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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 4

Live Recap for Hyori's Bed and Breakfast (Hyori's Hostel) season 2 episode 4
The meenbak is all frozen in. But everyone tries to make the best of it. The judo players say their goodbyes this episode, but it might not be their last goodbye. Meanwhile, all the guests and owners go sledding at a secret neighborhood spot and two more guests arrive.


First, there is a brief review of what happened last episode. The people in the meenbak get closer, but Hyori doesn’t feel good and Sang-soon worries about her. The customers have a fun time in the tent outside and then, when everyone is asleep, the super winter storm hits.

4:30 AM
The wind is kicking at the meenbak. It is strong enough to wake up several people, including Hyori and Sang-soon. Then a severe weather warning goes off on everyone’s phones.

The next day is all clear. The storm is gone and Jeju is peaceful. Fresh powder covers the meenbak and trees, it looks like a winter wonderland. SS is the first one out, he goes to the main building and checks the heater temperature. The surfers are surprised with all the snow, perhaps they are trapped? Maybe the judo women won’t be able to go back home.

Hyori’s head pops up and she lovingly kissed her dogs, it looks like she feels good. She puts on her socks and is ready to go to work, but it is snowing outside again. She heads to the main house in the snow anyway and greats the guests. Meanwhile, the judo players are a little concerned. They might not be able to leave because it takes a long time to remove snow in the countryside, especially with the hill leading to their home. But they have to go back today because they have a practice schedule.

Everyone is concerned because they might not have enough food to eat and they cannot go anywhere. Then SS gets another message, all the planes are grounded.

7:30 AM
Yoona is still asleep. The alarm is steady going off, but she is deeply sleeping. She finally pulls herself out of bed and runs to the meenbak. SS lets her into the property and Yoona takes off running all the way to the house. The dogs join her in her run as she huffs and puffs her way to the front door. Finally, she gets inside and puts her luggage in the employee only locker. After that, she runs to greet everyone and is filled in on the situation. The Judo team might not be able to leave and they are trapped.

It starts to snow some more as SS, Yoona, and Hyori try to prepare breakfast. But they don’t have anything for waffles and they drank all the whiskey. SS tells Hyori that he only needs her and back hugs her, but she tells him to go away, she only needs Yoona. Yoona and Hyori get busy preparing juk and lotus root as the side dish. Then Hyori talks about going on a trip and meeting someone in a strange place. This weather looks like you could start to fall in love with someone, even if you didn’t like them before. The weather makes you fall in love.

Then Hyori tells SS that she thinks she can fight Yoona in this weather, they could have an argument and it would be really cool. They would break all the romantic mood. SS and Yoona are all like, um, why are you bringing this up? Then SS pretends like he is Yoona with super long arms and puts his hand on Hyori’s head, she can’t hit him. They all laugh and talk about Meenbak makjang with the main actors as Hyori and Yoona. Don’t speak banmal!

Then they get back to cooking but they don’t have oil or eggs. The judo players come in and Hyori tells them not to worry about not having any food, they will take care of it! But Yoona also wonders how they will find food. But they find a way to make breakfast, chicken juk, and pine nut juk along with lotus root side and kimchi. Everyone digs in.

Everyone starts joking and eating at the table. They all eat the lotus root and basically just enjoy a yummy breakfast. They start to talk about how the tea and juk makes them feel warm, the judo team says that they don’t want to go back. The surfers say that the snow they experienced yesterday was kind of scary, but today’s snow is pretty cute.

The employees eat at their own little table in the living room and talk about how it looks like Siberia outside. Gyo-shil, come back! Come back come back come back. But Gyo-shil stays outside. They wonder why he is staying outside and Hyori says that he was a street dog and just came to their house on his own. He doesn’t really like people that much. Then they show a montage of Gyoshil staying outside in the rain or the snow. Gyo-shil just stays outside all the time. But she wants to come in, then we see Gyo-shil going inside secretly when everyone is asleep. But in the present, Gyo-shil is outside in the snow. Gyo-shil, the outsider.

After eating, everyone storms into the kitchen to do the dishes, Yoona is in danger. The Judo team thinks that they can’t push Yoona or they will break her, so they tell eunnie that she can take a break. Yoona wants to do something for them so she pulls all of their sleeves up so they won’t get wet when they wash the dishes.

The judo players decide to call their coach and let them know that they are trapped. SS says that he will call the coach so don’t worry. They Hyori tries to take down one of the judo players, LOL, but the judo player doesn’t’ move at all. They start to talk about judo, can they win over men? They basically say they could win over men who don’t know anything about Judo and everyone looks at the super skinny surfer.

SS comes inside after talking on the phone with the airport and tells them that all planes are grounded. Even if they make it to the airport, they won’t be able to go anywhere. Some of the guests, along with Yoona and Hyori, go outside to clean off the hot tub. But the pipes are all frozen. They think they might be able to pour hot water over the pipes possibly. Hyori says that they should have dripped the water, but they never expected it to freeze. SS and Hyori talk about the pipes freezing so easily and then they talk about how the dogs are the only ones having a good time right now.

Yoona asks SS if he is warm and he says that he is so warm with anger and laughs. Then they go pour hot water over the faucet outside and the water starts to run…..but it is running from the side. SS thinks they are all doomed. they try it again….the water starts running, but it is cold. They don’t have any hot water at all, only cold water. But they think that they should leave the water running to prevent freezing.

Meanwhile, the judo players prepare to check out. Hyori goes upstairs to chat with them. She feels kind of bad that they were trapped inside and couldn’t do anything. She decides to give them a makeup lesson. Eunnie will help them put their makeup on. They all circle around and the Judo players are all ears. one of the players has never put on makeup before, so she gives some powder a try. Hyori tells her that you have to do it this way, then she starts to put the powder on very cutely. They all laugh. She says that you should see a man and give him a little smile as you put on the makeup, they all laugh.

After that, Hyori tells all the judo players to go outside and she will take a slow-motion video of them. they wonder what they should do and Hyori tells them to stand there and when she calls them, they should all turn around. they do as she says and we see the super cute slow motion video of the judo players.

But it is time to leave so the Judo players get all wrapped up in their coats. SS and Hyori make small talk about the Judo players making it to the Olympics. they say that is their goal. SS tells them, if they win a medal then they can come back to their place and stay for free. The judo players give the meenbak a gift of little toy judo players and Hyori puts them up on their board with all the photos.

The judo players start to leave and everyone helps them clean their car off and put their luggage in the car. They all say goodbye and wave as the Judo players leave. Then the other guests start to build a snowman next to the signboard and the song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” plays. Then the guests go out for a hike.

Then Hyori gets a text, the judo players can’t get up the hill. They are slipping all the way back down the hill. Cut to the judo players trying to push the car, but they don’t have any traction so their feet slip as they push. SS goes out to meet them, perhaps he can help? Meanwhile, one of the judo players says that the hill is too steep and slippers. But they decide to use this moment to practice and one of them starts to run up the hill. But then SS walks up and the music from Goblin starts to play. He is there to save them, he is their Soon-kebi (Like Tokkebi – Goblin).

SS gets in the car and tries to get it up the hill, it is moving and slowly going up the hill. While inside AA has this look like, haha, I am the president! But then he gets to the hill and the car stops; it doesn’t go up anymore. ALl the judo players think that they can all push together and SS tells them to be careful. they push and the car goes up a little bit, it keeps going up. The song from the Last Mohicans starts to play as they push the car up. The 5 judo players open up the snow and the car keeps moving without acceleration. The snowy street shouldn’t look down on the Judo players anymore.

They get to the top of the hill and SS says the problem is going down the hill now. They need chains. SS says he can take them to the main road. All the ladies hop in and they get going, but the tires start to spin again. They get out and the car starts to drive again. The woman thinks that they were too heavy, so they all need to work to get the car moving. Meanwhile, SS is inside the car feeling like a president again. Finally, the Judo players are on the main road and SS waves goodbye to them. Goblin music starts to play again as he watches them drive off.

SS calls Hyori to let her know how everything was going and walks back. Hyori looks relieved that things went well and decides to take a shower. Yoona tells her that she will vacuüm while Hyori baths. SS comes back at that moment and tells Yoona that the Judo woman could push the car up the hill without acceleration (without him pushing the pedal). Then SS gets a phone call, another customer from Seoul couldn’t make it due to all the canceled flights. They are being reimbursed for their plane tickets and will take another plane in the morning.

SS calls a plumber to come out to their home when they get a chance. Then Yoona and SS put a blanket around the faucet to keep it from freezing and head back inside. After that, Yoona, Hyori, and SS head out to get something to eat nearby. But then they see their customers eating at the local restaurant, it is the sisters and the surfers. They decide to sit next to them but at a separate table. Hyori asks them what their schedule is today and the surfers tell them that they will go surfing but the sisters will go to a café. Hyori wonders what a nice activity would be on a day like today. She finds a snow sliding place and shows it to the guests, would they like to go there? The guests are instantly very happy, can they really go there?

Then the food comes in: fluffy fried fish. Everyone digs in and afterward they all go to the snow sliding place. But Hyori is worried about the Judo players so she gives them a quick call. The Judo players plane isn’t’ leaving so Hyori tells them to call her if they can’t go back today. They get off the phone and Hyori thinks that the Judo players sound tired. She wants to buy a lot of food just in case the Judo players come back tonight, she wants to feed them well.

Meanwhile, the guests are in another car and think that this place looks like Heaven. But then everyone gets out and starts to go up to the ski mountain. They think Seoul will look so strange. Hyori agrees, living here and going to Seoul feels like going to a foreign country. But they like Seoul a lot, there are so many pretty people there. This place they go to is a neighborhood place, not a big resort place. Hyori knows the people who are there already, they are her neighbors. One is a professor and another is an actor. They greet each other and Hyori tells them about their guests, then they go to the top of the hill.

At first, everyone thinks that it is so hard to go to the top of the hill, but they say that it will be easier after the second or third time. Hyori and SS take off down the hill on the sled and then everyone else takes off as well. Yoona is crazy fast going down the hill and crashes at the bottom, lol! They go up the hill a several more times and slide down. The surfers even stand and slide down the hill as if they are surfing on the hill. Then Hyori tells SS to take a slow motion video of her and Yoona coming down the hill. Cut to the slow-mo of them both laughing as they go down the hill. The slow-mo is actually pretty fast, lol. They all look at the video and are satisfied with how it came out.

Then Hyori says that she will try sledding with her head first and goes to the top of the hill again. She heads down head first and it looks so fun. Everyone else decides to try that too, so we see everyone going down the hill head first. then they get a text from two new customers who are about to leave Incheon airport. they will be there at 4 pm. SS tells Hyori that the customers whose flight was canceled were able to find another flight to Jeju. They decide to go back up the hill one more time and then go back to the meenbak to prepare. Hyori goes back up with a little kid and waxes poetic about how it is difficult to go up but easy to go down. So she should take her time and go up, but in only one second she can go down. Then Hyori starts to pull the little kid up the hill (it looks so cute). But it is too hard so they start to walk again.

Hyori tells everyone that they have to listen to the wish of whoever wins and they all take off on a race down the hill. Yoona right away, lol. But Hyori and the little girl hold strong….so who wins….Hyori and the girl wins! She tells everyone her wish…she wants her brother to behave better because he threw snow on her face. Hyori tells the girl her wish as well, she hopes Sang-soon oppa becomes kinder to her and does everything that Hyori wants. The girl asks who that is, Hyori shows her SS so the little girl goes up to him and says, “Samchon, red hat emo says that her wish is that you behave better” SS says that he will try. Hyori tells SS that he has to listen to her wish, not to try and listen to it, and the girl didn’t tell him everything, he has to do what she says too. SS laughs, what? And they all say their goodbyes to the family that is there and go to the café that was mentioned earlier.

At that time they get a call from the Judo players, there is no airplane. SS tells them to take a taxi back to their place. Then everyone goes to the café and drinks hot chocolate, they have the place to themselves as they all relax along a long table. Afterwards, the guests go to the grocery store and the owners go back to the meenbak. But as they drive back, they see a neighbor who is stuck in the snow. Everyone gets out and helps push the car up the hill, Goblin music starts playing again. They make sure that the car is fine and then hurry back to their warm car.

The owners settle into a nice quiet moment before the guests come back. Hyori tells Yoona that mixed dogs are special because they are the only one in the world. So if Yoona gets a dog then she should get a mixed one. At that time, Midal hops up on the shelf behind Yoona and starts to eat cat food (Midal is the new dog). Midal is the youngest in the family, maybe 2-3 years old. He was a lost dog, they kept him for awhile and then sent him to the center. But Midal scaled the fence and ran away. They asked a Korean dog whisperer how to find Midal and the dog whisperer told Hyori to put her favorite clothes near where Midol broke out. So Hyori did that. After doing that, she suddenly woke up at 5am and found Midol where her clothes were.

The captions say that Midol is a trouble maker, he eats cat food and opens the doors and always gives Hyori a hard time, but he also likes to play with Hyori a lot.

SS decides to unwind by playing music in his studio and DJing. he gives his cell phone to Hyori. Meanwhile, Hyori and Yoona spend their time drawing and reading in the dining room. Yoona is reading a poetry book and Hyori is drawing the day they had on the slopes.

Meanwhile, the Judo people are trapped at the airport. No one is leaving and the airport even thinks that people will have to start sleeping at the airport so they start to pass out mats to everyone. All the tickets are sold out and all the lines are crazy long to buy tickets for tomorrow. But they are able to get a ticket tomorrow.

Yoona goes through all her things and tells Hyori that she brought a board game and a disco ball. They put the disco ball on and start to look at all the lights lighting up the living room. It makes the living room look like a club. Hyori likes it a lot.

The surfers and sisters get back at that time and wonder what all the lights are. Is it a norebang? SS comes out of his studio then too and also wonders what is going on. Hyori starts dancing like an ajumma as SS comes in which makes him laugh.

6:20 PM, -1 CELSIUS
The customers come home with a lot of food, it is the end of their famine. Yoona and Hyori start to make all the food. they decide to make mandu (dumplings) one is with meat and the other is with vegetables. After preparing the filling, all the guests and owners sit around the table to fold the mandu. SS and Hyori show the guests how to fold the mandu properly and SS is amazingly good at it. We find out that SS’s mom might have had a mandu store possibly (or it might have been a joke?). But Hyori says that SS’s mom had a mandu store for 20 years.

Then everyone starts to talk about how great Yoona’s mandu looks. Yoona is good at everything. Hyori says that maybe not being good at housework due to being busy working was only her excuse, because Yoona is great at it. She just didn’t want to do housework.

New guests come in, two men. The wind is kicking though, as they try to get their rental car.

Back at the meenbak, Hyori brings out some more mandu and puts it on the table. That is when SS gets a call from the new customers. SS asks them if they ate yet and all those things, they can just come to the meenbak first before they eat something. The guests start to drive off and the think that it is the first time driving in the snow. Their car starts sliding which freaks them out a little, but they get it together.

7:10 PM
Meanwhile, the Judo players are back. they feel sorry for coming back. Perhaps they can sleep int he outdoor tent? Yoona comes out to great them and tells them that they are the first customer who left and came back again. They get a big welcome when they enter the house, everyone says that it is great to see them again. SS fills them in, they will have two more customers.

The Judo players bring in some emergency food. it is already cooked chicken so the judo player puts it on the table and starts to break all the bones with her hands. The surfers are impressed with her strength but she plays it off. Then all the guests sit and start to eat, they have just enough chairs for everyone. Yoona joins the guests for the night and Hyori and SS go to the studio to relax.

In the studio, Hyori asks SS to listen to the song he wrote that describes the feeling of the sea. He has worked on this song since the fall. SS sits in his studio and plays the song. The name of the song is “Dashi (Again).” The song plays and we see a slow-motion montage of all the fun moments Hyori and SS had in the snow.

The caption says:
The island couple spends their time with dogs
But one day, the island couple had good friends over
The warm quiet winter became a little warmer for the couple

They also let us know that this song will be released next week.

Fade Out


The new customers show up, it took them more than 12 hours to get there.
Karaoke time with Yoona and Hyori mini concert they sing and dance for the guests.
The next day Hyori wakes everyone up early with a loudspeaker.
The guests are trapped again, so the plans change once again.
And party time in the tent.

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  1. Stone
    February 26, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    Ugh, I really want some fried mandoo now. I’m surprised they didn’t make mandoo soup. The weather is perfect for it. I wonder about the sleeping arrangements with the judo athletes staying a day longer. Maybe they can stay in the yurt. And I was impressed by the judo player who pulled apart the rotisserie chicken. I don’t think it was necessarily strength that enabled her to work quickly but rather she knew where to pull — this wasn’t her first time doing it.

    Thanks for the recap. Now I’ll wait to rewatch it when the subtitles are released.

    • V
      February 26, 2018 / 7:19 pm

      Hyori B&B makes me crave so many types of food. Basically whatever they are making 🙂 . I have a feeling those Judo athletes know their way around several types of meat! I can only assume that they eat chicken the most since it should be the cheapest? For sleeping arrangements, I think The woman will all be upstairs and the men will all be downstairs, but I might be wrong about that.

      • Stone
        March 2, 2018 / 12:24 pm

        Actually you may be right, there may be enough room upstairs for all the women. The sisters could sleep in the nook where the clothes are, leading to upstair deck area.

        Seriously, instead of Youn’s Kitchen, Hyori should have a spinoff called Hyori’s Kitchen, staffed by former guests, notably the Judo athletes and the food-toting grandma from Season 1.

        By the way, on my rewatch, I noticed that Hyori, Yoona and Sang-soon were sitting and eating with the tv crew at the neighborhood restaurant. You see a man and a woman at the edges of the screen while they’re eating. It’s interesting to see glimpses of the behind-the-scenes crew members. I’m pretty sure they’re the same people who appeared in at the beginning of S1-episode 1.

        • V
          March 2, 2018 / 12:26 pm

          I didn’t notice! I wonder if that crew if that little hotel next to her home is filled with crew members?

          Also, i would love a show like Hyori’s kitchen with former guests cooking. Actually, I just want to see the season 1 halmoni cooking all the food and teaching everyone how to make alcohol from rice.

          • Stone
            March 2, 2018 / 2:12 pm

            Initially, I thought it was strangers sharing their table, but then I realized that the restaurant doesn’t appear to be one of those communal spaces, where different groups of diners are seated together. Anyway it’s lunchtime, and depending on their food supply, they must have been hungry like Hyori and company.

            Most likely they are staying at the hotel next door. Yoona’s place is part of a small cluster of buildings, but they could be a mix of residential and rental/hotel properties.

            The show should have posted grandma’s recipes at the end of the episode. Her stuff looked amazing. And I would have love to be test taster no. 1.

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