…
Then another guest comes…Park Bo-gum!

Scene #1: Hyori wakes everyone up with a song

Scene #2: Slow motion movie with Yoona

Scene #3: High heel girls time, walk like an Idol

Scene #4: Hyori’s Aegyo, “Hyori doesn’t feel good”

Scene #5: A call to their former employee, IU

Scene #6: Yoona and Hyori FinK.L. karaoke time

Scene #7: Yoona to the rescue

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  1. Bubble
    March 6, 2018 / 11:35 am

    Too bad the Judo team and the sisters missed Bogum. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  2. TradeWinds44
    March 6, 2018 / 11:56 am

    I checked out Hyori BB and I really like it. I am not really a variety show person, but this is a nice show to get my variety feet wet.

    I’m also wondering what will happen when one of the most famous young stars in Korea shows up. I really want to see Bogum act again, but this is the next best thing. He did just graduate from college so maybe he was only focusing on his school work for the last couple years.

  3. V
    March 6, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    He probably went there directly from his graduation. Nice time to rest and relax.

  4. Stone
    March 18, 2018 / 12:48 am

    I really liked the sisters and I think it’s a shame their brother couldn’t join them. I believe he has Down’s Syndrome — I think that’s what the OnDemandKorea subtitle had written. Anyway it would have been a great moment to showcase a disabled person being welcomed, living openly and enjoying himself on vacation, like regular folks. There’s just not enough (positive) representation of disabled people both in Korea and the rest of the world. I’m sad about this missed opportunity.

    Also, I get the younger sister’s guilt over her poor attitude and behavior as a child. When I look back on some of the things I did or didn’t do and my lack of appreciation and understanding, I’m racked with guilt. On the other hand, I like to think that feeling guilt and shame for past behavior is a sign of growth as an individual. You can’t rewind to the past, but to be able to recognize and understand that you acted in a less than stellar behavior and to make an effort to not repeat it is the best way to move forward. In the younger sister’s case, she’s made up for it by appreciating and loving her brother more and openly. Good for her.

    I would love them to be repeat guests with their brother.

    • Stone
      March 18, 2018 / 12:51 am

      V, I’m hoping you see this. I noticed that you made a mistake in tagging this episode’s recap. It should be “Hyori Bed and Breakfast.” You currently have “Hyori Bed and Breakfast Music.”

      • V
        March 18, 2018 / 6:46 am

        Ack! Changing it now, thank you for the heads up!

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